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The Warrego Wine Society by lindayy


The Warrego Wine Society

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									                                                                      Te Benefts
                                 Te                                                                          Title ___ Name________________________
                                                                                                             Postal address
                                                      Free on joining: Warrego Wines
                        Warrego Wine                  Embroidered Polo Shirt

                                 Club                                                                        State _______ Postcode ___________
                                                                                                             Phone ____________ Mob: _____________
                                                      10% of: any other wine purchases from the cellar
                                                                                                             E-mail ______________________________
                                                      door, by mail order, by phone, or by e-mail.           Delivery Address
 Receive Exclusive Privileges & Save                                                                         ____________________________________
Warrego Winery invites you to join the Warrego                                                               ____________________________________
                                                      Delivery fee: straight to your door in
Wine Club and receive many membership                                                                        _____________________Postcode _______
benefits and savings on all purchases.                metropolitan Qld. N.S.W., Vic., or S.A. ( for orders   Special Instructions ____________________
                                                      in multiples of 12 bottles). Ask for prices for        ____________________________________
As a new member, you will immediately receive a       delivery to other parts of Australia.
free high quality embroidered “Warrego Wines”                                                                Warrego Wines takes no responsibility for loss or theft
polo shirt to recognise you as part of the Warrego                                                           once delivered. I understand that prices may change in
                                                      10% discount: on all meals in our restaurants and
Wines team.                                                                                                  the future. I can cancel my membership anytime after
                                                      exclusive invitations to wine promotions and new       the purchase of my second dozen at 10% off and
As well as exclusive invitations to wine events and   release tastings.                                      withdraw without cost or further obligation.
new release tastings (with free nibblies), Wine                                                              I understand that my second and final dozen will be
Club members receive a 10% discount on wine                                                                  shipped to me in six months time and that it will be
                                                      10% rebat: TO YOU PERSONALLY ON ANY
and dining purchases (even for purchases by                                                                  composed of similar wines to my first dozen, although
their guests). Experience a relaxed glass or two      WINE, FOOD, OR GIFT PURCHASED BY YOUR                  the vintage of the wines of course may change (unless I
with our simple culinary delights at the Everyday     GUESTS! (No limit to the size of the group but         purchase it earlier or ask to have changes made when
Café and enjoy the picturesque views over the         only one rebate per group)                             notified of this delivery). I authorise the use of my credit
farmland valleys towards the D’Aguilar Ranges                                                                card details for this future transaction.

                                                                         To Join
whenever you visit us.

As a member you will receive a 10% discount           Print out a copy of our order form from our             Signature ______________________
off both of the mixed dozens that you agree to        web-site – - select
buy in the first year. The first dozen can be         your mixed dozen and:                                    Card # ________________________
taken home with you when you sign up and the                                                                   Card type ______________________
second dozen will be sent to your home in six         Post to:                                                 Expiry date_____________________
months time. If you wish to change the wines in       Warrego Wines                                            Today’s Date ___________________
the second dozen, just contact us IMMEDIATELY         9 Seminary Road, Marburg, Qld. 4306
when you receive a notice from us of the              or fax: 07 5464 4800 ph: 07 5464 4400
upcoming shipment.                                    or e-mail:

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