Orthodontic Pearls by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Orthodontic Pearls
Editor: Eliakim Mizrahi
Table of Contents

Section I: Administration1. The PracticeSection II: Pre-treatment2. Management of the New Patient 3.
Orthodontic Investigations 4. Orthodontic Photography 5. Case Discussion 6. Marketing an Orthodontic
Practice and Managing a New Patient 7. Psychology for Patient ComplianceSection III: Clinical
Treatment8. Fixed Appliances 9. Orthodontic Auxiliaries 10. Auxiliary Springs for Crown and Root
Movement 11. Detailing the Final Occlusion 12. Removable Appliances 13. Retention 14. Laboratory Aids
Appendices: sample forms and specimen letters

This outstanding book synthesizes a wealth of information gleaned from clinical and administrative
experiences in orthodontic practice. Contributors from around the world provide tips, techniques and
practical hints to assist in everything from diagnosis and the use of appliances to patient management. It
is essential reading for any practitioner, even the most experienced orthodontist, who wishes to improve
skills and knowledge in the clinical treatment of patients.

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