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									        Today I’d like to discuss the deadliest sins – of an affiliate
marketer. I’m sure you have heard the stories about the “super
affiliate” marketers that are raking in $20K, $30K and more per
month selling everything from diet products to ring-tones and even
home improvement products. Don’t get me wrong these guys really
do exist! The problem is, too many internet marketers don’t have
success right out of the gate and quit before making a dime.

       That doesn’t have to happen to you! I’m here to
discuss the most prevalent mistakes, also known as the
“deadliest sins” of the unsuccessful internet marketers.
I’ve seen these happen many times, so here is my list:

      1) Choosing the wrong product. One of the main
         problems is people choose a product that just
         isn’t right for them, either because they know
         nothing about it or it is has no large market to
         support the proper sales. Think about it, if only
         about one-hundred thousand people are the type
         that love to study butterflies (just an example!)
         then you have problems finding enough of them
         that want to buy your butterfly products. I know
         it’s been said many times that you have to find
         a product that you know something about and
         have a passion for, but the market still has to be
      2) Promoting too many products at once. I
         know you are anxious to be one of “super
         affiliates” yourself, but you have to walk before
         you can run. Make sure you are comfortable
         with the basics and are actually making some
         consistent money selling your first product
         before jumping onto something else. There are
         too many band-wagons to jump on as it is, and
         new products seem to get hot on a regular basis.
         But that doesn’t mean the product you have is a
         loser, does it? Many times you can spend what
         seems like a lot of time and money promoting
         something, tweaking your keywords, testing
         different ads, changing your sales copy on the
         website, and nothing is working. Then one day
         you wake up and have several sales! Like
         magic, it all comes together. Be patient if you
         know you have a good product.
      3) Not using free methods for promotion.
         Although many people are very successful at
         making money using PPC, most of the internet
         marketers I know of also use at least a few free
         methods as well. Besides, unless you have
         unlimited funds to play with until you “get it
         right”, you may run out of money before
         starting to see any return on your promotions.
         Use all of the free marketing you can – start and
         maintain several blogs, write as many articles
         as you can every day and post to ezine sites,
         setup a bunch of Squidoo lenses and use
         Twitter and Facebook to let people know every
         time you make an update. There’s a thousand
         more free ways to get traffic, use as many as
         you can! After all, your labor is worth
         something, it will pay off in the long run. The
         best part about the free traffic is that in most
         cases it lasts longer (much longer!) than the
         paid kind. And it builds page rank, too.
      4) Don’t ever give up. This is just my way of
         saying you really can’t lose unless you quit. If
         someone else can make money online, you can
         too! But remember, they didn’t figure it out
         overnight either. Nobody does. It takes time to
         build an online marketing machine, to make
         lots of money online, but you can do it. Just
         keep your goals in mind, and no matter what
         happens keep a positive outlook. What’s that
         old saying? Winners never quit and quitters
         never win…

Hope you enjoyed these little tips of mine, the reason I
do this is that I need to be reminded almost daily myself!
Never stop learning, and never give up, and you will
become one of the super affiliate marketers yourself,
happily making money online every day.

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