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									Rekindled Hearts
After the Storm

Author: Brenda Minton

All Lexi Harmon wants is to be married-to her ex-husband. When a tornado traps them together, she
prays they have a chance at life and love again. But embittered police officer Colt Ridgeway believes he
can't give Lexi what she really wants-children and security. As they work side by side to rebuild High
Plains, Lexi holds out hope that their marriage can be rebuilt, too, one piece of his heart at a time.
Author Bio
Brenda Minton
Brenda Minton lives in the Ozarks with her husband, three children, a horse, a few cats and a couple of
dogs. What she says about herself probably isn't as important as what others say. Her daughter says
she is "coffee crazy." She isn't afraid to share that news with complete strangers. Her middle son thinks
she is really embarrassing when she wears fuzzy pink slippers to pick him up at school. Her oldest son
doesn't comment. He's a smart kid.Brenda is a country girl who loves to travel. Her dream home is a
house on the beach, waves crashing against the shore and a deck where she can have coffee and watch
the sun come up.What does she do when she's not writing? Her kids say she talks on the phone a lot.
That's probably true. She's looking into a twelve-step program, but unfortunately she has a lot of enablers
who also like to talk on the phone.She does have other hobbies. She loves to canoe, camp and hike. And
of course, drink coffee on the front porch. You can e-mail her at

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