Email Marketing

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					Email Marketing
     Building your Email Lists
•   Sign-ups on your site
•   Confirm opt in
•   Other sources
•   Buying lists
•   Co-registration
       List Management
• Maintaining
• Unsubscribe availability – needs to be
  prominent on every email
• List hygiene
Newsletter/email campaign Deliverability

 – Best practices - Minimize Spam
    •   Send to permission based lists
    •   Timing
    •   From and Reply Addresses
    •   IP Address
    •   Good/consistent subject - Avoid words in
        subject that will get caught in spam filters
          Deliverability cont.
•   Small file size
•   Make it incredibly easy to Unsubscribe
•   Follow CAN-SPAM laws
•   Monitor your sender reputation
     • Feedback loop
     • Reputation service providers
          Writing your Email
– Best practices for content
   •   Subject
   •   Small amount of text
   •   Linking
   •   Headings
   •   Spell check and grammar
   •   Use the same feeling and emotion as you
       would in your website content
     Designing your Email

•   Use standard fonts
•   Use tables for layout
•   Be careful with CSS
•   Best use of Images
•   Make sure email previews ok without images
                Designing your Email
                  Use of Images
Email with all images
As viewed in preview pane   Email with images downloaded
       Designing your Email
Test, test, test!
   • Set up email addresses in the various freebie
     email sites – gmail, hotmail, aol, yahoo etc.
     Creating your Emails
• Do it yourself
• Using an email program
• Using an email service provider
• Open rates
• Clicks
• Referrer tags