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                                     news                                      Number 1, Summer 2006

                                                            In this edition:
                 Welcome to the first newsletter for                Grants We Made
                 the Sydney Community Foundation.                   New Additions to the Foundation
                 We have come a long way from                       Profile of a Donor
                 when we first started thinking about
                 the concept of a community                         What Is The Role of Philanthropy In
                 foundation for Sydney, some two                    Democracy? – Public Lecture
                 and a half years ago.                              Future Grant Making Focus
This year has seen several important milestones in                  Events
our growth, with some significant projects being
completed, new ones undertaken and a variety of
changes within the organisation itself.                       The Board and Management wish
The challenges facing our communities today are             everyone greetings of the season and a
enormous. Resources we once depended on have
been dramatically reduced or have disappeared.
                                                                happy and joyous New Year!
Social problems are complex and progress in
addressing these issues is slow. The role of
government continues to change and there is a
need for local leadership. Our communities need
fresh thinking, full participation from all parts of the
community, and new partnerships.
This means looking at a community – even a                              See you in 2006!!
seemingly distressed one – not as a place that
needs services to fix all its problems, but as a place     activity of a community foundation. When effective
with many skills, talents and other assets that can        and imaginative grant making is practiced, we have
be nurtured and mobilised. We are delighted to             the potential to impact our community in profound
report that SCF has helped develop local                   ways – building its capacity, creating learning
leadership, in partnership with other organisations,       opportunities, leveraging resources and enabling
to make a positive impact in the Sydney community.         important, sometimes ground-breaking, work.
Over the year we managed to raise donations from           In this edition of our newsletter, we outline our grant
a wide variety of sources, as well as distribute           making activities to give you a greater
grants to a number of innovative projects, enabling        understanding of where your donations are helping.
us to build on our core goal to “generate and              We also welcome enquiries to get involved, and
distribute philanthropic funds on behalf of                give a profile of some of the new members of our
individuals, families, companies and other                 team as well as a donor who has helped us a great
charitable trusts to meet the needs of their               deal. Information is also given on events and the
community.”                                                future focus of the foundation.
To our contributors we would like to thank you for         We wish you and your loved ones a happy
your continued support and ongoing commitment              Christmas, and all the very best as we move into
throughout 2005; we look forward to continuing in          2006.
                                                                                               Heather Kent
Grant making is the most visible and important              Executive Director – Marketing & Communications

                   Want to know more?                                        Sydney Community Foundation
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                     Call us on (02) 9420 0035                                  SCF Tax Deductible Fund
      or email:                          ABN 77 528 860 176
          or visit                           31A Johnston Crescent
                                                                                   Lane Cove NSW 2066
sydney community foundation news                                                       number 1, summer 2006

   grants we made

Grandparents as Carers
There are over 40,000 families in Australia, where the sole care of the children is
provided by the grandparents. This may be due to the parents being absent due to
mental illness, imprisonment, or poor health. If the children come from a
disadvantaged family, it is highly likely that the grandparents are in the same
They may be struggling on the pension, ill health, renting a small unit, as well as
now having to deal with demanding grandchildren. At this point in time, there is no
support for grandparents as sole carers. ‘Grandparents as Carers’ seeks to
support this group of people, by providing information on how to access financial,
educational, legal and health services.

Midnight Basketball Australia
A basketball project aimed at reducing crime and finding positive outcomes for
vulnerable youth. It targets disadvantaged kids aged 10-22 in high crime areas,
providing them with the opportunity of playing basketball during the hours of 9pm-
1am, on Fridays and Saturdays. Each night, before the participants can play a
game, the kids must attend a workshop run by community workers, focusing on
such issues as ‘Money Management’, ‘Health’, ‘Job Employment’. The slogan “No
Workshop, No Jumpshot”, is enforced.
Results in the US and UK have proven a 60-70% reduction in crime in certain
areas the number of murders dropped to the lowest level in 27 years, from 160 to
74 murders, since the Midnight Basketball program was introduced.

Young, Black and Deadly
Aimed at helping young indigenous people develop skills through arts and music –
the main objective being to help young indigenous people overcome low self-
esteem. Workshops were facilitated at PCYC venues, by leading indigenous
performers, culminating in a public performance at the Enmore Theatre. One of
the facilitators is an indigenous rap group called Local Knowledge, who use rap to
focus on issues such as alcohol and substance abuse, and road safety. To rap
you need to be able to write. These workshops were used to reinforce the
importance of finishing school and of being respectful. None of the boys aged 14
to 18 were attending school. They are now attending TAFE to improve their
literacy and numeracy skills after attending this program.
Casey Donovan began her musical career with the 2003 Young, Black and Deadly
program, going on to win the 2004 Australian Idol title.

This project promotes sustainable lifestyles in Sydney in conjunction with the
Australian Conservation Foundation. Targeted at householders, it teaches them to
become more environmentally aware in their homes and every day lives.
In the recent pilot, participants made changes ranging from installing rainwater
tanks to using their cars less often. In a series of workshops, 180 participants
focused on areas such as saving water, greenhouse effect, the importance of
growing native gardens, and the effect of waste products on our environment.
SCF provided seed funding for the pilot run in Bankstown – it was so successful
the State government have funded it for the next 3 years with a grant of $1 million,
and it will be rolled out across NSW. Together, the householders achieved
savings of:
    12.75 million litres of water a year (or 12.75 Olympic swimming pools)
    Saved 650 tonnes of greenhouse pollution a year
    Achieved 30% reduction in landfill waste

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sydney community foundation news                                                    number 1, summer 2006

New Additions to the Foundation
Expansion of Board and Management
Our Founding Board Members include:
    Graham Bradley - Chairman                                Bill Downing – Director
    Wendy McCarthy AO - Deputy Chair                         Lynette Thorstensen – Director
    Chris Breach – Director
Patron – Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC, Governor of New South Wales

Over the last 12 months, SCF has continued to             Neville Roach AO – recently retired as the
expand the diversity of its Board. We have also                             Chairman of Fujitsu Australia,
expanded the Management team, from founding                                 Neville is a director on several
Executive Director, Heather Kent, to appoint Ingrid                         Boards, a number of which he
Aitken, as the Foundation’s new Chief Executive                             Chairs. In 2000, he was
Officer.                                                                    appointed an Officer of the Order
                                                                            of Australia for service to
Ingrid Aitken – Chief Executive Officer – Ingrid
                                                                            business, particularly in the
                   joined the Foundation in June
                                                          Information Technology Industry and for his
                   2004 as a part-time volunteer to
                                                          contribution to the development of Australian
                   work on selected projects. Ingrid
                                                          Multiculturalism. In 2001, he was awarded the
                   has a background in investment
                                                          degree of Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa, by
                   banking, strategic consulting and
                                                          UNSW for his eminent service to the community.
                   over the last ten years in the not
for profit sector. This has included working with the     Alex Smith AM – is Deputy Director General of
YWCA in the U.S. and seven years as a director of                           the NSW Premier’s Department,
UNICEF Australia.                                                           and is the Premier’s appointment
                                                                            to the board. He has over 20
New board members are:                                                      years    experience   in    senior
                                                                            executive government positions.
Marcelle Hoff – is a Councillor with the City of
                 Sydney. She has a background in
                 psychology and education and is a        Bruce Christie – a Certified Financial Planner
                 trained counsellor. Dedicated to                          with Centric Wealth Advisory,
                 making a difference in her                                Bruce Christie has eighteen years
                 community, Marcelle has worked                            experience assisting individuals
                 extensively with young people; she                        and families. During this time
                 has cared for adolescents as a                            Bruce also provided financial
professional foster parent and is an advocate for                          advice for a major Australian
the protection of public lands. She is also                                charity for ten years. Bruce is a
committed     to     community     participation  in      director of Sami Pty Ltd and a member of Rotary.

     How does SCF identify and decide                       Want to make a contribution to Sydney
     on the projects that we grant to?                                Community Foundation?
                                                            We can help structure your own special giving
  Within the Foundation's and our donors' focus
                                                            program. You can make a once off donation and
  areas we identify areas of need through
                                                            support the Foundation’s identified areas of
  research, community consultation and by
                                                            need; or establish a philanthropic sub-fund to
  working in partnership with donors, other
                                                            create your own legacy and thereby making a
  charitable    organisations   and    community
                                                            lasting impact on the city you love. Either way, it
  connected specialists. Funding is then directed
                                                            can be done with just one phone call.
  to those projects which best meet those needs.
                                                                    What will your legacy be?

                                           Want to know more?
                                               Call us on (02) 9420 0035
                           or email:
                               or visit
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sydney community foundation news                                                           number 1, summer 2006

Profile of a Donor                                               Future Grant Making Focus
Many people choose Sydney Community Foundation as
                                                                 What are our priorities?
their preferred vehicle for charitable giving.
                                                                 Based on community consultation, the
Here Gabrielle Kay interviews one of our donors.                 Foundation’s current funding priorities are:
The Jack Dunlop Sub-Fund                                             Youth at risk – early intervention programs
                                                                     Young families – social issues facing families
The Jack Dunlop Sub-Fund was established to support
worthwhile projects that contribute to providing services
                                                                     in need
to the Ageing.                                                       The aged – connecting older people to the
         “We live in the world's best city,
        yet we are leaving people behind.”                       Whist these are our main areas of focus, we are
                                                                 also involved with local indigenous and
                       David Hardie, SCF donor, was              environmental sustainability projects.
                       driven by this realisation when
                       doing the Sydney Leadership
                       course and the knowledge he
                       gained that he could make a
                       difference.                              Events
                       David feels we are becoming a            Public Lecture by Peter Goldmark
                       more individualistic city with less
                       community focus, and he worries          Recently, SCF sponsored a Public Lecture, presented by
                       about those not sharing in the           visiting environmental American specialist, Peter
world's best city.                                              Goldmark. He discussed the role of philanthropy in a
                                                                democracy and in our community, in particular focusing
David met Heather Kent, Executive Director of Sydney            on environmental issues, and community and social
Community Foundation, whilst doing the Sydney                   equity. Peter emphasised the fact that we have to hang
Leadership course. Together with Heather they talked            on to the achievements and the strengths we have
about their journeys. David says he makes his decisions         worked so hard to achieve as citizens of our world, but
based on people, and the trust he feels. “I knew I wanted       we have to moderate sharply the destruction and over-
to work with the community foundation model.”                   exploitation we have caused over the last half century.
                                                                Democracy allows us, as philanthropists, to use our
Partnering with SCF                                             resources. Australia has all the gifts and the traditions of
David and Heather talked about issues he felt strongly          a strong society with great inner strength, resilience, and
about. They identified areas of interest – aged care. They      resourcefulness. We can use our resources and wit to
had discussions about projects and about David's role.          address the defining challenges of our moment in history.
Heather and David met with Neil Turner, CEO of Council          Community Forums
on the Ageing. Neil spoke about a project supporting
grandparents as carers. “That's my story” said David, “I        The Foundation will be running forums, donor information
was raised by my grandparents. They were an important           sessions, public meetings and site visits to support
influence on my life.”                                          donors who wish to be actively involved in giving, on an
                                                                ongoing basis. This enables donors to deepen their
SCF is a partner in philanthropy                                knowledge, connect with like-minded people, and
                                                                develop specific interests around the needs and
David says that “Due to SCF, I feel I have been able to         opportunities of the community. We will be running some
make a real difference in an area that is very important to     specific community-oriented seminars in the areas of
me. I wouldn't have been able to make the connections           youth at risk and the ageing, in the near future.
and wouldn't have made contact with Council on the
Ageing, without SCF. Heather knew my story, this made           Building Our Knowledge
a huge difference. She opened the doors; it wouldn't
have happened if she hadn't done this. I wouldn't know          In order to build a healthy community there needs to be a
how to set up a fund and I didn't want to set up a              knowledge base about that community. By researching
foundation. The logistics! I am just not interested in that.”   and evaluating Sydney as a place to live, learn, work and
                                                                grow, we can learn about the health and social indicators
“With Sydney Community Foundation I know my fund is             of Sydney. This provides information that measures the
well managed from a governance perspective. I know I            health of our city, identifies significant trends, and gives
don't have to worry about this.” shares David.                  us a report card in key areas that are critical to Sydney’s
                                                                quality of life, such as - income, education, housing,
Why donate to SCF?                                              transportation, health and safety. This will provide
For David, it is the long term focus – he liked the idea of     insights that inform the Foundation’s grant making
putting into something that builds beyond his lifetime,         activities, and help SCF to support our donors to
which will continue for ever, even if he is not around.         understand community needs.
David named his fund The Jack Dunlop Sub-Fund after
his two year old nephew. For David, this is a connection
that he and his nephew will always have. It is one small
step, in building community in his family David is
also building community within Sydney.

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