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					Ultra-Soil                                   Yellow – Blue
                       Water- Soil Technology

Commercial Growers, Orchards, Golf Courses

         Turf/Lawn, Trees, Vines & Domestic Gardeners

                    Race Courses, Parks & Gardens, Shale Tracks & Sand.

 Ultra- Soil YELLOW

Environmentally safe soil treatment, high concentrated to cover very large areas, allows water to
penetration beyond the depth of Lawn, Plants, Vines and Trees, allowing the soil to breath, absorb
cold air/Moisture, rain or misting, creating a dramatic cut back in water wastage.

The same application will also assist in minimizing fertilizer, preventing runoff, water pollution in
streams and rivers, with a result in water and fertilizer saving.

Ultra-Soil    YELLOW allows roots to grow deeper, creating a stronger, healthier plant, with the
added benefit of opening up the soil and allowing available water to carry fertilizer into the soil.

Even the largest of trees can fall over if their root system is not
deep enough, which can be a danger in public parks and asset
Ultra- Soil     YELLOW is a water pollution solution. It is the latest water saving and soil
technology and is very different to using detergent based products or discarded washing water that
is still used by some, this is adding to the ground water pollution and creating a poor soil

Not only will Ultra- Soil YELLOW act as a conditioner to your soil, but will soil hydration, reduce
surface evaporation, assisting in reduction of up to 7 times the fertilizer required, with a lesser
amount of fertilizer ameliorating as a membrane substitute creating natural soil conditions as/would
the natural oils in the soil that may have been depleted .

Turn your water shortage around to excess water storage.

Golf Courses ,Parks and Gardens, Gardeners, Vineries, Growers and
Developers are currently experiencing a dramatic change from previous water
runoff or having to over fertilize with a result of a serious water shortage,

Eliminate the possibility of having your business closed down such as a low
water allocation or restriction where flood irrigation is used.

Ultra- Soil YELLOW used at a rate of 20 to 25 mls per square meter can also
be used for de – watering, when water is held on soil above the water table.

Ultra-Soil                       Blue

An environmentally benign water retention product designed to increase the water holding
capacity by its unique ability to hold water deep within the soil profile either by conventional
watering or absorbing moisture from the cold night air, on sunrise it locks off and prevents
evaporation, this has been seen to save 80% to 90% of your water bill, and use far less fertilizer.

NOTE: In low water penetrating soils (Hydrophobic soil) use   Ultra- Soil      YELLOW to open
up and condition the soil to accept Ultra- Soil Blue

Ultra- Soil      Blue is the latest in water and soil technology range of product! Water
Retention/Conditioner for your soil and forms a cohesive bond with the particles increasing the
retention of moisture and nutrients, significantly required of leaching soil.

This water retention product is an extension of Ultra- Soil YELLOW and very concentrated and
covers a large area per litre and travels down through the soil from a surface application requiring
no transplanting.
Ultra- Soil     Blue, water retainer does not flush through to the water table as such, it eliminates
nutrient flushing and increases the plants resistance to drought stress, tops up by the absorption
of cold air-dew and sealing itself off to prevent evaporation retaining a warm damp climate to
promote healthier seed germination and at the same time decrease the soil surface temperature,
dramatically                                                                                 reducing
water quantity and manual watering time.

Without correct attention to your soil, you are wasting large amounts of water and unnecessary
fertilizers. This natural soil conditioner product saves you huge amounts of would be otherwise
wasted water, with the added bonus of healthier plant protection assisting in obtaining a higher

Once you choose and apply either Ultra- Soil YELLOW or Ultra- Soil Blue your soil will
have a lower evaporation rate, allowing it to Drain or wet/damp warm atmosphere that is ideal for
germination and plant growth and reduce the ground temperature in hot climates. With the added
bonus of reducing plant stress, healthier plants resulting in higher yields, Thus creating a top soil
membrane layer acting as natural oils in the soil would, promoting healthy well conditioned soils,
potting mixes and growing mediums to wet or arid climates.


1&2 Litre RTU (12mm to 19mm (½ to ¾ inch) Std Garden Hose connection
4 Litre, 10 Litre, 20 Litre & 200Litre

Usage Rates:-

Yellow or Blue Liquid: 1 Litre
(Aust) Treats 330 to 660 Square Meters (U.S. A) approx 4,000 to 8,000 Square Feet

Yellow or Blue Granule: Per 1 Kg
(Aust) Treats 100 to 200 Square Meters (U.S.A) approx 1,000 to 2,000 Square Feet

Application Liquid :

Connect the one or two litre RTU to a ½ or ¾ inch garden hose,
remove top double pin and fill or cover side hole (Some RTU’S
don’t have side holes) with pin or finger and apply to selected
area or hydrophobic area, wait 24 hours and apply required
water for seepage.

Application granule:

Simply sprinkle between 5 grams (1 heaped teaspoon) to 10. 5
square meters (U.S. = 0.35 oz for 10 square feet) over the surface
root area of tree or plant. Initial watering preferably light or mist,
wait 1 hour, then water as required.

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