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									                                                                marvellous achievement! We
Welcome Back                                                    also congratulate Laura Booth
Hi everyone and welcome back to Term Three with                 who was awarded first place in
Pointe2Pointe! A special “welcome” to new students              the Restricted Song & Dance Solo.
joining us for the first time in Term Three!                    A special mention to Rachel
Well…Term Two was just as hectic (and exciting) as Term         Winkler who was awarded a
One! Here are just some of the highlights:                      place for all six solos she
                                                                performed. This was no mean
ρ One of our senior students, Danielle Carter, performed        feat, especially considering she
   in the musical “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” as one of   had to dance in the 12 year old
   the brides – it was such a great (and funny) show. We        age group even though she is
   then farewelled her – she’s gone to New York to a            only 8!
   school on Broadway!
                                                                Another very special mention goes to Laura Booth and
ρ Our senior students enjoyed a fabulous open                   Mariah Brody for their extremely cute Jazz Duo to “The
   contemporary class with guest teacher Holly Diggle,          Wonderful thing about Tiggers”. Mariah has only just
   the Director of Dance Northside.                             turned three and is one of our Tiny Tots. She and Laura
                                                                won the hearts of the crowd as they bounced around in
ρ Our Tiny Tots class has gone crazy – well the numbers
                                                                their Tigger suits!
   that is, not the kids! It has grown so much that we’ve
   had to split the class. Welcome girls – we love having       And…of course…we cannot forget our fabulous Senior
   you here.                                                                            Troupe who placed first in
                                                                                        the Neo-Classical, first in the
Term Three promises to be just as exciting with even more
                                                                                        Contemporary, second in the
eisteddfods, workshops, guest teachers and another social
                                                                                        National and Highly
event. Read on to find out more…
                                                                                        Commended in the Classical.
Here’s to another fantastic term at Pointe2Poine - we’re
                                                                                              Students in attendance at the
looking forward to working with you!
                                                                                              Eisteddfod were Sarah J
                                                                                              Mathieson, Lidia Samcewicz-
Miss Natalie and Sally                                                                        Parham, Nicole Garnett,
                                                                                              Rachel Winkler, Jessica
                                                                                              Taylor, Laura Booth and
Eisteddfod Performances - Term Two                                                            Mariah Brody.
During Term Two, our Performance Company members
(solos, duos and troupes) participated in the Canberra
Dance Festival which was held at the Canberra Grammar
                                                                End of Term One Social Event
School Theatre.                                                 Bravo to those of us who braved the sub-zero temperatures
A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all                                   during the school holidays to take Miss Nat ice skating! It
students on their fabulous performances                         may have been -2 outside but it was -7
– you made your teachers and families                           in the rink. You would never have
very proud.                                                     guessed though as our ballerinas were
                                                                setting the ice on fire! From Tiny Tots
Despite the strong competition from other local and
                                                                to Adults (and even some particularly
interstate dance schools, our junior and senior students
                                                                graceful Mums and Dads) we had a
                      were awarded a place (1st, 2nd, 3rd or
                                                                fabulous time skating up a storm with
                      Highly Commended) for all but a
                                                                only a few “stacks” for good measure!!
                      couple of performances!
                                                                It was great to see so many of you there
                      In particular, we congratulate Jessica    – we hope you had as much fun as
                      Taylor for her first place in the         Miss Nat did!
                      Restricted Classical Solo. This was the   (Editors note: Sally stayed safely on the
                      first time Jessica has performed as a     sidelines with the camera – a great excuse if
                      soloist at an eisteddfod – what a         ever I’ve heard one….)
Upcoming Events                                                    Term Dates 2007
Eisteddfods During Term Three                                      ρ Term Three: Sat 28 July - Sun 30 September
Performance Company students will be participating in              ρ Term Four: Sat 20 October - Concert (12 December)
three eisteddfods during the term. We encourage you all
to attend the local Canberra eisteddfod to support our             Dress Code
fabulous students!                                                 Our dress code is detailed in the 2007 Information Pack.
ρ Albury-Wodonga Eisteddfod: 5-6 August (Weeks 2-3)                A few simple things to remember:
ρ Wagga Wagga Eisteddfod: 12-15 September (Week 8)                 ρ   Pointe2Pointe uniform colours are Black & White
ρ Brindabella Dance Festival: 1- 5 October (first week of          ρ   Wear the appropriate attire and footwear
   School Holidays at Erindale Theatre, Wanniassa)
                                                                   ρ   Hair must be tied back off the face
GOOD LUCK girls – we know you’ll be gorgeous and
                                                                   ρ   NO makeup and NO jewellery
have a great time!
                                                                   If you have any questions or concerns, just let us know!

                                                                   Don’t Forget a Drink and Snack
                     End of Term Two Social Event
                                                                   Please always bring a water bottle to class –
                    Our end of term event for Term Three is
                                                                   whether you’re 3 or 63, it’s important to
                    a Movie Night! It will be held on
                                                                   remain hydrated! Also, feel free to bring
                    Saturday 6 October from 4.00 - 6.00pm
                                                                   along a light, healthy snack to keep your energy levels up –
                    at the Hall. Further information will be
                                                                   particularly if you’re at class for more than 1.5 hours.
sent out soon. We hope to see all students, friends and
families there to enjoy a classic dance movie! (All requests
taken under consideration…)
                                                                   Pointe2Pointe Concert 2007
Tap Workshop                                                       Our 2007 concert preparations are well and truly
In Week 9 (Wednesday 19 September), Senior and Adult Tap           underway and, of course, we’re super excited!!
students are invited to attend a two hour workshop. The
workshop will run from 7.00–9.00pm and promises to be              Concert Commitment Form: Please get your signed form
an excellent opportunity to learn some new steps, try some         back no later than Week 2 (Saturday 4 August). We are
different styles and basically tap the night away! We look         assuming that all students are participating in the concert,
forward to seeing you all there – friends are most                 so please advise ASAP if you are not available.
welcome! Further information available soon.                       Costume Instalment Payments: Don’t forget, your
                                                                   costume instalment payments are due:
Guest Teacher - Senior Contemporary Class
                                                                       ρ Instalment 1: Saturday 28 July (Week 1 - Term 3)
Our Guest Teacher for the Senior Contemporary class in
Term Three is being invited to teach in Week 4 (Sunday 19              ρ Instalment 2: Saturday 20 October (Week 1 - Term 4)
August). This exciting class will run from 1.30 - 3.30pm at        Calling all Volunteers: If you’re an avid or “wannabe”
the Hall. You are welcome to invite friends to join in the         sewer, decorator, prop maker or general helping hand,
class. Further details will be sent out in a few weeks.            please let us know! All help gladly accepted, particularly
                                                                   regarding costumes where there is much potential to save
                                                                   some pennies!
Please take note of the following reminders.
If you have any questions, please let us know.

Payment of Fees                                                               Pointe2Pointe Concert 2007
Term Three Fees are due Thursday 9 August.
                                                                                      Dress Rehearsal (5.00pm)
Instalment Payments: Pointe2Pointe does accept payment                             Tuesday 11 December 2007
of fees by instalment. Please note that this is the exception
rather than the rule. If you need to pay your fees by                         Concert (arrive 5.45pm – Show 6.30pm)
instalment, please speak to one of the Directors.                               Wednesday 12 December 2007
                                                                                                 at the
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