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Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper
APRIL Group                       Email:
Pangkalan Kerinci                 Tel: +62 8127555036
RIAU – 28000
Sumatera, INDONESIA__________________________________________

                                 PERSONAL DETAILS

NAME                        :      SURESH VATTI
FATHER’S NAME               :      PRAKASH REDDY
MARITAL STATUS              :      MARRIED
NATIONALITY                 :      INDIAN
LANGUAGES KNOWN             :      English, Telugu, Hindi (Can Speak)


   Proficiency and expertise in Start-up of the new Effluent treatment plants.
   Worked extensively in installation, commissioning and trouble-shooting of the
    Effluent Treatment plant.
   In depth knowledge and experience in handling different types of Modern Effluent
    treatment plants, Lime kilns and Recaustisizing plants.
   Interactive skills in handling vendors and suppliers of various chemicals and
   Training and developing local operations talent pool for self sufficiency. Transfer
    knowledge to operate the plants in the best possible process in industry.


Bachelor’s degree in Chemical technology with First Class - Distinction
Loyola Academy - Osmania University - INDIA


APRIL, Indonesia, Jan 2006 to Present

   Position Held: Superintendent, Effluent Treatment Plant
   In charge of a team of 17 members in operations of fully automated Effluent
    Treatment Plant with DCS control systems.
   Actively interacted with different consultants like – Jaakko Poyry, Aquaflow,
    Purac, Andritz and Ray Kenny for the improvement of systems and quality
   Ensure strict compliance to all government and legal standards in respect of
    Effluent discharge and emissions i.e. pH, BOD, COD, TDS, Color, Odor and other
    emissions for the world’s largest and most efficient Effluent Treatment Plant
    handling 450,000 cubic meters/ day.


   Associated actively in design, erection and commissioning Aquaflow supplied
    effluent treatment plants of 120,000 cubic meters / day with state of art
    technology. It involves MBP with membrane diffuser technology, inbuilt clarifier in
    Aeration basin of 120m dia.
   Lead a Process team of engineers / consultants / designers for erection and
    commissioning of Asia’s first bio-sludge centrifuge mill in APRILASIA. The purpose
    of this mill is to achieve “Zero Solid Waste”, the most wanted eco-friendly best
    practices in the world.
   Achieved process optimization to improve the quality of treated water.
   Actively involved in the capacity of a key member in “Controlling of environmental
    parameters” for the ETP.
   Optimization of Chemicals and power.
   Prepared SOPs, ISO 9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007 documents
    and Risk assessment reports.
Technical Visits (abroad):

   Conducted a feasibility study and survey of centrifuge for bio-sludge handling in
    Fuyang Bayi (China) waste water treatment plant.

   Conducted technical comparative study between RAPP and PT Tanjungenim Lestari
    Pulp and Paper, Indonesia.

Phoenix Pulp & Paper Public Company Limited, Thailand, Feb 2002 to Jan 2006

   Position Held: Asst. Officer, Environment Department
   Leading a team comprising of Thai operation team for the operations of advanced
    Water and Effluent Treatment Plant with DCS control systems.
   Ensuring compliance to all government and legal standards in respect of Effluent
    discharge and emissions i.e. pH, BOD, COD, TDS, Color, Odor and other emissions
    for the one of the most efficient Effluent Treatment Plant handling 60,000 cubic
    meters/ day.


   Optimization of process to reduce Suspended Solids in Aeration basin, Secondary
   Optimization of Chemicals i.e. Alum, Urea, DAP, Polymer, Defoamer by applying the
    fundamental calculations and material balancing techniques.
   Optimization of power by controlling all the process parameters by controlling the
    dissolved Oxygen and Return Sludge ratio.
   Continuous Improvement projects done to improve quality of water, reducing of
    power consumption and others with a team.

Experience in India

   ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards Limited, Andhra Pradesh, India Feb 1998 to
    Jan 2002

Position Held: Junior Manager, Central Lab / Effluent Treatment Plant

Periodic monitoring and control of parameters involved in water treatment, Effluent
treatment, DM water, Boiler water and cooling water treatment. Interacted with the
process dept to solve various problems especially with Water & waste water treatment.

   Conducted mini-projects like Color removal experiments and Evaluation of ETP

   Analysis and calculations of water pollution load from different sources of the mill
    and did the experiments to reduce colloidal silica and others.

VOLTAS LTD. (PESTICIDES), Aug 1997 to Feb 1998

Started my career as a Trainee and was on job trainee in process department.

Reference                   :      (i)     Mr. S K Mittal
                                           President, APRIL – Indonesia
                                   (ii)    Mr. Andy Reyes
                                           General Manager, APRIL – Indonesia
                                   (iii)   Per Lindblom
                                           Maintenance Manager, APRIL – Indonesia

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