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									Issue 1              Tel: 9873 1077   Fax: 9874 4368      Absences: 8872 6338     February 2, 2006
                                                                                                   approaches to learning and teaching. Your
                                                           FROM THE                                continued support for the college is
 THE WEEK AHEAD                                        PRINCIPAL’S DESK                            appreciated and highly valued as our
                                                                                                   students are the beneficiaries of this.
                                                                                                   Vermont Secondary College will continue
WEDNESDAY 8 FEBRUARY                          WELCOME BACK                                         to have a strong focus on quality teaching
(Year 11 day in)                              I would like to warmly welcome back all our          and we will build on the innovative and
   SRC Planning Day                           students and their families to Vermont Secondary     exciting work undertaken last year by
   Auxiliary Mtg. 10am Conference Room        College for the 2006 academic year. I hope that      teaching staff. Our teachers have high
   Student Services Mtg. 3.30pm               all our students have had a relaxing break and are   expectations of students and are committed
   Conference Room                            feeling refreshed and ready for another exciting     to providing the best learning environment
                                              and challenging year of learning and enrichment.     and learning experiences available. Our
   Phase 1 Careers Fast Track Yr 11 1.00-                                                          staff members are committed to continuous
   2.00pm                                     To all our parents, I am really looking forward to   improvement of their teaching practice so
                                              working with you this year in providing a            that our students are exposed to
FRIDAY 10 February                            supportive, happy and stimulating learning           stimulating, challenging and effective
     Travel ID Concession Photos –            environment for students.                            learning processes.
     lunchtime                                                                                     In 2006 there will be several new
                                              We had a very successful year in 2005 in
     Yr 11 OES & Yr 10 Geography                                                                   developments at the college:
                                              academic performance, sporting achievement and
     excursion to Volvo Yacht Race                                                                      Development of an ICT rich flexible
                                              in the music and arts with our students excelling
                                                                                                        learning centre and resharpening of
                                              across the board. Our 2005 VCE results were
                                                                                                        focus on ICT/eLearning.
                                              superb with 40 students achieving ENTER scores
                                                                                                        Implementation of the Victorian
                                              over 90 and three students with scores over 99.
                                                                                                        Essential Learning Standards (VELS)
                                              We are very proud of their achievements. Our
February                                                                                                in English and Mathematics with new
                                              2005 Year 12 students can be very pleased with
                                                                                                        report formats in Years 7-10.
                                              their performances.
14      -   Finance Ctte. Mtg.                                                                          Implementation of the Principles of
16      -   PCA Mtg.                                                                                    Teaching and Learning (POLT) in our
                                              I would like to take this opportunity to warmly
                                                                                                        teaching practices.
        -   Building & Grounds Ctte. Mtg.     congratulate our two equal top (dux) students
                                                                                                        Refurbishment and expansion of the
        -   Publicity Ctte. Mtg.              Sohrab Hosseini and Michael Llewellyn who
                                                                                                        Canteen and implementation of a new
17      -   VSC Swimming Sports               both received ENTER scores of 99.55. I would
                                                                                                        Healthy Options canteen menu.
20      -   Senior Summer Round Robin         also like to extend my congratulations to Melanie
                                                                                                        Development of the Arts Courtyard
        -   Music Support Group Mtg.          Kitchin who received an ENTER of 99.35. They
                                                                                                        garden with assistance from David
21      -   College Council Mtg.              are all outstanding students who deserve their
                                                                                                        Wong and Izabella Meraviglia-
24      -   Yr 7-11 Form Photos & Yr 7-12     success.
                                                                                                        Crivelli who jointly designed the
            Portraits                                                                                   Childrens’ Garden at the Melbourne
                                              This year promises to be another great year with
                                                                                                        Botanical Gardens. We have received
                                              a lot to accomplish and to celebrate along the
20/2 – 22/2 Yr 7 Camp 1 - 7.1, 7.2, 7.3                                                                 funding from Arts Victoria for this
                                              way. We continue to encourage students to
27/2 – 1/3 Yr 7 Camp 2 - 7.4, 7.5, 7.6                                                                  project.
                                              actively seek personal enrichment opportunities
1/3 - 3/3 Yr 7 Camp 3 - 7.7, 7.8, 7.9         through participation in our extensive co-           We have much to look forward to in 2006.
                                              curricular program in addition to the formal         Your continued support and involvement in
                                              academic program.                                    the school is welcomed and highly valued.

                                              We have many new students commencing this            COLLEGE COUNCIL ELECTIONS
                                              year in addition to our 225 Year 7 students. Our     2006
                                              current enrolment (pre census) is 1306. Demand       College Council is a key partnership

                                              for our college is very strong with many new         between parents, the school and the local
                                              families moving into our enrolment zone in           community. The college council is directly
                                              recent months. Our continued strong academic         able to influence the quality of education a
                                              focus, broad co-curricular program and               school provides for its students. The
                                              outstanding results are significant factors in       Council is the body responsible for school
                                              parent choice. Our focus on excellence is            policies and therefore shapes the ethos,
                                              recognised within and beyond our community.          culture, future directions and strategies of
                                                                                                   the school.
                                              The success of our students is mostly attributable   The major responsibilities of College
                                              to their natural abilities and work ethic, however   Council include:
                                              the close partnership and communication                    Developing and monitoring the
                                              between teachers and parents play key roles in             directions of the college charter.
                                              optimising student performance. It is very                 Establishing the goals and priorities of
                                              important that parents and teachers work together          the college and determining
                                              so that students see a consistency in goals and            educational policy.
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     Approving and monitoring the college budget.                         1.   PCA – first meeting – Thursday February 16th at 7.30 in the
     Maintaining and improving college buildings and grounds.                  Conference Room
     Developing the college’s student code of conduct.                    2.   Auxiliary - first meeting - February 8th at 10.00am in the Conference
     Developing the student dress code.                                        Room
     Employing non-teaching staff.                                        3.   Music Support Group - first meeting – February 20th in the Music
VSC Council comprises three groups:
Parents (6), Department of Education and Training employees (5) and       The scheduling of PCA (evening) and Auxiliary (day) meetings enables
co-opted community members (4).                                           parents to participate in either group depending on personal commitments.

The term of office is two years, half the members must retire each year   Please consider involvement in one or more of these groups – you will be
and this creates vacancies for the annual school election.                warmly welcomed.

The coming election is for:                                               VCE RESULTS
3 parent representatives – 2 years                                        In 2005 Vermont Secondary College continued its record of VCE excellence
2 DE&T representatives – 2 years                                          as measured by ENTER scores. The performance of our students in 2005
                                                                          was superb. We had an exceptional group of highly talented and motivated
There are two separate electorates within the electorate of the college   students and their results were outstanding.
i.e. parents nominate and vote for parent members, DE&T employees
nominate and vote for DE&T members. DE&T employees can stand              Our VCE success over the past 5 years places us in as one of the top
as parent members of the school their child attends.                      government secondary schools in the state.

Accompanying this newsletter are “Notice of Election and Call for         A few statistics:
Nomination” form (Schedule 4) and a Nomination Form for the Parent        10.2% of students were in the top 5% -ie ENTER scores over 95
member category (Schedule 5) for the upcoming election of College         21.4% of students were in the top 10% ie ENTER scores over 90
Council.                                                                  41.3% of students were in the top 20%
                                                                          48.5% of students were in the top 30%
As you will be aware the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne has              56.6% of students were in the top 40%
resulted in a very short Term 1 and this naturally has a significant      76.9% of students were in the top 50%
impact on school operations and timelines. An immediate impact of
this is that the College Council elections need to be completed by the    Our top performing students will be formally recognised at our first
conclusion of the six week term.                                          assembly in two weeks time.

Completed Nomination forms must be lodged with me by 4pm,                 They are all outstanding students and we are very proud of their
Friday, February 17th, 2006                                               achievements. Their teachers who taught, encouraged, coached and
                                                                          supported these students can also be very pleased with the performance of
Should an election be required, votes may be posted to me or placed in    their protégés.
the Ballot box at the General Office on any day up until the close of
the ballot which is 4pm Friday, March 3, 2006.                            It is not just the top performing students of whom we are proud but also the
                                                                          students who achieved individual excellence by achieving their goals, in
Further details regarding the need or otherwise for a ballot will be      several cases against the odds. They can also be justly pleased with their
published once nominations close.                                         performance and hopefully further opportunities will now be available to
                                                                          them to pursue their dreams.
The new Council takes effect immediately the Poll is declared.
                                                                          Congratulations, thank you and well done to all VCE students and their
The new Council therefore comes into effect from March 6th, 2006 and      families, the senior school leadership team and all our Year 12 teachers, on
will have its first meeting on April 18th, 2006                           your excellent performance last year.

PARENT PARTICIPATION                                                      LEADERSHIP RESPONSIBILITIES 2006
Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in our college.        Positions noted here are those which may be of particular interest to
All parents, whether “new” or “old” are warmly welcome to assist us –     parents and community and do not include all leadership positions.
we really value, appreciate and need your practical support. New Year
7 parents who have been actively involved in Primary School are           Principal                 Mr Rod Williamson
urged to maintain support for your child by bringing your experience      Assistant Principal       Mr Kim Fallon – Snr School, Facilities
and energies across to Vermont Secondary College – we need you!           Assistant Principal       Ms Jenny Osler – Junior School, Student
Your interest and involvement in the college sends a very powerful        Assistant Principal       Mr Tony Jacobs – Daily operations,
message of support to students and staff. It is an excellent way of                                 Curriculum
meeting new friends whilst seeing your efforts rewarded by an             Teaching and Learning     Ms Evelyn Douglas
improved school environment.                                              Literacy                  Ms Maree Presser
                                                                          Sport                     Mr Mike Stevens
Parents can become involved informally through supporting programs        Music                     Mr John Wise
such as Sport, Music, Literacy or on a more formal but equally            Student Wellbeing         Mrs Ann Marie Fish & Mrs Laraine Ross
enjoyable     level by joining our PCA (Parents and Citizens              Integration               Ms Natalie Manser
Association), Auxiliary, Music Support Group or College Council.          Student Pathways/Careers Ms Lorraine Cook & Ms Evelyn Carter
                                                                          Head of Junior School     Mr Harry Ruff
If you would like to find out more about how you can become               Head of Senior School     Mr Linda Cabble
involved please contact either myself or Mrs Jenny Osler, Assistant       Year Level Co-ordinators:
Principal.                                                                Year 7                 Mr Jon Shores, Ms Sarah May
                                                                          Year 8                 Ms Alison Bate, Mr Darren Trippett
PARENT GROUPS                                                             Year 9                 Mr Harry Ruff, Ms Rebecca Eames
Vermont Secondary College is privileged to have three extremely           Year 10                Mrs Annemarie Irwin, Mr Greg Cowan
active and enthusiastic parent groups which make a wonderful              Year 11                Mr John Bertram, Ms Sally Todaro
contribution to our school.                                               Year 12                Mrs Linda Cabble, Ms Kylie Angland
                                                                                                                                     Page 3
MUSIC SECRETARY                                                          National Schools Knockout Athletics
It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Mrs Michelle Petalas    VSC Junior Girls Athletic team won through to the National Titles of
to the new position of Music Secretary at Vermont Secondary College.     the Schools Knockout Competition held in Sydney. It was the first
The creation of this new position is a reflection of the increasing      time Vermont had entered this competition and it was a wonderful
administrative responsibilities of our expanding Music Program at        effort to reach the National Finals. The girls were fantastic, in many
Vermont. We look forward to having Michelle’s skills, initiative and     cases competing against girls who were a couple of years older. The
support of the Music Teaching team. Welcome Michelle.                    competition was very close. Vermont tied for first place, but had to
                                                                         settle for second on countback. Again, it was a wonderful trip made
                                                    Rod Williamson
                                                                         all the better due to the terrific support I received from all of the
                                                                         parents of the girls. It was terrific that so many parents were able to
                                                                         come and support the girls.

                 SPORTS REPORT
                                                                         Felicity Black                       Rebecca Cole
                                                                         Emily Cherry                         Kayla Bunevicius
                                                                         Bronte Gange                         Jordan Holdsworth
                                                                         Sarah Ivanov                         Katreace McKie
NATIONAL SCHOOLS SPORT                                                   Alana Murrihy
VSC matches it with the best sporting schools in
Australia                                                                VSC SWIMMING - Monash Aquatic Centre – Friday 17th Feb
In December 2005 VSC competed at the National Schools Basketball         The Vermont Secondary College Swimming Carnival will be held at
Championships in Albury and at the National Schools Athletics            Monash Aquatic Centre, Waverley Road on Friday 17th February.
Knockout competition in Sydney.                                          Entries will be taken during form assembly next week for Year 7 and
                                                                         8 levels. All Year 7 and 8 students are expected to attend the
National Schools Basketball                                              carnival. Only competitors in Years 9-12 will be permitted to attend
VSC entered a Junior Boys and Junior Girls team in the Division 1        and they must enter directly by giving their name to Mr Stevens in
competition at the National Schools Basketball Competition in            N26. A form competition will be held for Year 7 and 8 with the
Albury. Both teams played some excellent basketball and were a           winning form receiving a pizza lunch later this term.
credit to the college, displaying outstanding sportsmanship. The girls
reached the semi-finals and the boys played off in the grand final,      SUMMER SPORT
narrowly losing to Whitefriars College. I would like to thank all team   The sports on offer in the summer sports program are Cricket,
members for making it a fantastic trip and Mr Sutherland (Boys           Volleyball, Tennis, Baseball (Boys) and Softball (Girls). Due to the
Coach), Mrs Hubble (Team Manager), Meredith Kitchin (Team                very short first term a number of the round robins will be held early in
Manager) and Phil Middlin (Scorer) who worked tirelessly to ensure       Term 2. Coaches for all teams will be announced in next week’s
everything ran smoothly. I would also like to thank all the parents      newsletter. Watch the bulletin for tryouts and training times.
who came up to Albury to support the team.
                                                                         COMING EVENTS
                                                                         TERM 1
                                                                         Week 3
                                                                         Friday 17th February        VSC Swimming Carnival

                                                                         Week 4
                                                                         Monday 20th February        Senior Round Robin

                                                                         Week 5
                                                                         Monday 27th February        Year 8 Boys Cricket
                                                                         Wednesday 1st March         Intermediate Summer Round Robin

                                                                         Week 6
                                                                         Monday 6th March            Intermediate Tennis
                                                                         Wednesday 8th March         District Swimming Carnival
                                                                         Thursday 9th March          District Diving Carnival
                                                                         Friday 10th March           Year 7 Boys Cricket

                                                                         TERM 2
                                                                         Week 1
                                                                         Wednesday 29th March        District Golf
Boys team                      Girls Team
Coach: Mr Sutherland           Coach: Mr Stevens                         Week 2
Team Manager: Meredith Kitchin Team Manager: Mrs Hubble                  Friday 7th April            Year 7 Summer Round Robin

Leigh Kitchin                      Ellie Lovelace                        Week 3
Matt Cunningham                    Alysha Middlin                        Monday 10th April           Year 8 Summer Round Robin
Ryan Cunningham                    Pip Whelan                            Tuesday 11th April          Eastern Zone Swimming
Ben Clarkson                       Monique Black                         Wednesday 12th April        VSC Athletics Carnival
Jordan Baucke                      Rachel Watts
Sam Whelan                         Caitlyn Holloway                                                                              Mike Stevens
Matt Serpell                       Kimberley Blake                                                                        Sports Co-ordinator
Lochlan Anderson                   Rosie Moult
Dean Kaaden                        Alex Chow
Page 4
                                                                                                                                    Page 5

                  COMPUTER NEWS                                      ‘Non-live’ data; most cacheable web pages and their associated images
                                                                     accessed previously by other users within the college, such as web pages
                                                                     and images that is on the college Proxy Server will not be charged.
                                                                     Certain information that is available on the Internet such as dynamic
FREE ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTER                                           pages and streaming multimedia files are not cacheable. Therefore,
Vermont College News is available in electronic format and can be accessing this type of information will be counted.
sent to parents/guardians weekly as an email attachment in Adobe
Reader Portable Document Format (PDF) for free. Information on Students can view their Internet Credit via a utility available on the
how to subscribe/unsubscribe is available from http:// system. If the Internet Credit falls below $0.00, then the software                                        package will automatically prevent the particular student from accessing
                                                                     the Internet until additional money has been paid at the General Office
                                                                     and processed by the technicians in a similar fashion to the Printing
On the first day of each school year, we provide each student with a Credit system that has been in place in the last couple of years.
“Local Area Consent / Student Image Consent / and Computer &
Internet Agreement” form to complete with the student’s and             FREE SYMANTEC ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE
parent’s/guardian’s signatures. I trust that each family has read the   The Victorian Department of Education has a state-wide licence
conditions and consequences of Computer & Internet Usage at             agreement for the provision of Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition
VSC. Any students who did not receive the form can get one from         software for all government school, staff and student computing
the General Office. All student computer accounts will be activated     equipment. Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition is currently being
once the completed form is returned to Room C22 and processed.          used throughout Vermont Secondary College to safeguard its desktop,
All forms due by Friday 3rd February.                                   laptops and network servers against viruses.

SPACE RESTRICTIONS                                                      Get your free copy of Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition!!! Leave a
There is a space restriction for each student on our local area         blank CD-R at the General Office with the heading ‘Symantec
network. This is enforced automatically upon the creation of each       AntiVirus’, your child’s name and form and it will be available for your
computer account. The reason for this restriction is to reduce the      child to collect once the CD-R is copied (usually the next school day).
local area network backup time and promote improved file
management skills. The amount of space restriction is dependent on      EMAIL WEB ACCESS
the year level:                                                         Each student who has completed a ‘Computer & Internet Agreement’
                                                                        form will have their individual email account. Each student’s email
       Years 7 and 8           20Mb                                     address is in the following format:
       Year 9 and 10           30Mb                                  
                                                                                where student_id is 7 character
       Year 11                 40Mb
       Year 12                 50Mb                                     To access this facility, point your browser to our web site at http://
PASSWORD                                                                REMOTE ACCESS FROM HOME
To improve the users’ security using the college’s Local Area           To access any files which are stored in student’s home directory, point
Network, all users will be prompted to change their password            your browser to our web site
regularly. A minimum of 7 characters will be required. Advice on        remote_access.html
good passwords is available from
password.html                                                           VSC Online; Vermont SC’s extranet is at
PRINT CREDIT                                                                                                                 Donald Hew
At the beginning of each year, each student is given a $5 Print                       Director of Information & Communication Technology
Credit towards his/her computer account. This credit can be used
on any of the available laser printers (B&W and colour) within our
local area network. An additional credit of $5 will be deposited in      2006 TRAVEL CONCESSION CARD PHOTOS
Term 3. Any additional credit can be purchased at the General
Office at the appropriate time. The cost for each A4 B&W is $0.10
and A4 colour is $0.80.                                                  Vermont Secondary College has arranged for
                                                                         a professional photographer to be available on
                                                                         campus on Friday, February 10th, at 12.30pm
INTERNET CREDIT                                                          to provide instant, colour passport photos as
Since May 2002, the Learning Technologies Committee has been             required for the 2006 Student Travel
evaluating a way to manage the Internet traffic so that genuine          Concession Cards. The current cards expire
users get the benefit of faster Internet access during class time and    at the end of February after which students
be more accountable for their individual Internet usage. Due to the      must have new cards in order to obtain the
escalating cost in providing improved Internet access and a current      P.T.C. Student Concession Rate.
trend towards ‘user-pay’ systems in Victorian Government schools,
a software package has been purchased and has been in operation          The cost for a set of 2 professionally taken colour portraits is $6.00
since 2003.                                                              payable to the photographer at the photo session. All photos will
                                                                         be taken in the Conference Room.
Each student will have $5 Internet credit at the beginning of Term
1 and each megabyte of ‘live’ data received will cost $0.05, which       The photos will be processed on the spot and returned immediately to
is the same price the Internet Service Provider charges Vermont          the student.    Portrait Quality Photos are guaranteed by the
Secondary College. At the beginning of Term 3, an additional             photographer who will be using studio quality lighting and equipment.
credit of $5 will be added.
Page 6

            MUSIC NOTES                           MUSIC SUPPORT GROUP MEETING,
                                                  MONDAY 20/2/06
                                                                                                   AMEB EXAMS—APRIL/MAY SEASON
                                                                                                   The Australian Music Examinations Board is
                                                  Parents and students interested in helping to    an independent organisation that administers
                                                  develop and improve the Music program at         examinations in music, speech and drama,
INSTRUMENTAL AND VOCAL MUSIC                      VSC are invited to join the Music Support
LESSONS                                                                                            including examinations assessing performance
                                                  Group or help with Music Support Group           on orchestral instruments such as violin, flute
              Instrumental        and             activities.
              vocal music lessons                                                                  and trumpet, and in singing. These practical
                                                  The Music Support Group plays an important       exams are held several times a year for
              started this week and               role in the Music program throughout the
              the first rehearsals for                                                             metropolitan candidates.      Special Subject
                                                  year, including planning concerts and trips,     exams, including CPM and percussion exams,
              college ensembles                   making special uniforms for the Stage Band,
              will be held next                                                                    are held twice each year. Details of regulations
                                                  publishing the Music Newsletter, maintaining     and syllabuses may be found in the AMEB
              week, starting with a               and improving the Music Centre, publicising
              Stage Band rehearsal                                                                 Manual of Syllabuses, published annually and
                                                  music activities, helping with music camps,      available from most music stores.
              Tuesday afternoon.                  transporting instruments to concerts, and
                                                  fundraising.                                     The AMEB charges an Exam Fee that must be
                        Although guitar, drum
                        and singing classes                                                        paid when applying to take an exam.
                                                  One of the major fundraising projects            Instrumental students who enrol for exams
                        are full, there are       conducted by the Music Support Group is the
                        vacancies for students                                                     through Vermont Secondary College are asked
                                                  weekly Friday lunchtime Sausage Sizzle.          to pay an additional Accompanist's Fee of $10
on other instruments, and there still are a few   This year we hope to start the sizzles in Term
school instruments, particularly French                                                            per instrumental exam.
                                                  2, but we need help from parents willing to
horns, trumpets and trombones, available for      cook from 11:00am to 1:30pm one or two
hire. Students from any year level can begin                                                       Students who would like to take an AMEB
                                                  Fridays per term.                                exam during the April/May Season should get
lessons on one of these instruments. If you
would like to take instrumental music lessons                                                      an enrolment form from Mr. Wise or their
                                                  All of this requires many willing hands. If      music teachers. Enrolment forms should be
at the college this year, please complete the     you are interested in helping with these
enrolment form below and return it to the                                                          returned to the Music Office by Wednesday
                                                  activities and in shaping the growth of the      15/2/06.
Music Office.                                     Music program, please attend our first Music
                                                  Support Group meeting, which will be held                              J. Wise -Music Director
If you have any questions please see me (Mr.      7:30pm Monday evening 20/2/06 in the
Wise) in the Music Centre, or ring me at          Music Centre. On behalf of the current
school on 9873-1077 or after hours on 0412        Music Support Group members, I invite you
596-299.                                          to attend and join our team. Best wishes for a
                                                  musical new year!

             SCHOOL                                 P.E. FACULTY
             UNIFORM                              SUNSMART POLICY
Parents and students are reminded that full       The P.E. Faculty would
school uniform should be worn to school.          like to remind all students
This includes black leather school shoes          and parents that we
that can be polished and have a hard sole.        strongly recommend that
                                                  students should wear a
Only studs and sleepers may be worn.              hat and sunscreen during
                                                  outdoor P.E. classes.
Parents are asked to write a note if students     Students can bring their
are out of uniform. Students must get a           own sunscreen or they may use the
uniform pass from Year Level Co-                  sunscreen in the P.E. office.
ordinators if they are out of uniform.

                                Jenny Osler
                         Assistant Principal
                                                   CANTEEN ROSTER
                                                  MON 6 Feb – FRI 10 Feb
         MEETING                                  Monday 6    - Bernadette Reeves, Jan
                                                                Waller, Julie Black
The next meeting of the Auxiliary                 Tuesday 7   - Eileen Moran, Wan Ho
                                                  Wednesday 8 - Monika Welser, Alex
Committee will be on Wednesday 8th
                                                                O’Reilly, Jacquie Bright
February at 10am in the Conference                Thursday 9  - Dorothy Koutes, Maggie
Room.                                                           Jarvis, Antonella
All parents welcome especially new                Friday 10   - Pam Power, Denise
Year 7 parents.                                                 Tournier, Jenni Geraghty
                                                                                                                                     Page 7

                                                 Box Hill Community Arts Centre

                                                 Courses in 2006
Year 7 – 10 students:
FREE African Dance Workshops              Join these workshops and then be a part of the City of Whitehorse’s Commonwealth Games
                                          Opening Ceremony Concert in March!
                                          Monday 20 and 27 February 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Youth Drama Summer Intensive              Join actor/comedian Jason Geary (Skithouse), and playwright Emilie Collyer (finalist Melbourne
                                          and Sweet play festival 2006) for two fun-filled and challenging days of creating characters and
                                          writing scene scripts, with a performance at the end.
                                          Monday 23 & Wednesday 25 January 2006, $85.

Manga Madness Term 1                      NEW BEGINNERS CLASS FOR AGES 13+
Japanese cartooning                       Bring your friends and learn Manga cartooning from a professional artist who has taught all over the
                                          Only $55 for a 5 week term, 7 Feb – 7 March, 2006
                                          Tuesdays 6.15pm – 7.45pm

Or try one of our Adult Courses (15 yrs plus):

Illustration Workshops                Build your folio, and be challenged by a different brief each week. A rare chance to learn from a
                                      professional Illustrator and Graphic Designer. 3 weeks from 16 Feb – 2 March, $50

Life Drawing Workshop                Sunday 5 March, 2006. 1.30pm – 5.30pm, $45

Portraiture Workshop                 Sunday 12 Feb, 2006. 11am – 3pm, $45

Print Making Workshop                Sunday 26 Feb, 2006. 10am – 4pm, $50

Ceramics for Beginners               Try hand-building or wheel work on a Tuesday evening.
                                     4 weeks from 7 – 28 Feb 2006. $85 wheel, $65 hand-building

Download our term program at

                                                                                                                        COLLEGE DOES
                                                                                                                        NOT ENDORSE THE
                                                                                                                        PRODUCT OR
                                                                                                                        SERVICES OF ANY
                                                                                                                        PAID OR UNPAID,
                                                                                                                        PRINTED IN THIS
Page 8

                                                                           VSC AUXILIARY

                      CANTEEN HELPERS WANTED
                                   We would like to hear from any parent willing to help in the Canteen. If you can manage any time at all
                                    – be it a couple of hours, or share with a friend or a whole day – fortnightly or monthly, please fill in the
                                       form below with the relevant details.

                                        For the benefit of new parents, the Canteen is under the control of our Manager, Mrs Chris Powell,
                                        and is dependent on the voluntary help of parents. Students assist with window sales. Unless we
                                         receive this help it would be impossible to operate the Canteen on a profitable basis. Profits from the
                                        Canteen are returned to the school for the benefit of all students.

                          Duty hours start at 10am and end at 1.45pm and this includes a 45 minute to 1 hour break in between
                          for your own lunch (which is provided), or leisure eg. going to the bank, shopping, reading a book. If
                          you are unable to help regularly, you may consider helping every 5th week in the month
(approximately three times per year) and/or on the Emergency Roster. You may have a friend or neighbour who is willing to
help too. In the drawing up of the roster, every effort will be made to give you your day of first preference and if possible
transport arranged with someone who lives nearby.

If you have any queries, please contact Mrs Chris Powell (9873 1077) at the school.

It would be appreciated if the attached form could be completed and returned to the General Office A.S.A.P. to ensure you get
the days you want.
                                                     VERMONT SECONDARY COLLEGE

                                                            CANTEEN HELPERS WANTED
Cut along line and return to the General Office or ring the Canteen direct (before 10am or after 1.45pm)

NAME: ........................................................                     DAY PREFERRED: ......................................
ADDRESS: ..............................................                       2ND PREFERENCE: ................................
...................................................................           COUPLE OF HOURS                      Yes / No
                                                                                   WHOLE DAY                                  Yes / No
                                                                                   SHARE WITH A FRIEND Yes / No
                                                                                   ONCE A FORTNIGHT:                          Yes / No
PHONE: .........................                                                   ONCE A MONTH:                   Yes / No
                                                                                   ONCE EVERY 2-3 MONTHS:                     Yes / No
                                                                                        Delete which does not apply)

NAME: ......................................................................... Form: ....................

          I AM AVAILABLE FOR EMERGENCY ROSTER AS WELL                 Yes / No
          I AM AVAILABLE FOR EMERGENCY ROSTER ONLY                               Yes / No
          DAYS NOT SUITABLE FOR EMERGENCY ROSTER .............................................................................
          I AM UNABLE TO HELP WITH CANTEEN THIS YEAR ................... (Please cross if applicable)
          I REQUIRE TRANSPORT TO THE SCHOOL                           Yes / No
          I CAN PROVIDE TRANSPORT TO THE SCHOOL                                  es / No

If your transport is with someone on duty on your day please give name of person. This will enable us to make sure you are both
given the same duty day.

Transport provided by ........................................
                                                                                                                                        Page 9

                                  SCHOOL COUNCIL ELECTIONS 2006

What is a school council and what does it do?
All government schools in Victoria have a school council. They are legally formed bodies that are given powers to set the key directions of a
school within centrally provided guidelines. In doing this, a school council is able to directly influence the quality of education that the school
provides for its students.

Who is on the school council?
There are three possible categories of membership:

       A mandated elected parent category. More than one third of the total members must be from this category. Department of Education
       and Training (DE&T) employees can be parent members at their child’s school.

       A mandated elected DE&T employee category. Members of this category may make up no more than one third of the total member-
       ship of school council. The principal of the school is automatically one of these members.

       An optional community member category. Its members are coopted by a decision of the council because of their special skills, inter-
       ests or experiences. DE&T employees are not eligible to be community members.
The term of office for members is two years. Half the members must retire each year and this creates vacancies for the annual school council

Why is parent membership so important?
Parents on school councils provide important viewpoints and have valuable skills that can help shape the direction of the school.
Those parents who become active on a school council find their involvement satisfying in itself and may also find that their children feel a
greater sense of belonging.

How can you become involved?
The most obvious way is to vote in the elections, which are held in February or March each year. However, ballots are only held if more people
nominate as candidates than there are positions vacant.
In view of this, you might seriously consider:

        standing for election as a member of the school council

        encouraging another person to stand for election.

Do I need special experience to be on school council?
No. What you do need is an interest in your child’s school and the desire to work in partnership with others to help shape the school’s future.

What do you need to do to stand for election?
The principal will issue a notice and call for nominations following the commencement term1 each year. All school council elections must be
completed by the end of March. For parents, this notice will probably be given to your child so you may need to check with them whether it
has been sent home.
If you decide to stand for election, you will need to arrange for someone to nominate and second you as a candidate in either the parent cate-
gory or DE&T employee category. Once the nomination form is completed, return it to the principal within the time stated on the notice of
If there are more nominations received than there are vacancies on council, a ballot will be conducted in the two weeks after the call for nomi-
nations has closed.
        Ask at the school for help if you would like to stand for election and are not sure what to do.

        Consider standing for election to council this year.

        Be sure to vote in the elections.

Contact the principal for further information.
Page 10

Schedule 4.
Notice of election and call for nominations
An election is to be conducted for members of the School Council of VERMONT SECONDARY COLLEGE.
Nomination forms may be obtained from the school and must be lodged by 4 pm on Friday 17th February, 2006
The ballot will close at 4 pm on Friday 3rd March, 2006.
Following the closing of nominations a list of the nominations received will be posted at the school. The terms of office, mem-
bership categories and number of positions in each membership category open for election are as follows -

 Membership category                      Term of office                          Number of positions

 Parent member                            From the day after the date of the                          3
                                          declaration of the poll in 2006∗ to
                                          and inclusive of the date of the
                                          declaration of the poll in 2008*

 DE&T employee member                     From the day after the date of the                          2
                                          declaration of the poll in 2006∗ to
                                          and inclusive of the date of the
                                          declaration of the poll in 2008*

If the number of nominations is less than the number of vacancies, a notice to that effect and calling for further nominations will
be posted in a prominent position at the school.


1.   “Electorate of the school” means the DE&T employee electorate of the school and the Parent electorate of the school.
2.   “Parent electorate of the school” means all persons (except the principal) who are Parents of students of the school, other than those who
       are DE&T employees and who opt or are deemed to opt in accordance with clause 22 to be members of the DE&T employee electorate
       of the school.
3.   “DE&T employee electorate of the school” means the principal of the school and –
     (a) DE&T employees engaged in work at and for the school (other than those who are Parents of students of the school and who neither
         opt nor are deemed to opt in accordance with clause 22 to be members of the DE&T employee electorate of the school); and
     (b) other DE&T employees who are Parents of students of the school and who opt or are deemed to opt in accordance with clause 22 to
         be members of the DE&T employee electorate of the school.
4.       “DE&T employee” -
     (a) means a person employed for eight hours or more per week in either an on-going capacity or for a fixed term of at least 90 days -
                (i)     under the Teaching Service Act 1981; or
                (ii)    by the DE&T under the Public Sector Management and Employment Act 1998; or
                (iii)   by a school council of a State school; or
                (iv)    under section 5 or 5A of the Education Act 1958; or
                (v)     under more than one of the paragraphs (i) to (iv) above, and
     (b)does not mean a person employed, under a contract for service or the employees or the contracted personnel of such a person.

5.       Votes may be posted to the principal or placed in the ballot box at the school on any day up to the closure of the ballot. Further details
         on how votes may be lodged will be provided when ballot papers are sent to the electorate of the school.
                                                                                                 Page 11

Schedule 5A.
Nomination form for parent member category
The persons whose names appear under Nominator and Seconder, nominate-

 Name (print full name)

 Residential address

for election to the Parent member category of the School Council of

Nominator:                                       Seconder:

 Name (print)                                    Name (print)

 Address                                         Address

I am a* (please tick):                           I am a* (please tick):

 (a) parent of a student at the school           (a) parent of a student at the school

 (b) parent of a student at the school           (b) parent of a student at the school
 and a DE&T employee to whom                     and a DE&T employee to whom para-
 paragraph 2(a) below does not ap-               graph 2(a) below does not apply

 Signature                               Sig-

*You may only nominate or second a candidate for election to the Parent member category if you are a
member of one of the categories of person listed in (a) or (b) above. If you nominate or second a candidate
and you are not a member of one of the categories of person listed in (a) or (b) above, then the nomination
form will be invalid.

 I accept the nomination and I am prepared to serve as a Parent member of
 the above named school council. I hereby declare that I am/I am not a
                                                                          Delete as ap-
 DE&T employee that I have not nominated or seconded a candidate for
 election to the DE&T employee member category that I have not ac-
 cepted a nomination to stand for election in the DE&T employee member
 category that I am not an undischarged bankrupt and that I am not cur-
 rently serving a sentence for an indictable offence

 Signature of candidate                                            Date:
Page 12

1.   To nominate or second a candidate for election to the Parent member category, or accept a
     nomination for election to the Parent member category, each of the nominator and seconder and
     candidate must be either -
       (a) a parent of a student of the school; or
       (b) a parent of a student at the school and a DE&T employee, to whom paragraph 2(a) below does
           not apply.
2.   If you are a Parent of a student of the school and a DE&T employee and -
     (a) you have nominated or seconded a candidate standing for election in the DE&T employee
           member category, or accepted a nomination to stand as a candidate for election to the DE&T
           employee member category, then you may only nominate or second a candidate or accept a
           nomination to stand as a candidate for election to the DE&T employee member category, and
           you may not nominate or second a candidate or accept a nomination to stand as a candidate for
           election to the Parent member category;
      (b) you do not fall within paragraph (a), then you may nominate or second a candidate to stand for
           election, or accept a nomination to stand for election, to either the Parent member category
           (using this Schedule) or the DE&T employee member category (using Schedule 5B), but not
           both categories.
3.   “DE&T employee” -
     (a) means a person employed for eight hours or more per week in either an on-going capacity or a
           fixed term of at least 90 days -
           (i) under the Teaching Service Act 1981; or
           (ii) by the DE&T under the Public Sector Management and Employment Act 1998; or
           (iii) by a school council of a State school; or
           (iv) under section 5 or 5A of the Education Act 1958; or
           (v) under more than one of the paragraphs (i) to (iv) above, and
     (b) does not mean a person employed under a contract for service or the employees or the
           contracted personnel of such a person.
     VSC College Meetings and Events - Term 1 2006
                      Monday              Tuesday           Wednesday              Thursday           Friday
                 RECESS BRIEFING
 Week 1          January 30         January 31          Feb 1 (Yr 12 in)       February 2        February3
                 Staff Return       Students Return
                                                        Music Info.
                                                        Evening 7.30pm

 Week 2          February 6         February 7          Feb 8 (Yr 11 in)       Feb 9             Feb10
 YEAR LEVEL                                             SRC Planning Day                         Travel ID Photos -
                                                        Auxiliary                                Lunchtime
                                                        Phase 1 Careers Fast
                                                        Track Yr 11 1.00–
                 Pathways Review    LCC                 MIPs - Staff           YLC Meeting
                 Forum                                  Briefing               KLAC Meeting
                                                        Student Services
 Week 3          February 13        February 14         Feb 15 (Yr12 in)       February 16       February 17
                 Junior & Senior                        MIPs Launch and                          VSC Swimming
                 Sub-school                             BBQ                                      Carnival
                 Risk Management    LCC                 Staff Meeting –        PCA
                 Canteen            INTEL Training -    Goal Setting           Publicity
                                    Group 1                                    Buildings +
                                    Finance                                    Grounds

 Week 4          February 20        February 21         Feb 22 (Yr11 in)       February 23       February 24
                 Year 7 Camp 1      Year 7 Camp 1       Year 7 Camp 1                            Form Photos
                 Senior Summer      7.1 7.2 7.3         Phase 2 Careers                          Years 7-11
                 Round Robin                            Fast Track Yr 11                         Portraits Yrs 7-12
                                                        1.00–2.00pm                              & all staff
                 Leadership Team    LCC                 Senior School          Junior School     Thredbo Mountain
                 Music Support      Learning Tech.                                               Bike Camp &
                 Group              College Council                                              HPV Wonthaggi
 Week 5          February 27        February 28         March 1 (Yr12 in)      March 2           March 3
                 Year 7 Camp 2      Year 7 Camp 2       Year 7 Camp 2+3        Year 7 Camp 3     Year 7 Camp 3
                 Year 8 Cricket     7.4 7.5 7.6         Inter Summer           7.7 7.8 7.9
                                                        Round Robin
                 I & E/Curriculum   LCC                 Science/SOSE/          English/Maths/
                 Links              Learning &          Arts/ LOTE             H+PE
 Week 6          March 6            March 7             Mar 8 (Yr11 in)        March 9           March10
 Phase 2         Intermediate       Yr 7 Author Visit   District Swimming      District Diving   Yr 7 Cricket
 Careers Fast    Tennis             MIPs Staff Lunch                                             End of Term 2.30
 Track Yr 11                                                                                     Finish
 12/3            IT KLA             INTEL Training -    KLA Team Time          KLA Team Time
 Inverloch                          Group 1
 Jazz Festival                      LCC

*Term Two Begins Monday 27th March & Ends Friday 16th June (12 weeks)
*Commonwealth Games Wednesday 15th to Sunday 26th March
* Term Three Begins Monday 3rd July & Ends Friday 15th September (11 weeks)
*Term Four Begins Monday 2nd October & Ends Thursday 21st December (12 weeks)

Note: TBC refers to ‘To Be Confirmed’.

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