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					                                                                                                                   Issue 17 > Autumn 2008

A quarterly publication outlining relevant business issues for you                                   

                             from the Managing Director
                                                                                                            In this Edition
                                                                                                            How To Gear Your

                                                                                                            Superannuation Fund
                          Welcome to our first        Australian food and wines along with the good
                          LawlerLink edition for     old meat tray raffle! Photos from the events can
                                                                                                            Succession Planning              4
                          the new year. I trust      be found on page 6.                                    Sale of Business and
                          you had a wonderful                                                               Succession Planning
                                                     As mentioned in our previous LawlerLink, Lawler
Christmas and have started 2008 rejuvenated!
                                                     Partners is now a member of the international
Lawler Partners have had a great start to the        affiliation, Polaris International and attended their   Superannuation                   5
year with being announced winner in the BRW          annual conference in February. It was a great          You Can Teach An Old
Client Choice Awards 2008 for Best Value             opportunity to meet other member firms and              Dog New Tricks
Firm in Australia. These Awards acknowledge          better understand the full range of services and
the achievements of Australia’s outstanding          benefits we can provide our clients through             Happenings                       6
professional service firms. This is the third         this network.
                                                                                                            Aussie BBQ & Drinks
year in a row that we have been recognised in
                                                     Page 10 features our client profile on Pegasus          Sydney Golf Day
the awards, which is a tremendous achievement
                                                     Management Pty Ltd, which has evolved from a
for the firm. More information regarding
                                                     small family business to now providing a range         Our People                       7
the awards can be found on page 11. On
                                                     of services, not only to the mining industry in
behalf of our Directors, I would like to sincerely                                                          Recent appointments
                                                     the Hunter Valley, but to the general business
thank the people who matter the most – our
                                                     community in the Hunter and nationally.
clients, and our great team for making this                                                                 Innovation                       8
achievement possible.                                On external news, there has been a lot of focus
                                                                                                            Outsourced Human
                                                     recently on the Indigenous community and our
January saw two significant appointments for the                                                             Resource Services
                                                     responsibilities as a Nation to this sector. Lawler
firm, with Anthony Sullivan becoming a Director of
                                                     Partners have been a long standing provider of
Lawler Partners Pty Ltd, and the commencement
                                                     professional services and sponsorship to the           Innovation                       9
of Associate, Dr Annamaria Kurtovic.
                                                     Indigenous sector and support initiatives being        Forensic Accounting Services
Anthony’s appointment is in recognition of his       put into place to ‘bridge the gap’. To this end, we
leadership which has significantly developed both     look forward to strengthening our relationships        Client Care                     10
the team and clientele of the Sydney Business        with both the Indigenous community and
                                                                                                            Pegasus Management Pty Ltd
Advisory Services unit.                              governments, for the achievement of positive
                                                     community outcomes.
Annamaria will lead and further develop our                                                                 Client Service                  11
Forensic Accounting team and has over 16             I would finally like to congratulate Director,          Value – It’s A Two Way Street
years experience in both industry and academia.      Kylee Dare, on her appointment to the
We are thrilled to have them as part of our          Hunter Business Chamber Board which has
leadership team.                                     over 1000 members and is the independent               Tax Calendar                    12
                                                     representative organisation for Australia’s largest
Lawler Partners also expanded considerably           regional business community. In addition to
in January with the commencement of our              her directorship, Kylee will also Chair the Audit
11 Reach trainees following their week long          Committee. Kylee leads a team within Newcastle
orientation. The Reach program provides the          Business Advisory Services and this appointment
opportunity for our trainees, placed in Newcastle    acknowledges her considerable professional and
and Sydney, to work within a range of business       commercial experience.
units while being mentored by key senior staff.
We are all excited about the opportunities           All the very best for 2008 and thank you for your
this program brings, not just for the firm but        continuing support.
personally for each trainee. Photos of our
                                                     Kind regards,
Reach team are on page 7.
                                                     Terry Lawler
January and February also saw our first functions     Managing Director
for the year in Newcastle and Sydney which were
“Aussie” themed events and featured traditional


Recent changes have been introduced                  • the rights of the lender against the               arrangement. However, the commercial
that relax the laws which regulate the                 Superannuation fund on a default under             products that are beginning to enter the
ability of a Superannuation fund to borrow             the financing arrangement are limited to            market place have a 10 year maximum
to buy assets.                                         a claim on the asset being acquired. (The          period as part of their conditions;
The changes were originally required to clarify        term commonly applied to such borrowings        • The eventual transfer of the legal title to
the situation (that is increasingly being used         is limited recourse).                             the Superannuation fund should benefit
by publically listed companies) in relation to       An example of how the transaction might take        from the apparent purchaser stamp
the issue of shares by way of instalments            place is as follows:                                duty concession.
(for example Telstra and the Commonwealth
                                                     • An independent lender provides for the          What The Changes Do Not Extend To
Bank). The final changes have gone even
                                                       payment of the full or part of the sale price   It is important to note that these relaxed
further than expected, with use of instalment
                                                       to the seller, the balance, if any, coming      provisions in relation to financing the purchase
purchase funding arrangements being
                                                       from the Superannuation fund;                   of an asset do not change the investment
now available for assets, in addition to the
traditional forms of publically listed securities.   • The lender then enters into the financing        restrictions for Superannuation funds.
For example, there is now the ability for a            arrangement with the Superannuation fund        The assets being acquired must still be in
Superannuation fund to acquire real                    and the security trustee;                       accordance with the investment strategy
property through an instalment purchase              • The security trustee is a ‘bare’ trustee in     of the Superannuation fund.
financing arrangement.                                  respect of the financing arrangement -           These new funding provisions also cannot
                                                       whereby the bare trustee simply holds the       be used to avoid the ‘in-house asset’ or
Instalment Warrant Conditions
                                                       legal title to the asset and it will transfer   the ‘acquisition of assets from a related
The relaxed laws (Section 67(4A) of the
                                                       this to the Superannuation fund when the        party’ restrictions.
Superannuation Industry (Supervision)
                                                       terms of the financing arrangement have
Act), referred to as SIS, provide for an                                                               Conclusion
                                                       been met with the lender (in other words all
exception to the prohibition on borrowing by                                                           The acquisition of assets under these new
                                                       payments have been made);
a Superannuation fund where the following                                                              types of financing arrangements are only in
                                                     • The financing must be limited recourse in
conditions are met:                                                                                    their infancy, with lenders only just beginning
                                                       respect of the asset being acquired, so it
• the asset being acquired is within the                                                               to offer products. There are also additional
                                                       cannot be said that there is a charge over
  types of assets currently approved under                                                             uncertainties in terms of lenders needing
                                                       the assets of the Superannuation fund;
  the SIS provisions;                                                                                  to comply with Australian Financial Service
                                                     • The financing arrangement will carry an          Licence provisions and the fund raising
• under the borrowing arrangement,
                                                       interest charge by the lender;                  provisions of the Corporations Law that have
  the asset is held on trust so that the
                                                     • The financing arrangement will require           not been resolved. Therefore, Superannuation
  Superannuation fund has a beneficial
                                                       usually at least one payment by way of          funds should take appropriate caution
  interest in the asset;
                                                       instalment that comprises the loan amount       when seeking to rely on these financing
• the Superannuation fund trustee has the
                                                       and the interest charge. It is noted that the   arrangements. The initial momentum to
  right (but not obligation) to acquire the legal
                                                       provisions do not specify the number of         undertake new investments needs to be
  ownership of the asset under the terms of
                                                       payments required and they do not specify       balanced by the complexity and risks involved.
  the financing arrangement; and
                                                       any maximum period for the financing


A diagram of the type of structure involved is as follows:

     STEP 1
     Borrowing – limited recourse

              LENDER                                                                         STEP 3
                                                            FUND                             Right to
                                                                                             legal title
                                             STEP 2                                          on making
                                             Payment made                                    payments



     For further information about the changes, or to discuss your particular situation, please contact
       Taxation Associate, Darren Shone on 02 4962 2688 or email


                                                  SALE OF BUSINESS AND
                                                  SUCCESSION PLANNING
Assisting business owners to extract the          to agree on the most suitable option to pursue     Consider This Simple Example
value from their business is one of our most      and to agree on an approach to take your           • You want to retire with an after tax income
valued services.                                  plan forward.                                        of $50,000 p.a.
Ask yourself the following questions -            An important thing to remember is that you         • You will need $64,786 p.a. pre-tax income
                                                  should be planning on how to exit your             • At 5% return on investment, you will need
• What is the exit strategy for my business?
                                                  business now, not when you need to sell it.          $1,295,720 in income producing assets
• What is the value of my business?               An unplanned sale due to early retirement,         • Getting $1,295,720 on sale will require
• How do I maximise my value?                     accident, sickness, death or family                  $350,000 or $370,000 before tax profit
• Who is likely to buy my business?               dispute or divorce is unlikely to result in          when you sell
                                                  maximisation of value.
• What price will they be willing to pay?
                                                                                                     How Can Lawler Partners Assist?
• How will they pay?                              Getting The Business Ready
                                                                                                     Lawler Partners has an extensive range
                                                  For Succession
• What about my family?                                                                              of services that are utilised to develop
                                                  Planning well ahead in advance of sale time,       your personal succession solution
• How do I manage the tax implications?
                                                  ensures business owners can take steps to          package, including:
• What funds do I need in retirement?             prepare for a profitable sale.
• How does my business succession affect                                                             Pre Sale
                                                  To ensure your business is ready for
  my retirement plan?                                                                                • Developing the succession plan
                                                  succession, Lawler Partners firstly undertakes
Lawler Partners has and continues to assist       a business diagnostic to achieve a greater         • Valuations
many businesses with all of the above             understanding of you and your business,            • Diagnostic review and business
considerations through our structured             including:-                                          enhancement
succession solution package which:-                                                                  • Tax strategy and structuring advice
                                                  • financial indicators
• Assists in the transition of a business from    • non financial indicators                          • Internal due diligence
  its current owners to new ownership; and                                                           • Advice and assistance with the compilation
                                                  • risk issues
• Maximises the value realisation and capital                                                          of Information Memorandums
                                                  • opportunities
  extraction through the process.                                                                    • Identifying and marketing to targets.
                                                  • areas for value enhancement
Protect The Value Of Your Business                                                                   The Transaction And Post Settlement
                                                  Following this, we recommend and work
There are a number of succession options                                                             • Lead advisory and project management
                                                  with you through any areas that need to be
available to you to ensure the value of your
                                                  addressed or focused on for improvement.           • Due diligence (acquisition and vendor)
business is protected, including:-
                                                  This process is called “getting the business       • Tax advice
• Sale of business                                ready for succession”.                             • Negotiation
• Generational succession                         Understanding the value you would like to          • Term sheet
• Employee/management buy out                     extract from your business in the future, allows   • Transaction management
• Structured realisation of assets                us to monitor performance and focus attention
                                                                                                     • Review of Agreements (sale and purchase)
                                                  on profit enhancement.
• Public listing
                                                                                                     • Advice on post sale integration issues
                                                  In general, purchasers find consistent levels
The majority of succession activity will occur                                                       • Post settlement matters
                                                  of high profitability in a business appealing.
across the first three options, with a sale of
                                                  Making a meaningful change to a business           There is a process to achieving a successful
business being the dominant outcome.
                                                  value and adding sustainable worth to the          business sale. Ensuring you have the right
The key driver as to which option/s is best for   business requires planning and a lead              assistance to understand and manage this
you will be explored by us in discussions with    time. Timeframes of two to three years are         process will make your business succession
you. The outcomes of our discussion will be       not unreasonable.                                  far more achievable and successful.

        For further information on how Lawler Partners can assist you with business sale and succession matters,
                 please contact Director, Kylee Dare, on 4962 2688 or email

                                                                                                              S U P E R A N N U AT I O N

                                                                                YOU CAN
                                                                                TEACH AN
                                                                                OLD DOG
                                                                                NEW TRICKS

The skills shortage in Australia is opening       More recently, the supply shortage has        The road to becoming a qualified Chartered
up opportunities for those seeking a change       become even more pronounced and many          Accountant for each of these individuals will
in career.                                        firms have redefined and significantly           require a Commerce or Business degree at
Historically the path into public practice        broadened the pathway to becoming             university and completion of the CA program
accounting has been rigid and ordinarily          an accounting professional.                   with the Institute of Chartered Accountants as
incorporated either of the following options:     The Lawler Partners Superannuation            has historically been the case.

1. Cadetship – commencing as a school             Team is an example of this phenomenon.        Nevertheless, it is very pleasing to see a
   leaver while embarking on part time            The background of the three most recent       broadening of the pathway to entry that allows
   university studies.                            recruits to the team are as follows:          skilled and motivated individuals from other
                                                                                                professions to transition across to public
2. Traineeship – commencing following             Team Member        Background prior to
                                                                                                practice accounting.
   completing some university studies full time                      Lawler Partners
   with the remainder of the degree being                                                       Of course, the staff selection process is very
                                                  Alice De Krey      Administrative Assistant   important in identifying those individuals that
   completed part time.
                                                                     who is currently           have both the capability and the motivation to
3. Graduateship – commencing following                               completing studies in      make a successful transition, thereby ensuring
   completion of a degree full time.                                 accounting at TAFE.        that high client service levels are maintained.
Outside one of these paths it was more            David Henriksen    Chef of 9 years who        We have been extremely pleased with the
difficult to break into public practice                               recently completed         progress of Alice and David since they
accounting, particularly if you were of a more                       studies in accounting at   commenced with us, and we are excited
mature age.                                                          TAFE and has now           about working with Anton who has recently
In recent years, the playing field has changed                        commenced a Bachelor       joined the team.
significantly as the demand for labour in                             of Business part time.     We are proud to present the Lawler Partners
almost all skilled occupations has                                                              Superannuation Team as a successful
                                                  Anton Martinelli   Sign Writer (business
exceeded supply.                                                                                working example of the strength that talented
                                                                     owner) who has
The result of this has been an increase in                           recently commenced         individuals from diverse backgrounds can
wages and consequently the accounting fees                           accounting studies.        bring to an organisation.
charged to clients throughout the industry.

                                       Should you require any further information,
               please contact Damien Passmore on 02 4928 7000 or email


                                                                                                  Rod Ber
Lawler Partners used Australia Day as the theme for
                                                                                      Kyle e Dare, rard Hat ton
an “Aussie BBQ & Drinks” function with clients and                                             & Ge
colleagues to thank them for their continued support
over the years.

Directors, Steve Meyn and Rob Whitton, spoke about
this being the firm’s 30th year in practice, and highlighted
a number of exciting new developments for the
upcoming year.

                                                                                                                                 Gallachor M
                                                                                                                  Th e Hon. Mike Anthony Ashby
                                                                                                                              ey &
                                                                                                                  David Peach

                                                                        Steve Me l Duggan,
                                                                                yn & H
                                                                                      elen Dug

                Rut he
                & Jim ord, Steven
                                   M                                        vans,                  Michael F
                              t hs urray                           Peter E Keit h Lynch                      rance, R
                                                                        ler &                           & Chris ichard Lyne
                                                              Terry Law                                           Watson

The Sydney Golf Day was held in November and raised over
$5,000 for 7 year old Johnno Ward, who has already endured
2 liver transplants. On behalf of Johnno and his family, we            Anthony Sull                                                      T nks ell
                                                                                    ivan, B                                      y, Brad       w
thank all our clients and colleagues who generously
                                                                         Art hur Perdi rad Breytenbach,              Chris Frawle & Greg Cald
supported this event.                                                                   s & Craig Se
                                                                                                     well                 John Knox

                                                                                                              OUR PEOPLE

   Anthony Sullivan has been appointed as a Director of Lawler
   Partners Pty Ltd. He has expertise working with private
   sector enterprises in areas including strategic advice,
   management reporting, compliance and related matters.
                                                                                               ny Sul
   Anthony is committed to continuing to build the team and
   clientele of Sydney Business Advisory Services together with
                                                                                        Ant ho
   further growth of our Franchise Services specialty.

   Lawler Partners recently appointed Associate, Anthony
   Ashby, who has in excess of 11 years audit experience
   within a range of sectors and will further broaden our Audit
   expertise. Anthony is committed to greater development of
   our Indigenous Services area which will include responsibility
   for Indigenous youth through advice and mentoring.                                          Ant h
                                                                                                     ony A
   Dr Annamaria Kurtovic was recently appointed as an
   Associate of the firm. She leads our Forensic Accounting
   Services team with over 16 years experience and has worked
   both in industry and academia. Until recently, Annamaria was
   the principal of her own Forensic Accounting consultancy as
   well as lecturing at the University of Wollongong in Auditing
   and Forensic Accounting.

                                                                                                               Ku   r tovic
   REACH PROGRAM TRAINEES                                                                         n na   maria
   Meet our trainees:                                                                         Dr A

                                                              In Sydney
In New

                                 an Camer            liams
                      it h, Nat h n & Samant ha Wil
              uar t Sm utchiso                                  Linda Xu, Da
      Back: St David H                      onnors,                         vid L
                                 er, Erin C         O’Neill            & Kennet heTse
                      anda Well anes & Cameron
               nt: Am t han Sc
          Fr o         Na



How We Can Assist Your Organisation
For many small to medium enterprises,           At the Organisational or Business Unit         Working as your Quasi HR Team,
there is often a need to obtain advice on       Level, this includes:                          we can manage:
a broad range of human resource related
                                                • change strategy development and              • remuneration and benefits
matters. Although, very few can afford or
                                                  associated change management                 • benchmarking
want to have an in house human resource
function which adds to the overall              • restructuring and process re-engineering     • employee relations and industrial matters
administrative costs of the organisation.       • retention strategies                         • occupational health and safety
This is where we can help!                      • workforce planning                           • human resource policies and procedures
                                                • succession planning                          • recruitment and selection
Lawler Partners, in conjunction with
Richardson Recruitment, have worked             • leadership framework and executive           • pre-employment skills testing
collaboratively on a range of human               development
                                                                                               • induction and orientation programs
resource engagements and are now in the         • organisational development and support
                                                                                               • knowledge management
process of more formally recognising that         of workplace innovation
arrangement. The human resource expertise                                                      • project management
                                                • performance reviews of Boards of
within both firms spans many decades               Directors and Management Teams               • secondments of our staff for
and ensures that we are in a position to                                                         specific projects
provide a fully outsourced human resource       Working with teams and individuals,
function for our clients. This may be on        we offer:
specific organisationally focused projects,
                                                • facilitation of planning sessions
services directed at individual employees
(developmental as well as remedial) or a full   • job analysis and job re-design
HR service, depending on your need.             • performance management

We have the experience and expertise to         • training and development, including skills
assist in either helping you establish your       audits and training needs analysis
direction, structure, policies, systems and     • coaching and mentoring
procedures, and/or actually running the         • team development
processes on your behalf.
                                                • termination of employment
                                                • career counselling and career transition

          If you are interested in a confidential discussion regarding any of the above matters, please contact
               Christina Murdoch, HR Consultant on 4929 1666 or email

                                                                                                I N N O VAT I O N

The Lawler Partners specialist Forensic Accounting Services Team, are able
to provide clients with services in the areas of financial crime prevention,
detection, investigation, valuation and litigation support services.

Our team of dedicated forensic accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners
provide specialist forensic accounting services to a range of industries in
both the private and public sector that includes:

Preventing and Mitigating Financial Crime

By working on an individual basis, we assist our clients to adhere to the
highest level of corporate governance in fraud and financial crime control.
Each business entity regardless of the nature, size, and sector has a
vulnerability or Area of Interest (AOI), that if not dealt with could leave the
entity susceptible to fraud and financial crime.

Detecting and Investigating Financial Crime

Organisations today do not have the time or resources to tackle the issue
of fraud and financial crime alone. The various types of fraudulent financial
transactions and fraudulent schemes that can be committed against an
                                                                                  “                   “
                                                                                  Let us help you take away
                                                                                  the opportunity of fraud
                                                                                  and financial crime.
organisation are astounding. Lawler Partners assists clients to protect their
business entity from fraudulent financial transactions, by recognising the red
flag indicators and working with our clients to minimise the threats posed.

Whether the case is nationally or internationally focused, our forensic
accounting team will gather, analyse, review and provide an independent
opinion as to the predication of your case.

We approach each case with the view of litigation. This ensures that no stone
is left unturned during our investigation and all required procedures are met.
With the support of our computer forensic team, we ensure that all evidence
gathered and analysed is subject to strict chain of custody procedures,
ensuring that the investigation is of the highest standard.

Commercial Litigation and Support

Should you require litigation services, Lawler Partners forensic accounting
team can provide expert evidence in all financial matters and aspects of
commercial and family law disputes at both civil and criminal proceedings.

Whether it is the preparation of expert reports, preparing or reviewing a brief
of evidence, or executing court orders such as the Anton Piller Orders or
Mareva injunctions, Lawler Partners will meet your litigation requirements.

             For futher information or to discuss your specific needs, contact Dr Annamaria Kurtovic
                             on 8346 6000 or email


        PEGASUS –
        Driven by values, inspired by people
        In this edition, Lawlerlink talks to Michael Murray,
        CEO of Pegasus Management Pty Ltd.

 Pegasus Management Pty Ltd (Pegasus) has            CEO Michael Murray explains, “Our values           • Pegasus Safety which provides a complete
 evolved from a small family business started        are the foundation on which we base all our          and innovative safety solutions package,
 by Peter and Gill Eason in 1987. The business       thinking and decision making, and are a clear        that include, inductions and technology
 was formalised to an incorporated company           point of difference in helping us stand out from     designed to train and manage contract and
 in 1989 with the intention of providing services    our competitors in the markets we serve.”            permanent staff on any site.
 to the Hunter Valley mining industry, and soon
                                                     Recent feedback surveys from their customers       • Pegasus Technical, including Cadastral
 expanded to include the provision of relief
                                                     reinforced the strong family values culture that     & Engineering Surveying, Civil Engineering
 labour staff to the industry.
                                                     underpins the business. This includes, taking        Design, Mining Engineering & Surveying,
 In 1994, Steve Newman joined the business           ethics seriously and treating employees and          Environmental & Development Planning, GIS
 as a partner, to help support the projected         customers with a high level of respect.              & Drafting.
 growth of the company, which included
                                                     “Our people are encouraged to never take           Pegasus is a client of Lawler Partners Director,
 the expansion of the survey and mining
                                                     short cuts. We find that good customer              Kylee Dare, who has provided specialist
 engineering services.
                                                     service is really just a by product of             consulting services, including due diligence,
 Since this time, Pegasus has evolved to             doing what you say you are going to do,            governance review and guided Pegasus
 provide a wide range of services, with most of      when you say you are going to do it”,              through the financial modelling process.
 the business’ revenue coming from the mining        comments Michael.
                                                                                                        “We are extremely happy with the service
 sector, where their clients now include all the
                                                     The company also walks the talk on an              and advice provided by Kylee and the
 international mining groups. In addition to
                                                     operational level by having values issues          team at Lawler Partners. Their involvement
 its mining base, the business has diversified
                                                     discussed at every meeting, with staff held        and advice has ensured we have made
 to provide training and safety services to
                                                     accountable for breaches to standards.             sound financial decisions about business
 the manufacturing industry and the general
                                                                                                        acquisitions and we are better able
 business community in the Hunter Valley,            Pegasus consists of a number of operational
                                                                                                        to plan for the rollout of our new
 Central Coast, Dubbo and Brisbane.                  areas, each with its own marketing focus.
                                                                                                        business systems.”
                                                     These include:
 Their wide range of solutions to clients are
                                                                                                        The future looks bright for Pegasus, with a
 provided through a team of 80 full time             • Pegasus Employment which manages
                                                                                                        five year growth plan already in place for
 staff and 200 casual relief labour staff, with        temporary or contract staffing needs,
                                                                                                        each division that includes, looking at
 operations including a head office in Singleton,       permanent recruitment and traineeship
                                                                                                        other regional centres and services and
 and offices in Brisbane and Newcastle.                 solutions.
                                                                                                        innovative ways of providing training and
 The innovative and adaptable business has           • Pegasus Training is a Registered Training        safety services nationally.
 seen many changes, and it’s the organisations         Organisation providing accredited and
 ability to be flexible within its commitment to        customised courses, new and existing worker
 core values that is a key feature of its success.     traineeships and flexible learning options.

                                             For further information visit

                                                                                                                          CLIENT SERVICE

  It’s A Two Way Street
Lawler Partners have been named as the overall Best Value Firm in Australia in the                               Terry explains, “I have
BRW Client Choice Awards 2008.
                                                                                                                 always believed that
The National Award acknowledges the value provided to clients by Lawler Partners and was
based on the firm’s overall service, quality of advice, accessibility and price.                                  two heads are better
Competing organisations included Australia’s most outstanding professional service firms,                         than one. Our service
comprising boutique, mid tier and the largest players in the legal, accounting, engineering,                     mind-set is not about
business consulting, human resources and public relations industries.
                                                                                                                 providing straight
Managing Director, Terry Lawler, said that this success continues the firm’s history and
recognition of the Lawler Partners’ Group as one of the leading client focused accounting                        technical advice. Our
and business advisory firms in Australia.                                                                         clients want to use
The combination of a pragmatic and caring approach to dealing with client advice has seen                        us as a commercial
the firm named as winner of the Best Small Accounting Firm and Professional Services Firm
(under $20 million p.a. in turnover) in 2006 and again named finalists in 2007.                                   sounding board or
The Directors and Partners wish to thank our valued clients for their acknowledgement and
                                                                                                                 mentor and their
our team for exceeding our service aspirations.                                                                  acknowledgement
                                                                                                                 through this award
                                                                                                                 tells us they value
                                                                                                                 the approachable
                                                                                                                 relationship we have
                                                                                                                 with them.”

Director, Steve Meyn, accepts the award from George Beaton, Beaton Consulting at the BRW Client Choice Awards.

                      For further information regarding Lawler Partners client service, innovation, value
                                      and care, please contact Terry Lawler on 4962 2688.

Contacts                                 Tax Calendar
Audit & Assurance
                                         March 2008                                        28 Due date for lodgement and payment of
Clayton Hickey
                                                                                              March 2008 quarterly BAS and IAS.
T 02 4962 2688                           21 Due date for lodgement and payment
                                            of February 2008 monthly BAS                    May 2008
Business Recovery & Insolvency              and IAS.
Sydney – Robert Whitton & John Vouris                                                      15 Due date for lodgement of all income
T 02 8346 6000                           31 End of the 2008 Fringe Benefits Tax                tax returns not required earlier and not
Newcastle – Raymond Tolcher
                                            (FBT) year.                                       eligible for the 3 or 5 June concessions.
& Stewart Free                           31 Due date for lodgement of income tax           NB – 3 June concession is for non-taxable
T 02 4962 2294                              return and payment of tax for company             or refund entities in both current and
                                            and superannuation fund taxpayers                 prior year (excluding consolidated
Business Advisory Services                  (turnover more than $2 million but                groups and/or large/medium taxpayers).
Sydney – Bob Bell & Anthony Sullivan
                                            less than $10 million) in the latest
T 02 8346 6000                                                                                 5 June concession is for individuals
                                            year lodged.
Newcastle – Kylee Dare                                                                         and trusts otherwise due on 15 May
T 02 4962 2688                           31 Due date for lodgement of initial NSW              provided payment is made upon
                                            Land Tax returns for land held as at 31            lodgement of the return.
Corporate Advisory /                        December 2007.
                                                                                           21 Due date for lodgement and payment of
Firm & Strategy Matters
                                         April 2008                                           April 2008 monthly BAS and IAS.
Simon Rutherford & Terry Lawler
T 02 4962 2688                           21 Due date for lodgement and payment of          21 Due date for lodgement and payment of
                                            March 2008 monthly BAS and IAS.                   FBT returns for the FBT year ended 31
Equipment Finance & Mortgage Broking                                                          March 2008.
Chris Davis                              28 Last day for payment of March quarter
T 02 4928 7013                              employee superannuation contributions
                                            to avoid liability for the Superannuation
Financial Planning & Investment Advice      Guarantee Charge.
Mark Arnold
T 02 4928 7000

Forensic Accounting Services
Dr Annamaria Kurtovic
T 02 8346 6000

Franchising Services
Steve Meyn
T 02 4962 2688

Hospitality & Gaming / CMP Lawler
Peter McLean T 02 4935 6138
John Vicary T 07 3870 2101

Indigenous Services
Anthony Ashby
T 02 8346 6000

Information Technology
Steve Meyn
T 02 4962 2688

Damien Passmore
T 02 4928 7000
                                         WORLD RECORD!
                                         Lawler Partners would like to congratulate Reinhard Wurtz, a restaurant manager with client
Small Business
                                         Bavarian Hospitality Group, for breaking the world record late last year for carrying 20 one-litre
Greg Cox
                                         steins of beer for 40 metres.
T 02 4962 2688
                                         Each stein weighed in at a minimum of 2.5kg when filled with bier resulting in Reinhard
                                         carrying 50 kilograms of beer and glass in the record-breaking effort.
Darren Shone
T 02 4962 2688                           Well done Reinhard!

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