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									Welcome to 2005!
With the devastation that has occurred in Asia, such
greetings seem somewhat hollow; nevertheless, we do
sincerely hope that the year ahead will be a positive one
for you.
2004 was certainly filled with many professionally

stimulating events for us. We conducted workshops in
Townsville (twice), Cairns, Adelaide, Sydney (twice) and
Melbourne (twice) early in the year. These were
followed with presentations in Christchurch and
Wellington (New Zealand) in November.                                      January 2005

We attended AMAC 2004 (Australian Music Association Convention) at the Gold Coast Convention
Centre in September and conducted a workshop for other Australian music industry representatives.
It was a great opportunity to meet a range of publishers, instrument makers and distributors and thus
gain an insight into the energy within the music industry in Australia.

The 2005 calendar is already filling with important events. We will be part of the inaugural Brisbane
Piano/Keyboard Symposium at the Brisbane Convention Centre on Friday 21 January. See the
enclosed flyer and don’t forget to spread the word to interested colleagues. Winston Music in
Adelaide will be hosting an Encore On Keys workshop on Thursday 20 January and Mark will be
conducting a professional development weekend for teachers at the Coffs Harbour Regional
Conservatorium on 12 & 13 February.

Teacher Training Sessions - Brisbane
Once again we are offering teachers the chance to hone their skills, meet other teachers and
exchange ideas.
These days are designed to develop a deeper understanding of the pedagogical concepts that
underpin Encore on Keys and to develop teaching skills specific to each level and age group.
Should you know of emerging teachers who would benefit from this opportunity, please
encourage them to attend.
Previous experience has proven these days to be lots of fun and professionally enriching.
       Day                Date                Course                    Cost (incl GST)
       Mon                Jan 17              Kinder Beat               $75.00
       Tue                Jan 18              Junior 1 & 2              $75.00
       Wed                Jan 19              Primary 1 & 2             $75.00
       Thu                Jan 20              Achiever 1, 2 & 3         $75.00
!   Seminar hours: 9.30am to 4.30pm each day.
!   Venue: Qld University of Technology (Kelvin Grove Campus). Room 214, M Block, Ring
    Road, Kelvin Grove.
!   Bookings are essential. Please phone (07 3355 3239), fax (07 3354 1708) or email
    (mark@accentpublishing.com.au) your booking, specifying which days you wish to attend.
    Remember to provide a contact phone number.
!   Food and refreshments will be available at own cost at Beadles Coffee Shop within the QUT
    campus. There are also limited kitchen facilities in M Block should you wish to do your own
!   Free Parking should be available in the student car park (c zone) at the end of the Ring
    Road past M Block.
          AMEB                               AMEB Piano Syllabus 2005
                                             GRADE   PIECE                                 ENCORE BOOK
                                              Prel   Struttin' (Norton)                    Achiever Level 1
             &                                 1
                                                     Arabesque (Burgmuller)
                                                     Inquietude (Burgmuller)
                                                                                           Achiever Level 2
                                                                                           Achiever Level 3

      Encore On Keys                         Extra List Suggestions
                                             GRADE   PIECE                                 ENCORE BOOK
  A number of pieces featured in our           2     Let's Boogie (Gibson/Stavrinoudis)    Achiever Level 3
                                               2     Mystic Runes (Gibson)                 Achiever Level 3
  Encore On Keys tutor series are now          2     Sideshow Rag (Hansson)                Achiever Level 3
  listed on AMEB Piano Syllabi. We             2     Ice Cool (Gibson)                     Achiever Level 3
  have compiled a detailed list for you.       2     Inquietude (Burgmuller)               Achiever Level 3
  Also included are suggestions for Extra      2     Out of Bounds (Gibson)                Achiever Level 3
  Lists and Own Choice pieces (Piano
                                             Piano for Leisure 2005 Syllabus - List Pieces
  for Leisure) because these may be          GRADE   PIECE                                 ENCORE BOOK
  chosen from any source. From the            Prel   From the Top (Gibson)                 Achiever Level 1
  Top (Achiever Level 1) has been
  included in the new AMEB Series 2          Piano for Leisure - Own Choice Suggestions
  Grade Book (Piano for Leisure,             GRADE   PIECE                                 ENCORE BOOK
                                              Prel   Race Day (Gibson)                     Achiever Level 1
  Preliminary Grade).                         Prel   Far and Away (Gibson/Stavrinoudis)    Achiever Level 1
  The St Cecilia School of Music have         Prel   Marche Slave (arr: Baker/Gibson)      Achiever Level 1
                                              Prel   Struttin' (Norton)                    Achiever Level 1
  listed Encore On Keys pieces on their       Prel   Matador (Stavrinoudis)                Achiever Level 1
  examination syllabus for several years.      1     Time Flies (Gibson/Stavrinoudis)      Achiever Level 2
                                               1     Seventh Heaven (Hansson)              Achiever Level 2
                                               1     Indian Dance (Gibson)                 Achiever Level 2
     New Publications                          1
                                                     Backyard Grubs (Hansson)
                                                     Arabesque (Burgmuller)
                                                                                           Achiever Level 2
                                                                                           Achiever Level 2
  Encore on Strings (Music Maestros),          2     Let's Boogie (Gibson/Stavrinoudis)    Achiever Level 3
  our series for violin, viola, cello and      2     Mystic Runes (Gibson)                 Achiever Level 3
                                               2     Sideshow Rag (Hansson)                Achiever Level 3
  bass has become extremely popular            2     Ice Cool (Gibson)                     Achiever Level 3
  and is widely used by both private           2     Inquietude (Burgmuller)               Achiever Level 3
  teachers and schools. Level 2 will be        2     Out of Bounds (Gibson)                Achiever Level 3
  available for order before the end of
  January and the bass version of Level      Contemporary Popular Music 2005 ‘List A’ Pieces
                                             GRADE   PIECE                                   ENCORE BOOK
  1 should be completed by February.          Prel   Driving Round (Stavrinoudis)            Junior 3/Primary 1
                                              Prel   Cha Cha Cha (Stavrinoudis)              Junior 3/Accent 1
  Encore Theory Wiz is in the process         Prel   Disco Fever (Gibson)                    Junior Level 3
  of development. It is a beginner series     Prel   Let's Go Latin (Gibson)                 Junior Level 4
  that complements our current                Prel   Rock It (Gibson/Stavrinoudis)           Junior Level 4
  publications and is ideally suited to       Prel   Woolshed Stomp (Gibson)                 Junior Level 4
                                              Prel   When The Saints (arr: Baker/Gibson) Junior Level 4
  students from Primary Level 2 or            Prel   Disco Strobe (Gibson)                   Primary Level 2
  Junior Level 4 onwards. The format          Prel   Dixie 21 (Gibson)                       Primary Level 2
  presents theory concepts clearly and        Prel   Clowning (Stavrinoudis)                 Primary 2/Accent 2
  concisely. There is an emphasis on          Prel   Calypso (Baker/Gibson)                  Primary Level 2
                                               1     From the Top (Gibson)                   Achiever Level 1
  reinforcing knowledge through games          1     Slow Blues (Gibson/Stavrinoudis)        Achiever Level 1
  and activities that combine learning         1     Click Go The Shears (arr: Stavrinoudis) Achiever Level 1
  with enjoyment. A release date has           1     Seventh Heaven (Hansson)                Achiever Level 2
  yet to be finalised but we anticipate it     1     Backyard Grubs (Hansson)                Achiever Level 2
                                               1     Yum Cha Cha (Baker/Gibson)              Achiever Level 2
  will be mid term 1.                          2     Let's Boogie (Gibson/Stavrinoudis) Achiever Level 3
  Encore Kinder Beat (Pilot Edition)           2     Sideshow Rag (Hansson)                  Achiever Level 3
                                               2     Ice Cool (Gibson)                       Achiever Level 3
  will be available for the January            2     Out of Bounds (Gibson)                  Achiever Level 3
  Teacher Training sessions.                   2     Ten Thousand Miles (arr: Baker)         Achiever Level 3

Happy teaching in 2005 and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.
     Accent Publishing Pty Ltd (ABN: 44 077 611 744), 34 Cairo Street Enoggera, QLD, 4051
      Freecall: 1800 553 223 Ph: 07 3355 3239 Fax: 07 3354 1708 Mob: 0412 747 155
                             email: mark@accentpublishing.com.au

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