Philippine participation 6th China-ASEAN Expo by taoyni


									Philippine participation                                                      20- 24 October 2009
                      in the                                              Nanning International Convention
                                                                                & Exhibition Center
    6th China-ASEAN Expo                                                     Nanning, Guangxi, China

CAEXPO : Free & Facilitated Trade, Blooming                                EVENT PROFILE
Business Opportunities
                                                               * TRADE
Since 1995, the bilateral trade between China and              Commodities from China + 10 ASEAN countries
ASEAN has increased by over 15% annually. In 2002, the         with focus on the following:
trade volume of China hit USD 54.77-B, which reflected an      •   Oil, Mineral & Chemical Products
increase of 31.7% over the previous year. In 2003, it          •   Electronics & Electrical Appliances
reached USD 78.25 B, growing by 42.9% over 2002.               •   Rubber & Its Products
                                                               •   Timber & Its Products
In November 2002, the leaders of China and the 10              •   Palm Oil & Its Products
ASEAN member-countries signed the Framework                    •   Coconut Products
Agreement on Comprehensive Economic Cooperation                •   Handicrafts, Home Décor, Houseware
between ASEAN and China in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia.               •   Furniture (Mahogany)
This marked the beginning of the process to establish the
                                                               •   Arts & Crafts
China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) which requires,
                                                               •   Fashion Accessories
that starting 01 January 2004, over 500 kinds of
                                                               •   Fresh/Processed Foods
agricultural products coming from CAFTA will have to be
levied to reduce Custom duties, while duties on other
                                                               •   Machinery & Equipment
goods will be cut gradually each year.                         •   Electronics & Electrical Appliances
                                                               •   Building Materials
After the 7thChina-ASEAN leader meeting on 08 October
2003, Premiere Wen Jiabao of the People’s Republic of          * TOURISM, CULTURE, EDUCATION, SOCIAL &
China proposed that the China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO)              ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTS
be held annually from 2004 onwards in Nanning, Guangxi,        All countries will feature a “City of Charm” to be
P.R. China. His proposal was well received by leaders of       selected depending on each year’s theme/ focus
ASEAN member states and was included in the
                                                               – BONDED ZONE/PARK & PORTS COOPERATION.
Chairperson’s Statement.

The CAEXPO aims to promote China-ASEAN Free Trade              * INVESTMENTS
Area (CAFTA) through sharing of opportunities for              Annually, there’s an Investors’ Forum joined by
cooperation and development.                                   state leaders, foreign investors and heads of
                                                               industry associations
China as a trade opportunity
                                                               * OTHER PAVILIONS
The CAEXPO is a window of opportunity to showcase our          Advanced Technology, Investment Cooperation,
strength as a country and the Philippines’ participation in    Agricultural  Exhibition,   Building   Materials,
this activity will give the Chinese and our ASEAN              Engineering Machinery & Vehicle, Processing &
counterparts the opportunity to know more about the            Packaging Machinery Section, Electric Power &
Philippine and what we have to offer in terms of trade,        Energy Equipment Section, Electronics & Electrical
investment, and tourism. Participation in CAEXPO will          Appliance Section
enable the Philippines to take advantage of the growing
opportunities in China, as follows:
                                                               Visit for more details
•   China continues to modernize at an even quicker
     pace than before. With an approximate annual                  2008 Philippine Participation Highlights
     growth rate of 8%, its economy is booming. Need are
     substantial and so are opportunities.
                                                              * 36 booths in the commodity pavilion equivalent to
                                                                                 350 square meters
•   2008 Population: 1.3 billion, i.e. 19.84% of the total
     world population
                                                                * 108 square meter space in the country pavilion
                                                                                featuring Davao City
•   2008 GDP: China’s GDP ranks 4th in the world in                 * US$1.5 million – total booked sales and still
     terms of purchasing power parity.                             expecting for more sales from continued orders
                                                                  * a lot of inquiries on investment, trade, joint
•   Direct Investments; USD 53.5 billion in 2003, which        ventures, partnerships and tourism opportunities
     places China, the 2nd in the world after USA.

                                                            (“City of Charm”)
            CHINA-ASEAN EXPO
                                                             This year’s CAEXPO theme is BONDED
The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), through         ZONES/PARKS & PORTS COOPERATION.
the Center for International Trade Expositions and
Missions (CITEM), in coordination with Department           The city will occupy 108 sqm space featuring its
of Agriculture – Agribusiness and Marketing                 bonded zones and ports: TOURISM – most scenic
Assistance Service (DA-AMAS), the Regional                  spots and destinations; TRADE – unique products
Operations and Development Group (RODG), and                and specializations; INVESTMENTS –programs/
the Philippine Trade Investment Center-Guangzhou,           incentives/features for the investors; and
P.R.O. China and the Federation of Filipino Chinese         CULTURE – art, songs & dances, festivities. This
Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc., is                  aims to promote the city and increase its
organizing     the    Philippine Participation    in        marketability and tourist visits, create businesses,
China-ASEAN                Expo           (CAEXPO).         strengthen trade relations with neighboring
Each year, the Philippines has two theme pavilions:
a) COMMODITY TRADE PAVILION – which highlights
                                                            Also, the National Pavilion will be featuring the
Filipino  creativity,  artistry, flavour, genuine
                                                            country’s Health and Wellness Industry – “HILOT” –
craftsmanship through products/services and;
                                                            Philippine’s traditional healing massage. Hilot was
b) NATIONAL PAVILION (“City of Charm”) – which
                                                            nominated as the "Spa Treatment of the Year"
showcases of the richness of our culture, tourism,
                                                            during the 2005 Baccarat Inaugural Awards in
education, and business/investment opportunities in
                                                            Hong Kong.
the country through strong foreign relations &
global competitiveness. We select a city to be
                                                            To further promote the richness of our culture, we
highlighted according to CAEXPO’s theme –
                                                            will invite cultural performers. They will also wear
                                                            and act as models of our national costumes in the
                                                            pavilion while handling our giveaways to our
PHILIPPINE COMMODITY TRADE PAVILION                         visitors.
(“Trade & Retail Pavilion”)

“NATIONAL TRADE FAIR (NTF) goes to CAEXPO” - This                  Cost of Participation                         Amount
is the debut of the NTF participants/exhibitors the
                                                          Cost-share in pavilion construction               PhP 500,000.00*
6th China-ASEAN Expo, targeting 50 booths at the
                                                          (*minimum-depending on the design)
Commodity Trade Pavilion with focus on the
following sectors: fresh/processed foods, agricultural    Cost-share in marketing and                             150,000.00
products, organic and natural products, fashion           promotions
accessories, handicrafts, arts & crafts, furniture,
home decor and housewares. Aside from the NTF
participants, previous CAEXPO exhibitors and other
SMEs will be invited to join.
Exhibit space in the Philippine Pavilion
                                                         Project planning                        April
                                                         Campaign for participation              May – July
  Standard Booth – 9sqm with fascia board, side
                                                         Deadline of Application                 17 July
  board, desk, 2 chairs, 2 spotlights, 500W single-
                                                         Deadline of Payment                     1 4 Au g u s t
  phase socket, waste basket, carpet
                                                         Pre-project arrangements                August – September
                                                         Fair Proper                             20-24 October
Promotional Tools
                                                         Note: W ithdrawal made after 17 July, 50% of the participation fee will
   •     Focused group invitation                        have to be paid to CITEM. Thus, withdrawal made after August 30, will
                                                         mean full payment of the participation fee.
   •     Tri-media publicity and promotion
   •     Creation of a CITEM Project Website to be
         linked with the CAEXPO website                  Project Management:
   •      Preparation of the project brochure/           The Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions
         directory focusing on the “City of Charm”       (CITEM) is the trade export promotions agency of the Department
   •      Direct mail campaign                           of Trade and Industry. CITEM professionally manages trade
                                                         exhibitions, trade missions and other export promotional activities.
   •      E-card / broadcast email to target buyers      CITEM provides promotional assistance and interventions for
   •     Press releases & press kits                     emerging export industries.

       Cost of Participation          Amount                                    For more information, contact:
                                                                                  Special Projects Division
Participation Fee                    PhP 10,000.00                 Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions
                                                                           Tel: 8312336 / 8312201 locs. 231 / 263
                                                                  E-mail: URL:
                                                                   Project Website:

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