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					                                                             MASS TIMES                          St Bernard’s Church
                                                                                                    4 Klumpp Rd.,
                                                                                                                           Upper Mt Gravatt Parish
                                                        5 April - 11 April 2010                                               Make hospitality your special care.
                                                St Bernard’s:
                                                Mon.     9.15 am - Easter Monday                                                EASTER SUNDAY - 4 April 2010
                                                Tues.    9.00 am - Liturgy & Communion                                    READINGS: Acts 10:34, 37-43; Colossians 3:1-4.
                                                                                                                                    GOSPEL: John 20:1-9
                                                Wed.     7.00 pm
                                                Thurs. 7.00 am                                  Upp. Mt Gravatt, Bne     Happy and Holy Easter to you all. I hope that the
                                                Fri.     8.00 am                                  St Martin’s Church     message of Christ’s joyful resurrection has touched
                                                Sat.     6.15 pm Vigil                                                   your hearts and reminded you that, even in the most
                                                Sun.     7.00 am, 9.00 am, 6.15 pm                                       hopeless of situations, God is there and is ready to
                                                                                                                         work miracles, if only we would allow him. What
                                                St Martin’s:                                                             makes this Easter story so special is Jesus’
                                                Sunday 8.00 am, 9.30 am.                                                 willingness to follow his Father’s will through until the
                                                                                                                         end, even if it meant suffering and anguish, both for
                                                                                               Cnr Logan & Chester Rds
                                                   RECONCILIATION                                Eight Mile Plns, Bne
                                                                                                                         himself and for his followers. They, for their part, had
Celebrate that your generosity has              St Bernard’s: Sat. 4.30 pm                                               to trust their leader, believing that his understanding
                                                                                               PARISH PRIEST             of the situation was somehow greater than their own.
offered new life to your brothers and                                                          Fr Ian Wren
sisters struggling against injustice                           THIS WEEK                                                 Naturally, it would have been harder for some than
and poverty.                                               Monday 5April 2010                  PASTORAL ASSOCIATE        others. In next weekend’s Gospel, we will hear the
PLEASE FINALISE YOUR ENVELOPES                  Baptismal Preparation Evening - Aspinall       Kate Simpson              story of Thomas angrily lashing out at the other
AND SHARE PACKS THIS WEEKEND.                                                                                            apostles, refusing to believe that Jesus
                                                Centre, 7.30 pm.                               OFFICE STAFF
                                                                                                                         has risen until he has physical proof.
                                                                                               Mignon Telford
                                                         Tuesday 6 April 2010                  Michelle Baldi            But in the end, his eyes are opened and
                                                Meditation Community - 7.30 pm, private                                  his faith in the impossible is restored.
                                                                                               VOLUNTEER                 We have been called to live radically as
                                                home, contact the parish office.               COORDINATOR
                                                Craft Group - 10 am, Community Centre.                                   followers of Christ; to offer hospitality to
                                                                                               Saskia Stegman            those who have no home, community to
                                                                                               Ph: 0447 650 070
                                                         Wednesday 7 April 2010                                          those who have no family and hope to a
      !    " "                   !    #                                                        E: cv.umg@bne.
                                                Meditation Group - 9.30 am at St Martin’s.      world that hurts. Nowhere does Christ tell us that it’s
              $                                 Beside Restful Waters - NO meeting this week                             an easy path. Every day that we choose to follow him,
                                                Pastoral Council Meeting - 7.30 pm,            Phone: (07) 3849 7158     we must choose to die to our own wants and needs,
                                                                                               Emergency: 3830 5178      knowing that the final reward will be so much greater
                                                parish house.                                  Fax: (07) 3849 8742
          WEEKEND ROSTERS                                                                                                than anything we could make for ourselves.
                                                         Thursday 8 April 2010                 E: umg@bne.
             11 April 2010                                                                                               As we prepare to unite and become one parish, let us
Report to Co-ordinator 15 minutes before Mass
                                                Seniors Bus Trip - To Tamborine                Web: www.parishes.bne.    pray for one another, that we may have to courage
St Bernard’s Readers:        Caroline           Mountain Skywalk. Bus leaves 8.30 am.       and conviction to face the challenges that come with a
                                                Bookings Nella 3349 6536.                                                positive attitude and hope abounding. Let’s pray also
Fernandes & Margaret Beiers; Vera &                                                             CARE AND CONCERN
                                                Nursing Home Mass - 10 am, Tricare, 20                                   for those who have been given the difficult job of
Patrick McNevin; Deborah Neihoff &                                                             Phone: 3349 9223          making decisions relating to our new parish
Michael Wren; Amy Druery & Pauline              Somerfield St., Mt Gravatt
                                                Knights of the Southern Cross - 7.30 pm,        ST VINCENT DE PAUL       community. May we always be open to live lovingly
Thomas.                                                                                        Welfare: 3010 1096        with one another, ready to open our arms to all who
St Martin’s Readers: Deirdre Robinson           Aspinall Centre, Rm. 1.
                                                                                                                         seek to join us. And may we always remember that
& Diane Broe; Frank Park & Lyn                           Friday 9 April 2010                   ST BERNARD’S SCHOOL
                                                                                                                         from heartache comes the possibility of new
Allsop.                                                                                          1823 Logan Rd., U M G
                                                Mass - 8.00 am, St Bernard’s Church.           Principal:                beginnings and a richer life for the whole community.
                                                                                                                                                                    Kate Simpson
                                                  4                                                                                      1
                                                                                                WE PRAY FOR                                                  LOGAN RD EXIT
                                                                                                Moyra Lincoln, Claire
Seeing and believing in Jesus’ resurrection         We warmly welcome everyone to our
                                                                                                Marie,           Thomas
                                                                                                                                                             AND PARKING
is as much a challenge for us today as it           Church this Easter, whether you be a                                                                      Due to construction
was for the disciples who were                      regular parishioner or if you’re visiting   M a t t h e w s , D a w n Lo o k, H u gh
eyewitnesses. The challenge really lies in                                                      McGovern, Martha Tinh Nguyen, Kevin         work on the new school building the
                                                    from out of town. We hope that you                                                      Logan Rd exit from the property will be
seeing and believing that risen life comes                                                      Lennon and Annie Harkin who have
through our own self-sacrificing love of
                                                    find your time here at St Bernard’s and                                                 closed next week from Tues. 5 April -
                                                    St Martin’s prayerful, enjoyable and        died recently, also Joseph Martens,
others. When we do this, we too are                                                             Marthe Marie, Max Grainger, Liam            Fri. 9 April. All cars will need to enter
eyewitnesses. The stories of that first             hospitable. If you are interested in                                                    and exit the parish/school car park
                                                                                                Donegan, Jock & Phylis Birgan,
Easter tell us that the resurrection is not         joining our parish, please fill in a new                                                through Klumpp Rd only.
                                                                                                Thomas & Kathleen Flanagan, Gloria
something we understand, but something              parishioner’s form and place it in the                                                  PRESBYTERY GARAGE - Under no
we believe and live.” (“Living Liturgy 2010”                                                    Ferguson, Harold Laurence, Colin &
                                                    box near the sacristy (St Bernard’s) or                                                 circumstances should anyone park across
p.106) May the Easter Season provide for                                                        Kathleen Edwards, Sr Teresa Lake-
                                                    hand it to St Martin’s Mass coordinator.    Smith, Jessie Brennan, Michael,             the entry to St Bernard’s Presbytery
us many opportunities for
thanking the One who brings                                                                     Manuela, Rodolfo & Luisa Cassarino;         Garage as this access may be needed in an
us the chance of a new life and                     We rejoice with our 11 RCIA                 Charles & Caterina Doyle, Filomena          emergency situation.
may we share that new life                          candidates, who will join the               Portlock, Mary Clare Michie, Bob &          FAITH ON TAP
with those who most need                            parish through the sacraments of            Natalina Woods, Fred & Maria Manson,        Jovina Graham is a final year medical
hope and encouragement.                             Baptism, Confirmation and                   Harriet Beane, May, Bill, Norine, John
On behalf of the different                                                                                                                  student at the Uni. of Sydney. After WYD
                                                    Euchar i st t hi s weekend:                 & Pat Ingham, Maryanne Habashi, and         WYD Cologne in 2005, she took a year off
communities that make up our parish, may
I offer thanks to all who have helped with          Christina Zhou, Kumi Takeda,                the deceased relatives and friends of the   to volunteer for WYD08 and afterwards to
the events and ceremonies of Lent, Holy             Mari on H ennessy, Sen                      Ingham and Wilson families.                       s
                                                                                                                                            Spain' Santiago de Compostela. Recently
Week and Easter:- Pat Sullivan and her              Nguyen, Lu-Ann Ng, Angie                    ANZAC DAY                                   returned from a medical mission in Peru,
gardening Team; the St Martin’s Steering            Crowther, Doris Choy, Agnes                 At 9.30 am Tuesday,                         Jovina will be talking about her heroes –
Committee; Shirley O’Brien, Anne & Neil             Ow en, Tri sh Jui llerat ,                  20 April, Year 6B will                      SAINTS - Mon. 12 April. 18 to 35’s.
Rooney for candles and brass; Marj                  Julianne Vandemeer and Judy                 be leading our Anzac                        Speaker 7.30 pm, followed by Q&A.
McCrystal, Libby McCarthy and the Liturgy           Hayward. We also pray for Erin              service in St Bernard’s Church. We PRESENTATION
Team especially the environment group;
                                                    Holman, who will be initiated on the        invite all members of our community to
                                                                                                join us, and where appropriate, to wear SPIRITUALITY CENTRE
the RCIA team and sponsors; those who
led the Monday Retreats; the Way of the             17th April at the 6.15 pm Vigil Mass.
                                                    Congratulations and welcome to you          uniforms and medals. Anyone who has         MEDITATIONS to
Cross liturgies; John & Betty Breakspear;
Margaret Toohey, Beth McDonnell and                 all! Please stay for a cuppa after          photos or memorabilia of family          Transform the Mind and
John Harrison for organizing ministry               Easter Vigil Mass to welcome our            members who have served our country          Open the Heart
rosters; Danuta Cleland, the musicians, the         newest parishioners.                        in time of war and would like to place  Guided by Alan Carter, 10 am – 12 pm
choir and the cantors at both communities                                                       the items beside the cross during the Saturdays 10 Apr- 8 May. Session: $10.
as well as all who coordinated, ushered,                                                        service are encouraged to bring them to Bookings 3396 3290. RSVP by 8 April.
served, presided and proclaimed the Word,                                                       the church at 9.00 am.    Kathy Blunck CATHOLIC LEADER
washed feet and served their sisters and            This collection promotes the
brothers in some way. Thanks go also to             missionary work of the Church in the
                                                                                                SUPPORT WORKER                                  COST $1.50
Mignon and the office staff and our                                                             The C & K Assoc. require a support • Archbishop Bathersby to lead Italian
                                                    Holy Land by providing welfare                                                       pilgrimage for MacKillop canonisation
Pastoral Associate, Kate for the                                                                worker in the Kingston area to help
                                                    assistance to local Christians and to                                              • CHA seeks more detail on Government
preparation of the materials and leadership                                                     take a young child with cerebral palsy
with regard to the various liturgies. May all       maintain 74 churches and shrines                                                     health plans
                                                                                                on outings. Casual work 2 hrs X 2 days
be richly blessed during                            associated with the life of Jesus. Your                                            • Bishops point to progress on
                                                                                                per week.     For information phone
this special time.                                  generosity is much appreciated.                                                      participation of women
                                                                                                3208 7700.
                                                2                                                                                       3
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