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       DCO supports ADF families in peace and war

Welcome to Townsville
This Welcome Book has been prepared by the Defence Community Organisation (DCO) for Defence
personnel and their families posting to the Townsville region.
The book captures a wide range of general and local information to assist you to settle into your new
location. Townsville and the surrounding region have a lot to offer you, making this a posting with many
exciting opportunities.
We have endeavoured to include as much information as possible in this guide, however if you have
specific needs or require further information, please feel free to contact us. A list of essential services
and useful contact numbers is included at the back of the book.
Your local DCO team hopes you enjoy your posting, and we look forward to being of assistance to you.
DCO supports ADF families in peace and war.

Publisher’s Note
While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given in this publication,
the publishers do not, in any way, accept liability for inaccuracies or for any loss of any kind caused
through editorial material.
Published by Early Childhood Australia Inc. for the Defence Community Organisation.
October 2009

                                   DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                                1
    Welcome to Townsville                        1    Health                                18
                                                      Patient Transit Scheme (PTS)          19
    Introduction and Welcomes                    3    Environmental Health                  20
    Welcome from Area Commander North
    Queensland/Commander 3rd Brigade             3    Defence Community Groups              21
    Welcome to RAAF Base Townsville              4    Defence Special Needs Support Group
                                                      (DSNSG)                               21
    Defence Support Services                     5    Defence Families of Australia (DFA)   22
    Defence Community Organisation (DCO)         5    Community Centres                     23
    Chaplains                                    6
    Red Shield Defence Services                  6    Locality Information                  24
    Family Care Plan                             6
                                                      General Services                      27
    Defence                                      7
    Introduction to Lavarack Barracks            7    Essential Services                    29
    Introduction to Ross Island Barracks         10
                                                      Transport                             30
    Introduction to RAAF Base Townsville         10

    Education                                    12   Pet Care                              31

    Regional Education Liaison Officer (REDLO)   12
                                                      Emergency Information                 32
    Employment                                   13
                                                      Tully                                 34
    The Service Workforce Access Program
    for Partners (SWAPP SELECT)                  13
                                                      Important Numbers                     36
    Children’s Services                          14
    Defence Child Care Program                   14
    Cadets                                       15

    Special Needs                                16

    Relocations and Housing                      17
    Defence Relocations and Housing Manager      17
    Defence Housing Australia                    17
    Toll Transitions                             18

2                                   DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
Introduction and Welcomes
                                                       The role of the Australian Defence Force in
Welcome from Area Commander                            Townsville is to provide forces at short warning
North Queensland/Commander                             for specified and contingency operations. We
                                                       have first class barracks and training areas to
3rd Brigade                                            enable us to meet this role. It will be important
                                                       for all soldiers, sailors and aircrew to balance
Welcome to all Defence personnel and their
                                                       their busy work schedule with recreation. You
families arriving in the Townsville region. This is
                                                       should, wherever possible, plan ahead and take
an exciting place to live, work and play because
                                                       advantage of the many tropical holiday activities
of the tropical climate, modern infrastructure and
                                                       available in this part of Australia.
relaxed lifestyle. In addition, we enjoy a strong
relationship with the local North Queensland           Have a great time during your stay in the
community, who provide us with first class             Townsville region! I look forward to meeting and
support whether we are at home or deployed             working with you while you are here.
overseas on operations.
                                                       Stuart Smith, AM
Relocating home and work brings many
challenges, especially for families. This booklet is
designed to reduce those challenges by providing       Commander 3rd Brigade/
you with up-to-date information on the services        Senior ADF Officer North Queensland
and facilities available in Townsville. I encourage
you to keep it handy for current and future
reference. For those with access to the internet,
you might use this booklet in conjunction with
the information provided on Townsville’s own
Defence community website,
Internet: You are
also invited to take advantage of our Defence
Family Centre, ‘Geckos’, at Lavarack Barracks.
This is an excellent facility, fully air-conditioned
and a fantastic place to relax or meet other
Defence families.

                                  DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                              3
    Welcome to RAAF Base
    RAAF Base Townsville plays host to a large
    number of deployments throughout the year,
    and provides support services for other Air Force
    operations and exercises. RAAF Base Townsville is
    one of the ADF’s premier forward support bases
    and is a primary staging base for ADF and foreign
    units alike.
    RAAF Base Townsville is located in the Townsville
    suburb of Garbutt, 8km west of the city centre,
    and is sometimes incorrectly referred to as RAAF
    Base Garbutt.
    Today, RAAF Base Townsville is home to 38
    Squadron, 5th Aviation Regiment, Combat
    Survival Training School, 1 Airfield Operations
    Support Squadron, 323 Expeditionary Combat
    Support Squadron, 27 Squadron, 1 Wing
    Australian Air Force Cadets, and elements of
    support organisations, including Defence Support
    Group, Defence Community Organisation and
    Joint Logistics Group. The base employs more
    than 1200 personnel comprising Air Force, Army,
    Navy, Defence civilians, and contractors.
    Townsville provides pleasant and comfortable
    living, from a cultural and climate perspective. The
    region provides various opportunities for families to
    get out and explore, with Magnetic Island just off
    shore and many other opportunities further afield
    to the north, south and west. For those new to the
    tropics, summer temperatures can be something
    of a shock, but the magnificent weather for the
    remainder of the year more than makes up for
    the three months of summer. Whether you simply
    stroll The Strand or Riverway, get out and fish
    along the coast, or go exploring the dinosaur trail
    around Richmond, Hughenden and Winton, North
    Queensland has so much to offer.
    I commend it to you as a great place to live
    and work.

    Tony Thorpe
    Wing Commander
    Senior ADF Officer – RAAF Base Townsville

4                                     DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
Defence Support Services
                                                    • support in time of crisis
                                                    • information on Defence matters in general
                                                    • advice on community, recreational and interest
                                                    • absence from home support
                                                    • mobility support
                                                    • professional counselling for personal,
                                                      relationship and family problems
                                                    • various courses, information sessions and
                                                      support groups

Defence Community                                   • specialist education advice and assistance
                                                    • special needs recognition and review
Organisation (DCO)
                                                    • employment assistance
How We Can Assist You                               • childcare assistance.
On behalf of Command, DCO delivers a broad
                                                    Upon your arrival, please contact our staff if you
range of targeted programs and services to
                                                    would like further information not covered in
support ADF personnel and their families to
                                                    this publication, or if you would like to be linked
balance the demands of military service with
                                                    to local Defence and community activities and
personal and family commitments.
                                                    support groups.
DCO Townsville provides services to Defence
families in accordance with the ADF Family          Where To Find Us
Covenant:                                           Nathan Business Centre
                                                    Cnr Ross River Rd & Nathan St, Cranbrook
• We recognise the significant contribution of
                                                    Tel: (07) 4753 6539
  ADF families to operational effectiveness.
                                                    Fax: (07) 4779 0078
• We pay tribute to the commitment and
  sacrifice of ADF families in support of
  Australia.                                        DCO Website
• We acknowledge the unique nature of family        The DCO website provides Defence families with
  and community life in the ADF.                    ready access to information on a broad range of
• We honour the inherent strength and capacity      ADF member and family topics.
  of ADF families.                                  Internet:
• We pledge to work in partnership with ADF
  families to enhance their self-reliance.          After Hours Emergency Support
• We commit to listening to ADF families and        The DCO office is open from 8.30am to 5.00pm,
  responding effectively to their emerging needs.   Monday to Friday. All requests for emergency
                                                    DCO assistance outside these hours and on
Your local DCO team is staffed by Social Workers,   public holidays should be directed to the National
Military Support Officers, Regional Education       Welfare Coordination Centre (NWCC) on
Liaison Officers, Family Liaison Officers and       Tel: 1800 801 026.
administrative staff, who are available to assist
you and your family through the provision of:

                                DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                               5
    NWCC will not transfer callers directly to DCO        to the needs of the base personnel and their
    but, where necessary, will pass a request for         dependants. For service times, other activities and
    assistance to a DCO Duty Officer who will return      updated information, please contact the RAAF
    the call. DCO assistance out of hours is available    Base chaplain.
    in emergency situations only. Any non-emergency       Tel: (07) 4752 1104 or 0418 977 196
    cases are referred for follow-up assistance during
    normal business hours.                                The Military Christian Fellowship meets on
                                                          Tuesdays at lunchtime to pray for the base and
                                                          to discuss issues that are relevant to Christians in
                                                          the ADF.
                                                          Contacting a Chaplain
    The Townsville area is well-supported with
    religious services and pastoral support from a        As all chaplains have several unit locations to
    team of eight full-time chaplains and one Reserve     cover as well as field exercises, they might not be
    chaplain. Often one or more are absent on             present should you drop in unannounced at the
    courses or deployments in Australia or overseas.      chapel or unit offices. It is best to phone them
                                                          first; if they don’t answer, please leave a message
    All Saints Chapel at Lavarack Barracks                so they can get back to you.
    All Saints Chapel is located between the area gym
    and the swimming pool. It was built in 1980 by
    members of the Royal Australian Engineer Corps,       Red Shield Defence Services
    as a multi-denominational chapel. It is, therefore,
    set apart as a place of worship, quiet reflection,    Red Shield Defence Services is a branch of the
    meditation and prayer.                                Salvation Army which is dedicated to promoting
                                                          spiritual, emotional and physical welfare within all
    Apart from being a place for prayer and worship,      ranks of the ADF.
    the chapel is available for baptisms, weddings
    and funerals. Any of the chaplains can book the       Senior Representative
    chapel for you. It is open daily.                     Gary Johnson
    Lavarack Barracks Chaplains
                                                          Tel: (07) 4411 8571
    Most units have their own chaplain, who can
    be contacted by ringing the unit directly or by       Home
    contacting the Area Switchboard/Duty Room on          Tel: (07) 4774 8989
    Tel: (07) 4411 7011 or the Defence Switchboard        Mobile
    on Tel: 1300 333 362. Chaplains are available         Tel: 0417 614 596
    to all military members and their families for
    spiritual advice and counsel, pastoral care, and
    religious ministries such as baptisms, weddings       Family Care Plan
    and funerals.
                                                          ADF members posted to units within North
    In emergencies, the On-call Chaplain can be
                                                          Queensland may be required to deploy at short
    contacted on Tel: 0458 473 842.
                                                          notice. Deployments may include support to the
    RAAF Base Chapel                                      civilian community due to natural disasters (i.e.
    The base chaplain is available to members and         cyclones/severe storms, flooding, bushfires etc.) as
    their dependants for religious services, pastoral     well as exercises, courses and overseas operations.
    support and practical help. The chaplain also         ADF members are encouraged to develop a Family
    administers RAAF Welfare Trust Fund loans.            Care Plan to ensure that families are as prepared
                                                          as possible during any period of absence. A Family
    The chapel exists to provide a focus for Christian    Care Plan that provides some information and areas
    service, worship and fellowship at RAAF Base          for consideration is available from DCO Townsville.
    Townsville. The chapel tries to be responsive

6                                     DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
                                                        There are more than 3500 personnel who form
Introduction to Lavarack Barracks                       the brigade, which includes the following:
Lavarack Barracks is one of the Australian Army’s       • Headquarters 3rd Brigade for command and
largest military bases and is home to about 4500          control of all brigade units.
soldiers and 280 civilian employees. The major          • 1st Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment,
element at the barracks is the 3rd Brigade. The           and 2nd Battalion, the Royal Australian
11th Brigade, Defence Support – Queensland,               Regiment, which are both light infantry
10th Force Support Battalion, Combat Training             battalions, with a battalion on standby for
Centre – North Queensland, Joint Logistic Unit –          deployment at all times.
North, Joint Movement Control Office Townsville,        • 3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment, is
A Company 1st Military Police Battalion, 9 Force          the parachute battalion (located at Holsworthy
Support Battalion Postal Troop, Land Warfare              Barracks, Sydney).
Centre North Queensland and other elements are
                                                        • B Squadron 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment
also based at the barracks.
                                                          has the capacity to provide armoured
Lavarack Barracks has a 4km frontage along                mobility and protection to two infantry rifle
University Drive. It is set in a landscaped area          companies, Support Company and the tactical
of about 750ha at the foot of Mount Stuart. A             headquarters of an infantry battalion.
training area extends from the barracks for a           • 4th Field Regiment is the brigade’s direct
further 8100ha, and takes in almost all of Mount          support artillery unit, and consists of a
Stuart and its foothills. Training facilities include     headquarter battery and three field batteries,
many small arms ranges, a Military Operations             each of six 105mm Hamel field guns (A Field
in Urban Terrain facility, Weapons Training               Battery is located at Holsworthy Barracks,
Simulation System facility, anti-tank ranges, a           Sydney).
Helicopter Underwater Escape training facility,
                                                        • 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment consists of two
and aircraft mock-ups.
                                                          Combat Engineer squadrons and a support
The 3rd Brigade                                           squadron, which is equipped with a variety of
The 3rd Brigade forms the major combat                    construction plants. The regiment is used for
component of the Australian Defence Force’s               combat engineering tasks, such as laying and
Ready Deployment Force, and is the Australian             breaching minefields, booby-trap clearance
Army formation held at the highest degree of              and minor construction works to aid the
readiness for operations. Most soldiers at Lavarack       mobility of the brigade.
Barracks are members of 3rd Brigade units               • 3rd Command Signal Regiment provides
and are permanently on short notice to move.              radio, information systems, and telephone
Training is consistent and realistic, with exercises      and satellite communications for the brigade
conducted throughout the year, mainly in the              headquarters and brigade units. It also
Townsville Field Training Area north of the city but      supplies administrative and supply support to
also at Shoalwater Bay near Rockhampton and               Headquarters 3rd Brigade.
the Land Command Battle School at Tully. Soldiers       • 3rd Combat Services Support Battalion,
train in other areas of Australia during major ADF        including transport, medical, dental, supply
exercises, and overseas on exchange with other            and workshop elements. The battalion is
armed forces.                                             responsible for the provision of administrative
                                                          and logistical support to the brigade.

                                   DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                               7
    Support to 3rd Brigade                                 Entry to Lavarack Barracks
    The 3rd Brigade relies heavily on a number of          Lavarack Barracks is a closed base and approved
    Townsville-based non-brigade units located at          military identification is necessary to gain
    Lavarack Barracks and elsewhere, including the         admission at all times. For serving members,
    following:                                             a military identification (ID) card (RAAF, Army
    • 5th Aviation Regiment, which operates the            or RAN) is sufficient to gain entry. For civilians
      Army’s Black Hawk, Chinook and MRH-90                who work on the base and for the spouses
      helicopters, located at RAAF Base Townsville at      and partners of ADF members, the appropriate
      Garbutt.                                             category of civilian pass will be issued on
                                                           application to DS-Q Customer Service Centre.
    • 10th Force Support Battalion is responsible for
      providing stores and supply support to a large       Tel: (07) 4411 8888
      force generally, including 3rd Brigade. It is also   People requiring casual or occasional entry to
      responsible for explosive ordnance disposal.         the base can apply to the passes office at the
    • Joint Logistics Unit – North Queensland is           main entrance for a visitor’s or temporary pass
      tasked to provide designated logistical support      each time entry is required. Children aged 16
      to assigned dependencies within the region,          and above must have an appropriate ID and will
      spanning south to Rockhampton, north to              require a pass for base entry.
      Cape York and west to Mount Isa. In essence,
      the unit provides warehousing, distribution          On-base Facilities for Members
      and maintenance support to the units of North        ■■ Lavarack■Barracks■Medical■Centre■(LBMC)■
      Queensland.                                          Lavarack Barracks Medical Centre is a 24-hour
    • Joint Movement Control Office Townsville             facility providing services to Defence members.
      (JMCO TVL) is responsible for planning,              For all emergencies, call Tel: 000. For more
      implementing, controlling and monitoring             information, contact LBMC on
      movements associated with joint and                  Tel: (07) 4411 7113.
      combined operations, exercises, and significant
                                                           ■■ Area■Physical■Training■Facilities
      single-service activities.
                                                           The area gymnasium is situated between the
    • Defence Support – Queensland (DS-Q) is
                                                           area chapel and the Post Office. The gymnasium
      responsible for delivery of a range of corporate
                                                           complex contains a basketball court, badminton,
      services and facilities to support Defence in
                                                           volleyball, indoor hockey and indoor soccer.
      North Queensland. At Lavarack Barracks, DS-Q
                                                           The gymnasium is also equipped with a weight
      provides general and specialist support services.
                                                           training area and cardio equipment. Both of these
    Other Elements                                         areas have music DVD clips displayed on
    Combat Training Centre (CTC) is a Direct               TV screens.
    Command Unit to Forces Command. CTC                    Defence members, Defence civilians, Australian
    provides a realistic joint environment to train        public servants and the spouses of these groups
    formation, brigade headquarters and troops             (as well as immediate family) are eligible to use
    for deployment on major overseas operations,           the gymnasium facilities. The gymnasium weight
    and for jungle warfare training at Tully, North        training and cardio training areas are not available
    Queensland, for Australian and overseas troops.        for use by dependants under 15 years of age.
    Training is conducted throughout Australia.            Guests (regardless of age) are also not permitted
                                                           to use the weight training or cardio equipment.
                                                           Before using the facilities, all gym users (except
                                                           uniformed members) are required to attend a
                                                           familiarisation and safety brief. To arrange for
                                                           this brief or for any enquiries in relation to the
                                                           area gymnasium, contact the Physical Training
                                                           Instructors on Tel: (07) 4411 1625.

8                                     DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
■■ 1RAR■Gymnasium■                                     ■■ Frontline
Use of the 1RAR gymnasium facilities is restricted     Tom’s Cafe
to 1RAR personnel. Facilities include boxing           Buka Cl, off Robert Towns Rd, behind the Daly Mess
equipment and a selection of weight training           Open five days, 7.30am–4.30pm
equipment.                                             Tel: (07) 4411 8573
■■ 2RAR■Gymnasium■                                     Mobile food vans and Frontline coffee vans
Use of the 2RAR gymnasium facilities is restricted     Tel: (07) 4411 8784
to 2RAR personnel. Facilities include a covered        Chauvel Kiosk
outdoor physical training area, which is marked        Open: Monday to Friday, 8.15am–1.15pm
out for basketball, volleyball and badminton,
                                                       Playground and barbecue facilities, pool
and an indoor weight training room that has a
                                                       competitions and video games are available
selection of weight training equipment.
                                                       on site, and Austar TV is available for all your
■■ Defence■Library■Service■North■Queensland■           sporting action and live events.
The Defence Library Service portal provides access     Tel: (07) 4411 8520
to the library catalogue, electronic journals and      ■■ North■Queensland■Amenities■Fund■(NQAF)
databases, Jane’s information, and Australian
                                                       The NQAF is an Army non-public monies account
                                                       that provides amenity services to Army personnel
Defence members, civilians, spouses and their          in North Queensland. A committee, drawn from
immediate family members are eligible to use the       units in the area, is charged with ensuring that the
Defence Library Service. For further information       NQAF monies are used appropriately. In general
and library opening hours, please contact:             terms, the committee assesses submissions for
Lavarack Barracks Library                              funding based on whether the broad majority of
Tel: (07) 4411 7586                                    soldiers benefit from that submission.
Internet:                   ■■ Lavarack■Golf■Club■Inc.■
Defence members, civilians, spouses and their          Service members and their families are
immediate family are eligible to use the Defence       encouraged to join the club, and discount
Library Service. For further information and library   rates are available. The course is nine holes
opening hours, please contact:                         with 18 tees and is situated within Lavarack
Lavarack Barracks Library                              Barracks at the base of Mount Stuart. The club is
Tel: (07) 4411 7586                                    affiliated with the AGU. There are a number of
                                                       competitions and classes held during the week.
Ross Island Barracks Library
Tel: (07) 4753 6406                                    For further information, contact the club.
                                                       Tel: (07) 4411 7443 or (07) 4725 4959
On-Base Facilities for Families
                                                       ■■ Military■Post■Office■(MILPO)■
■■ Lavarack■Barracks■Swimming■Pool                     The MILPO is situated near the area gymnasium
The pool is located in the vicinity of the area        and swimming pool complex. The office caters to
Post Office, and is available for use by military      all military members, their families and any person
personnel, Defence employees, their dependants         who can access the base. The office is open
and accompanied guests.                                Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 4.00pm, excluding
Facilities include an Olympic-sized pool with          public holidays.
shade at the shallow end, a wading pool, shaded        Tel: (07) 4411 7582
tables with seating and a kiosk. A playground          ■■ Defence■Force■Privilege■Card■(DEFCOM)■
is available for use by children. As the pool is
                                                       Each unit has a DEFCOM Liaison Officer.
available for use by units for training purposes,
use by dependants is at times restricted. For          DEFCOM Brisbane
availability times and booking procedures, call        Tel: (07) 3278 4333
Tel: (07) 4411 7020.                                   Internet:

                                  DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                                 9
     ■■ 11th■Brigade■                                     Today, RAAF Base Townsville has a significant
                                                          role as a mounting and stepping-off point for
     The 11th Brigade is the Reserve Brigade of
                                                          forces being deployed on operations into the
     Queensland. It comprises 3 Reserve Infantry
                                                          South West Pacific, as well as further afield.
     Battalions, a University Regiment, a Combat
                                                          Along with Lavarack Army Barracks, RAAF Base
     Service Support Battalion (Logistics), an Engineer
                                                          Townsville establishes Townsville as a key northern
     Squadron and a Signal Squadron. The brigade is
                                                          stronghold and, along with RAAF Tindal and
     located primarily at Lavarack Barracks Townsville,
                                                          RAAF Darwin, it is one of the northern primary
     but has units as far south as Stanthorpe, as far
                                                          Defence installations.
     north as Cairns, and as far west as Mount Isa.
                                                          RAAF Base Townsville, in addition to being a
                                                          mounting base for deployments and exercises, is
     Introduction to Ross Island                          home to a number of Army, Air Force and Joint
                                                          Units. The major units are No. 38 Squadron,
     Barracks                                             5 Aviation Regiment, No. 323 Expeditionary
                                                          Combat Support Squadron, No. 1 Airfield
     The Ross Island Barracks accommodates the
                                                          Operations Support Squadron, No. 27 Squadron,
     headquarters, and elements of the 10FSB Marine
                                                          Combat Survival Training School and Defence
     workshops, 30 Terminal Squadron, 35 Water
                                                          Support – Townsville North.
     Transport Squadron (with one of the Squadron’s
     water transport troops located permanently in        38SQN will operate a fleet of King Air aircraft
     Darwin) and Army School of Transport – Maritime      in the light transport role for the ADF after the
     Wing. It is located approximately 1km south east     retirement of the Caribou.
     of the CBD of Townsville in the suburb of South      The Army’s 5th Aviation Regiment operates
     Townsville.                                          helicopters to provide battlefield mobility for
                                                          ADF forces. When in barracks, in addition to
     Entry to Ross Island Barracks
                                                          undertaking flying activities, 5 Avn personnel
     The procedures for entry to Ross Island are the
                                                          work side by side with their RAAF counterparts,
     same as for Lavarack Barracks.
                                                          providing support in the areas of catering, and
                                                          medical and general logistics.
                                                          No. 1 Airfield Operations Support Squadron
     Introduction to RAAF Base                            (1AOSS) is responsible for the training and
     Townsville                                           conduct of operational logistics support for
                                                          deployed Air Force operations. This includes
     In 1939, Townsville City Council transferred the
                                                          support at the RAAF’s bare bases throughout
     city airport to the RAAF, on the condition that
                                                          northern Australia, and for activities offshore.
     the airfield was maintained and an amount of
     £50 ($100) per annum was spent on electricity.       The Combat Survival Training School (CSTS)
     Townsville Airport, now privately operated, is       provides combat survival training for Army, Navy
     located on a section of the RAAF Base leased to      and Air Force personnel.
     Townsville Airport Pty Ltd.                          No. 27 (City of Townsville) Squadron provides
     The RAAF Base was formed on 15 October               initial training for members of the RAAF Active
     1940 when No. 24 (General Purpose) Squadron          Reserve. Upon graduation these trainees are
     moved from Air Station Amberley to Townsville.       posted to operational units where they are
     During World War II, the 5th Air Force of the        involved in a wide variety of tasks, including
     United States Army Air Corps (USAAC) was based       maintenance, clerical support and radio/
     in Townsville. It established a vast complex of      telecommunications work.
     hangars, workshops, stores and domestic quarters     The 323 Expeditionary Combat Support Squadron
     in the area between Garbutt and Aitkenvale. On       (323 ECSS) provides and coordinates Fixed-base
     occasions, the city’s population of 32,000 was       Support while also having an Expeditionary
     increased fourfold by servicemen.                    Combat Support Capability. The Commanding

10                                    DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
Officer is also the Air Base Executive Officer        Casual visitors and people not employed on
and exercises operational control over air traffic    the base are to leave the base immediately
control, air movements and health support             on completion of their business or activity.
functions. The 323 ECSS Air Base Command Post         Children under the age of 16 are not permitted
(Email: provides a ‘one      on base unless accompanied at all times by a
stop shop’ for all support requests at RAAF Base      responsible adult. Children under the age of 18
Townsville.                                           are not permitted in messes or clubs without the
                                                      permission of the PMC, CMC or President of the
Entry to Base                                         Wirraway Club, as appropriate for each occasion
RAAF Base Townsville is a closed base, and            – or, in their absence, the Air Base Executive
approved military identification is necessary to      Officer. Visitors who have not completed an
gain admission at all times. For serving members,     airside awareness course are to be escorted at all
a military identification (ID) card (RAAF, Army       times. Under no circumstances are people to walk
or RAN) is sufficient to gain entry. For civilians    on, drive or ride private vehicles near any aircraft
who work on the base and for the spouses and          or aircraft parking area, taxi way or landing strip.
partners of RAAF members and ADF members              Additionally, no animals are to be brought onto
posted to 5 Avn, the appropriate category of          the base.
civilian pass will be issued on application to the
Pass Office.                                          Base Messes and Clubs
People requiring casual or occasional entry to the    The Officers’ and Sergeants’ Messes and the
base can apply to the passes office for a visitor’s   Wirraway Club run social events for their
or temporary pass each time entry is required.        members and guests. Information relating to mess
Children aged 16 and above must have an               and club activities is regularly publicised on base
appropriate ID and will require a pass for base       and mess noticeboards.
entry. Casual visitors must enter and exit through    Base community facilities are open to all RAAF,
the Main Gate on Ingham Road. Duty personnel          Army and RAN members, spouses and partners in
at the Duckworth Street Gate cannot issue             the Townsville region. Community facilities consist
temporary passes, and vehicles containing adults      of:
without suitable entry passes will be denied entry
to the base at this gate.                             Whiptail Mall
                                                      The Whiptail Mall houses the following:
The base is a prescribed place under the Defence
Act, therefore there are special photography          Frontline snack bar/gift shop
and security rules in place. Entry to the base for    Tel: (07) 4752 1900
people not employed on it may be restricted at        Defcredit office
any time for service reasons, without notice or       Tel: (07) 4752 1903
                                                      Base hairdresser
General Conditions of Entry                           Tel: (07) 4752 1904
People not employed on the base, but who              Thrift shop
are permitted entry to the base, are required         Tel: (07) 4752 1154
as a condition of their entry to acknowledge
                                                      Australian Defence Credit Union
the strict indemnities of the Commonwealth
                                                      Tel: (07) 4728 2890
in place, especially in relation to the pool and
gymnasium. In the absence of negligence on the        The operating hours for the activities in the
part of the Commonwealth or its employees, the        Whiptail Mall can vary, and are published on a
Commonwealth does not accept any liability for        regular basis in Base Routine Instructions (BRIs)
injury to any person who enters the base or for       and the Northern Services Courier.
any damage to their personal property.

                                  DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                                11
     Frontline                                             Blue Skies Preschool and Kindergarten
     RAAF Canteen                                          Blue Skies Preschool and Kindergarten was
     Open five days a week. Groceries and toiletries,      established in 1957 and is affiliated with C&K
     and a large range of sandwiches, fast food and        Queensland. The centre is open to Defence and
     hot dishes available daily.                           non-Defence families.
     Tel: (07) 4752 1900                                   Tel/Fax: (07) 4752 1153
     Wirraway Tavern                                       Email:
     Open seven nights a week for drinks and snacks.
     Hero rolls, pies and, of course, a nice cold beer.    Internet: (follow the links to
                                                           the Townsville region)
     Wirraway Function Centre
     All functions catered for; stage area and lighting    See also the ‘Children’s Services’ section of this
     built in. Dance floor and bar service.                book (p. 14).
     Tel: (07) 4752 1411
                                                           RAAF Townsville Museum
     Air Movements                                         The RAAF Townsville Museum is situated on the
     People arriving or departing on service aircraft      RAAF Base Townsville, Ingham Road, Garbutt.
     will use the Air Movements Terminal. People not       The museum is accessible through a small gate on
     meeting minimum dress requirements for flying         Ingham Road (opposite BOC Gases). Admission to
     in service aircraft will not be permitted to board.   the museum is free. The museum is open to the
     Vehicle parking is readily available outside the      public Tuesday and Thursday, 9.00am to 12 noon,
     terminal.                                             and Sunday, 10.00am to 4.00pm. Group visits
                                                           and private escorted tours can be arranged by
     Tel: (07) 4752 1352                                   appointment with the curator.
                                                           Tel/Fax: (07) 4752 1712

                                                           Defence School Transition Aide (DSTA)
     Regional Education Liaison                            Defence funds Defence School Transition Aides
     Officer (REDLO)                                       (DSTAs) in a number of schools in Queensland.
                                                           DSTAs (Primary) and Defence Transition Mentors
     The Regional Education Liaison Officer (REDLO)        (Secondary) are employed to assist families as they
     can provide you with information and advice           relocate to a new school.
     about the education system in your posting
                                                           They may:
     locality, and the Education Assistance Scheme
     available through the Department of Defence.          • organise activities that welcome and farewell
                                                             ADF families and help them settle into the new
     The DCO booklet, Education – Queensland,
                                                             school community
     is available from the REDLO and contains
     information about preschool, primary, secondary       • assist the school to understand the needs of
     and tertiary education in Queensland. It also           ADF parents and their children
     covers services available for children with special   • inform the school and support families if ADF
     needs, information on changing schools and              members are deployed
     details of the Education Assistance Scheme.           • help families with special needs

12                                     DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
• assist families to collect work portfolios and      Further details on schools and the education
  academic records or reports for the new school      systems can be accessed from the following:
• act as a point of contact for ADF families in the
                                                      Education Queensland
  new school.
                                                      Tel: (07) 4726 3111
The DSTA helps all Defence children at the school     Internet:
should they seek or require assistance. It is not
                                                      Catholic Education Office
intended that the DSTA work with one child on a
long-term basis.                                      Tel: (07) 4773 0900
Contact the REDLO for further information.
                                                      The Association of Independent Schools of
REDLO North Queensland
Tel: (07) 4753 6532
                                                      Tel: (07) 3228 1515

The Service Workforce Access                          Assistance with individual training required to
Program for Partners (SWAPP                           secure immediate employment is available, up to
SELECT)                                               a maximum cost of $2500. Training can either
                                                      be as a direct result of an employment offer, or
SWAPP SELECT provides a selection of                  identified by your professional service provider as
employment-enabling initiatives to assist an          enhancing your prospects of gaining immediate
ADF partner to become job ready and gain              employment. The training must be completed
employment in the new posting locality. These         within 12 months.
initiatives include:
                                                      Personalised Resume Preparation
Professional Employment Services
                                                      Funding assistance is available to a maximum
Funding of up to a maximum of $2500 is                of $500 for a partner to choose a professional
available for a partner to choose a professional      agency to prepare their resume.
agency to provide some or all of the following
services:                                             Child Care
                                                      Reimbursement of childcare costs, up to a
• Career transition assessment and advice
                                                      maximum of $250 per child, is available while
• Job search techniques and strategies                you pursue job search activities, for example:
• Preparation and presentation for interview          travelling to appointments; participating in
• Application and selection criteria preparation      training; preparing job applications; or attending
• Identifying training options                        interviews.
• Identifying job options

                                 DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                                13
     Internet Access                                         For more information on how to become a family
     If you are posting to a specified ‘very remote          day care provider, or where to find your local
     locality’, assistance with funding internet access      family day care scheme, please contact Family Day
     costs, up to $30 per month, is available to allow       Care Australia.
     you to undertake distance learning that may             Tel: 1800 621 218
     enhance your employment opportunities.
                                                             Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)
     Professional Re-registration Expense                    Assistance provided under SWAPP SELECT and
     Payments (PREP)                                         the ECCP will attract Fringe Benefits Tax. Further
     If you post to a new locality and are required to       information on this is available on the DCO
     re-register or undertake a short upgrade course         website.
     of up to 12 months in duration (inclusive of
     university or TAFE) in order to obtain the same         Further Information
     employment opportunities you had in your                Further eligibility information for SWAPP SELECT
     previous locality, this cost can be reimbursed          and the ECCP, including application forms, can be
     under PREP.                                             obtained from your local DCO office and on the
                                                             DCO website.
     Family Day Care
     Funding is available under the Extended Child
     Care Program (ECCP) to assist with the mandated
     initial set-up costs incurred by Defence spouses
     commencing employment as carers with
     registered family day care schemes.

     Children’s Services
                                                             Defence Childcare Centres
     Defence Child Care Program                              There are currently 21 Defence childcare
     The purpose of the Defence Child Care Program           centres across Australia which participate in
     is to aid mobility by facilitating priority of access   the National Childcare Accreditation Council
     to child care for Defence families where the            Quality Improvement Program. These centres are
     local community is unable to meet the demand            managed by B4Kids Pty Ltd and are required to
     for childcare places. Accordingly, the program is       meet the State/Territory Child Care Regulations
     focused on ensuring that mobile Defence families        for licensing and the requirements for the Child
     can access some form of child care on arrival in        Care Benefit (CCB). The centres provide priority
     the gaining locality. This is achieved through a        of access to Defence families in accordance with
     variety of centre and non-centre-based child care.      Defence’s Priority of Access (POA) guidelines.
     Defence does not directly subsidise the cost of         A full list of the centres and the Defence POA
     any form of child care for Defence families, nor is     guidelines are available on the DCO website.
     child care an entitlement.

14                                      DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
National Enrolment Call Centre
The B4Kids Enrolment Call Centre can be
contacted on Tel: 1300 265 600 for Defence           Australian Army Cadets (AAC)
families to:
                                                     AAC is a youth program. There are a number of
• access placements in Defence childcare centres     units in the Townsville local area, and there are
• book child care in the preferred location in       also cadet units north and south of Townsville.
  advance of relocating to that area                 Each unit conducts its own activities and
                                                     programs for the year. Cadets meet new friends,
• receive information on other centres in the
                                                     participate in outdoor activities, learn new skills
  general line of travel between work and home,
                                                     and increase their self-confidence.
  if child care is not available in the family’s
  preferred centre                                   Youths who are 12 years and six months of age are
• receive information regarding employment in        eligible to apply for enrolment in the AAC. Once
  Defence childcare centres.                         enrolled, they may remain a cadet until the end of
                                                     the year in which they turn 18 years of age.
Family Day Care                                      Places of parade: Ignatius Park College, Heatley
Family day care is home-based child care by a        State High School, Northern Beaches High School
qualified, monitored family day care provider. You   Tel: 1800 500 492
can contact the schemes in your area through         Internet:
Family Day Care Australia on Tel: 1800 621 218.
                                                     Air Cadets – Australian Air Force
Handy Contacts                                       Cadets (AAFC)
Defence Community Organisation                       The AAFC is a community-based Australia-wide
Internet:       youth organisation. Training and activities are
B4Kids Pty Ltd                                       geared to the interests of the cadets, with a focus
Internet:                          on aviation. Enrolment is limited to the age group
                                                     12 to 18 years, but cadets may stay enrolled until
Tel: 1300 265 600
                                                     they turn 20.
Child Care Access Hotline
                                                     101 Squadron AAFC meets on Friday nights,
Tel: 1800 670 305
                                                     6.30pm to 10.00pm, at RAAF Base
Provides up-to-date information about childcare
                                                     Townsville, Garbutt.
options and locations.
                                                     Tel: (07) 4752 1723
Department of Education, Employment and              Email:
Workplace Relations (DEEWR)
                                                     Australian Naval Cadets
Office of Early Childhood Education and
Child Care                                           The Australian Naval Cadets is a voluntary
Internet:                         youth organisation sponsored by the Royal
                                                     Australian Navy. Cadets learn about sailing and
The National Childcare Accreditation                 seamanship, and are encouraged to explore their
Council (NCAC)                                       own potential. Cadets also learn leadership and
Internet:                            effective communication skills, and they develop
Family Day Care Australia                            confidence, pride and self-discipline.
Tel: (02) 4320 1100 or 1800 621 218                  TS Coral Sea Naval Cadets meet on Friday nights,
Internet:                   7.00pm to 10.00pm, at the Incitec Building on
                                                     the corner of Archer and Hubert Streets,
                                                     South Townsville.
                                                     Tel/Fax: (07) 4771 5580
                                                     TS Magnetic Cadets meet on Wednesday at
                                                     Picnic Bay, Magnetic Island.
                                                     Tel: (07) 4778 5701

                                 DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                               15
     Special Needs
     When Defence families with special needs are           Children with Special Needs
     posted, they may have difficulties accessing           The decision of where to enrol a student, and
     the services they require. These problems tend         with what level of support, will depend on
     to relate to obtaining (or keeping) appropriate        a number of factors, including the student’s
     specialised equipment, waiting lists for accessing     educational needs, the expressed desires of
     respite or therapy services in the new locality, and   parents and caregivers, the capacity of the
     having appropriate accommodation that caters           education system to provide the level of support
     for the additional requirements of the family          services required generally and at a particular
     member with special needs.                             location, and the availability of appropriate
     In order to address some of these difficulties,        support services at alternative locations.
     Defence has a comprehensive program of                 It is important that parents of children with
     assistance and support measures that can be            special needs contact the REDLO to facilitate
     accessed by ADF families who are formally              the appropriate placement as soon as
     recognised as having a dependant with special          notification of posting is given, so that the
     needs. The Dependants with Special Needs               support required is available for the student
     program includes:                                      from the time of arrival at the new school.
     • a procedure whereby families have their status
       as a member with a special needs dependant
       formally recognised and reviewed by Defence
     • a procedure whereby families have the
       assistance required by the special needs
       dependant reviewed prior to relocating
     • a special needs pre-posting visit
     • assistance to access specialised equipment in
       the new locality
     • assistance to access therapy and respite
       services in the new locality
     • assistance with identifying appropriate housing
       and transit accommodation.

     Contact your local DCO office for more
     information or to make an appointment to
     formalise the recognition of a dependant with
     special needs, and at the time of posting for an
     assessment of assistance required by the special
     needs dependant on posting.

16                                     DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
Relocations and Housing

Defence Relocations and                              Defence Housing Australia
Housing Manager
Defence Relocations and Housing Managers
(DRHMs) are employed to assist ADF members
and their families by liaising with Defence
Housing Australia (DHA), Toll Transitions and the
Defence Community Organisation in each region,
to make their relocation easier for them and their
                                                     Defence Housing Australia (DHA) delivers a
families. If you have an enquiry regarding your
                                                     range of housing and relocation services through
housing maintenance/allocation or relocation
                                                     a network of Housing Management Centres
services, do not hesitate to contact your local
                                                     (HMCs) across Australia. DHA will help you and
Defence Relocations and Housing Manager,
                                                     your family find a suitable service residence or
listed below.
                                                     other permanent accommodation in your gaining
                                                     location. DHA is your first point of contact for
                                                     relocations, allocations, emergency maintenance
                                                     or any queries that you have regarding your
                                                     housing needs.
 Townsville                                          For information about your removal, entitlements
                                                     or allowances, or for help with any aspect of
 Name                                                your move, please contact your local Housing
                                                     Management Centre.
 Merv Dicton
                                                     Handy Contact Information
 Telephone                                           Defence Housing Australia
                                                     Tel: 139 342 (139 DHA)
 (07) 4411 7922                                      Internet:

 0408 457 468


 (07) 4411 7697

                                 DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                            17
                                                          You can complete your inventory online, in your
     Toll Transitions                                     own time, at Internet:
                                                          au/defence. You can save the inventory and return
                                                          to it when you have the time, and can re-use the
                                                          inventory every time you relocate. Simply log on
                                                          to the website and amend your stored inventory.
                                                          You can download the Easymove Guide from the
                                                          Toll Transitions website. DHA will also provide
                                                          you with a hardcopy of the guide when you are
                                                          After your move, in the unfortunate event of loss
                                                          or damage, you can submit your Notice of Loss or
                                                          Damage online direct to Toll Transitions’ Warranty
                                                          Management Centre (WMC).
                                                          For 24-hour relocation enquiries and assistance,
                                                          contact Toll Transitions on Tel: 1800 819 167.

     Child Health Services                                Women’s Health
     A free community-based service is provided           ■■ Breastscreen■Queensland
     to families by qualified health professionals
                                                          Medilink Retail Centre
     specialising in child, adolescent (aged up to 18
                                                          Townsville Hospital
     years) and family health issues.
                                                          Tel: (07) 4796 3300
     Kirwan Community Health                              Appointments
     138 Thuringowa Dr, Kirwan                            Tel: 1800 809 697 (freecall)
     Tel: (07) 4799 9000                                  Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am–4.30pm
     For advice                                           ■■ Family■Planning■Queensland
     Tel: 1800 177 279 (freecall)                         Suite 2/5 Castlemaine St, Kirwan
     Opening hours: 8.00am–10.00pm, seven days            Clinic Services
     Community Health Services                            Tel: (07) 4723 8184
                                                          Education Services
     The aim of Community Health is to promote,
                                                          Tel: (07) 4723 6597
     maintain and improve the health and wellbeing
     of the community. To achieve this aim, the service   School Dental Service
     works closely with a wide range of health and        The School Dental Service provides services to
     welfare organisations.                               school children from four years of age to Year
     Kirwan Health Campus                                 10, utilising a number of mobile dental vans and
     138 Thuringowa Dr, Kirwan                            fixed clinics at schools throughout the district. The
     Tel: (07) 4799 9500                                  mobile vans and fixed clinics can be contacted by
     Opening hours: Monday to Friday,                     calling Tel: (07) 4789 9900.

18                                     DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
Adult Dental Service                                Community Ambulance Cover gives certainty of
For adult dental emergencies and all enquiries      funding to the Queensland Ambulance Service
about access to general dental care, call the       by spreading the cost across the community. A
Oral Health Call Centre.                            charge of 28.134 cents a day, or $102.69 a year,
Tel: 1300 300 850                                   will apply to each electricity sale arrangement
                                                    unless an exemption has been obtained.
                                                    Community Ambulance Cover is not a ‘user pays’
All enquiries                                       system for ambulance services. No matter who
Tel: 13 20 11                                       pays for the electricity supplied to your business
Offices                                             or household, every Queenslander is automatically
City: Shop 1, Northtown on the Mall                 covered for the cost of ambulance services
Aitkenvale: Shop 118, Stockland Shopping Centre     nationwide.
Defence Medical Centre                              For more information on Community Ambulance
Lavarack Barracks Medical Centre (LBMC)             Cover go to Internet: www.ambulancecover.qld.
LBMC is a 24-hour facility for Defence personnel., or The Queensland Ambulance Service at
For more information, contact LBMC.                 Internet:
Tel: (07) 4411 7112
For all emergencies
Tel: 000                                            Patient Transit Scheme (PTS)
Hospitals                                           One government health scheme that will be of
■■ Public■Hospital■                                 interest to you is the PTS. This scheme exists to
                                                    assist people who need to travel elsewhere to
The Townsville Hospital
                                                    receive specialist medical treatment. Assistance is
100 Angus Smith Dr, Douglas
                                                    provided for travel and accommodation costs. It
Tel: (07) 4796 1111
                                                    is suggested that families seek advice from a local
■■ Private■Hospitals                                GP should they require the service.
Mater Health Services NQ Ltd
                                                    Medical Centres
The Mater Hospital Pimlico is a 165-bed,
acute-care facility, owned and operated by the      Extensive lists of all GPs and specialist services are
Townsville Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy.    provided in the Yellow Pages.
21–37 Fulham Rd, Pimlico                            ■■ After■Hours■Medical■Centre
Tel: (07) 4727 4444
                                                    After Hours GP Service
The Mater Women and Children’s Hospital             Shop 7, Medilink Retail Building (adjacent to the
Hyde Park                                           Townsville Hospital)
Obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatrics.            Tel: 1300 552 252 (Call Centre)
12–14 Oxford St, Hyde Park
                                                    Hours: 6.00–10.00pm, Monday–Friday;
Tel: (07) 4722 8822
                                                    12 noon–10.00pm, Saturday; 8.00am–10.00pm,
Ambulance Cover                                     Sunday and public holidays. After 10.00pm,
                                                    call Tel: 1300 552 252. Callers between 10.00pm
Community Ambulance Cover (CAC) replaced
                                                    and 8.00am will be asked a series of questions
the Queensland Ambulance Subscription Scheme
                                                    and will be directed to the most appropriate
and ambulance transport charges on 1 July 2003.
Quite simply, CAC means that all Queensland
residents are automatically covered for the cost
of ambulance transportation anywhere, anytime
across Australia.

                                 DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                                 19
     Special Needs Agencies and Groups                    Mosquitoes breed in water so remove pools
     ■■ Asthma■Foundation■                                of waste water around the home to prevent
                                                          mosquitoes from breeding. The best way to
     The Asthma Infoline can offer information and
                                                          combat potential breeding sites is by following
     understanding for people with asthma, their
                                                          these steps:
     families and carers.
                                                          • Inspect your house and yard for pools of
     Tel: 1800 645 130
                                                            accumulated water.
                                                          • Dispose of all tins, jars, tyres and other rubbish
     ■■ Child■and■Youth■Mental■Health■Services■             items in your yard that can hold water.
     Assists children and youth (from birth to 18         • Fill pot plant bases with sand to absorb water
     years) and their families through the provision        in the tray. For outdoor pot plants, you could
     of comprehensive assessment and treatment              remove the tray altogether.
     of behavioural, emotional and mental health
                                                          • Fill in with soil or cement any water-holding
     disorders. Open referral.
                                                            cavities in trees, hollows, depressions and
     Kirwan Health Campus                                   holes in the yard.
     138 Thuringowa Dr, Kirwan                            • Empty all flower vases, birdbaths, pet water
     Tel: (07) 4799 9004                                    bowls and other water receptacles at least
     ■■ Disability■Services■Queensland■                     once a week. Wipe inside these containers
                                                            with a cloth to remove mosquito eggs. Place
     Nathan Business Centre
                                                            the cloth in the rubbish bin.
     Cnr Nathan St & Ross River Rd, Cranbrook
     Tel: (07) 4727 0666                                  • Screen all openings to tanks or wells with wire
     Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am–5.00pm                 gauze no coarser than 1mm mesh, to prevent
                                                            mosquitoes from laying eggs.
     ■■ North■Queensland■Attention■Deficit■
                                                          • Use a high-pressure spray from a garden hose
                                                            to flush out mosquito larvae, which breed in
     Tel: (07) 4728 9928 (children) or                      plants such as bromeliads.
     (07) 4775 6347 (adults)
                                                          • Empty children’s wading pools after use and
     ■■ North■Queensland■Autism■Support■Group■              clean thoroughly with a cloth to remove
     Tel: (07) 4774 0637 or (07) 4775 3613                  mosquito eggs.
                                                          • Keep roof guttering in good repair and
                                                            regularly remove leaves and debris to prevent
     Environmental Health                                   water from pooling.
                                                          • Drill holes in tyres used for swings and garden
     Mosquito Control                                       surrounds to allow water to drain from them.
     Dengue Fever is a viral disease transmitted to
     people by the mosquito Aedes aegypti. This           Marine Stingers
     mosquito breeds around your home and rarely          Unprotected beach swimming is not
     flies more than 200m from its breeding site.         recommended in the period from November to
                                                          May because of marine stingers (box jellyfish).
     Ross River Virus causes a disease known as
                                                          People new to Townsville should talk to the
     epidemic polyarthritis and is transmitted by salt-
                                                          local lifeguards to gain an understanding of the
     marsh and freshwater mosquitoes. The best way
                                                          risks of ocean swimming. If a sting occurs, go
     of minimising the risk of infection is to protect
                                                          immediately to the local lifesavers, then contact
     yourself from these mosquitoes.
                                                          the Townsville Hospital on Tel: (07) 4796 1111
     When outdoors, particularly in the late afternoon    or dial 000.
     and evening, apply personal mosquito repellent
                                                          Be prepared to give respiratory resuscitation and
     and wear loose-fitting, long-sleeved shirts and
                                                          external cardiac compressions if breathing should
     long trousers or slacks.
                                                          cease. Immediate injection of antivenin will ease

20                                       DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
Special stinger suits or pantyhose will provide      Skin Cancer
protection to those areas covered. Stinger suits     Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in
can be purchased at most chemists and large          the world. More than 2300 Queenslanders a
shopping centres or hired from dive shops.           year are diagnosed with melanomas, and more
Stinger-resistant netted enclosures are located at   than 200 die. While sun-protection programs
The Strand (near the Rock Pool and The Strand        have made an impact, there is still a widespread
Park) and Picnic Bay, Magnetic Island (summer        lack of understanding about the dangers of sun
only). There is also an older-style swimming         exposure.
enclosure at Pallarenda. Picnic and Alma Bays
                                                     Tropical Ear
on Magnetic Island are netted and patrolled by
lifesavers on the weekends.                          Also known as ‘swimmer’s ear’, this is an ear
                                                     infection that inflames the ear canal. Water
Massive stings can be fatal.                         becomes trapped behind wax deposits, allowing
                                                     bacterial or fungal infections to set in. Ensure that
                                                     ears are properly cleaned, particularly if you are
                                                     spending a lot of time in the water.

Defence Community Groups

                                                     The Defence Special Needs Support Group
Defence Special Needs Support                        (DSNSG) is a national volunteer organisation
Group (DSNSG)                                        established to provide support, information
                                                     and assistance to Defence families who care
                                                     for someone with a disability or special need.
                                                     Membership is free. Services provided include
                                                     local support groups, respite programs, posting
                                                     plans, specialised support for adults with special
                                                     needs, Computers 4 Kids, access to grants,
                                                     national newsletter, social skill programs for
                                                     children and much more. For more information,
                                                     contact the National Office.
                                                     National Coordinator
                                                     Margaret Fisk
                                                     Tel: 1800 037 674

                                  DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                                21
                                                           Issues and committees that DFA is currently
     Defence Families of                                   involved in include:
     Australia (DFA)                                       • Child care expansion program
                                                           • Family Support Funding Advisory Committee
                                                           • Defence Housing Australia Advisory
                                                           • New housing classification policy
                                                           • Superannuation review
                                                           • Deployment, relocations and housing support
                                                           • Education assistance review
                                                           • Support to community groups and houses
     Defence Families of Australia (DFA) has been
     representing the views of Defence families for        DFA’s National Conference is held annually and
     more than 20 years. It is a voluntary group           provides an opportunity for face-to-face time
     of energetic and dedicated Defence spouses            where we discuss and develop feedback from
     appointed by the Minister for Defence Science         all regions. We liaise with Defence stakeholders
     and Personnel. We are in the unique position          and work with areas that support ADF families.
     of having access to the Minister, Chief of the        Together, as a team, solutions, additions,
     Defence Force (CDF), senior Defence members           improvements and initiatives are created for ADF
     and key organisations which directly impact on        families.
     the lives of Defence families.
     DFA’s aim is to improve the quality of life for       DFA seeks the opinion of families about essential
     Defence families by providing a recognised            services and entitlements. By joining our DFA
     forum for their views, and by reporting, making       family network, you are supporting our aims
     recommendations and influencing policy that           to represent your needs and improve service
     directly affects families. The DFA Executive          conditions for all ADF families. Please take a few
     attracts volunteers from all services and ranks,      minutes to enter your details on our website.
     to ensure that we represent families adequately
     and understand the issues at all levels. We are       Internet:
     all living the unique lifestyle that comes from       You will receive quarterly DFA news bulletins
     being married to a Defence member. DFA also           updating you on DFA activities and contribute to
     recognises that families today are very diverse and   being a ‘voice for Defence families’.
     face different challenges as they move through
     their phases of life.                                 How can you be involved in DFA?
                                                           If you are interested in learning more about DFA,
     Geographically, DFA volunteers are located all
                                                           or becoming a volunteer in your area, please
     around Australia, representing families at a
                                                           contact your local National Delegate or check out
     local, regional and national level. Our National
                                                           our website.
     Delegates are situated in each state and we try to
     have a Senior Representative on each base also.       Up-to-date family/spouse information is also
     We rely on good communication between each            available on our website.
     other and the families in each region to ensure       Internet:
     that, when issues are raised, they are taken to
     the appropriate stakeholder at a local level or, if   If you need help or advice
     necessary, raised to a national level.                Tel: 1800 100 509

22                                     DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
                                                       Geckos Family Centre
Community Centres                                      Lavarack Barracks
                                                       Tel: (07) 4411 7031
Tropical North Family Centre                           Centre hours: 9.00am–4.00pm, Monday to Friday
RAAF Base Townsville
                                                       Geckos, Lavarack Barracks, is a central location
Tel: (07) 4752 1149
                                                       for members and their families to meet to discuss
                                                       and share common experiences in a safe, relaxed
Centre hours: 9.00am–1.00pm, Monday to Friday
                                                       and comfortable environment.
The Tropical North Family Centre, RAAF Base
                                                       You are welcome to come and chat, meet your
Townsville, provides all Defence families with
                                                       partner or make friends over a good coffee. There
friendly faces, as well as social and emotional
                                                       is a mix of formal activities – such as playgroup,
support. The centre is fully serviced and air-
                                                       book club and craft – and informal opportunities
conditioned throughout – a definite plus for the
                                                       each week. In addition to the regular weekly
summer months!
                                                       events, monthly events include the ‘Taste of
We understand the issues and challenges faced          Deployment’, in which foods from the countries
by Defence families with postings. Being Defence       where troops are deployed is prepared and
families ourselves, we know all about the isolation    shared. Free bus trips to places of interest are a
and the often daunting task of meeting new             bonus that we enjoy every couple of months.
people. The Tropical North Family Centre can help      Participation in events at this centre is free, except
by making you feel like a local in no time! Be sure    for those groups that require state or national
to come by, have a cuppa and say hello.                membership in order to enjoy additional benefits,
Some of our regular activities are playgroup, craft    for example playgroup.
group and barbecues. In addition, we have family       Come along Monday to Friday, from 9.00am.
fun days, an annual Christmas party, workshops,        The centre is located in Building 501 at Lavarack
morning teas … there is always something fun           Barracks – close to the main gate. It is staffed
happening! Babysitting is available for all classes;   by the Brigade Welfare Officer and the Brigade
however, bookings must be made.                        Welfare Coordinator.
For further information, please contact the centre     Tel: 0438 558 812
                                                       Other Community Centres
Tel: (07) 4752 1149
                                                       There are various centres throughout Townsville,
                                                       providing many services. Contact the Community
                                                       Information Centre for a full listing.
                                                       Tel: (07) 4771 4230

                                  DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                                   23
     Locality Information
     Climate                                                 most sunshine hours of any city in Australia.
     Townsville experiences a moderate, tropical             Development of the area has included a university,
     maritime climate, with summer rainfall and              big city shopping facilities and Commonwealth/
     relatively even temperature distribution. For most      state government centres.
     of the year, the temperature is not excessively         Townsville is home to the acclaimed Reef HQ
     high but, in the period from November to early          and headquarters of the Australian Institute of
     March, humidity and temperature combine to              Marine Science, and the Great Barrier Reef Marine
     produce a tropical climate.                             Park Authority. Off shore, there is a great range
     ■■ Rainfall                                             of islands with resort accommodation, including
                                                             Magnetic Island (a suburb of Townsville), and
     Rain in Townsville is seasonal; the wet period is
                                                             Dunk, Hinchinbrook and Orpheus Islands.
     December to March, when almost 80 per cent of
     the total rainfall is received. Rainfall is extremely   Day trips from Townsville can put you in touch
     variable, with the average of 1204mm achieved           with a great variety of sightseeing pleasures: the
     in approximately one in every six years, while the      reef or the outback, rainforest, waterfalls and
     real total has ranged from 250mm to 2489mm.             deserted goldfields.

     ■■ Temperature                                          Sport is a favourite pastime in Townsville, with
                                                             national-standard sport stadiums and several
     Townsville experiences an even temperature
                                                             large sporting and community complexes catering
     range, with winter daytime temperatures in the
                                                             for national representative teams: Crocs NBL,
     mid 20s (˚C) and summer daytime temperatures in
                                                             Cowboys NRL, Fire WNBL and the NQ Fury
     the low 30s.
                                                             A-League. Townsville will also host the Townsville
     Conditions during the months from December              400 V8 Supercars race for the next several years.
     to March are aggravated by high humidity but,
                                                             For more information on the great attractions of
     for the other eight months of the year, Townsville
                                                             Townsville, visit the following websites:
     enjoys an exceptionally fine climate, conducive to
     pleasant indoor and outdoor living.                     ReefHQ Aquarium
     It is suggested that you bring your warm clothes
     for the odd cool night, your trips back down            Townsville Holidays and Tourist Information
     south for holidays and, of course, for winter.          Internet:
     Townsville is the largest city in North Queensland
     and one of the fastest-growing cities in the state,
     with a population exceeding 170,000.                    Cowboys
     For more information on the Townsville area, visit
     Internet:                    North Queensland Fury
     In March 2008, the twin cities of Townsville and
     Thuringowa amalgamated and became the new               Magnetic Island
     Townsville City.                                        Internet:

     Townsville is a major tourist destination and           Northern Queensland Area Holiday Resort
     has an easygoing lifestyle induced by the magic         Internet:
     of many natural attractions, including the

24                                      DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
Local Community                                       The Strand is a facility that provides the
■■ Electoral■Information                              opportunity for people of all ages to be physically
                                                      active in their daily life. It is an environment that
To enrol to vote or to change your address, an
                                                      encourages people in the Townsville community,
electoral enrolment form must be completed.
                                                      of all ages, to be out and about in their local
These are available from the Australian Electoral
Commission website, Internet:,
or from the DCO office or any post office.            You can enjoy the free family fun of the water
                                                      park, fish off the pier, choose to get active with a
You can check your enrolment details online or
                                                      jog, or simply laze on Australia’s Cleanest Beach
call Tel: 13 23 26.
                                                      and enjoy the million dollar views to Magnetic
■■ Centrelink                                         Island. The Strand offers the best of all worlds.
Centrelink needs to know your new address             ■■ Riverway
as soon as possible after you arrive in your
                                                      Located in Thuringowa on the magnificent Ross
new location. There are a number of offices in
                                                      River frontage, Riverway is fast becoming one
                                                      of the most exciting destinations the region has
Tel: 13 10 21                                         to offer. Riverway offers a dynamic combination
Internet:                       of residential, commercial, cultural, sports and
                                                      leisure activities.
■■ Entertainment■and■Recreation■
                                                      With two huge swimming lagoons, the Riverway
Townsville contains a number of modern
                                                      Arts Centre, Pinnacles Gallery, the Riverwalk,
nightclubs, live rock venues, beer gardens and
                                                      public art, village spine, and parklands – there
family-oriented facilities.
                                                      truly is so much to explore.
Townsville has three cinema complexes: Birch,
                                                      The facilities of Riverway are constantly growing
Carroll and Coyle in the city, Warrina Cineplex
                                                      and changing, with three more stages of devel-
in the western suburbs and Reading Cinema at
                                                      opment on the way. For the thrills of high-level
Cannon Park.
                                                      competition, you won’t want to miss the events
The Civic Theatre hosts a variety of guests,          at Tony Ireland Stadium. Boasting a capacity of
including international stars, musicals and           10,000 people, the facility attracts AFL and cricket
operettas. Australian and overseas plays are          competitions at national level, while also catering
frequently performed there. In addition to the        for a variety of community events and sports.
Civic Theatre, there is a small live theatre, a
number of independent theatrical groups and
societies, and numerous restaurants which offer       Townsville has a number of weekend markets
dining and dancing.                                   that are popular with residents and visitors. Please
                                                      contact the Family Liaison Officers for a list of
Townsville boasts a number of services for a range
                                                      when and where the markets are held.
of ethnic groups and people interested in the arts
and cultural activities, as well as the usual clubs
such as Apex, Lions, Rotary, and so on.
The Strand
The Strand is a 2.2km world class beachfront
promenade custom-built for enjoyment.
Along this palm tree-studded stretch are bike
and walkway paths, safe swimming beaches,
picturesque picnic spots, a water park and chic
restaurants and bars with to-die-for water views.

                                  DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                                 25
     ■■ Townsville■Show■                                    Shopping
     The Townsville Show is traditionally held in the       ■■ Cost■of■Living
     first week of July.                                    The cost of living in the Townsville region is very
     ■■ Sport                                               reasonable.
     The dry, mild winter climate and the calm waters       Generally, the cost of consumer goods in
     inside the Great Barrier Reef make sailing, boating    Townsville is comparable with other parts of
     and fishing all popular outdoor activities. For        Australia. There are several major shopping
     those more competitively-minded, weekend yacht         centres – which include Kmart, Big W and
     races are held, including occasional ocean races to    Target stores – that give the same variety and
     reef islands.                                          competitive prices for consumer goods.
     All tastes are catered for in the field of             Groceries and other food items are available from
     competitive sport. The traditional sports of tennis,   a range of supermarkets including Woolworths,
     netball, cricket, golf and many more are played.       Coles, IGA and Foodworks. Most stone fruits and
     Clubs exist for many sports, including ten-pin         vegetables are imported from the south or from
     bowling, BMX, fishing, karate, archery and so on.      the northern tablelands, and prices are generally
                                                            higher than in southern areas.
     Townsville has a grass racecourse at Cluden and
     regular mid-week, Saturday and public holiday          Clothing prices are not much higher than in
     meetings are held. Greyhound racing is held at         capital cities but, because of the tropical climate,
     the Townsville Showground.                             there is usually a reduced selection of winter
                                                            clothing. Consequently, clothing is a relatively
     The sports listed are only some of the activities
                                                            smaller item in the budget.
     available in Townsville. For a more extensive list
     and any other information on cultural, sporting        Durable consumer goods can also carry higher
     and recreational clubs, contact the Community          prices, which reflect transport costs. New
     Information Centre.                                    automobiles, for example, cost more than in
     Internet:                capital cities. Supplies of most kinds of consumer
     Alternatively, call the Family Liaison Officers.       goods are available, although delays are
     Tel: (07) 4753 6539                                    sometimes experienced for less popular brands
                                                            and for replacement parts.
                                                            For more information on the Townsville area, visit
                                                            the following websites:
                                                            Townsville Bulletin
                                                            Welcome to Townsville

26                                     DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
General Services
Banking                                             Fishing
Australian Defence Credit Union Ltd                 There is no requirement for an amateur fisher
Internet:                           to obtain any permit to fish in Queensland tidal
                                                    waters. In some Queensland dams, a ‘stocked
Lavarack Barracks
                                                    impoundment permit’ is required. These are
Located between the swimming pool and CSI-NQ
                                                    available from any Australia Post Office.
Tel: (07) 4725 4299 or (07) 4771 7860
Open: Monday to Friday, 9.00am–4.30pm               A recreational ship master’s licence (speed boat
                                                    driver’s licence) is required to operate a boat in
                                                    Queensland waters.
Whiptail Mall
Tel: (07) 4728 2890                                 There are a number of requirements regarding
Open: Monday to Friday, 9.00am–4.30pm               equipment (nets and so on) and the size and
                                                    quantity of marine life that may be taken. This
■■ Defence■Force■Credit■Union
                                                    information can be obtained from:
                                                    Department of Primary Industries Queensland
Lavarack Barracks                                   (Boating and Fisheries Patrol)
Located between the gym and the chapel              60 Ross St, South Townsville
Tel: (07) 4725 4999 or (07) 4771 7040               Tel: (07) 4772 7311
Open: Monday to Friday, 9.00am–4.30pm               Internet:
ATM available
                                                    Please note: There is a closed season on
RAAF Base                                           barramundi, from midday 1 November to midday
Whiptail Mall                                       1 February. Amateur fishermen are not allowed to
Tel: (07) 4725 1903                                 sell surplus fish for commercial purposes.
Open: Monday to Friday, 9.00am–4.30pm
                                                    CitiLibraries Townsville
Vincent Village
Cnr Nathan St & Fullham Rd, Vincent                 ■■ Flinders■Mall■Branch
Tel: (07) 4775 5611                                 Level 1, Northtown, 280 Flinders Mall
Open: Monday to Friday, 9.00am–4.30pm               Townsville CBD
Saturday, 8.45am–1.30pm                             Tel: (07) 4727 9666
ATM available                                       Hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00am–5.00pm
Parkside Plaza                                      Saturday and Sunday, 9.00am–12 noon
Bamford Lne, Kirwan                                 ■■ Aitkenvale■Branch
ATM only
                                                    Petunia St, Aitkenvale
Defence Service Homes                               Tel: (07) 4727 8310
                                                    Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10.00am–
Tel: 1800 722 000
                                                    Tuesday and Thursday, 10.00am–8.00pm
Insurance                                           Saturday, 10.00am–2.00pm
Tel: 1300 552 662
                                                    ■■ Mobile■Library■Services■(includes■
There are ample branches of the main Australian        Neighbourhood■Library■and■Home■Service)
banking groups and smaller financial institutions
                                                    Based at Aitkenvale Branch
in Townsville. For detailed information on these,
                                                    Fortnightly service throughout Townsville suburbs
check the Yellow Pages.
                                                    Tel: (07) 4727 8324

                                 DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                             27
     ■■ Thuringowa■                                           Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling
     86 Thuringowa Dr, Kirwan                                 Service
     Tel: (07) 4773 8500                                      Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling
     Hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00am–6.00pm                   Service is a specialised, free and confidential
     Saturday, 9.00am–4.00pm                                  counselling service for veterans and their families,
     Sunday, 10.00am–1.00pm                                   provided by the Department of Veterans’
     Also operates a mobile service.                          Affairs. Australian veterans – of all conflicts and
     CitiLibraries also offers a home service for the frail   peacekeeping operations – and their immediate
     and disabled and their carers. Please contact the        family can use this service.
     Mobile Library on Tel: (07) 4727 8324.                   Nathan Business Centre
                                                              Cnr Nathan St & Ross River Rd, Cranbrook
     RACQ                                                     Tel: (07) 4723 9155
     The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland                  Tel: 1800 011 046 (freecall)
     (RACQ) can transfer your membership from an              Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am–5.00pm
     interstate automobile club to RACQ at no extra
     cost.                                                    Taxation
     202 Ross River Rd, Aitkenvale                            Australian Taxation Office
     Tel: (07) 4775 3999                                      235 Stanley St, Townsville
     After-hours breakdown service                            Tel: 13 28 65
     Tel: 13 11 11                                            Internet:
                                                              North Queensland Area Holiday Resorts
     Returned Services League of Australia                    Defence Holidays North Queensland offers
     (RSL)                                                    discounted accommodation and tours for
                                                              Australian Defence Force members and their
     ■■ Townsville■Sub-branch■RSL■and■Services■
                                                              families, for areas from the Whitsundays through
                                                              to Cooktown in far North Queensland.
     139 Charters Towers Rd, Hermit Park
     Tel: (07) 4759 9500                                      While this service is primarily for the use of active
                                                              serving members, it is also extended to Reservists,
     ■■ Magnetic■Island■Sub-branch■RSL                        Defence civilians, Australian emergency services
     31 Hayles Ave, Alma Bay                                  (police, fire, ambulance, SES), overseas Defence
     Tel: (07) 4758 1233                                      Force members, ex-serving members, retired
                                                              members, war widows, TPIs, Vietnam veterans,
     ■■ North■Queensland■Pensions/Advocate■
                                                              national servicemen, and so on.
                                                              Building 617, Lavarack Barracks
     139 Charters Towers Rd, Hermit Park (Quinn’s
                                                              (across from the area gym)
     Post behind the club)
                                                              Tel: (07) 4725 3842
     Tel: (07) 4721 1530
                                                              Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00am–4.00pm
     Veterans’ Services                                       Internet:
     ■■ Department■of■Veterans’■Affairs■(DVA)
     150 Walker St, Townsville
     Tel: 1300 551 918

28                                      DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
Essential Services
Water Restrictions                                   Fast Connect
For conservation purposes, water restrictions        This is a quick, hassle-free way to have your
can apply to Townsville. If your house number is     telephone, electricity and gas services connected
even, watering with the sprinkler will be limited    and disconnected. This is a fantastic free service
to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If your house     for Defence members and assistance is available
number is odd, watering days will be Sunday,         through DHA.
Wednesday and Friday. No one should use
sprinklers on Mondays. Hand-held watering is         Garbage Collection and Kerbside Recycling
allowed on any day, regardless of house number.      Wheelie bins are provided for a weekly service in
                                                     all suburbs. Households are also provided with a
Families moving into DHA houses will be briefed
                                                     recycling wheelie bin – the one with the yellow lid
on current restrictions at the time of the
                                                     – which is collected fortnightly on the same day
welcome visit, and mail-outs will occur should
                                                     as the domestic garbage collection.
restrictions change.
                                                     Recyclables accepted include: aluminium cans,
Utilities                                            steel cans, glass, most plastics, newspaper, paper
■■ Electricity■                                      and cardboard. The city asks that milk bottles and
All applications are via telephone to Ergon          pet food cans have the labels removed and be
customer service.                                    cleaned.

Tel: 13 10 46                                        Please note: Bins should be out by 6.00am for
Internet:                           removal.
                                                     The provision of green waste disposal bins/bags
■■ Gas■
                                                     can be arranged through commercial service
Application for connection of gas can be made        providers.
over the phone on Tel: 13 24 62. If completed in
the morning, connection can often be made the        ■■ Townsville■City
same day.                                            For information on pick-up days, contact
Costs will be determined by the number and           Environmental Health Services.
location of the cylinders used. There is a yearly    Tel: (07) 4727 9003
rental fee. This cost is dependent on the size of    Internet:
the cylinders. The gas is owned by the consumer
                                                     Garbage Dumps
and the cylinders by Origin Energy.
                                                     From 1 July 2008, a system of free tipping
Should you experience any problems with gas          vouchers was introduced for use at Townsville’s
appliances in a service residence, ring DHA          waste facilities. The new system replaces the
maintenance.                                         previous arrangements of free tipping weekends,
Tel: 1300 366 615 (24 hours)                         free green waste tipping and pensioner
Internet:                    concessions. The Townsville City Council provides
                                                     ratepayers with three vouchers to allow free
■■ Telephone                                         dumping of domestic or green waste. Vouchers
There are now a variety of options for choosing      are issued twice annually. Defence members
a phone service, including for STD and mobile        residing in Service residences can obtain
phone calls. For further service details, call the   vouchers from DHA by calling into the office
company of your choice.                              to collect them.

                                  DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                              29
     Dumps are open seven days a week, 6.30am–               ■■ Herveys■Range■Landfill■
     6.00pm. Varying fees apply to the dumping of            Located on Herveys Range Road, approximately
     household rubbish. Please contact your local            8km from Willows Shopping Centre.
     council for the load rates.
                                                             ■■ Jensen■Landfill■and■Transfer■Station■
     ■■ Vantassel■Street■Landfill■(Townsville)                  (Northern■Beaches)■
     Located on Vantassel Street, Stuart. Turn off the       Located on Geaneys Lane, Deeragun. Turn off the
     Bruce Highway heading south, look for the signs.        Bruce Highway heading north, look for the signs.

     With the exception of Victoria and the Northern         Please note: It is advised that you check your
     Territory, Commonwealth, state and territory            third-party insurance eligibility with your current
     authorities implemented a Defence Driving               compulsory third-party insurer if you wish to
     Licence Scheme (DDLS) for ADF personnel and             retain your interstate registration. Some state or
     eligible members of their families. Under the           territory CTP schemes can limit how long you may
     DDLS, the driving licences of both personnel            operate out of state.
     and their families are recognised throughout
     Australia and, therefore, no requirement exists         Boat Registration
     to change a driving licence solely because of a         Internet:
     transfer interstate. On expiry, however, licences       You can register your boat at a Queensland
     must be renewed in the current state or territory       Transport Customer Service Centre that handles
     of residence.                                           marine business. You do not have to take your
     Queensland Transport Customer Service Centres           boat to the centre.
     46 Wills St, Townsville
     21 Leyland St, Garbutt                                  Boat Licences
     Tel: 13 23 80                                           Boat licences can be obtained from the
     Internet:                      Queensland Transport Department, at either
                                                             Wills Street Customer Service Centre or Garbutt
     Public Transport                                        Customer Service Centre.
     Public transport is available within Townsville         From February 2000, Queensland ceased issuing
     and is provided by Sunbus. More information             paper-based boat licences. Instead, licence details
     regarding routes and timetables is available at         are simply recorded in Queensland Transport’s
     Internet:         computerised database, which is immediately
                                                             accessible by on-water enforcement officers such
     Motor Vehicle Registration
                                                             as Water Police and Queensland boating and
     Defence Force personnel are not required to
                                                             fisheries patrols.
     register their vehicles immediately on entry to
     Queensland, and are allowed to retain interstate        Existing Holders
     registration until the registration expires; however,   Holders of licences issued before February
     renewal of registration in the previous state will      2000 can retain their existing licence product
     not be allowed and registration in Queensland is        as evidence that they hold a recreational boat
     required once the interstate registration expires.      licence. There is no longer any need to replace an
                                                             existing recreational ship master’s licence.

30                                      DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
Bicycles/Bikeways                                        There is a system of bikeways leading to Lavarack
Townsville has a good system of bikeways and,            Barracks, and members riding to the barracks
because of its topography, bikes are a very              must use these. No military members are
popular mode of transport. Riding in the bike            permitted to ride bicycles on University Road.
lanes is simple: stay within the lines and ride with
the direction of the traffic. The Queensland Traffic
Act states that a rider shall use the bike lanes
where possible.

Pet Care
Proper care for your pets in the tropics is essential.   Keeping of Birds
There are many aspects of pet care to consider,          All native fauna in Queensland is protected under
but of particular importance is drinking water.          the Fauna Conservation Act. If you are currently
Ensure that your pets have an adequate supply of         in possession of fauna, please check with the
water that is easily accessible. Ensure the water is     National Parks and Wildlife Service for the export
changed every day. This action complies with local       requirements before the movement of any fauna.
health regulations and aids in the prevention and
                                                         Sick and Injured Fauna
spread of dengue fever.
                                                         If you find a native bird or animal that is sick,
Heartworm infection in dogs is prevalent in North        injured or unable to fend for itself, you should
Queensland. To prevent heartworm, your dog               contact Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
must have heartworm prevention medicine. If,             (QPWS) or a vet.
however, your dog has not been on heartworm
prevention before coming to North Queensland,            Please refer all enquiries during office hours to
they must be tested by a veterinary surgeon              QPWS.
before you start medication.                             Tel: (07) 4796 7777

Veterinary surgeons recommend that you                   Wildlife Carers Townsville provides a 24-hour
vaccinate your dog for the following: distemper,         emergency service for injured fauna. For help
hepatitis, parvo virus (vomiting and diarrhoea)          outside regular office hours, Tel: 0412 123 783.
and kennel cough.
                                                         Dog Registration
Veterinary surgeons recommend that you                   All dogs living in Townsville must be registered
vaccinate your cats for the following: feline            on acquisition or within 28 days of moving to
enteritis and cat flu.                                   Townsville. You are allowed to keep up to two
The cane toad is particularly nasty: it is brown         dogs in a residential area. Please note which area
in colour with rough skin. Dogs, and indeed              you reside in since there are hefty penalties for
children, have been known to attack or play with         improperly registered animals.
cane toads. Please discourage such action. The           Application forms are available at cashier counters
toad will defend itself by secreting a poisonous         of the council buildings, and registration tags are
milky fluid from the back of its head. This poison       to be worn by dogs at all times.
can be lethal to dogs (and cats) and can cause
sickness in children. If poisoning does occur, seek
medical advice immediately.

                                   DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                                 31
     Dog Off-leash Areas                                  City Pound
     Dog ‘off-leash’ areas are council-designated parks   If your dog has been picked up by the pound
     where dog owners can exercise their dogs freely.     keeper, you will need to contact the animal
     Townsville has five off-leash areas situated at      refuge. The fine amount will depend on which
     various locations across the city:                   council area your dog lives in. Dogs will be kept
                                                          at the pound only for three days. For further
     • Rossiter Park – between Kimball and Belinda        information, contact the refuge on
       Sts, Aitkenvale                                    Tel: (07) 4774 5130.
     • Lou Lister Park – between Boundary Rd,
       Queens Rd and Philip St, Hermit Park               Rabbits and Ferrets
     • Cambridge Park – between Cambridge Ave             Domestic pet rabbits and ferrets are not
       and Hodges Cres, Vincent                           permitted in Queensland. There is a maximum
                                                          fine of $60,000 for the keeping and sale of these
     • Benwell Rd – beachside between Archer and
                                                          prohibited pets.
       Boundary Sts, South Townsville
     • Pallarenda Beach – between access points 8         Boarding Kennels and Catteries
       and 9                                              For a list of kennels and catteries, please contact
     • Murray Sporting Complex – between Murray           the Townsville FLOs.
       Lyons Cct and the river, next to the skate park    Note: Please book your pets in as soon as possible
     • Memorial Friendship Gardens – Mount Louisa         before October, as kennel space is in high
       end of Kern Brothers Dr, Kirwan                    demand during the Christmas period. Current
     • Jabiru Park – Gouldian Ave, Condon                 vaccinations are essential for boarding your pet.

     Emergency Information
     Cyclone Awareness                                    Cyclone Watch
     ■■ Cyclones■                                         This means a cyclone is approaching and winds
     Tropical cyclones can be the most dangerous,         can exceed gale force within 48 hours, but not
     most deadly storms on Earth. Known in the            within 24 hours. Watch messages are renewed
     northern hemisphere as hurricanes or typhoons,       every six hours. Listen to radio and TV for further
     they can claim the lives of thousands and            advice.
     cause damage costing millions of dollars. In the     Cyclone Warning
     southern hemisphere, the wind in a cyclone whirls
     clockwise around the calm ‘eye’. To qualify as a     This means that wind associated with the cyclone
     cyclone, the winds must reach or exceed 63km/h,      could exceed gale force within 24 hours. Be
     but at their most destructive the gusts can exceed   prepared. Warnings are issued every three hours.
     200km/h. In Australia, the main target of cyclones   When a cyclone is under radar surveillance close
     is the tropical coastline, between November and      to the coast and poses a severe threat, hourly
     April – but cyclones can strike at other times and   advice is issued. Remain tuned to your radio.
     in other areas.                                      Please follow instructions given later in this
     ■■ The■Cyclone■Watch/Warning■System
                                                          It is important to realise that destructive winds
     Radio and television warnings are frequent,          associated with tropical cyclones can extend a few
     relaying either one of two key messages: cyclone     hundred kilometres out from the centre.
     watch or cyclone warning.

32                                     DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
Warnings are issued by the Bureau of                   • battery-operated radio
Meteorology Tropical Warning Centre in Brisbane.       • tinned food
This centre maintains a 24-hour vigil. According
                                                       • water in containers
to the bureau, the best sources of information are
                                                       • torches with spare batteries
radio stations or the bureau’s website.
                                                       • candles
                                                       • matches
Points to remember:
                                                       • essential clothing
• Cyclones don’t always give hours of warning.         • self-contained cooking gear
• Don’t trust your own weather observations.           • first aid kit
• Follow official warnings.                            • essential medication
• Beware of the ‘eye’. You might feel reassured,       • evacuation kit (carried in small bags)
  but soon the wind will be back in full force,
                                                       • emergency kit.
  from the opposite direction.
• Stay protected.                                      Please ensure that your supplies of tinned food
• Do not go outdoors.                                  and batteries are updated for immediate use.
• Remember, the path of the cyclone is random.         Cyclone Action
Cyclones can change course, mark time or even          Defence members are required to perform certain
loop-the-loop. Keep listening to your radio after      tasks regarding preparation for their units, regardless
the cyclone has passed as it could double back.        of whether it is stand-down, after normal working
Continue to listen to your radio after a cyclone       hours or during normal working hours.
warning has been issued.
                                                       Before the cyclone season:
Cyclone Storm Surge and Storm Tide                     • ensure your transistor radio is working (with
Storm surge is caused by a combination of low            fresh spare batteries)
pressure and cyclonic winds piling seawater up         • check that your house roof is sound
against a sloping coastal shelf to produce a storm     • clear your property of loose items that could
tide (above predicted tide levels). The rising water     cause damage by being blown around in a
floods inland over low-lying areas normally above        high wind
tidal influences. Fortunately, storm surges and        • in case of a storm tide warning, know your
storm tides don’t happen very often, but you             nearest safe high area
must always be ready for them. When they do
                                                       • collect tinned food, water containers,
occur, they can be more life-threatening than
                                                         emergency lighting, first aid kit, medicines
the wind.
                                                         and torch.
When a cyclone threat develops, keep listening         On a cyclone warning:
to official warnings issued by the Bureau of           • listen to your radio and TV for further
Meteorology. These will advise if high tides and         warnings
coastal flooding are expected.                         • board up or tape windows
                                                       • store loose articles inside
Emergency/Evacuation Kits – Hold these
ready in house                                         • lock up pets
It is best to prepare an emergency kit before a        • fill water containers, including the bathtub
cyclone is present, as there is often panic buying     • fuel car and place under cover.
batteries, radios, torches and so on, which can
soon become scarce. The kit can contain:

                                  DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                                    33
     On warning of a local evacuation:                     Townsville City Council
     • switch off electricity, gas and so on               Counter-disaster Plan
     • collect emergency evacuation kit                    The Townsville City Council is responsible
     • follow instructions.                                for assisting emergency services (police, fire,
                                                           ambulance, and so on) in the event of a disaster,
     When the cyclone comes:                               with support from the State Emergency Service.
     • stay inside                                         The State Counter Disaster Organisation Act
     • shelter in the strongest part of the house          1975 requires local governments to prepare a
     • protect yourself with a mattress, blankets          plan to deal with all counter-disaster measures
                                                           in their areas.
     • anchor yourself to strong fixtures (such as
       waterpipes) or get under a strong table             Queensland is more disaster prone than other
     • beware of the calm ‘eye’ of the storm. Remain       states, with records showing that storms,
       indoors until advised that the cyclone has          cyclones and flooding are regular events. Many
       passed.                                             of these events can have significant impacts on
                                                           communities and the environment. In addition
                                                           to natural disasters, communities have become
     After the cyclone:
                                                           increasingly dependent on lifelines such as
     • don’t go outside until advised officially or you
                                                           electricity, gas, water supply, sewerage and
       are positive the cyclone has passed
                                                           telecommunications. Any breakdown of these
     • listen to your radio                                services can result in loss of life, human suffering,
     • if you had to evacuate, don’t go home until         economic cost or harm to the environment.
       advised. Use recommended route.
                                                           Effective disaster management arrangements at
                                                           the local government level offer the potential to
     Your Personal Preparation Plan                        significantly reduce these costs.
     Please be aware that Defence might not be able
     to send personnel home to assist in preparing for
     a cyclone. Organise how you will be able to do
     tasks such as turning a trampoline over or moving
     a swing set under the house.

     Tully is a small but busy rural centre, and is the    The Jungle Wing Training Centre
     heart of the rural area that it supports. Tully       The training area covers approximately 32,000ha
     receives a lot of rain, so the most noticeable        with a variety of vegetation and terrain, including
     feature of the area is the dense, green vegetation.   primary and secondary jungle and savanna. Jarra
     The population of Tully is approximately 3400         Creek bisects the southern end of the training
     people, and it is situated approximately 145km        area and presents a formidable obstacle in
     south of Cairns, 200km north of Townsville and        periods of heavy rain. The average annual rainfall
     2000km north of Brisbane on the Bruce Highway.        of 5m causes flash-flooding on occasions. The
     Tully receives more than 4134mm of rain a year,       north–south road runs parallel to Jarra Creek on
     making it one of the wettest places in Australia.     the west side and is suitable for vehicles in most
     Tully is the administrative hub for the Cardwell      weather conditions. Numerous old logging tracks
     Shire, making it a busy town.                         exist, most of which are impassable to vehicles.

34                                    DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE
The wildlife in the area includes jungle fowls,        Childcare Services
snakes, pigs, rats and cassowaries. Parasites          ■■ Playgroups
commonly encountered include leeches, ticks,
                                                       Community Centre
mites, march flies and mosquitoes. The elements
mean that most sub-units will be soaking wet for
the duration of their training, if not from the rain   QCWA Playgroup Australia
then from the heat and humidity. It should be          Wednesday
noted that during the year, especially the cooler      Uniting Church Hall
months, temperatures drop appreciably.                 Friday
Housing                                                Childcare Centres
■■ Types■of■Housing                                    Tully Early Learning Centre
The Tully region has a number of DHA homes.            Long- and short-term and before- and
The housing stock comprises low-set, brick-            after-school care.
veneer, block and high-set block homes in Tully,       151 Bryant St, Tully
while Mission Beach has high-set block homes.          Tel: (07) 4068 0300
The homes have been designed specifically to suit      Tully Kindergarten Association
the tropical climate and conditions. Most homes        48 Bryant St, Tully
in Tully are on elevated land, which significantly     Tel: (07) 4068 1570
enhances comfortable living for families. The
homes in Mission Beach provide these comforts,         Medical Services
as well as being a short walk from the beach.          Tully Hospital
Mission Beach is approximately 30 minutes’ drive       Cnr Creek & Bryant Sts, Tully
from Tully and another 20 minutes from the Tully       Tel: (07) 4068 4144
Training Centre.
                                                       The following medical services are available in
All homes are equipped with some form                  the Tully area: dentist/orthodontist, chiropractor,
of air-conditioning, focusing mainly on the            physiotherapy, chemists and Blue Care.
bedrooms. To provide more climate flexibility, it is
recommended that you bring any fans or heaters         Emergency Services
that you have with you.                                ■■ Fire■Station
All homes have paths around them and ‘extenda’         Richardson St, Tully
clotheslines in the garages. The lifestyle combines    Tel: (07) 4068 1519
the relaxed pace of a country town with
                                                       ■■ Police■Station
sensational scenery. There are only two seasons
– wet and dry – and the wet is characterised by        42 Bryant St, Tully
high humidity and heavy rain.                          Tel: (07) 4068 1200
                                                       ■■ State■Emergency■Service■(SES)■
Schools and Education Services
                                                       Tel: (07) 4068 1577
Tully has a state primary school, a Catholic
primary school and a state secondary school.           ■■ Coast■Guard■Australia■Volunteer■
There is a state primary school at Mission                Association■Inc.
Beach. A school bus service operates. For more         Luff St, Tully Heads
information, contact the REDLO.                        Tel: (07) 4066 9300
                                                       For more information on the Tully area, contact
                                                       the FLOs.

                                   DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE                                               35
     Important Numbers
     Area Code: (07)                                 Centrelink
     Defence Community Organisation (DCO)            Appointments
     Nathan Business Centre                          Tel: 13 10 21
     Cnr Ross River Rd & Nathan St, Cranbrook        Family assistance
     Reception                                       Tel: 13 61 50
     Tel: (07) 4753 6539
     Fax: (07) 4779 0078                             Youth and students
                                                     Tel: 13 24 90
     The Bases
     Defence Switchboard                             Tel: 13 27 17
     Tel: 1300 333 362
                                                     Employment services
     RAAF Base (Switch)                              Tel: 13 28 50
     Tel: (07) 4752 2111
                                                     Family Relationship Advice Line
     Lavarack Barracks (Switch)                      Tel: 1800 050 321
     Tel: (07) 4411 7011
     Lavarack After-hours Duty Room
                                                     Legal Aid Queensland
     Tel: (07) 4411 7314                             Tel: 1300 651 188

     Ross Island (Duty Room – 10FSB)                 Townsville Community Legal Service
     Tel: (07) 4753 6226                             Tel: (07) 4721 5511
     Flightline Partners/Thrift Shop                 North Queensland Women’s Legal Service
     Tel: (07) 4752 1154                             Tel: (07) 4772 5400
     National Welfare Coordination Centre            North Queensland Combined Women’s
     (NWCC)                                          Services
     Tel: 1800 801 026                               Tel: (07) 4775 7555
     Family Information Network for Defence          Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling
     (FIND)                                          Service
     Tel: 1800 020 031                               Tel: 1800 011 046
     Defence Health                                  Councils
     Tel: 1800 335 425                               Townsville City
                                                     Tel: (07) 4727 9000
     Tel: 13 10 08 or (07) 4778 9555

36                                     DCO – WELCOME TO TOWNSVILLE

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