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					                                                                                                                                                18 February

                                                                            Corner McCutcheon Way and Cromwell Street, Collingwood VIC 3066
  No. 01 / 09                               Phone 9417 6681      Fax 9416 1279

                              Welcome to a new school year!

                                                                                                   New and old families, staff and friends enjoyed the welcome
                                                                                                   picnic on Friday 13th. The senior school orchestra played
                                                                                                   some wonderful music to enjoy and the pizza oven had its
                                                                                                   first good workout for the year.

     ••• Calendar •••                           Dear Parents and Caregivers,
                                                I would like to welcome back all staff, students and families. I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing
                                                summer break. The College has returned with the news of 31 new prep and 22 new Year 7 families who
February                                        have joined the Collingwood community this year for what will be an amazing journey. The enrolments
                                                have burst through the 500 barrier and we have our best enrolment figures for over 9 years! Thanks to
18 Wed ~ Middle School Information              everyone who has helped spread the word about the school.
Evening 6pm
                                                I would also like to extend a warm welcome to our new staff – Elissa (RE345), Liz(RE123), Cindy and
19 Thu ~ School Council Multimedia Room         Charlotte (Steiner 7), June (ESL), Michael(VCE Literature), Cherry (Chinese Teacher Assistant) and
5.30pm                                          Keir (LT Middle School). I also welcome back Stan (my PA), Megan (Steiner Prep), Nick (Maths) and
23 Mon ~ Early Childhood centre                 Luke (English). Staff undertaking a change of responsibility include Josh (Library to Middle School),
discussion meeting 7.30pm                       Vicki (Prep to Craft, Reading Recovery and Literacy Support), Euan (Senior School Manager) and Lisa
                                                (Integration). Chrissy is Chair of the Steiner College of Teachers. Kerri and Chrysanthe will continue to
25 Wed ~ School Photos                          act as Assistant Principals for Semester 1.
27 Fri ~ Chinese Cultural Day                   We have conducted extensive maintenance works over the summer and we will continue to upgrade
27 Fri ~ EMA Applications close today for       parts of the school over the months ahead. Extensive painting of stairwells and handrails, corridors
first half year payments                        (ground floor Arts wing) and doors have been completed. A new Reggio Emilia inspired Prep room
                                                has been developed and John and Bronte (John’s wife who is 8 months pregnant!) spent weeks over
27 Fri ~ New Zealand Trip farewell -
                                                summer planning and preparing this wonderful learning space. (Stay tuned for highlights of this
matinee concert                                 wonderful journey). Major works on the gym were completed and the playground will commence works
28 Sat ~Working Bee – Parents, students,        in mid February.
staff, friends all parents encouraged to        We hear Melanie Ruchel (College Principal until retirement November ‘08) is fit and healthy and we wish
come for a few hours 10.00am - 4.00pm           her well with her continuing efforts to overcome her health concerns. I miss her dearly. I would also like
                                                to extend our heartfelt sorrow to all the families effected by the bushfires, particularly to the Buchannan
March                                           Family who lost young family members in this tragic event and who have family members battling
01 Sun ~ Clean up Australia Day                 serious burn injuries. The College is busy planning support measures and fundraising – stay tuned!
02 Mon ~ Kitchen Garden meeting 7pm             The College picnic was a great success last Friday night and the chocolate and marshmallow pizza was
09 Mon ~ Labour Day Public Holiday              definitely the highlight of the night. The College Principal and Assistant Principals will be available for a
                                                “chat and cuppa” session each Friday morning in the canteen at 9am. We hope parents use this time to
VIC SCHOOL TERM DATES 2009                      informally share their experiences with us to improve parent voice in the community.
Term 1: 2 February to 3 April                   The College Council has 9 vacancies in the upcoming March election for School Council and so please
Term 2: 20 April to 26 June                     consider the importance of continued good governance for a growing school…something that has been
(12 June will be a student free day)            the backbone of the College over the last 5 years. If the harmony and enthusiasm being displayed in
                                                these early days is any sign of what is to come then 521 students, 77 staff and many families are in for a
Term 3: 13 July to 18 September
                                                fantastic year.
Term 4: 5 October to 18 December
                                                Dale Perichon, Acting Principal
About this Newsletter                                                   Who’s who Prep to Year 8
This Newsletter (known as the ‘paper’ Newsletter, although it is        Junior and Middle School Staff
also available via email and web) is produced by both staff and         Assistant Principal - Prep to Year 8 ~ Kerri McCulloch
parents at Collingwood. This year, Kerri McCulloch, Assistant
Principal P-8 will oversee its production and remind staff when
contributions are due. These dates are also all marked on the           Prep to 8 Home Group Teachers
College Calendar with a small ‘clock’ symbol. Stanley (Principal’s
                                                                        Steiner Prep ~ Megan Young
Assistant) works with Kerri to assemble all the material that is to
go into the Newsletter after each deadline and then it is sent to a
parent (Virginia) who desk top publishes it and organises printing      Prep/1 Reggio Emilia inspired ~ John Drake & Madeleine Crofts (asst)
and delivery to the College. So, like many things at the College, it
is a collaborative effort between staff and parents!
There are three editions of the Newsletter each term. They are          Class 1 Steiner ~ Kate Dempsey
usually distributed on a Wednesday afternoon. Parents are also
welcome to submit items and photos via email. It is also sent out       Class 2 Steiner ~ Barbara Prior
to the College’s parent email list and backcopies are available on
the Colege website at
Send all your Newsletter items to             Grade 1/2/3 Reggio Emilia inspired ~ Bianca Maxwell & Liz Arnott
It is a good way to let the College community know about what is
happening around the College, upcoming events or activities that        Class 3 Steiner ~ Nick McKenzie
may be of interest to other parents, images of excursions or other
school activities are always most welcome.
You can also let the College know what you would like to read           Class 4 Steiner ~ Martin Poeder
about in the newsletter by sending an email to this address above.
You can always send in items about education or kids or related
                                                                        Class 5 Steiner ~ Frank Stanley
issues for sharing too (as long as it can be sent digitally and does
not need retyping :-).                                        
If you can spare a few hours 3 times each term to help with             Grade 3/4/5 Reggio Emilia inspired ~ Lara Lubitz & Elissa McAuliffe
distributing the Newsletter we would greatly appreciate the help.
Let Kerri know or send a message to the email above.          
Keep up to date with what’s happening at CC
As well as the ‘paper’ Newsletter produced 3 times each term            Class 6 Steiner ~ Wolfgang Maschek
there is also an informal weekly email newsletter produced by 
a parent (Amanda) which has a quick round up of dates, events           Class 7 Steiner ~ Charlotte Bailey
coming up, urgent notices and various other interesting titbits
that helps keep us all well-informed. If you would like to receive
this weekly email newsletter send your details to: ccryder@iinet.       Class 7 Steiner ~ Cinderella and ask to be included on the list.                    
Also, do you have your A3-sized fridge-friendly 2009 College Calendar
                                                                        Class 8 Steiner ~ Julia Karas
yet? If not, ask your child’s teacher or pick one up from the Office.
Key dates and lots of other information are also posted on the
College website at                           Class 6/7/8 ~ Sophie Rudolph & Keir Jasper
    WURUNDJERI ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                          Integration Aides
             Welcome to Collingwood College.                            Andrew Brocchi
                                                                        Kevin Skinner
       The College acknowledges the Wurundjeri
                                                                        Stephanie Woodruff
     community as the first owners of this country.                     Lisa Devane
        Today, they are still the custodians of the                     Jeanette Meredith
               cultural heritage of this land.
     Further to this, the College acknowledges there
     are other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
     people who have lived, worked and contributed
        to the cultural heritage of our community.

2      Collingwood College Newsletter – 18 February 2009
Prep to Year 8 News
A very warm welcome to all students and families of                 College Notices
Collingwood College for 2009. It has been a time of great           I apologise for the large number of notices that have been sent
excitement welcoming new students and their families to our         home. Many of these notes require your immediate attention
learning community. This of course has been tempered by the         and need to be signed and returned to school. Please check with
tragic events of the past week in Victoria. Our College is making   your child’s teacher to ensure you have received all the necessary
a collection of toiletries, baby food and nappies to assist in a    paper work to begin the school year.
small way to the bushfire appeal. Please leave your donations at
                                                                    Middle School Information Evening
the middle school staff room.
                                                                    The middle school information evening will be held on the
Welcome to New Staff                                                18th February and the staff hope to see all our families attend.
Keir Jasper                                                         This will be an evening when important information will be
Keir completed a Bachelor of Arts (Social Science) and a Graduate   shared and your chance to gain a greater understanding of the
Diploma of Primary Education (RMIT). He has been teaching           philosophies we work with to help our students build upon and
in primary schools for almost ten years. Keir has taught in         develop their amazing skills and knowledge.
classrooms and homerooms, as well as spending two years             Year 7 Steiner
implementing an innovative Studio Arts program. In 2004
                                                                    Please note that Charlotte and Cinderella have scheduled
Keir was awarded the Outstanding Primary Teacher award
                                                                    their inaugural “Night of Noteables” for the same evening (to
for Victoria, for implementing and leading a Reggio Emilia
                                                                    avoid multiple trips to Collingwood). Year 7 students will be
inspired program in a government primary school. Keir is also a
                                                                    presenting work for the Main Lesson on biographies. This will
performing artist and qualified dance teacher. He will be working
                                                                    commence at 4.30 and finish at 6 o’clock. Please invite your
in the middle years 6/7/8 Project Based Learning program, and is
                                                                    friends and family to come along and support the student’s
the Leading Teaching - Literacy at Collingwood College.
                                                                    work. At 6pm parents will then move into the multipurpose
Cinderella Ahearn                                                   room for the middle school information session. An appointed
Cinderella has been trained in the art of Princess-ship since       staff member will supervise the students at this time while they
childhood and decided to dedicate her working life to education     pack up their presentations. Afternoon tea will be provided for
with a difference. Recently relocated from tranquil Mount Eliza     the year 7’s on this day. Could you please send $2 to help cover
she has reunited with her Steiner family and moved into the         the cost.
year seven wing as a class teacher. Look out for her pumpkin
                                                                    Email Address List
parked in the car park and when anybody finds her Prince,
please forward him to the office immediately.                       I am currently trying to update our data base of email contacts for
                                                                    parents. Can you please email me on mcculloch.kerri.a@edumail.
Charlotte Bailey                                           if you wish to have your name added to our list.
Charlotte is one of the class seven Steiner teachers. She is a
                                                                    I look forward to continue on my journey with your children…
graduate teacher who completed teaching rounds her in the
second semester of 2008. Following her rounds she continued         Kerri McCulloch, Acting Assistant Principal
to volunteer here in the middle school. Charlotte has spent
                                                                    Library News
years working towards achieving her goal of becoming a Steiner
teacher and is excited about working closely with the school        The Collingwood College library is open every morning from
community to improve her work. Outside of school Charlotte          8am. Students and parents are more than welcome to come
enjoys cooking, reading, spending time with her family and          in and borrow books in the morning or after school. Josh is
friends and walking the dog. She looks forward to a fun and         currently taking library classes with Steiner 2-6 and Reggio Prep
productive year here at Collingwood College.                        -3 once a week where students are read to and taught the correct
                                                                    way of using a library. As parents or guardians it would be great
Liz Arnott                                                          if you could remind your child to return his or her books when it
Liz is co-teaching with Bianca in the grade 1/2/3 Reggio Emilia     is library day.
inspired classroom. She is a graduate teacher, who last year        Library Days
worked upstairs on an internship with Lara and John and
                                                                    Monday – Frank Class 5, Nick class 3
she volunteered to cook with students in the kitchen garden
program. Liz spends her time outside school seeing live music,      Tuesday – Wolfgang Class 6
reading, cooking, baking, swimming, watching films and bike         Wednesday – Bianca and Liz Class 1,2 and 3
riding. She is really enjoying working in our community and         Thursday – John Prep-1
looks forward to meeting more of the parents and students
                                                                    Friday – Martin Class 4, Barb Class 2
within the school.
                                                                    As well as library classes the library is also the place where
EMA                                                                 students can pick up their booklist books. Students in 6/7/8
The Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) provides                  project based learning however purchase their books directly from
assistance to low-income families by helping with the costs         Sophie or Keir. We will continue to have the books until the end of
associated with the education of their children. Parents must       the month, any books purchased after this date will have a wait of
submit their EMA application form to the school by 27 February      up to two weeks for the books to be re-sent to the school.
2009. These forms are available in the office.

                                                                          Collingwood College Newsletter – 18 February 2009         3
Junior and Middle School News
Great Books for Students
Year 9 and above:
                    The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time
                    Indian by Sherman Alexie
                    How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff
                    Life on the Refrigerator Door by Alice

                    Year 5-8:
                    Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney
                    Stormbreaker (Alex Rider series) by
                    Anthony Horowitz
                    Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan
                    Year 3-5:
                    Bambert’s Book of Missing Stories by
                    Reinhardt Jung                                  Class 4 Camp
                    The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane         I went to camp late because I had an earache. It sucked. I missed
                    By Kate DiCamillio                              2 nights and 3 days. My dad and Martin organised for my dad
                                                                    and Martin to drive to Avalon airport so that Martin could
                    Georges Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl        pick me up and take me there. We went to Cottage By The Sea.
                    Prep – 3:                                       When we got there everybody was at the Marine Discovery
                                                                    Centre. The building was really cool from the outside. The roof
                    Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers (in fact       was covered with plants (which didn’t really make sense because
                    any book by him)                                it was a marine centre). When it came time to go home I was
                    Enigma by Graeme Base                           disappointed because I’d only spent one day there. Sigh!!! At
                    Nicholas (series) by Goscinny                   least I got to stay one day.
                                                                    By Seren.
                    Thanks - Josh and Alina                         On the way to camp I felt a bit nervous. When we got there
Take Home Books                                                     I was a bit disappointed because I thought it would be like
                                                                    Kangaroobie. I knew that it wouldn’t be on a farm but I thought
All students from Prep to Year 8 will be expected to have a take-
                                                                    it would be a bit more bushy. One of my favourite activities was
home book every day. The benefit of parents reading with their
                                                                    when we went scrambling over the rocks. Cadien and I looked
children is undisputed. Parents have a great opportunity to
                                                                    together. We found heaps of crabs and sea snails.I felt a bit
contribute positively to the academic success of their children
                                                                    excited to go home because I missed my cat and my bed.
by reading to and with their child and of course they can provide
the one-to-one attention that formal schooling cannot provide.      By Leon
As children learn to read at school, parents can help reinforce     On Monday we had a normal school day. I felt really happy and
the skills they are learning in the classroom. It’s important to    nervous. On Tuesday I felt really, really, really nervous. When
remember that children will learn to read at different rates.       I got on the bus I sat down. When I got there we went to the
Parents should discuss their child’s progress with their teacher    bedroom and we were mucking around and then we ate dinner.
to work out the best way they can help their child at home.         Rose and I felt sick. We went to bed and in the morning I had
Questions for Middle School Parents                                 a sore back. My favourite activity was the swimming because
                                                                    me and Rose and Lettice buried ourselves in the sand. We
Are you talking with your child about the books they are reading
                                                                    pretended that we were genies. It was fun. On the way home I
                                                                    was really happy because my dad and my mum would be tucking
Are you reading the books with them?                                me in to bed.
Are you interested in adolescent book titles?                       By Tilly
Your reading, models for your children the value of reading!        On the way to camp I felt a little bit scared. I have never had
                                                                    a sleepover before. But at the same time I felt really excited. I
                                                                    really liked the rope course. I liked the bit where you walk along
                                                                    the big log. On the way home I felt a little bit sad but at the
                                                                    same time I was excited to see my mum.
                                                                    By Bethany
All kids need a                         proper shady hat in
one of the styles                       above at school every
day in Terms 1 and 4 to protect their skin from sun damage in
our climate. Collingwood College is a SunSmart school and has
a ‘no hat - no play’ policy!

4      Collingwood College Newsletter – 18 February 2009
Prep Reflections                                                            Reggio Emilia Inspired Program
I like school because                                                       If a flower gets burnt it could regrow again, just like a human body-
I like playing and                                                          if it gets burnt it can heal itself.
there are fun things                                                        Sumeyra
to do like building                                                         Because of all the sun heat there have been lots of fires. Many
and playing games.                                                          people have been hurt. Some have survived, some haven’t. My
I have made friends                                                         family and I were thinking of donating some things to the people
here like Isabella and                                                      that survived.
Saskia and they are                                                         Sadija
nice to me and they                                                         Our play was about two people who were brothers or friends and
say ‘Yes’ most of the                                                       there was a fire coming really close to them and they did team work
time when I say let’s                                                       and they survived the fire even though their house was burnt to
do this. I like going                                                       ruins.
outside where the                                                           Lachlan
sandpit is because
                                                                            At the start of the play Marla and Joey were really bored and they
I like being near
                                                                            were starting a fire. They wanted it to look like it wasn’t deliberate
the chooks. I like
                                                                            because it was so hot they thought no one would notice. All the
the photos in our
                                                                            smoke got into their lungs and there was a baby on the table and
classroom because
                                                                            Jasmine saved the baby by taking it to the hospital then jasmine
they are nice to
                                                                            called Zoe the boss of the fire brigade was resting Jarrah and Nick
look at. John is nice
                                                                            answered the phone luckily Jasmine yelled into the phone and we
and funny when he
                                                                            sent of in the fire truck. We where able to put the fire out in ten
plays funny games. I
                                                                            seconds flat. We took Marla and Joey into the fire truck and took
am looking forward
                                                                            them to the hospital. At the hospital Joey was treated first and was
to having all the
                                                                            given some blood, Marla didn’t need any treatment. We finished with
photos up above our
                                                                            a bow to the adience.
                                                                            Zoe B, Jarrah, Marla, Joey, Nick, Jasmine and Olivia. Zoe B
                                                                            It must be so terrible to have a house that you have had for so long
I like playing with my friends at school. My friends are Evie, Mehek
                                                                            being burnt down by fire. It rushes so fast with the wind it’s like it’s
and Aya. I play with them a lot and I play whatever my friend wants
                                                                            competing against something. Only having a few seconds to grab
to play. I like to be in the other room with my friends. I like the
                                                                            something that’s close to your heart in a burning house.
climbing frame, one of my friends taught me the easy way to get up.
                                                                            Zoe Tzevakos
Our classroom in fun and fun to play in. John is funny especially
when he runs funny when we are playing ‘Duck Duck Goose.’ I like            It’s quite sad that their homes are lost and something’s burnt down
Madeleine because I love her because she’s nice. I’m looking forward        that they loved. I wonder why a person would burn down another
to having a home corner to play in. Indigo                                  person’s house.
                                                                            Cade Adams-Jacka
I like playing Star Wars with my friends Davide and Jim. Jim likes
me that’s why he’s my friend. I like being outside in the garden at         Some people lit fires and some people stole things from people’s
school. John is nice to me and he plays funny games with me. I’m            house. That’s really sad. On the other hand other people have been
looking forward to the picnic because I like eating. Kieran                 running away from the fires and taking videos of the fires and
                                                                            they’ve been donating things I heard someone had grass at the
I like everything about school. I like books and reading books with
                                                                            front of their house and it saved their house and them.
Mazin, Hekima, Saskia and Isabella. I like to draw pictures of my Mum
                                                                            Henry Hislop
and my Dad and my sister and me. I like everything about John because
he’s gentle and I listen to him. When I have something to say he listens    My dad’s cousins had a house in the country and they got affected by
to me. My favourite place is my sister’s room because my sister is there.   the fire because the fire came and burnt half of their house down and
I’m looking forward to everything at school. Ahmed                          I’m not sure if their horses and dogs survived. My cousin is in hospital
                                                                            with bad burns. It all makes me feel pretty sad.
I like school, especially the other room where the window is. I like
                                                                            Nele Adams-Jacka
playing spies in there. I like playing with Evie, Mehek, Edmund, Lily
and Isabella. I like to read books by myself. John is funny. I like going   Lots of people are upset because their families have been dying
to aftercare because I get to play and my friends come with me. I am        in the fires. People have been very badly hurt. I think people have
looking forward to painting at school.                                      been committing suicide by driving in their cars through the fires. I
Taylor                                                                      think the fires started with people throwing cigarettes on the floor
                                                                            because they can’t be bothered to throw them in the bin and put
I do a rest time at the end of the day. I do play with Declan. I play
                                                                            the fire out. Those people just want other people to pick up their
with gardening toys. This is a beautiful school. Megan is beautiful
                                                                            cigarettes and don’t care about the cleaners doing their hard work.
because she has a beautiful room.
                                                                            Dillon Van Cuylenburg
                                                                            The fires have killed people. My friends in Talangata, Yakandanda
I like coming to school because it is really nice. There are fun things
                                                                            and Wadonga were very close to the fire. My friend Geoff was
here like the kitchen garden and the climbing frame. I like Megan.
                                                                            going to fight the fire and his friends, who lives with him was very
                                                                            worried that he didn’t come back. Later he returned. He was very
On my first day I felt really nervous. My nerves went on until the          relieved but had a very dramatic face. He wrote a new song on the
second day and then they stopped because everyone was nice.                 piano.
My favourite thing at school is being inside playing. Today I did           Martin Passi
eurthmy and I learnt about the sun. Megan has to do guard duty
and she watches kids.
Bush Fire Reflections

                                                                                 Collingwood College Newsletter – 18 February 2009              5
I am lucky that I feel safe because I am far away from the fires
                                                   and they can’t
                                                   travel through the
                                                                           Chinese Cultural Day
                                                   concrete areas of
                                                   the city.               During the celebration of Year
                                                   Jarquin Vickery         of OX, we are going to have our
                                                   The fires are very      Chinese Cultural Day linking to
                                                   bad. They have          Chinese New Year celebrations
                                                   been on the news        on Friday, 27 February in Week
                                                   all week. They eat      5. In the morning, there will
                                                   houses. Watching        be some Cultural activities in
                                                   the news makes me       Chinese classes according to
                                                   feel really sad. Many   the school normal timetable.
                                                   people don’t even       Activities will be Chinese cooking, craft work, calligraphy and
                                                   have identification,    dancing, etc. In the afternoon, between 1:30 - 3:00 (Period 5
                                                   so the government       and 6) a Chinese Concert will be held in the school theatre.
                                                   doesn’t know who        Parents, teachers and students are welcome to the theatre to
                                                   you are if you were     watch our wonderful performances mostly by our students,
                                                   in the fire storm.      who are from different years and will show us Dragon Dancing,
                                                   Felix Bridie            MuLan Fans, Chinese Drums, Singing, short play, etc. I’m sure
                                                   It would be horrible    we’ll have a wonderful day. Lijuan Wang
                                                   being one of the        2009 Chinese teacher assistant
                                                   people who’s house
burnt down and loosing everything you owned, like the article we           We have our new Chinese teacher assistant (CTA) from China
read about the man who lost all his pets, even Lucky a bird who            like Elsie 2008 CTA with us now. Her name is Huiyao Xu.
survived the last fires, but not this one. He lost everything. It          She is living in Johnston Street for the first Semester, then
would be good to try and cheer up the people with plays of stories         she will do home stay in Term 3. We are still looking for her
or pictures.                                                               accommodation in Term 4. So feel free to contact me or Jing if
Nicholas Baldwin-Sloan                                                     you would like to offer a home stay to her. She is an easy going
I guess a lot of the animals in the forests that were burnt are            lovely girl. You may have met her at the school Family Picnic
in animal hospitals recovering from their burns. I think a lot of          to meet more people lastFriday evening. Please show a warm
them died which is actually kind of sad. Some people might have            welcome to her. Thanks for your support!
dropped a cigarette on purpose and that started the fires and then         Lijuan
the wind pushed it to kill everything in its path. I think my mum
could make lots of chocolate chip muffins and we could sell them           Commemoration of the Apology to the Stolen
to raise money for the animals to build separate shelters for them         Generations
so they could heal in their shelters and live in them until they can       Last Friday morning, 13
be released back into the wild. It makes me mad at the people who          February, parents, staff and
started the fire.                                                          students gathered to observe
Hugo Ried                                                                  the 1st Anniversary of the
It’s very sad and it’s very bad. We have been watching the news and        National Apology to the
I heard there’s going to be another one and it could go to Yarra,          Stolen Generations.
I think. I feel safe in the city because there aren’t so many trees.       The morning included a
I think we should stop using so much electricity and gas because           shared breakfast, a screening
that’s going to make the earth hotter and hotter because of global         of the Welcome to Country ceremony for the Opening of
warming and then every stick will burn. It will be really easy for         Parliament in 2008 followed by Kevin Rudd’s Apology speech.
something to catch on fire in the city.                                    It was an opportunity to remind ourselves of this important
Sonny Gerrard-Brown                                                        day in our country’s history and to remember what a special
My mum is working in Whittlesea helping people who were in the             healing day it was for so many. If you happened to be out of the
fires with new homes. It’s the worst fire ever and I feel a bit scared.    country or otherwise engaged last year when it all happened,
I also feel safe because my house is not in a place where there can        it was also a good opportunity to relive the moment. Thanks to
be a bushfire.                                                             the committed group of parents and carers for organising this
Jarrah McKail Serpell                                                      special event.
The fires burned through the towns viciously. As soon as we heard          If you missed the event and would like to catch up with the
the news, we discussed it at school. First we thought of donating          events, you can find material at Reconciliation Australia
blankets and clothes that we could drop off at Max’s shop on      which has a free 30 minute
Brunswick St and Beau’s Mum told us she could drop things at               documentary about the Apology produced by Indigenous Film
Wallan. We also thought of writing a letter to some of the big             Services and narrated by Jack Thompson and with commentary
companies to get food, toothpaste, etc to donate. We are going to          by Shelley Reys. This film begins two days before the Apology
have a bake sale fundraiser for the bushfire victims on Friday 13th        and features interviews and behind the scenes footage and
at the School Picnic. We also thought of selling raffle tickets on         shows the outpouring of emotion and joy at the ultimate high
Smith St for approx $2. When we heard we all reacted the same              point when Kevin Rudd delivered the apology. The film also
way, we all wanted to help as much as possible.                            includes the Welcome to Country ceremony at the opening of
                                                                           Parliament the day before.
Leon, Max, Ziggy, Fin, Josh - Middle School
                                                                           If you would like to help with future activities or events, please
                                                                           contact Staci Timms

  6    Collingwood College Newsletter – 18 February 2009
Senior School News
Study Camp Year 12
The year has started full of running in the Senior School.
Our Year 12’s have already been away on a Study Camp, at
International House – one of the University of Melbourne’s
residential College’s. This camp was a great success, with
students from both Collingwood and Fitzroy High School
participating in a number of workshops aimed at improving
their skills and to equip them with the “academic tools” so they
can get the best out of the year.
The students were treated to a motivational speaker, Steven
Beverling, a previous student president of International
House and is now a solicitor and barrister in Sydney. The Staff     INVITATION FROM FORMER STUDENT TO SUPPORT KIDS IN
of Collingwood and Fitzroy also ran sessions on improving           THE PHILIPPINES - on HARMONY DAY, 21 MARCH 2-6pm in
essay writing, revision and study skills, inquiry based research    Melbourne’s CBD:
methods, Careers advice and a preview to the General                Remember me!!!??? I am a former student of Collingwood College -
Achievement Test (GAT) that all students studying a Unit 3 or 4     for eleven long years!
subject have to sit.                                                I am now nineteen years old and studying at William Angliss and am
It wasn’t all hard work; the students worked in small teams on      hoping that my old school community might once again support me in
a fun and very competitive trivia/physical challenge/scavenger      a project I am involved in - fund raising again for the children’s home in
hunt. Congratulations to the winners, Collingwood students          the Philippines where I was adopted from as a baby.
Ari & Eleanor who were working with Ashley and Peter from           Some of you may remember that at the age of fifteen, whilst still at
Fitzroy.                                                            Collingwood College, I returned to my birth country and was deeply
The students also had a chance to stretch their legs with groups    affected by what I saw and how difficult life was for millions of
going to the Ian Potter Gallery at the University, The Brunswick    children in the Philippines because of poverty. As a result, I returned
Baths for a swim and a wander around the environs of Princes        to Australia and, with the help of terrific teachers at Collingwood, I
Park. All students also went to Cinema Nova in Carlton for a        became quite passionate about trying to raise awareness about the
little film culture.                                                plight of children in developing countries.
This was a wonderful, yet tiring experience. As I read over this    I believe young people can make a difference, and so have spent
I can’t believe what we fit into three short days. I believe that   the last few years doing what I can to involve young Australians
this camp will benefit the students and help them to develop        in helping to raise funds for children’s homes and programs in the
strategies to get the most out their final year at Collingwood.     Philippines.
Vocational Education and Training                                   On Harmony Day this year - the International Day for the
                                                                    Eradication of Racial Discrimination, Saturday 21st March - I am
VET has started in all areas for our Year 10 students, as they      involved, with other Filipino friends, in organising a big fundraising
start to experience education in the wider world. I must say a      - hip hop / break dancing event called “WANTED” to be held at the
big thankyou to our Year 10 class teachers, Luke and Courtney       Melbourne Music Academy (MMA), 53 Victoria Street, Melbourne,
for helping to organise the students and let them know where        from 2-6p.m
they need be.
                                                                    The current World Hip Hop Champions, “The Philippine All Stars”,
On behalf of the staff and students of the Senior School I          a group of inspiring young people who themselves came from the
would also like to wish Chrysanthe Polack, our acting Assistant     streets of Manila to band together to recently become world champion
Principal, a thorough and speedy recovery from her back             dancers, are flying out from the Philippines to perform at the event
ailment.                                                            and to judge the competitions, and then take workshops to inspire
Euan Morton, Snr School Mgr                                         young people in Melbourne to pursue their love of dancing.
Reach Excursion                                                     Some of Australians best hip hop and break dancing crews will
                                                                    compete on the day in breaking and hip hop “battles”. There will
 Students in yr 9 went to visit the Reach Youth Program. The        also be beat-boxing showcases, professional DJ’s and more......
day started out with games and some ‘Getting to know you            The venue accommodates 800+ people, and we would love to see a
activities’. We then heard from several speakers, including         huge crowd support our cause. Prepaid tickets are available from
Jim Stynes, who had inspiring stories. Some of our students         MMA for $10 or at the door for $15, or donations would be greatly
made great contributions to the discussions The day was             appreciated if you cannot attend, as proceeds will be going to
very engaging in that students confronted some deep and             support children in the Philippines.
challenging issues. Through sharing each other’s stories,
students came away feeling more positive about themselves and       You can check out a youtube trailer which shows “Journey to
what can be done to address the problems that people face in        Reality”, a short film I made at Collingwood College in Year 10
the world today.                                                    after returning from the Philippines as a fifteen year old- http://
Ken Watson
                                                                    Kind regards to all at Collingwood College - thanks for your ongoing
                                                                    interest in my endeavours,
                                                                    Joe Natoli, Acting Project Manager, PRJCT Philippines

                                                                          Collingwood College Newsletter – 18 February 2009               7
Community Notices
Wanted - house to rent Does anyone know of or have                                             Spring Fair Cordinator needed
a house to rent 2-3 bedrooms in Fitzroy, Collingwood,                                           Are you interested in helping to run the Spring
Abbotsford, Carlton, Nth Carlton or Brunswick?- Looking at                                      Fair? Before you move to the next item - you
between $300 and 450 a week - though hoping not for over                                        need to know that it is not hard and lots of
$400. I am a Collingwood College parent with a child in Year                  fun. It is about delegating the work - not doing it! It does need
5 RE. We live in Fitzroy at the moment but have to move very                  however to be someone who is around the school a fair bit so
soon. Would really appreciate it if you could let me know if you              probably fits more with a parent who works part time. Could
hear of anything. Thanks!                                                     this be you? We would love to hear from you. Please call Mary
Keely                                               on 0407353309.
Working Bee                                                                   Class Carers
There is a working bee planned for                                            Quite a number of classes have already nominated a carer or
Saturday 28 February 10-4pm.                                                  someone has been nominated. Thanks to you all. There are still
                                                                              gaps however so as soon as it has been decided be let me know
All parents, staff and students are
encouraged to come along, even for a
few hours, to pitch in and contiinue with                                     The role of the carer is pivotal to communication at Collingwood
the improvements to the grounds of                                            College.
Collingwood College.
Bring some food to share as the crew usually stop for lunch.
Bring some gloves and tools. Kids are welcome but must be

Early Childhood Centre at Collingwood -
           Public Meeting
                 There will be a meeting of parents and others
                 interested in providing early childhood services
                 at Collingwood College. Would you like to be
                 involved in this exciting new development? The
proposal is to develop a number of related services including
Baby and Maternal Health, a Reggio Kindergarten and a Steiner
Kindergarten. Parent volunteers are needed to help get it all up
and running.
7.30pm on Monday 23 February in the Multi-media Room on the
first floor, north side. Enter near the west doors of the Canteen.
FREE Training for ALL It doesn’t matter whether you are registered or not     The College Orchestra played at the Collingwood Children’s
Wednesdays, 5pm – 6.30pm                                                      Farm Farmer’s Market last Saturday 14 February 2009. It
Yambla Oval, Clifton Hill                                                     was a lovely setting. They were next to the College’s Cake Stall
GIRLS Soccer Try Out Day Wed, 17th Dec, 5pm
                                                                              which sold cakes as a fundraiser for the school. There were
                                                                              quite a few cakes left over and these were sent up to SES and
GIRL GUIDES                                                                   other bushfire relieve volunteers at Aurthur’s Creek on the
Merri District Girl Guides are now accepting applications for next year. We
have units for all ages: Gumnuts (ages 5-6), Brownie Guides (ages 7-11),      Sunday.
Girl Guides (ages 11-14), and Ranger Guides (ages 14-18), meeting in
Fairfield and Clifton Hill. Friendship, fun, challenge and achievement!
                                                                              College Building Fund
Visit a unit to see how you like it - call Merri District Leader Gresley      The College has a Building Fund which is authorised to recieve
Wakelin-King (9482 4584) to arrange a time.                                   tax deductible donations. Funds are used for improvements
More information: and              to the buildings and facilities, with current projects including
OPENING in 2009                                                               the new play equipment and other school refurbishments, and
COLLINGWOOD-College and other locations                                       donors receive a tax deduction.
Classical Ballet-Cecchetti Method
Adult Ballet & Fairy Ballet-3-4 yrs                                           Donations can be made at the Administration office or by
Enrol now for 2009 Classes                                                    downloading the Building Fund Contribution Form from
Phone-Y.B.A0421 246 388                        the College website (see the ‘Support the College’ link on the
                                                                              homepage at

  Next Newsletter deadline: Tuesday 3 March for distribution Wednesday 11 March.
  Do you have 2-3 hours to spare to help copy and distribute the Newsletter 3 x each term on a Wednesday?
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