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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Kayak Range

VOYAGER™                                        VAGABOND FISH™                                     TORPEDO™

           Stable and versatile tandem                    Compact and light weight                                                         Designed specifically for children
           kayak. Perfect for couples and                 with dynamic hull design for                                                     the Torpedo is extremely stable and
           friends wanting to share the                   smooth tracking through water.                                                   versatile making it the perfect choice for
           kayaking experience. Plenty                                                                                                     young beginner paddlers. Low profile
                                                          Two storage ports with bait                                                      twin tail cat hull design with wide seat
           of storage capacity for long                   compartment, three rod holders,                                                  pocket enables exceptional stability and
           journeys. Full length grab rail,               paddle leash, paddle holder                                                      manoeuvrability up to the maximum
           moulded seat(s) with multiple                  and anchor included. Plenty of                                                   weight capacity of 65kg. No deck
           foot rests, self draining deck,
                                                          storage capacity. Large rear pod                                                 fittings to catch or scratch with built                                                                                          ®
           bow and stern carry handles,                                                                                                    in handles for safety. Allows children
                                                          secured with straps, gull winged                                                 to do almost anything – surf, scurf, sit,
           threaded drain plugs, splash
           proof storage port(s), gull winged             hull and directional keel system,                                                stand, climb on, jump off - whatever
           hull and directional keel system,              UV stabilised polyethylene                                                       you desire! Moulded seat with multiple                                                                                by SPIRIT Paddle Sports
                                                          construction for long life.                                                      foot rests, self draining deck, bow and
           UV stabilised polyethylene                                                                                                      stern carry handles, low profile twin tail
           construction for long life.                                                                                                     cat hull design, drink bottle holder, UV
                                                          Accessories Available:                                                           stabilised polyethylene construction for
           Accessories Available: Back                    Back Rest                                                                        long life. Compact size enables Torpedo
           Rest, Paddle Leash, Rod Holder,                                                                                                 to fit in most Sport Utility Vehicles, Vans
           Kit Jar                                        Colours:                                                                         and Station Wagons making it very easy
                                                          Camouflage, Orange/Yellow                                                        to transport without the need for roof                                                         Live the adventure!
           Colours: Yellow, Orange, Teal,
           Blue/White, Blue/Green,Orange/                                                                                                  Colours: Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink,
           Yellow                                                                                                                          Red, Orange

           Recommended Paddle                                                                                                               Recommended Paddle
             Standard                                                                                                                         Standard


                                                          Recommended Paddle                                                                  Weight                        10kg
                                                            Standard                                                                          Length                        2.5m
                                                                                                                                              Depth                         280mm
            Specifications                                 Specifications                                                                     Width                         620mm
                                                                                                                                              Load Capacity                 65Kg
            Weight               28kg                      Weight               19kg
            Length               3.6m                      Length               2.7m                                        Live the adventure!
            Depth                270mm                     Depth                270mm         All ski’s manufactured in Australia utilizing the highest quality materials and
            Width                860mm                     Width                780mm         workmanship. All Adventure Kayaks are covered by a factory backed 2 year warranty.
            Load Capacity        300Kg                     Load Capacity        120Kg         Due to continuous product development specifications subject to change without

                                                                                              Spirit Paddle Sports

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                                                                                              WARNING – Paddle and water sports can be very dangerous and physically demanding. The user of this product
                                                                                              should understand that actively participating may involve serious injury or death. The User must read and
                                                                                              understand the owners information package provided with the product prior to use.                                                                         
   CROSSFIRE™                                                             VENTURER™                                                          VAGABOND™                                                                VENUS FISH™

                Fast training and exercise craft                                      Light weight, versatile and stable                                 Compact and light weight with                                               Long, sleek and stable purpose
                or long distance recreational                                         suitable for a wide range of uses                                  dynamic hull design for smooth                                              built premium fishing vessel with
                sit on. Surfs downwind, fast                                          – catching waves, exploring                                        tracking through water. Plenty                                              extra load capacity and stowage
                upwind, well behaved across the                                       rivers or fishing. Easily handled                                  of storage capacity. Full length                    Hatches
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     compartments. Moulded seat
                waves. Great as a weekender                                           by inexperienced paddlers. Full                                    grab rail, moulded seat with                                                with multiple footrests, deluxe
                or day tripper - stable, fast with                                    length grab rail, moulded seat                                     multiple foot rests, self draining                                          comfort backrest, self draining
                dynamic leaning turns. Moulded                                        with multiple foot rests, self                                     deck, bow and stern carry                                                   deck, bow and stern carry
                seat, carry handles, splash proof                                     draining deck, bow and stern                                       handles, threaded drain plugs,                                              handles, threaded drain plugs,
                storage port, large storage area,                                     carry handles, threaded drain                                      splash proof storage port(s),                                               water proof storage port for
                adjustable foot pedal controlled                                      plugs, splash proof storage port,                                  large rear hatch secured with                                               protection of valuables, three
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Rod Holder
                rudder system, UV stabilised                                          gull winged hull and directional                                   straps and buckles, gull winged                                             flush mount fishing rod holders
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Deluxe Rod
                polyethylene construction for                                         keel system, UV stabilised                                         hull and directional keel system,                  Holder                   plus one deluxe swivel rod holder
                long life.                                                            polyethylene construction for                                      UV stabilised polyethylene                                                  on heavy duty Stainless Steel
                                                                                      long life.                                                         construction for long life.                                                 rail, large covered rear storage
                Accessories Available: Back                                                                                                                                                                 Leash                    area for prized catch, two large
                Rest, Paddle Leash, Rod Holder,                                       Accessories Available: Back                                        Accessories Available: Back                                                 front hatches, one secured with
                Kit Jar, Venturi Kit (Drains water                                    Rest, Paddle Leash, Rod Holder,                                    Rest, Paddle Leash, Rod Holder,                                             straps, another incorporating
                from cockpit whilst ocean                                             Kit Jar                                                            Kit Jar                                            Port                     bait and tackle boxes, paddle
                paddling)                                                                                                                                                                                   Paddle                   leash, paddle holder, anchor,
                                                                                      Colours:                                                           Colours:                                           Holder                   gull winged hull and directional
                Colours:                                                              Yellow                                                             Yellow                                                                      keel system, UV stabilised
                Teal/White                                                            Orange                                                             Orange                                             Back Rest                polyethylene construction for
                Black/White                                                           Teal                                                               Teal                                                                        long life.
                Blue/Green                                                            Blue/White                                                         Blue/White                                         Anchor
                Orange/Yellow                                                         Blue/Green                                                         Blue/Green                                         Rod Holder               Colours:
                                                                                      Orange/Yellow                                                      Orange/Yellow                                                               Orange/Yellow, Camouflage
                Recommended Paddle                                                    Recommended Paddle                                                 Recommended Paddle                                                          Recommended Paddle
                  Sport Wing                                                            Standard                                                           Standard                                                                    Standard

                 Specifications                                                        Specifications                                                     Specifications                                    Covered                    Specifications
                 Weight                 19kg                                           Weight                17kg                                         Weight                   19kg                                                Weight                  28kg
                 Length                 4.35m                                          Length                2.7m                                         Length                   2.7m                                                Length                  3.7m
                 Depth                  250mm                                          Depth                 270mm                                        Depth                    270mm                                               Depth                   270mm
                 Width                  600mm                                          Width                 780mm                                        Width                    780mm                                               Width                   860mm
                 Load Capacity          110Kg                                          Load Capacity         120Kg                                        Load Capacity            120kg                                               Load Capacity           250kg

ACCESSORIES                  Back Rest                                                                                                               Kit Jar
                                                                                              Fishing Rod Holder                                     Air tight, water proof container designed to fit in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Paddle Leash
AVAILABLE                    Deluxe comfort, extra padded seat and high back                  Fishing Rod Holder with swivel mechanism for
                                                                                                                                                     craft port for protection of valuables (watch, cash)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Heavy Duty Paddle Leash enables velcro
                             for touring and long distance paddling, or simply to             greater Rod control.                                                                                                            attachment to wrist keeping your paddle secure
                                                                                                                                                     whilst out on the water
                             provide better posture and comfort whilst paddling                                                                                                                                               and within reach at all times.
                             in general.


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