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									                             NEWSLETTER march 2009             

                                        WEEK ACTIVITIES COMING TO YOU
15-23 AUGUST 2009                       IN AUGUST INCLUDE:
                                                                                     This National Science Week, the
                                                                                     Queensland Museum will shine the
                                                                                     spotlight on science with a series
                                        ACT: SCINEMA                                 of science-based fun and learning
                                        SCINEMA is Australia’s only science film     experiences for all ages. The program
WELCOME BACK!                           festival. In 2009, SCINEMA will explore      will include science theatre and science
                                        the latest collaborations between            cinema as well as allowing visitors the
We know it’s only early days but        science, film and art in over 200 cities     opportunity to meet museum scientists
we are already busy getting ready       and towns across Australia. To help          and discuss their research.
to ignite the science imagination of    celebrate 2009 as the International
                                        Year of Astronomy, there will also be a      TAS: YOUNG TASSIE SCIENTISTS
Australians for National Science
                                        national student short film competition      This year, regional and remote
Week 2009.
                                        based on this theme.                         communities throughout Tasmania will
Last month Senator Kim Carr,                                                         have the chance to hear from some of
                                        NSW: YOUNG GALILEOS                          our best and brightest young science
Minister for Innovation, Industry,
                                        The Young Galileos project will inspire      researchers. As part of the Young
Science and Research, announced         younger children to look up at the night     Tassie Scientists program, early career
the recipients of the Australian        sky. They will have the chance to build      researchers will be visiting schools
Government grants to run National       their own telescopes, which will have a      and communities to talk about their
Science Week community events.          similar power to Galileos, and then view     fascinating work.
                                        the Galilean moons of Jupiter.
Over 130 grant applications were                                                     VIC: SUPER MEGA BATTLE
received this year, with 40 exciting    NT: BUSH FOOD OF THE ARNHEM LAND             FOR PLANET EARTH
science events from across Australia    Long before settlement, Aboriginal           This fast-paced, interactive show
eventually taking out a grant.          people lived on bush food. But its value     features mathematician and comedian
                                        to other cultures is just starting to        Simon Pampena. Premiering at the
From a Science Ninja Van in Western     be recognised. Led by local rangers,         Melbourne Comedy Festival, the comedy
Australia to a Young Galileos project   a bush chef, a botanist and science          show featuring interactive fun and
                                        teachers, this National Science Week         multimedia will be touring to Darwin,
in Wollongong, the National Science
                                        event will involve a number of interactive   Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane, Melbourne
Week events allocated grants            workshops in which the culinary,             and Sydney.
look set to be some of the best         botanical, cultural and nutritional value
yet. And with activities planned in     of bush food will be investigated.           WA: SCIENCE NINJA VAN
metropolitan and rural areas, there                                                  The Science Ninja Van will take science to
                                        SA: BEER: BARLEY TO BOTTLE                   the wheat belt and wine growing regions
is bound to be one near you!
                                        A treat for beer lovers, this event          of South West WA. By day the science
                                        will explore the science behind              ninjas will travel to producers and their
                                        beer production. Comprising short            families to conduct soil tests and provide
                                        presentations that cover barley breeding,    scientific advice. By night the science
                                        malting, brewing and beer tasting, this      ninjas will provide an interactive show
                                        National Science Week event will be a        and hands on activities for the whole
                                        treat for the senses!                        community.
             NEWSLETTER march 2009           

                    WEEK SCHOOLS GRANTS

                    School grants for National Science Week      From 1 January 2009, HECS for
                    activities will be opening soon. Grants of   commencing maths and science students
                    up to $500 are available to any Australian   has been reduced from $7,260 to $4,077.
                    pre-school, primary or secondary school.
                                                                 Furthermore, university maths and
                    Information and application forms will       science students graduating from the
                    be available on the ASTA website from        end of the 2nd semester of 2008 will be
                    2 March 2009 at             eligible for a 50% reduction in their HECS
                                                                 repayments if they pursue a science- or
                    NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK ONLINE                 maths-related career, including teaching.
                    Following the very successful launch of
                    the National Science Week website last       BE A PART OF SCINEMA
                    year, we are moving further into the cyber   SCINEMA is a national film festival
                    world with the development of a National     exploring the world of science through
                    Science Week myspace page                    film and one of the major events of NSWk
                    and facebook profile.                        2009. SCINEMA is looking for venues - if
                                                                 your school, library, town hall, museum
                    In the coming months, you will be able       or gallery is interested in being a part
                    to access these sites to find out about      of this free national event - download
                    local events, read more about our famous     the venue application form (http://www.
                    science guests, watch interactive science
                    experiments and sketches and enter           Students can be a part of SCINEMA’s short
                    a range of exclusive competitions.           film challenge this year, with the winning
                                                                 filmmaker to produce a short film (5mins)
                    Keep an eye out for more details             about space winning a trip to Australia’s
                    in the coming months.                        major astronomy facilities, including The
                    SUPPORTING SCIENCE                           Dish in Parkes, NSW. Download your entry
                    AND MATHS STUDENTS                           form here (
                    The Australian Government is
                    committed to investing in the future
                    of maths and science.

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