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									Sams Teach Yourself Mac OS® X Panther   All In One
Sams Teach Yourself

Author: Robyn Ness
Author: John Ray

Edition: 1

An uncomplicated, easy to understand introduction and guide to successfully using Mac OS X for the first
time.Covers the new version of OS X—code-named "Panther"—expected out in early fall of 2003.The
authors have extensive Mac OS X experience and are experts at explaining technology to new users.This
new edition covers enhancements and new features of Mac OS X Panther.With the release of version
10.2 of Mac OS X in the fall of 2002 (Jaguar), the new operating system was finally stable enough for
mass distribution on all shipping Macintosh computers. Yet underneath the new colorful interface was a
powerful, complicated operating system based on BSD Unix. And Mac users of all kinds needed help
both in figuring out how to run OS X and in understand how OS X worked underneath the covers and how
to get the most out of it. In late summer 2003 Apple is expected to release a new version of OS X—code-
named "Panther"—that will add some performance and interface enhancements, and that will further
extend the capabilities of the underlying Unix-based subsystem. The third edition of Sams Teach Yourself
Mac OS® X in 24 Hours helps new users to understand how the new OS (different from the traditional
Mac OS, as well as Windows) functions, and how to use it successfully. The book also explores how to
use the native OS X applications that ship with the product.John Ray currently serves as the Director of
Engineering/IT Services at Blue Cosmos Design, Inc. An award-winning developer, he provides
customized TCP/IP programming solutions to clients nationwide, including Ohio State University. In the
past three years, he has authored or co-authored several books, including Special Edition Using TCP/IP,
and Maximum Linux Security.Robyn Ness holds a master's degree in psychology with a specialization in
judgment and decision-making. She currently works as a Web developer for the department of
Communications and Technology at Ohio State University, focusing on issues of usability and content
design.*The DVD is not included with the digital version of this book.
g on issues of usability and content design.

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