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             lleld on 4th May, 2005 at 1.30 pm in the Masonic Hall.

Present:              H & C Sims, J. Burns,        E. Probert,   G. Kuerschner,
                      U. Van der Horch.

Apologies:            R. Solly.

Clara Sims welcomed everyone to the meeting And the minutes were
confirmed with the ammendment that Lhe enquiry on Haynes was sep~rate.
Gerald Kuerschner/Ray Sims.                                  CARRIED.
We are still trying to contact Jolin Mannion about getting another
Pekina history.
Devon Amber ;1lso    nPJ'ds to be con tacLed-
Correspondence:-MpJI1f'I1Lo 1T1i1(FIZirH~ thp NnLio[}i11 I\r'chives.
Advertisement for a I"oud I y 11is tory    IliI iI, d. I'li 1 Leney Grammer School. .
Communit~y Heri tage Gr"Ant.   Ke i Lh Hope co[}LacLE~d        the National Library         Lo
ask why we were lHlsuccesst'ul        last year'.  Hpasons given were lack of
local funding and no menLion          of t~he survey. However we were in the
final group of applicants.
Rob Johnson from Country Arts SA has               written describing the kind of
picture     rails used in their galleries. Gerald Kuerschner moved that we
measure     for the rails and work out a quote./ Janet Burns.   CARRIED.

Sandra     Shephard    reporLed   a balance   of    $542.25.   Received   was     $12   fo~ a
book   sold   at the CmHlci I, $6 Phonograph and $6 for' J(1m. It was not'ed
      we need
t::.hat            to ask HflY Solly     how much the postage was on the birth
books he bought for us.
Gerald Kuerschner received an enquiry from Debbie stanet who is
descended from the ScotL's past owners of Black Rock Station.
Gerald also gave us fI booklet "Ngadjuri of the Mjd North of SA" by Fra
The crew    of Lhe Lclfwision       proqr"am  "Discover" will be in Orroroo   next
Wednesday     Afternoon   to film     Pekina  Station, the Creek Poem and the
Yesteryear Gallery.
Beth Catford has asked about buying a box to house a wedding dress.
Ray Sims proposed that we take one of the boxes we have to try for si2
though bigger boxes are available./Edna             Probert.             CARRIED.
We still need to work on the wording of a sign for outside the hall.
Work meeting? Group could be arranged when Ray Solly is back in Orrore
members who wish to learn our filing system may be better with
individual training.
Clara Sims asked to frame and hang our certificate from Community
Heritage Grant we received.

Next meeting      A.G.M.    1st June at 1.30 pm in the Masonic            Hall.

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