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									1000 Best Quick and Easy Time-Saving Strategies
1000 Best

Author: Jamie Novak
Table of Contents


Part One: Setting Up for Success
Chapter 1: The Basics of the Ten Golden Rules
Chapter 2: “No” Is the Hardest Word to Say
Chapter 3: Your Plan and Getting Started

Part Two: Fitting It All In
Chapter 4: Calendar/Planner
Chapter 5: Managing Your To-Do List and Planning Ahead
Chapter 6: Stop Putting Yourself on Hold and Take Back Your Weekend

Part Three: What Exactly Do You Do All Day?
Chapter 7: Chores
Chapter 8: Laundry
Chapter 9: Working and Working from Home

Part Four: Meals and More
Chapter 10: Meal Planning and Pantry
Chapter 11: Grocery Shopping
Chapter 12: Cooking

Part Five: Getting It Done
Chapter 13: Errands
Chapter 14: Appointments
Chapter 15: Shopping

Part Six: Speed Cleaning
Chapter 16: Zone Clean
Chapter 17: Simple Kitchen Cleanup
Chapter 18: Cleaning Made Easy

Part Seven: A Parent’s Life
Chapter 19: Children
Chapter 20: Special Needs Children
Chapter 21: New Baby

Part Eight: When It’s Out of Your Control
Chapter 22: Spouse, Family, and Friends
Chapter 23: When You Have to Say Yes
Chapter 24: Chronic Lateness and Adult AD/HD

Part Nine: Just Do It!
Chapter 25: Procrastination and Procrastination Personalities
Chapter 26: Common Myths and Frequent Objections
Chapter 27: Interruptions, Distractions, and a Clear Head

Part Ten: Pets and Hobbies
Chapter 28: Gardening and Pets
Chapter 29: Crafting/Sewing
Chapter 30: You Might Already Be Exercising

Part Eleven: I Was Promised a Paperless Society
Chapter 31: Mail and Often-Referenced Pending Paper
Chapter 32: But What If I Want to Save It?
Chapter 33: Bill-Paying, Filing, and Record-Keeping 101

Part Twelve: Screen Suckers and Surfing (And I Don’t Mean in the Ocean)
Chapter 34: Email
Chapter 35: Internet
Chapter 36: Computer/Blackberry/PDA
Part Thirteen: When Unplugging Is Not an Option
Chapter 37: Phones
Chapter 38: Television
Chapter 39: Photos and Cameras

Part Fourteen: Are You Costing Yourself a Raise and a Promotion?
Chapter 40: The Floor Is Not an Option
Chapter 41: Meetings
Chapter 42: Automate Processes

Part Fifteen: I Just Saw It a Minute Ago
Chapter 43: Clutter Control Step One: Like with Like
Chapter 44: Clutter Control Step Two: Put Away Just What You Use and Love
Chapter 45: Clutter Control Step Three: Maintain the New System

Part Sixteen: Getting and Keeping It Together
Chapter 46 : Everyday Organizing Solutions
Chapter 47: Organizing Solutions for Living Space
Chapter 48: Organizing Solutions for Storage Space

Part Seventeen: Special Times and Stressful Ones
Chapter 49: Holidays and Birthdays
Chapter 50: Moving, Travel, and Vacation
Chapter 51: Household Repairs, Remodeling, and DIY

Part Eighteen: Enjoy Your Newfound Time
Chapter 52: Remember That the Little Stuff Makes a Big Difference
Chapter 53: Start and Finish Your Days on the Right Note
Chapter 54: Maintaining Your New Habits and Enjoying Your Newfound Time

Note from the Author
Stain Chart
Homemade Household Cleanser Recipes
Support Groups
About the Author

Is there never enough time in the day?So many of us run around day after day in a whirlwind—rushed,
behind schedule, overworked, stressed-out and short on patience. Every day is jam-packed with things to
do—and not enough time to do them! If you struggle with fitting it all in, if every day feels like an uphill
battle to get it all done, 1000 Best Quick and Easy Time-Saving Strategies is the book is for
you.Professional organizer Jamie Novak will show you how to:—Say "no" to new commitments without
feeling guilty—Get the important things done—including taking care of YOU—Make handling paperwork a
breeze and paying bills a snap!—Put an end to distractions that eat up your time

Part One:
Setting Up for Success

Most of us can manage a new routine for a few days or even a few weeks. But soon that new routine is
forgotten, and all too quickly we are back to our old ways. This usually happens for one of two reasons.
One, you are not convinced of the payoff, so you lose interest. Or two, the new way is not easy, and
since we are so busy, we desperately need easy. The good news is that all my solutions are easy, so
that’s not going to be an issue. But I also want you to be wildly excited about the payoff. By that I mean
that I want you to be clear about why you want to make changes in how you manage time. Once you
know why, it gets much easier to stick with new routines.
The first thing we’ll do is figure out what’s not working for you, learn what is working for you, and
determine why you want to make changes. Then we’ll move on to the ten golden rules. All that will jump-
start your success, and I want you to be successful! So let’s get started together.
Author Bio
Jamie Novak
Jamie Novak, author of 1000 Best Quick and Easy Organizing Secrets, is an expert Professional
Organizer and Clutter Coach. She is a featured organizer on HGTV’s Mission Organization and she has a
product line debuting on QVC. Jamie’s workshops and presentations have been given nationwide and she
continues to be a highly sought after speaker and presenter. She lives in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.
C. Jamie’s workshops and presentations have been given 
nationwide and she continues to be a highly sought after speaker and presenter. She lives in Scotch
Plains, New Jersey.

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