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                    CHARLIE PAYTON



To research coaching methods, and administration, for players
          with physical and intellectual disabilities.

             United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany
   I fully understand that the Trust may wish to publish this
      report and I give my full consent to such publication.

  I indemnify the Trust against loss, costs or damages it may
 suffer arising out of any claims or proceedings made against
      the Trust in respect of this report, and I accept full
  responsibility should any actions arise from this report as a
               result of publication by the Trust.
 All photographs which appear in this publication are printed
                      with full permission.

 This report has been compiled originally by myself and does
  not infringe any copyright of any person or Association.

Signed Charlie Payton                Dated 23rd November 2005









The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Australia enabled me the wonderful
opportunity to travel to the United Kingdom Ireland and Germany to study
coaching methods, administration, and gather as much information and knowledge
available in relation to coaching players with physical and intellectual disabilities,
and to formulate a plan to implement a program in Australia.

I truly thank the Trust for providing me with the opportunity to pursue a passion,
what turned out to be the most amazing experience of my life.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, enabled me this opportunity, to gather
vital information and knowledge, which will only benefit the people I work with, in
my quest to provide them with the most up to date coaching methods from Europe,
which will benefit Australia in both the short and long term.

Due to legalities I was unable to take photographs of the children I was working
with, so in this report I shall attempt to provide you with a detailed account of my
experiences in word.

All pictures which appear in this report have been done so with the approval of the
people involved, and I truly thank them for this.

With Mal Donaghy ex Manchester Untied and Chelsea player

Charlie Payton
294 Vickers Street
Sebastopol 3356
Telephone. 03 53 361248
Development Officer

To research coaching methods and administration for players with physical and
intellectual disabilities- UK, Ireland, Germany

The Churchill Fellowship enabled me to visit Europe on this trip, and the outcomes
have been nothing short of a valuable information gathering process that was far
more than I could have ever expected.
The knowledge gained from all places visited has provided me with a powerful tool
in my quest to promote disabled football in Australia and ensure that it reaches its
full potential, thus providing these enthusiastic people with opportunities which
have not been made fully available to them in the past.
There are so many wonderful people I need to thank for making this trip possible,
firstly the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust for having faith in my project and
allowing me the opportunity to make this all happen. Jeff Davis from the English
FA, Christof Nicklaus, Fulham Deaf Football Club, The Committee of the Greater
London Disabled Sports Forum, Barry Stephens, Football Development Officer
with the Wiltshire County Football Association, Pan Disability Football Club,
Springfield Special School and Sports College, Glenreagh Special School, Gary
Knight, Coaching Instructor, Alan Crooks and Mal Donaghy from the Northern
Ireland Football Association, James Isaacs, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club,
Special Olympics, United Kingdom, all clubs, associations and other special schools
I was luckily enough to be given the opportunity to visit, and the many, many, other
wonderful people whom I was fortunate enough to meet during my travels, which
have all enabled me to collect so much information.
The valuable data I have collected will enable me to not only improve coaching
methods for people with physical and intellectual disabilities but also provide
valuable information to other coaches, Federations, Specialist Schools, Government
Agencies and Clubs.
PROGRAM (original )

Week 1

Visit the Football Association in London.

Week 2

Fulham Deaf Football Club.

Week 3

Bristol City All Abilities Football Club.

Week 4

Northern Ireland Football Association.

Week 5

West of Scotland Disability Football Club.

Weeks 6 & 7

TSV Bayer Leverkusen Football Club.

Due to circumstances beyond my control certain aspects of the original program
had to be changed. These circumstances arose after I had reached my destination,
however after support from other organizations who provided me with alternative
arrangements, I was able to fulfill my project.

The aims of my visit to Europe were to visit as many clubs and Associations as
possible which had disability programs running, collect as much information from
these organizations which was available and compile a formulated program which I
intend to implement in Australia.

Information gathered would vary from coaching methods, administration, child
protection polices, and all other facets available on working with physically and
intellectually disabled footballers.

Shirt Presented to me by James Isaacs Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

Where do I start, every single part of the trip was a highlight for me, people I met,
places I visited, and experiences gained were just a few.
Travel from one point to the next was an amazing experience each time, for example
when I was attempting to change trains in Cardiff and couldn’t read the signs, I met
lots of people throughout the trip by asking questions at railway and bus stations.
The unexpected accredited Football Association Coaching Course I did in Swindon,
through Jeff Davis from the FA which was not part of my initial program.
Invitations to Football Clubs were another highlight, these invitations also not part
of my program. Visits to Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, Chelsea, Fulham,
Bournemouth, Swindon Town, Millenium Stadium, Glentoran, Lyndfield, Celtic,
were just some of the places visited and gathered extra information.
Gifts from my hosts, hospitality shown to me, specialist schools, disability programs,
and actively being involved in coaching at these venues were all so educational and
knowledge gaining.
Being approached by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, and meeting with the
inspirational James Isaacs, their offer to put a proposal forward to link in with my
program in Australia was very exciting, not only for me but for disabled football in
The prospects of getting a giant club like Tottenham offer to come to Australia and
assist with my program is the ultimate dream for any football fan, let alone for my
program, which I have been struggling to keep afloat for the past five years has been
a learning experience in itself and given me that extra zing to work even harder at
putting disabled football in Australia on the map.
The meeting and working with Alan Crooks (ex crusaders, Irish Premier League)
and Mal Donaghy (northern Ireland international with 92 caps, and ex Luton,
Manchester United and Chelsea player) was the ultimate experience for any football
coach. The amount of knowledge gained through these two football icons was
invaluable for me.
Visiting mainstream Academy programs at various clubs and working with coaches
and players at all levels was enlightening, and to make comparisons with some
programs currently running in Australia, really helped me get a better
understanding of football in general and where we do sit as far as football
development goes.
A video of some very good football playing elephants given to me was superb, and
will be used by me on some of my programs to show that football really is about fun
and enjoyment.
These are just some of the highlights of what has been a very rewarding Winston
Churchill Fellowship.

The Football Association Development Program, Coaching Disabled Players course
which I participated in through the FA was an added bonus to my trip. This course
was designed through the FA for coaches who are working with disabled players
and the structure of the course covers, Amputees, Deaf, Learning Disability,
Cerebal Palsy, Partially Sighted, and Blind players.
After completing the course I had gained a wealth of knowledge on how to establish
basic communication skills for coaching disabled footballers, how to use appropriate
terminology, identify appropriate safety and medical considerations, safe
environment conditions, plan a wide range of coaching sessions, how to plan and
implement coaching sessions to include disabled players or provide alternative
appropriate opportunities, and understanding player pathways.
The inclusion spectrum which has four strategies and although they are all different
they can overlap each other in such a way that they can be used in practice.
The four methods are, Open Football Games, Modified Football Games, Parallel
Football Games and Disability Football, in a sporting context the inclusion spectrum
can be achieved by changing the environment of the activity or by the way that the
activity is delivered.
Although each individual club, organization which I visited had various methods of
coaching, the final result in all areas reached the same goal. Being in the enviable
position of being able to gather all these different methods, was an added bonus for
me as I can now compile, and utilize, whichever suits the particular environment I
am working in.
Advanced equipment used as coaches aids are being used in Europe for working
with disabled players, and as part of the England Football Associations coaching
development program they will be shipping this equipment to me in Australia. I also
Attended a number of training sessions with players of varying disabilities,
throughout the whole trip, and was actively involved in coaching with them.
The Soccability Program, which is currently unavailable in Australia, and the
opportunity of being involved in coaching Acquired Brain Injury players were also
new experiences for me, and were added to the growing knowledge base I was
gathering during my visit.
Coaching Programs including, Learning Difficulties, Physical Disabilities, Sensory
Impairment, and Coach Education were just some of the other programs I was
fortunate enough to gather information about during my project.

Child Protection Policies are very high on the agenda in Europe and cover topics
such as, procedures for football clubs, where coaches are provided with specific
child protection training. Codes of conduct for club coaches, parents and volunteers
are compulsory, and clubs ensure that parents and children associated with the club
are aware of the policy and procedures.
Recruitment off staff at clubs and associations go through stringent screening
processes prior to being employed.
Parents are required to read and sign child protection policies before registering
their child at a

One of many training sessions attended while on my trip

Each club, association visited had disability football strategies set in place, and
booklets are provided for intending players, carers, parents or guardians.
Communication between various organizations are an important part of disabled
football in Europe, communication is extremely effective and all associations work
together providing a fantastic administration. Regular meetings are held with all
affiliates attending, sharing information and ideas, exchanging policies and
procedures ensuring that the latest initiatives are used on a common front.
Partnerships are the key factor in the success of disabled football throughout
Europe, the forming of partnerships provides unlimited funding opportunities for
programs, which ensures support is available and success inevitable.
Many clubs throughout the United Kingdom have now started disability football
programs, which are adding to the strength of opportunities for players with

Coaching Disabled Footballers Course Group Photo.

The knowledge gained on my project will now allow me to further develop
programs for people with physical and intellectual disabilities.
I will now formulate a plan to introduce new methods in both coaching and
administration into Australia.
Once the plan is formulated I intend to introduce this plan to Specialist Schools
throughout Victoria and ultimately Australia wide.
Visiting Government bodies will also be included, in an effort to implement funding
policies for people with physical and intellectual disabilities, which will enable them
to play the sport of soccer/football in Australia. These policies are currently at a
minimum for people in this country and it is of the utmost importance that
opportunities are provided, as is currently available overseas.
The possibility of improvements in Australia are unlimited, and as with the policy of
the Churchill Trust and its adopted motto of Passion, and a Fire in the Belly I will
continue to strive in my objective to fulfill a dream, and that is to be able to make it
happen. The proposal currently being put together by Tottenham Hotspur Football
Club will further my quest to reach this objective in both a positive and confident
manner, and with the support from this famous club, people will realize that
soccer/football opportunities for people with disabilities in this country are here to
Seeking partnerships for programs will play a major role in my goal to make this
happen, and with the support of Federations and Clubs throughout both Victoria
and Australia I see a promising future for disabled sports in Australia.

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