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					                          Apex Matters
                                                                                                                                           Volume 7 : Issue 7

                                                                                                                                               Jan 8th,
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Lyle Thiede, Assistant Patrol Director and Avi 1 Technician, seen as he           all season long. Call for a package of our available listings.
studies a recent avalanche triggered by locals in Apex’s backcountry.                          All listings MLS, unless otherwise noted.
                                                                            Private Cabins    Beautifull Condos       Spacious Townhomes

            The Outer Edge            with the Apex Ski Patrol
                                                                               Commercial Opportunities      Building Lots from $199,900

                                                                          This Week’s Forecast -                           as of Wednesday, January 7th,
                                                                                                                              on The Weather Network
It is just about impossible to ignore the recent stories
about backcountry enthusiasts and their unfortunate ex-                    Day       T8        F9         S 10        S 11       M 12         T 13    W 14
periences with avalanches. Truly, it is a terrible tragedy
and hopefully lots will be learned from it. It is not surpris-            Skies
ing that this type of news grabs headlines all the way
across the country. “It makes for good news,” says Lyle                   Snow 40%            20%        80%         10%         20%           0%      0%
Thiede, Assistant Ski Patrol Director at Apex Mountain
Resort.                                (continued on Page 2)

                                    “Supporting the Dream”
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   2405 Skaha Lake Road
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                 Canadian             Lights / CD / $6,995                 Pkg / Cruise / $11,699                         Kristi Richards,
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                  System                                                                                              Team Canada Olympian!
Page 2                                                          January 8, 2009                                         Apex Matters
(continued from Page 1 ... The Outer Edge with the Apex Ski Patrol)     lines are the reward for diligent decision making, based
While reading various reports of the incidents, I came                  on snow science observations combined with knowledge
across a quote from Pascal Haegeli, a postdoctoral fellow               of local conditions, good route finding skills, and sensible
at Simon Fraser University who studied avalanche safety.                line choices.
He reminds us that “despite the high number of fatalities
in the last few days, there are a lot of people going into              Hopefully this does not encourage you to charge out of
the backcountry. They’re able to enjoy the backcountry                  bounds in search of fresh lines, but rather promotes you
and come home safely.” This is an important thing to                    to educate yourself about how to safely enjoy the deep
remember when the resounding message is encourag-                       satisfaction of a successful backcountry tour. This week-
ing people to stay inbounds. The stories we read from                   end is Avalanche Awareness Days and it is a good time
Fernie, Whistler and even in our own backyard suggest                   to begin the learning process. Come and ask questions,
that it would be wrong to venture beyond the boundaries                 take part in beacon searches, watch cool movies, listen
of our local resorts, or avoid the mountains altogether. In             to true stories from avalanche survivors. The snow is out
fact, several locals triggered a large avalanche in Apex                there, the terrain is steep, do you know what to do next?
Proper Bowl on Friday, January 2nd. The slide measured                               Be Aware! Ride with Care!
approximately 400 meters across and ran about 80 me-
ters to the base of bowl. Luckily no one was caught by                       Solid Experience Based Business Accounting
the slide and again we are reminded of the dangers that                             and Tax Advice You Can Trust.
lie beyond the boundaries.

Does this reinforce that message to stay out of the back-
country? To many of us the answer is a simple yes.
However, there are many pieces to the puzzle of safe
backcountry travel. There are many factors that contrib-                                                  Glen Herman, CMA
ute to the complicated decision making process regard-                            250-492-2388            Currently accepting new clients.
ing one’s safety while searching out fresh lines. It’s not
reasonable to suggest that everyone remain within the                   
controlled safety of resorts. Education is the key to safe
backcountry travel. Experience is another tool and both
                                                                                                 A3 Mountain Shop is
cannot be used independent of each other. If backcoun-
try travel was exclusively about riding fresh lines, there                                       located in the Apex
would be very few people left to tell their stories. Fresh                                      Mountain Resort Village.
   Full Moon Snowshoe Tours                                                                           Phone: 250-292-8777
                                                   January                Specialized in Boot Fitting & Equipment Tuning
                                                  9,10 or 11
                                                These tours are
                                                always popular,
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                                                                                   All Burton Binding & Boots 20% off.
                                                                                   Sale ends Jan. 25th! No exceptions.
  Wide Range of Snowmobile Tours          High Performance Machines
                                                                                   Demos for Skis and Snowboards.
   Novice to Expert   Incredible Riding   Stunning Mountain Scenery               Not sure which shape ski is for you?
  Superb Service      Professional Guides       Call 1-877-232-8117                       Try before you buy.
Apex Matters                                                                           January 8, 2009                                              Page 3

                          APEX WHITETAIL CHALET                                                  “Adventures Around Apex”
                                                                                                                    by Myleen Mallach
                          131 Whitetail Road, Apex Mtn. Resort
                                     Phone: 1-888-699-APEX                                     Mike Snideman, member of the Apex CSPS for close
                                         Cell: 1-250-460-0975                                  to 20 years, is celebrating his 10 Anniversary of his
                                                          “2nd Birthday” on January 8th. Mike was buried in an
                                                                                               avalanche at Apex while skiing inbounds on a closed run.
                                                                                               Mike, along with Ron Zelmer and Sonia Schloegel, were
 “RUN AWAY FROM IT ALL TO APEX WHITETAIL CHALET”                                               the three patrollers doing Avalanche Control in the South
    Complimentary gift basket                                                                  Bowls area on January 8, 1998. They were ski cutting,
    3 separate large suites                                                                    setting charges and following every safety protocol. All
    Accommodate up to 30 people                                                                three patrollers were equipped with beacons, probes
    Wireless internet                                                                          and shovels. It was upon their traversing exit through
    Outdoor hot tubs                                                                           “Climax” of the Essendale Runs that a large avalanche
    Cosy Heatilator Fireplaces with each suite!                                                took place. Fortunately for the three patrollers, they were
    Onsite dual certi ed skiing/snowboarding instructor                                        trained in safety measures and knew what to do in case
    Onsite certi ed babysitter                                                                 of being caught in an avalanche. The slide was assessed
                                                                                               afterwards at being 120 feet wide, 100 feet long and 3 feet
                                                                                               deep. We are very fortunate to have a healthy and happy
                                                                                               Mike with us today. Mike and all his friends celebrate his
 Fairview Mohawk                                                                               so-called “2nd Birthday” on January 8th every year.
  and Car Wash                                                                                 Come out and support the National Avalanche Awareness
                                                                                               Days this coming weekend. A fundraiser will be held in
         492-3191                                                                              the Gunbarrel both Saturday & Sunday with proceeds
                                                                                               going to our local Avalanche Program. For more info, or
                                                                                               to make a prize donation, call Patrol at 1-877-777-2739.
             Show your Lift Pass & Receive
               $2 Off a Laser Car Wash

                                                   Propane Heaters
                                             Hoses / Tanks / Fittings

  1436 Fairview Road in Penticton
                             Apex Property Owners Association
                                               WHY JOIN?
     * Advocate with others on topics of importance to property owners.
     * Maintain your nancial investments/interests.
     * Get rst hand representation with; Apex Mountain Resort, RDOS, Province of BC,
       and resource companies.
     * Attend social events/make new friends.
     * Help build community on our mountain.
     * Participate with others to enjoy, protect and create an evolving, improving mountain
       Memebership is $25/yr. Send YOUR cheque to:
         APOA Box 20116 Penticton, BC V2A 8K3
Page 4                                                         January 8, 2009                                             Apex Matters
                                                           MORTGAGE                 plans. What this means is that in the event of your death,
                                                                                    the loan balance is paid out thus protecting the lender.
HEALTH & WELFARE TRUSTS INSURANCE EMPLOYEE BENEFITS                                 However, this is not seen as prudent planning, wouldn’t
  Suite 103 - 3115, Skaha Lake Rd                      “Get the facts, Jack!”       you rather have the full, original amount being paid to
           Tel: (250) 490-1806
      Toll Free: 1-800-668-7793                                                     a beneficiary of YOUR choice, tax free to be used in a
 Email: More                         correctly     termed manner best suited to your final planning wishes?
                                                    CREDITOR INSURANCE, it is
                                                    a product typically vended by Additionally, a personal insurance policy is not tied to the
                                                    financial institutions to cover bank and their mortgage. You can change lenders, find
                                                    their exposure in event of a better terms, better rates all without losing the coverage,
                                                    borrower’s death or disability. without having to supply current health evidence and
                                                    Nice concept, but who is really running the risk of being rated or declined.
                                                    being protected, you or the
                                                    bank?                           Personal choice and personal
              Bill Wardley                                                          control are valuable tools. For
“Independent Insurance Broker” It pays to know your rights, additional information on the
                                                    privileges and products before value of insurance planning
making important decisions. One very significant issue is and a no obligation competitive
that under most circumstances the lender cannot force quotation, contact our office.
you to take the insurance they are offering as part of your We would be pleased to assist
mortgage loan. They may make a show of strength by you and provide independent,
having you sign a “letter of decline”, this is perfectly okay professional and specialized
to refuse and should not have any bearing on the loan service. E. & O.E.                                                    Bill Pickard
                                                                                                                        “Mortgage Advisor”
amount, term or rate.
                                                                                                Tel: (250) 490-5572
                                                           Join Bill Pickard and Bill Wardley
That said, a personal review by a qualified professional each week as they share their
should be conducted to ensure you have adequate “insider” knowledge on various
coverage in place to cover the loan in the event of death, important topics.
to cover monthly payments in the event of a disability or
perhaps a lump sum critical illness payment in the event
of a major sickness or illness. Do not leave yourself or
loved ones exposed to undo financial hardship.
                                                                                 250-493-6655                Fountain Tire o ers full
Obtaining a personal insurance policy as opposed to a                                                          mechanical services.
                                                                                  359 Dawson Avenue
creditor contract has certain major advantages. Firstly,                         Penticton, BC V2A 3N5     We have licensed automotive
while the coverage may initially be more time consuming                                                     technicians on sta , along
to process, once the contract is issued, it is YOURS,                                                        with an Out of Province
you own it! No one else can cancel, alter, or change                                                       approved inspection facility.
the policy. There is no question of a death claim being
denied as the underwriting is completed up front, NOT at
the time of the incident.
                                                                         “Après Ski ... Apex Style”
The rate is determined by YOUR own age, health status                   On December 30th Cowgirl Julie & Sidekick Rick put on
and whether or not you smoke. Many creditor policies                    a “Holiday Hoedown for Kids” in Longshot Cafeteria at
use blended smoker/non-smoker rates and also use age                    Apex. There was Music, Crafts, Prizes, Snacks, & Dog
stepped rate tables. This could mean a 40 year old non-                 Tricks by Cactus Flower. 18 Kids showed up for this hoe-
smoker is paying the same rate as a 44 year old smoker;                 down and had a great time. Here’s a group photo of the
this may represent a premium difference of over 60%!!!                  Cowboys and Cowgirls. Happy Trails!

The issue or face amount does not reduce based on
the amount of the loan outstanding. Most creditor plans
reduce the face value as the loan is reduced; however, the
premium being charged does not reduce accordingly.

The appointment of a named beneficiary is an element
not available through standard mortgage insurance
Apex Matters                                                 January 8, 2009                                               Page 5

Apex Snow School’s Tip of the Week
     “Snow School Happenings”                                                                        Looking for a
After the busy Christmas holidays the Snow School has
                                                                                                   Vacation Getaway
some great programs starting out. This week was the
                                                                                                     on a Budget?
start of our Ladies Day and Men’s Day. These are great
programs for people to get out on the slopes in a fun,                         The hostel is located in the heart of the
supportive and social atmosphere. You will be skiing or                        village centre with a total of 110 pillows.
riding with people of the same ability while being guided
by some great Snow School staff members who know                        Amenities include a large communal
the mountain as well as anyone. You will be shown some                  kitchen, fireplace, shared wash-
new techniques, fun ‘secret’ spots and how best to ski                  rooms, satellite television room
them. On top of all of that there is beer and wine in the               with DVD player, pool table,
Gunbarrel at lunch!                                                     foose-ball table, games/reading
                                                                        area and ski/board lockers.
Our Home Hardware program is starting up this weekend
                                                                                     The hostel is also home to the resort‛s
as well. It is very similar to the Ladies and Men’s days ex-
                                                                                     only high-speed wireless interent cafe,
cept it is specifically geared towards kids and teenagers.                           “Powder Hound Internet Cafe”. Open
Kids will be learning everything from the basics of skiing                           from 8am to 11pm daily. Featuring a
and riding right up to jumps, rails and powder.                                      variety of coffees, lattes
                                                                        and teas, combined with delicious snacks
If you and your family are not signed up for a program,                 and lunches, to really give you a break.
check out our website or give us a call for more details –
You won’t regret it!                                                               1.866.273.9737
                             Ted Lockie,                                              or 250.292.8256
                             Snow School Director,
                             Apex Mountain Resort
                                                                                            Update from Head Coach, Jeff
                                                                                            Fairbairn ... “ “ The holiday season
                                                                                            is complete and now the competi-
                                                                                            tive season begins! The freestyle
                                                                                            program has just completed a se-
  Located at
                                                                     ries of three day camps in order to prepare for the first of
  Skaha Lake Marina                                                  the three BC Series events which will be taking place in
                                                                     Revelstoke this weekend. We are ready. The competitive
                                                                     program has been very diligent in their training approach
                                                                     in the past few weeks. This effort between the coaches
                                  700 Grizzly                        and athletes is the recipe for success.

  FX Nitro MTX                                                       This past Saturday was the first day of Jumps n Bumps
                                                                     and what a turn out we had. Given the cold weather, there
                                                                     were smiles all the way around. Jumps n Bumps is the
                                                                     introductory freestyle program for young skiers. One of
                                                                     the groups was fortunate enough to spend some time on
                                                1100 VSTAR
                                                                     the aerials site right next to a jump where the some of the
                                                                     competitive athletes were training; this is where future
                                                                     aspirations in skiing are being created.
                 Sales        Accessories
                 Service      Moorage                                The Apex Freestyle Team is known for producing results.
                 Parts        Fuel                                   A few of our former members from last year have moved
                 Waterskis    Boat & PWC Rentals                     on to become members of our Provincial Half-Pipe Team.
                                                                     Matt Margetts, Colin Vaykovich, and Tyler Spence will
 124 South Beach Drive                                               be participating in many events that will be taking place
                                                                     throughout North America. We wish you all success!”
 (250) 492-8300
Page 6                                                                                            January 8, 2009                                                Apex Matters
 “On the Road to 2010 with Kristi Richards”
I had an amazing break, filled with family, friends, snow-
flakes, and smiles. When I returned from the World Cup
in France, we held a housewarming party for our new
home in Pemberton. Many good friends came up for it
and made the house very toasty. We were hoping for
                     some snow, so we dug up a pair
                     of old skis and made a bonfire to
                     sacrifice them in, summoning Ul-
                     lar, the snow God. Amazingly,
                     withing 2 minutes of starting the
                     fire, the snowflakes starting magi-
                     cally coming down.                                                                                             Luxurious ½ duplex
Mark and I had a quiet Christmas                                                                                         backs on to the slopes of Apex.
Day by ourselves before we were
stormed with family and friends                                                                             True ski-in/ski-out convenience located in Apex's premier
on Boxing Day. After that it was                                                                            location. Approx 2282 sq.ft. of lavish living plus 48x12
all about hosting great dinners,                                                                            garage, gourmet chef’s kitchen, walnut cabinets, granite
seeking out natural hotsprings                                                                              counters, 26ft vaulted ceiling on main oor, 4 bathrooms,
with snowmobiles, and shredding                                                                             two master bedrooms.
some pow on Whistler and Black-
                                                                                                              Eric Inglis            Russell Bergum         Howard Bourne
comb. It was so great to see all of
my family together finally, and be
able to share our new home with                                                                                                      250-490-2002
them. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my friends                                                       1521 Main Street, Penticton                               Each O ce Independently
                                                                                                                                                                         Owned & Operated
and family smile and laugh and be healthy.
                                                                                                                      Moonlight Ski at Nickel Plate Nordic Centre
The New Year unfortunately brought some illness, some                                                                 on Friday, January 9th at 6:30 pm. Bring
injury and some death to our circle of family and friends,                                                            dishes and cutlery and a dinner contribution
which has made us appreciate the great time that we just                                                  (potluck). All are welcome. Please call Esther at 250-492-
spent together that much more. I really try to live in each                                               8569 for more information. Carpooling is available. Visit
moment, cherish each day that I am blessed with, and                                                      the Nickel Plate web site at: http://www.nickelplatenordic.
gain as much enjoyment or knowledge out of each ex-                                                       org/carpooling.htm for more information.
perience. These hard situations will make us stronger,
if we choose to grow from them. We can grow together                                                                                              Bob Van Os
in strength as a family, or gain insight to life that we may
have missed otherwise. They give us a chance to slow                                                                                         250-492-8315
down and see the little things, appreciate the love and the                                                                                  1055 Westminster Ave W
                                                                                                                                                                             Times may change, but the need
                                                                                                                                                                              to tune your skis never will!
light around each person. This is what makes life so spe-
cial ... the people, the moments, the expereinces. Love
                                                                                                         Tid Bits on Apex Alpine.

                                                                                                                                                                                   this week’s Tid Bit ...
and light to you all out there. Play hard, but play safe!
                                                                     Kristi Richards
                                                                                                             Weekly Useless,
                                                                                                               but factual,

    The Spa at Apex Mountain Inn and Yoga on the Hill

               Hands on Therapy
                           Jennifer Farnholz
                           Massage & Yoga Therapist
                         relaxing, restorative, revitalizing ...
     o ering massage, shiatsu facial massage, manicures & pedicures, along with Okido yoga classes.
         Spa Hours: Thur - Sat 11-6 & Sun 11-4                 Call for Yoga Class Times.
              Drop-ins welcome or book in advance to secure an appointment time.
   Apex: (250) 490-5713           Penticton: (250) 462-0151    
                                                                                                                        ~ Brought to You by the Staff of the Apex Ski Shop ~
Apex Matters                                              January 8, 2009                                                             Page 7

                     Special Events                                 Smile of the Week
Jan 7 - 1st Ladies Day Program Starts - Runs for 5
Wednesdays in a row. Day includes lessons & lunch, plus lots
of fun & friendship! Contact the Snow School for more info.

Jan 9 - Men’s Day Program Starts - Bumps, burgers and
beers, what more could a guy ask for? Runs for 8 Fridays in a
row so that you can choose what 5 work best for you. Contact
the Snow School for more info or to register.

Jan 10 or 11 - Home Hardware Ski & Snowboard
Camps - your choice of either 8 Saturdays or 8 Sundays in a
row. See the Snow School for more info or to register.
                                                                  Smiles were seen everywhere on New Year’s Day, especially
Jan 10 & 11 - National Avalanche Awareness Days when Dave Wood, Apex Sales Manager, handed out compli-
On Saturday and Sunday we will have demos, info sessions mentary tea at the bottom of the Quickdraw Quad Chairlift.
and beacon searches at the top of the mountain at 11 and What a handy hot beverage backpack, complete with cup dis-
1:30. Prizes will be given to the quickest adult searchers, while penser. Thanks again Dave, we really appreciated the tea!
children that participate get Frosty coupons. During après ski
                                                                       ~ Brought to You by Enamel Dental Centre ~
both days, there will be Silent & Live Auctions in the Gunbarrel
Saloon. On Saturday at 3:30pm in Fresh Tracks Café there                        Creating a
                                                                                                               New Patients Welcome
will be a fun and informative movie shown, “The Fine Line”.                     Beautiful
Followed by locals telling of their harrowing experience on Dec                 New You!
22 in Apex Secondary. There will be no charge for the event, but
donations will be accepted for the CAC (Canadian Avalanche            Exceptional
Center). Come out, learn something and have some fun.                      Cosmetic & General
Jan 15 - 17 - BC Alpine Training Camp for the Men’s
and Women’s Super G and Downhill Races - The races                                    Dr. Sylvain Marino               Dr. James Jung
will be held from January 19 - 25.
                                                                                                        (250)   493-6724
Jan 15 - 18 - 6th Annual Firefighters Cup Hockey                                     185 Front Street  
Tournament - This is the first round of hockey action at the
outdoor rink. Look out this tournament gets hot! Click onto for all of the info.

FUNtastic Fridays return this year!             Night Skiing,
Boarding, & Tubing on the Okanagan Run, Easy Rider, and
in the Tube Park from 4pm-9pm. Every Friday for the rest of
this season will be FUNtastic deals for the night! Also open
Saturday nights from 4-9pm right through until March 29th!!

Tim Hortons Snow Bus runs every weekend and holidays
through to March 29. Please contact the resort for the specific
schedule or click onto our website to check out the Tim Hortons
Snow Bus web page.

Other events to look forward to this January: The BC Alpine
Races, National Ski and Board Week, Elan Skis and Boards
Demo Day, the Apex Shoot Out hockey tournament featuring
                                                                      399 Main St.
our very own locals team, and the SNOW in the forecast!!                                                                   250-487-1481

As always there is something for everyone here; Tubing,
Skating, Snowshoeing, Snowmobiling, and Ice Climbing.                       View any newsletter at any time!
                                                                    ~ Submit your photos to our Photo gallery ~
For more info on Special Events, contact Caley Fraser, Guest
Services Manager at 1-877-777-2739 or
Page 8                                                January 8, 2009                                        Apex Matters

                                                                   YOUR COMPLETE BIKE STORE

Dear Donny, Concerned Cutie should be concerned!
There’s more than hot wax going on between her board-
er boyfriend and her best friend! It’s not just her board
that’s smooth. I saw a hot # 12 blonde bombshell danc-
ing at the Gunbarrel on the tables in her skin tight Volcom
Board pants and Victoria Secret red hot bra, which ended
up on the moose’s antlers by the end of the night. Like            The South Okanagan’s Family Bike Shop
my point is, like C.C. has already lost her man! I think the
boyfriend is riding switch and there is no hope for turning     Mountain, Triathlon, & Road Bike Specialists
his head. It’s time C.C. finds out there are other ways to
get her fun! My Burton “Feel Good” board would blow
                                                                          SALES & SERVICE
her mind! What do you think, Donny??
                                         Super Slope Suzy
                                                              300 W. Westminster Ave.   492-4140
                                                               her man is worth fighting for, especially if he can produce
Dear Suzy Slopes, I can see your point and I also think        first place podium finishes like myself! I think Concerned
concerned cutie may be too late. On the other hand,            Cutie will have to decide whether there is any grinding
maybe her boyfriend just enjoys snowboarding with her          goin on after her B.F. and friend have left the slopes, and
friend because she shreds rad turns, not that she has          either stick to the run she loves best, or venture out of
rad curves. I know a handful of female riders that would       bounds for new faceshots. And Suzy, you keep riding
shred circles around many of my buddies, and I would           whatever shred stick makes you “Feel Good”!
much rather ride with them, not on them. Maybe a past                                  Sincerely, Donny Ellis, Manager,
experience for you S.S. has left you a little apprehensive                             Freeride Boardshop, 158 Main St
when dropping in to shred the pipe, and maybe C.C. feels       To write to Donny, email:
Apex Matters                                                        January 8, 2009                                                                     Page 9

   Great Cabin Recipes                                                                beachcomber. the green hot tub company.™

                                                                               2009 Model 340 - The “Ski Hill” Edition
                  JELL-O Parfaits
                                                                                                                     Small dimensions with 5
Prep Time: 10 min Total Time: 4 hrs 10 min Serves: 8                                                                 person capacity - 70” x 86”.
                                                                                                                     Low pro le to allow for an
INGREDIENTS: 2 cups boiling water, divided / 1 pkg. (4-serving                                                       uninhibited mountain view.
size) JELL-O Cherry Jelly Powder / 1 pkg. (4-serving size) JELL-
O Lemon Jelly Powder / 2 cups cold water, divided / 1-1/2 cups                                                       Full foam insulation for the
                                                                                                                       All 2008 Models Drastically
thawed COOL WHIP Whipped Topping or 1 can of Whip Cream.                                                             extreme mountain
                                                                                                                            Reduced to Clear!
                                                                                 Mountain Special $4995
                                                                                                                     We must make room for 2009 models!
STIR 1 cup of the boiling water into each flavor of dry jelly powder in
separate medium bowls at least 2 min. until jelly powder is complete-
ly dissolved. Stir 1 cup of the cold water into jelly in each bowl. Pour
into separate 9-inch square pans.
REFRIGERATE 4 hours or until firm. Cut jelly in each pan into 1/2-
inch cubes.                                                                   64 West Industrial Avenue   250.493.3850
LAYER jellies and whipped topping alternately in eight parfait or des-
sert glasses. Store in refrigerator.

      “Great Cabin Recipes” brought to you by:

            The Trading Post                                                   dr. robert zak                                         optometry
Rural Agency Liquor Store    Hours of Operation:
    & General Store
                          Everyday from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
                          During Night Skiing till 10:00 pm                                        See Better
We’ve got what you need in store to make this recipe & more!”                                        Ski Better!
                                                                                Give us a call for all your visual needs!

                                                                              (250) 493-2552                                    462 main street
                                                                              1-800-663-6487                                         penticton

                                                                                                                      New Saddleback Club Card
                                                                              Okanagan Realty                             Be our guest & receive
                                                                                                                        special perks in the village!

                                                                              $99 per person per night, includes; accommodation in one of
                                                                              our very comfy lodge rooms, our famous "Sunny Side Up" Breakfast, a
“Cooking with Wine”              - Love to Cook? Try                          day of skiing, skating and the rights to the coveted Saddleback Lodge
putting some of your wine to good use with another great                      Guest Club Card, which will get you great discounts at many of the
recipe:                                                                       local shops and restaurants in the Apex Village! Starts Jan 4th 2009
                                                                              and is valid Sunday through Thursday nights. (Based on dbl occ and std room.)
          Baked Fish Fillets with White Wine
1 (1 lb.) pkg. thawed fish fillets / 1 scallion, chopped / 1 to-                                  1-800-863-1466
mato, chopped / 1 tbsp. parsley / 1/4 cup butter / 1/4 cup
Selection Estate Sonoma Dry Creek Valley Chardonnay

Place fillets on 13x9x2 inch baking dish. Sprinkle with
scallion, tomato, parsley and pats of butter. Pour wine
over fish. Bake at 350 degrees F for 15 to 20 minutes.
                  Courtesy of Logan’s Mini Brew.
Page 10                      January 8, 2009             Apex Matters

                   JANUARY DAILY SPECIALS
                   AVAILABLE FROM 5:00 PM
                     1/2 PRICE WINGS $5.50
                    STEAK & PRAWNS $15.95
                    BURGER & A BEER $9.95
                  TWO CAN DINE FOR $49.95
                   (VALUE $240.00)

                 Pool Tournaments beginning Jan 18th
                   Sundays from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
                           $10.00 enrty fee
                         Beer & Food Specials
                          Cash & Other Prizes
                     Vancouver Canucks Hockey
                         Watch the Game at
              The Gunbarrel & enjoy Half Price appies,
                Drink Specials & Pick a Puck Game!!
                    Jan 10,13,15,18,20,28 & 31
                      Ask your Server for details
Apex Matters                                           January 8, 2009                                                        Page 11

   Hey! Race Fans ...
                                                                                           Looking for a Perfect
AT THE APEX MIELE / DOWN-                                                                   Vacation Getaway?
Races January 19-25, 2009 at
Apex Mountain Resort. As a vol-                                   Apex Accommodations has daily and
                                                                  weekly vacation rentals available for
unteer you will be part of the rac-
                                                                  chalets, cabins, condos and town homes
ing management team that will         Become a Volunteer!
                                                                  on the mountain.
run this Nor Am level caliber series sanctioned by the
Federation International De Ski (FIS Races). This is a                                   Choose from a studio up to 5 bedrooms.
“Tune Up Race” for over 160 athletes, both men and                                       All options have a fully equipped
women elite racers - on the road to Vancouver 2010 Win-                                  kitchen, satellite television, DVD player
ter Olympics.                                                                            and beds that are made to perfection.

As a volunteer your tasks range from being a course crew          Additional ammenities are available, such as: ski in/ski out
                                                                  access, wireless internet, private hot tub, indoor Jacuzzi, sauna,
member, crossing guard, a gate judge, or a refreshment
                                                                   replace, washer/dryer, and much more.
server. These are only some of many exciting possibili-
ties. Make sure you are part of the action! Volunteers            Whether you are looking for a Romantic
receive a free lunch, water, a lift pass if needed, volunteer     Weekend, Family Holiday or Group
reception after the race is wraped up. A complimentary            Retreat, we will nd you your perfect
Apex Meile / Downhill shirt after working two days will be        vacation getaway!
yours to be worn for the rest of the event and into 2010.
You don’t even need skis to volunteer. Your volunteer en-                     Toll Free: 1-866-273-9737
thusiasm and warm clothes are all we need. To volunteer                                 or (250) 292-8256
please email For more info, check out
our web site                                   
            APEX SKI CLUB - WE AIM 2 WIN
         Building Skills & Self Esteem to Last a Lifetime                                        NOT JUST FOR HAMMOCKS.
          Arnie Erickson, Race Chair, at 250.490.6650                                              BANANA TECHNOLOGY.
    or 250.809.7120                                                   ONLY AT PENTAGON.

DO YA THINK ...           our anonymous freelance writer                                            MONDAY-WEDNESDAY 10-6
                                                                                                    THURSDAY-FRIDAY 10-8
is on holidays. I’m sure we’ll hear something fresh and
                                                                                                        SATURDAY 10-6
opinionated when they return next week. If you have a                                                    SUNDAY 11-5
topic that you would like see covered, please email your
suggestions to                                                                         250 492 8424

           The Apex Fire Brigade Society would like to
           wish you a Safe and Happy New Years! A spe-                                  101-399 Main St
           cial thanks to everyone who has helped keep
           our fire hydrants clear of snow. With the holiday
season over, it is a good time to check your fire alarms,
wood stoves, chimneys, dryer vents, as well as over-
head hazards, stairs and anything else that may harm
your family or pets. Many of us with wood burning stoves
will be cleaning our ashes out, so please be sure to use
a metal bucket and store or dipsose of these ashes in
                                                                 Apex Matters Classified Section
a non flammable enviroment. Also, a hot clean fire will         Skis - Rossignol Axium 140cms, Axium 70 bindings on race
help reduce creosote build-up. With the new snow and            plate. Great value at $130.00. Men’s ski boots - Head Edge
more to come, be aware of snow removal and park in a            10.5. Size 25 (approx 7 to 7.5), sole 295mm. good shape, metal
safe place. As well, move your vehicle when snow clear-         micro adjustable buckles. $145.00 obo. (250) 490-1806.
ing is in progress. For more information about AFBS or
fire protection in your building, please contact the AFBS        Want to be in our classifieds? Call 250-490-6951 or
President, Gary Vollet, at 250-488-1004.                          email to for full details.
Page 12                                          January 8, 2009                              Apex Matters

                                  Calling all Mountain Staff & Locals ...
                                 ... “Open Mic Night” Every Wednesday!
       It’s cold out there,
      but it’s warm in here.
                                            Wednesday, January 14th
       Come visit us in the                      With Live Music from
       Apex Mountain Inn
      located in the heart                  Singer-Songwriter, Ari Neufeld.
        of Apex Village .

          hot & spicy
          hot & spicy

                                                                   Wednesday Specials ...
                                                                      $3.50 Pints of Beer
                                                                      $2.00 Shooters
                                                                      $7.95 Dinner Special -
                                                                      Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

                       For reservations, at any of our 3 locations, call
                       250-493-5001. On mountain at 250-292-8305.
                   We are so excited to be back on the mountain for the 2008-2009 season.
                  We hope everyone comes out to support us, so we can continue serving you!

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