The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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					         The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
                            is the state’s peak business organisation
Affiliated Chamber members can access the following services
Members of local chambers of commerce affiliated with the TCCI can access the membership services and
discounts the TCCI offers to its business members. These are the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce
benefits your members access directly as a result of their automatic membership with the TCCI.

Your members have direct input into policy development of the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce
and Industry through your seat on the TCCI Board.

Your members benefit from TCCI lobbying for all TCCI members and Tasmanian businesses.

Affiliated Chambers of Commerce receive updated business information they can supply to their

Discount and Services
♦ TCCI Tele Discount Plan: - this plan offers each member savings on its tele-communications
♦ Qantas Club Discount Membership
♦ Motorcharge Fuelcard Plan: available for all brands of fuel and for service, repairs, tyres, batteries and
♦ Europcar Discounted vehicle rentals
♦ Jet Recruitment discounted recruiting of permanent and casual staff

Invitations to TCCI Events, Seminars and Functions
Upon request from the affiliated chambers its members can receive automatic invitations to all TCCI
functions at the discounted rate offered to TCCI members.
♦ Business Breakfasts
♦ Business after Hours
♦ Business Luncheons
♦ Ambassadorial and Consular Special Briefings
♦ Information Seminars and Workshops
♦ Business and Employment Legislative Updates
♦ Discounted advertising in Tasmanian Business Reporter

Additional Services
Industrial Relations Publications: Access to all TCCI publications at member discount rates.
Certificates of Origin: Member discounts available on Certificates of Origin.
Export Assistance: through the TCCI Trade Start Officer
New Apprenticeship Information and Support for all members with training agreements
Newsletters, Magazines: Access to all TCCI newsletters, Tasmanian Business Reporter, quarterly Focus
magazines and the TCCI Annual Report upon request.

Discounted Consultancy for Surveying, Market Research and Economic Analysis

Training Discounts
Affiliated Chamber of Commerce members are eligible to access all discounts for training that we offer to
TCCI members. These discounts amount to approximately 20% of the cost of each module of training.

Training Income Stream for Affiliated Chambers of Commerce
Affiliated Chambers of Commerce are invited to purchase a full course of training from the Tasmanian
Chamber of Commerce and Industry and to on sell this to their own members or the greater Business
Community. The TCCI would provide the trainer and course materials to the Affiliated Chamber of
Commerce at a special discounted rate. You could on-sell the course to approximately twenty of your
members. In this way you would develop an additional income stream for your Chamber of Commerce.

Joint Functions and Seminars
TCCI would welcome increasing the number of co-hosted information seminars and business functions.
Benefits would be lack of duplication, better use of each chamber’s resources and more businesses gaining
access to events.
*Please note that copies and automatic updates of awards, the establishment of enterprise agreements and human resource/industrial
relations advice are direct TCCI member benefits and cannot be included in the member fee that affiliated chamber members currently

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