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Pennsylvania Test Prep, Grade 3 by P-SchoolSpecialty


Test with success using Pennsylvania Test Prep! This book features essential test practice in reading, math, and writing for students in grade 3 and provides the most comprehensive strategies for effective PSSA test preparation. Today, more than ever, students need to be equipped with the skills required for school achievement and success on proficiency tests. The book includes suggestions for parents and teachers, answer keys, progress charts, self-assessment exercises, and scoring rubrics. This 184-page book aligns with state and national standards, is perfect for use at home or in school, and is favored by parents, homeschoolers, and teachers.

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									Pennsylvania Test Prep, Grade 3
Spectrum State Specific

Other: School Specialty Publishing
Other: School Specialty Publishing

Age Group: Grades 3-3

Spectrum PENNSYLVANIA Test Prep provides complete assessment of your student's skills in your
state. Written in the language of the actual proficiency test, this guide:Explains what Pennsylvania tests
in both authentic and easy-to-understand language.Provides necessary and on-target practice of state-
specific objectives.Features repeated practice in a variety of contexts.Builds your student's confidence
with hopeful self-assessment feedback, test-taking tips, and scoring rubrics.

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