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									            INCH‟S BOOKS                                 crease on back cover, generally good condition
                                                         for its age.                                 £60.00
             Catalogue 169                               Mostly about Bosnia-Herzogovina, with 19pp
                                                         catalogue of exhibits at the back. Lovely item

     WORLD‟S FAIRS &                                     3. 1900           Paris.     COMMISSARIAT
                                                         GENERAL DE RUSSE (publ) Guide a travers
     INTERNATIONAL                                       La Section Russe avec un plan del’exposition.
       EXHIBITIONS                                       Indiquant les emplacements Russes
                                                         Paris, [24945] 63pp plus large fold-out plan with
                                                         pavilion plan and ancilliary buildings. Wraps,
Contents                                                 21x12. Wraps, browned on edges and slightly
Early 20th Century World‟s Fairs    1 - 87               chipped and grubby but still in good condition.
World‟s Fairs Since 1945           88 – 121                                                        £50.00
19th Century Great Exhibitions    122 - 134              Rare guide to the Russian pavilion. Its architect
Some other Exhibitions           135 - 153               was M R Meltzer. The guide describes the
General Accounts, Histories etc 154 – 170                pavilion and its environs
Posters & Photographs            171 - 177
                                                         4. 1900 Paris. LE FIGARO/TARIDE Guide
                                                         Bleu du Figaro a l’Exposition de 1900. Ouvrage
                                                         contenant de nombreuses photographies et deux
       EARLY 20th CENTURY                                plans.
         WORLD‟S FAIRS                                   Paris,     [24944] 118pp incl many full-page
                                                         illustrations plus large fold-out colour plan.
                                                         Embossed wraps, 16x10. Vg.               £50.00
Paris 1900 - a new age dawns                             Excellent guide entirely on the expo with photo
                                                         illustrations, nice plans.
1. 1900 Exposition Internationale, Paris.
MONTGREDIEN et Cie. (Publ) L’Exposition                  5. 1900 Paris. LUDOVIC BASCHET (ed)
de Paris (1900): publiée avec la collaboration           1900 Exposition Universelle. Le Panorama
d’écrivans spéciaux et des meilleurs artistes.           Paris, Librarie d’Art, 1900. [25139] Decorated
Paris, 1900. [15711] ii, 324pp + several engraved        end papers, map, unpaginated, c300pp plates.
double-page plates and incl a great many                 Very large photographic fold-out panorama
engraved text illustrations. Gilt lettered cloth,        showing the various pavilions from the Seine.
with original coloured pictorial wraps bound in,         Striking covers with gilt image of the expo,
38x28. Head and tail of spine professionally             28x37. Binding professionally repaired internally,
repaired. A very nice copy.               £195.00        spine rebacked to make a nice copy.       £185.00
Splendid survey of the great Paris Exposition            Lovely photos and artist‟s views of the pavilions,
Internationale, especially useful for construction       avenues, events and some aerial views. A
details.                                                 wonderful survey of this great exposition. The
                                                         high-quality images cover every aspect in
2. 1900 Paris. ADOLPHE HOLZHAUSEN                        exhaustive detail. The activities contained in the
(publ) La Bosnie-Herzegovine. L’Exposition               images also make this a fine social document.
Internationale Universelle de 1900 a Paris. Avec
deux chromotypies, une planche en noir et 60             6. 1900 Paris. MONTGREDIEN et CIE
illustrations intercales dans le texte                   (publ) L'Exposition de Paris (1900). Publiée
Vienne, 1900. [24914] Frontis of the pavilion,           avec la Collaboration d'Ecrivains spéciaux et
135pp. Attractive pictoral wraps, linen                  des Meilleurs Artistes
spine,15x23 Repaired at spine, covers a little           Paris, 1900. [26273] 324pp incl a great many
grubby and worn at top corner with small loss,           photos, drawings etc plus several hors-texte
                                                         double-page views, one being coloured expo
      Email:       Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
plan. Gilt lettered cloth with beautiful colour           map plus c70pp interesting adverts. Stiff card,
lithograph publisher's wraps bound in, 38x29.             17x11. Ex library, one label only, generally vg
Very slight edge wear, spine rebacked, contents           condition.                                 £20.00
vg indeed.                              £150.00           ------------------------------------------
Exceptionally interesting account of this great
exposition with fine illustrations                        11. 1901 Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo.
                                                          ROBERT ALLAN REID (publisher) One
7. 1900 Paris. QUANTIN A L'Exposition du                  Hundred Views of the Pan-American
Siècle                                                    Exposition Buffalo and Niagra Falls. An up-to-
Paris, Le Monde Moderne, 1900? [26334] xxpp               date Souvenir Booklet....with a brief descriptive
plus map, 367pp incl hundreds of illustrations.           guide to these great attractions.
Striking green and red cloth binding with gilt            Buffalo, 1910. [24058] Frontis bird’s-eye artist’s
lettering and attractive spine, 31x24. Top edge           view, unpaginated (78pp), including many b/w
gilt. Small split top of spine else very nice copy.       photos. Wraps. 23x16. Good copy.          £45.00
                                           £110.00        An interesting, well illustrated guide to this
Good account of the expo including all the                splendid Exposition. The Electric Tower, lit up at
pavilions with a great many detailed photographs          night, was a great centrepiece. The Fair‟s many
                                                          varied features included “Turpin‟s Panopticon”,
8. 1900 Paris. STARGARDT J R (publ)                       Roltair‟s “Upside Down House”, war dances
Weltausstellung in Paris 1900. Amtlicher                  from „Darkest Africa‟, Hawaiian & Philippine
Katalog der Ausstellung des Deutschen Reichs              native villages, US and foreign pavilions and
Berlin, 1900. [26417] Beautiful art nouveau end           much else. Unfortunately, when US President
papers, xpp with coloured plan, 440pp and 80pp            McKinley visited for a public reception on 6th
interesting adverts. Decorative coloured head and         September, he was assassinated by a lone
tail pieces, full page decorative sub-titles to the       gunman, Leon Czolgosz. The Exposition never
sections, the whole designed by Bernhard Pankok           fully recovered.
with a special red and black type-face by Georg
Schiller, printed by the Imperial Printing Works.         Two Great Dusseldorf Expositions
Striking patterned open-weave cloth, 24x19.
Cloth and and papers a little foxed but generally a       12. 1902 Düsseldorf. STOFFERS G Die
good copy.                                 £275.00        Industrie-und        Gewerbe-Ausstellung          für
Something of a masterpiece of German Jugenstil            Rheinland, Westfalen und Benachbarte Bezirke.
book design. It has very informative material on          Verbunden mit einer Deutsch-Nationalen
design products, the book industry, photography,          Kunst-Ausstellung
garden buildings and much else, as well a full list       Düsseldorf, August Bagel, 1903. [26425]
of exhibits.                                              Marbled and papers and edges, vii, 294 + 392pp,
                                                          incl hundreds of illustrations + three portraits on
9. 1900 Paris. TARIDE (publ) 1900                         single-sided stiff card. And with 2 coloured fold-
Exposition                                                out plans of the exhibition, maps, lovely coloured
Paris, [24610] 36 views. Decorated cloth, 11x16.          fold-out     plan for the main machine hall,
Marks on some photos, spine a little cockled, still       boilerhouse and neighbouring buildings, fold-out
good copy.                                 £20.00         graph of attendance, all in rear pocket. Embossed
Most views are of pavilions. Nice little souvenir         cloth, 32x27. Cloth minor scuff-marked, else vg.
book of the exposition with informative photos                                                       £350.00
                                                          Exhaustive account of this major Exposition,
10. 1900 Paris. WARD, LOCK & CO (publ)                    including its organisation, construction, events
A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Paris and            etc, as well as very detailed descriptions of all the
the Exhibition                                            pavilions and their exhibits. A magnificent tome.
London,      [24609] xlvii on the exhibition              This great Exposition deserves to be better
including photos, fold-out panorama and plan of           known.
the exhibition. 224pp guide to Paris with folding
      Email:        Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
13. 1902        Düsseldorf.      VERLAG       DER          16. 1905       Liége.     Postcard       Collection
AUSSTELLUNGS-LEITUNG Industrie-und                         Exposition Universelle de Liége 1905. Fourteen
Gewerbe Ausstellung für Rheinland, Westfalen               contemporary postcards.
und benachbarte Bezirke, verbunden mit einer               Publishers unstated. [26319] 10 sepia, one in
deutsch-nationalen               Kunst-Ausstellung.        colour, two b/w, one artist's view. 7 unused,
Düsseldorfer 1902.                                         others with usual messages. Good.           £30.00
Düsseldorf, 1902. [26427] 30 high-quality, full-           Interesting cards, giving a good survey of this
page photographs. Embossed stiff linen covers              exposition, the first of three held in Liege (see
with gilt lettering, tie, 20x29. A good copy.£50.00        later entries for the others). It was a great event,
This Exposition was especially important for its           with fine pavilions and an imposing Grand Hall.
industrial pavilions, including for railways,              Contemporary material on this expo is
handicrafts and machinery. Some big German                 uncommon.
companies had their own Halls, including
Hoerder, Bochumer Vereins and Krupp (who                   17. 1908 Franco-British Exhibition London.
were showing off their latest massive battleship           HUDSON & KEARNS (publ) The Franco-
guns). There were also Nubian and Arab villages,           British Exhibition Official Souvenir
a Kunsthalle, Festhalle etc. Stylish souvenir item         London, 1908. [24666] c42 plates with captions
with excellent images.                                     incl birds-eye view of site. Wraps with paste-on
                                                           picture, as published, 20x27. Paste-on a little
14. 1904 Düsseldorf. FRAUBERGER H (ed)                     scuffed with very small tear, no loss, else vg.
Internationale                      Kunstausstellung                                                £30.00
Kunsthistorische            Ausstellung      Grosse        Lovely     photographs      showing    pavilions,
Gartenbau-Ausstellung.                                     Oetmann's Bungalow, the Great Stadium etc. The
Düsseldorf, August Bagel, 1905. [26426]                    photographs are of a high quality and show a
Marbled end-papers and edges, vii, 368pp incl              great deal of detail.
numerous illustrations, many full-page plus 20
single-sided illustrations on stiff card plus              Brussels 1910
coloured fold-out plan of the exhibition, fold-out
plan of the industriehall and fold-out plan of the         18. 1910 Bruxelles. COMITE DE LAEKEN-
machinehall and electrical circuits in rear pocket.        EXPOSITION Exposition Universelle de
Green cloth with gilt lettering and gilt embossed          Bruxelles 1910. Projet du Comite de Laeken-
image, 32x26. Vg.                           £250.00        Exposition dresse par M. l’architecte P
Whilst the 1902 Dusseldorf Exposition (above)              Saintenoy.
showed off German industrial achievements, the             Bruxelles, 1906. [24927] 28pp incl illustrations,
1904 event was a more international affair and             plans etc. Wraps, 24x16. Vg.              £65.00
concentrated more on the decorative and fine               Very interesting advance publicity item for this
arts. It was also an opportunity for a major               great expo with artist's perspectives, views of
"Gartenschauen", including garden buildings,               Hall, pavilions etc. Much of the work was already
plants and garden layouts. Another splendid                underway and there are some under-construction
record of a major German Exposition.                       photos. A special tramline was being built out to
---------------------------                                the site from the city.

15. 1905 Liége. HERZE Luc and LACROSSE                     19. 1910 Bruxelles. Postcard collection.
Jacques (intro) Retrospective de L’Exposition              Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles 1910. Ten
Universelle de Liège de 1905.                              contemporary postcards.
Liége, L’Association Royale des Architectes de             Bruxelles, [26318] One in colour, others b/w
Liége, nd, [1991] [24842] 52pp incl very good              photo views. Used cards, with the usual familial
illustrations, map. Wraps. 21x15. Vg.  £20.00              messages. Good thus.                       £20.00
Useful booklet, describing this expo and its               Nice views, of pavillions etc. Two cards show the
background. Based on an exhibition.                        after-effects of the disastrous fire that afflicted
                                                           the Expo, with crowds of onlookers.
      Email:         Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
                                                          Nice images. There is little information on this
20. 1910 Bruxelles. VIERA SOUTO, Prof L R                 exhibition, held at the White City
(Commissare général) Pavilion du Bresil
Anvers, Laporte & Dosse, [24909] 85pp incl                25. 1911      Torino.      TOURING         CLUB
illustrations, no adverts. Wraps, 23x14. Spine and        ITALIANO Torino Esposizione 1911
top lh corner worn with little loss else vg. £40.00        [24928] 48pp incl illustrations plus beautiful
Lovely photo of the pavilion. Page 27 onwards is          coloured fold-out plan. Thin card covers with
about Brazil, with some interesting old photos.           beautiful design showing aviator etc by Mario
The pavilion's architect was Franz van Ophem.             Stropper, 24x17. Vg.                       £75.00
-----------------------                                   Lovely guide and superb item. The expo had
                                                          considerable influence on the course of design.
21. 1910         Japan-British.    PUBLISHER
UNSTATED. OFFICIAL? Grande Exposition                     26. 1914 Malmo. CHRISTENSON Goran,
Japonese-Anglaise 1910 Mai a Oct. Shepherd’s              ERICSSON Anne-Marie and PEHRSON Per-
Bush, London                                              Jan Baltiska Utstallningen 1914
  [24942] 9pp incl illustrations plus fold-out            Kristianstad, Bokforlaget Signum, 1989. [22537]
bird’s-eye view of the expo. Beautiful card               191pp incl illustrations. Expo plans. Swedish
covers, with Lion of Wembley on front, 19x12.             text. Pictoral boards, 21x17. Vg.        £20.00
Pages a little browned else vg.             £40.00        Description of the seminal 1914 Malmo
Delightful short guide. Material on this exhibition       exposition. The expo had a great influence on
is difficult to find. Design in Britian was               Scandinavian design.
considerably influenced by this expo, eg Liberty's.
Rare.                                                     The Panama Pacific

22. 1911 Charleroi. VAN LIER Eug (publ)                   27. 1915 Panama Pacific. REID Robert & Co
Exposition de Charleroi 1911. Une Semaine au              (publ) The Great Exposition. The Panama-
Pays Noir. Guide Officiel illustrée.                      Pacific International Exposition. Illustrated
Charleroi,    [24950] 215pp incl illustrations,           with Two Sumptuous Colored Panoramas and
adverts plus fold-out plan. Wraps, 18x11. Stain           Eighty-Four Pages of Engravings of its
on front cover else vg.                 £25.00            Principal Scenes and Features. Official
Scarce official guide to this expo. There were            publication.
numerous pavilions plus scenic railway, water             San Francisco, 1915. [24650] Embossed pictoral
features etc. Also has material on the city and           card, 23x31. Covers rubbed and faded with small
environs.                                                 piece missing from bottom rh corner, paper-clip
                                                          marks on few pages, contents very good. £85.00
23. 1911 Charleroi. VAN LIER Eug (publ)                   A wonderful survey of this great exposition.
Plan General Officiel de l’Exposition et Plan de          Although many international pavilions absented
la Ville de Charleroi.                                    themselves because of the great war, it was a
Charleroi, [24949] Coloured plan c65x48 in card           magnificent exposition with a huge attendance. A
covers, folded to 23x14. Some wear along folds,           particularly good feature of this publication is
generally good condition.                 £20.00          that it shows many crowd scenes. The photos are
Fold-out coloured plan of expo and city                   finely detailed.

24. 1911 Coronation Exposition, London.                   28. 1915 Panama-Pacific. UNION PACIFIC
Postcards.    VALENTINE        & ROTARY                   OVERLAND How to see California and its
Coronation Exhibition Three postcards [two                Expositions in 1915
coloured, one b/w]                                        by the company, [24929] 38pp incl illustrations
 [4538] "Garden of Peace" (colour, unused);               and map. Wraps, 23x20. Folded in half as
"Court of Honour" (colour, used), "New Zealand            intended, American Express, Anvers stamps on
Pavilion" (b/w, used) Vg.               £15.00            front and back covers, spine split at bottom but
                                                          still a vg copy for its age.              £30.00
      Email:        Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
Charming publicity item. Nice coloured views of           cloth spine. 28x23. Scuff to front cover else vg.
the expos.                                                                                           £75.00
                                                          A very attractive item. Maxwell's informative
29. 1915 Panama-Pacific. UNION PACIFIC                    images cover all aspects of this great Exposition.
SYSTEM California and the Expositions.
Yellowstone National Park. How to go and what             33. 1925 British Empire Exhibition The New
to see                                                    Wembley British Empire Exhibition May-
by the company, [24938] 62pp incl illustrations.          October 1925
Striking wraps, 19x14. Vg.                  £30.00          [24943] Sheet which folds out to give large map
Lovely publicity item. The first section describes        of the expo, artist's drawing with montaged
the expos and the various pavilions etc. The rest         photos on one side, 24pp info about the expo on
gives advice to visitors on how to reach them and         the other. 50x75. Some wear along folds, little
places to visit en route (only the last 8 pages are       grubby on front but generally good for fairly
on Yellowstone). A very interesting item.                 fragile item.                              £20.00
----------------------------                              The success of the 1924 Wembley expo
                                                          encouraged the authorities to extend it another
The Lion at Wembley                                       year. The lion motif was redesigned.
30. 1924      British    Empire     Exhibition.
FLEETWAY PRESS LTD The British Empire                     34. 1925         British       Empire  Exhibition.
Exhibition 1924...Wembley Park - London.                  MANCHESTER                            GUARDIAN
Official Catalogue.                                       COMMERCIAL Wembley 1925
London, Fleetway Press. 1924. [24546] 244pp,                [25812] 32pp incl maps, photos. Wraps, 41x31.
interesting adverts, world map, 5 plans Handy             Ex reference library, spine rubbed and very small
library binding, 22x14. Ex library, evidence of           piece missing from bottom rh corner else good
label removed from front end paper and some               copy. Card binding with Festival logo etc. £20.00
scuff marks an first few pages but still a tight          Special section from the Manchester Guardian.
copy with lovely photos.                 £10.00           Reports from around the commonwealth by
Lacks general plan.                                       different authors, including Hugh Clifford and
                                                          Lawrence Weaver. Weaver's text is called 'Home
31. 1924      British      Empire     Exhibition.         Industries at Wembley'.
FLEETWAY PRESS LTD The British Empire                     --------------------------------
Exhibition 1924...Wembley Park - London.
 Official Catalogue.                                      35. 1925        Paris.      ETABLISSEMENTS
London, Fleetway Press. 1924. [24647] 244pp,              PAPEGHIN Exposition des Arts decoratifs
interesting ads, world map in front pocket, 5             Paris-1925. Album Souvenir.
plans, fold-out general plan. Wraps with lion logo         [24407] 20 views of the expo. Striking red card
on front, 22x13. Tiny chip to corner but a better         covers, 18x26. End papers browned, vg. £75.00
than average copy of a book usually found in              The images are high-quality and give excellent
poor condition.                             £25.00        information on the various pavilions as well as
Detailed catalogue, packed with information.              the general layout. Architects include Horta,
                                                          Easton & Robertson, Boileau et al. There are lso
32. 1924-25 British Empire Exhibition.                    several fine general views.
MAXWELL Donald Wembley in Colour. Being
both an Impression and a Memento of the                   Barcelona and Seville 1929-30
British Empire Exhibition of 1924 as seen by
Donald Maxwell, with over one hundred                     36. 1929 Barcelona. Service des Chemins de
sketches in colour & monochrome                           Fer. Expositions de Seville et de Barcelone 1929
London, Longmans, Green, 1924. [24571]                     [24006] 32pp incl illustrations, map. 21x12. Vg.
Coloured frontis, 112pp incl colour plates and                                                      £15.00
many text illustrations by the author. Boards,            Publicity guide and railway timetable for visitors
                                                          to the fairs. Attractive item
      Email:        Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
                                                          loosely inserted. Wraps, 21x14. Covers grubby
37. 1929            Barcelona        Exposition.          and with small piece missing bottom rh corner.
BURMEISTER & WAIN LTD (publ)                              Pages brownd but still a good tight copy. £50.00
Barcelona y su Expositión Internacional de                A fine detailed official guide. The last quarter is
1939.                                                     on the city but the rest describes the various
Barcelona, 1929. [21640] 46pp with ills plus              pavilions, events etc.
fold-out plan of the exposition with nice map of
Barcelona centre on reverse. Pattnerned end               41. 1930 Antwerp. CIE LIEBIG Exposition
papers. English and Spanish text. Pictoral stiff          Internationale Anvers 1930/ Antwerpen Wereld
card wraps, 22x14. Edges very slightly rubbed,            Tentoonstelling 1930
tiny hole in front end paper, but generally nice          by the company, [24951] 32pp incl illustrations.
copy of a fragile item.                    £30.00         Striking wraps, 17x13. Vg                  £20.00
Publicity book for Burmeister & Wain,                     Known in this country as Oxo and Fray Bentos.
Copenhagen shipbuilders, also containing                  Publicity brochure for the company in the
information on the city and exposition. Attractive        languages of all participants at the expo.
item.                                                     Beautiful piece of contemporary publicity.

38. 1929       Barcelona Exposition.         LA           42. 1930 Antwerp. JOHN VAN DEN
COMPANIA TELEFONICA NACIONAL DE                           KIEBOOM (publ) Exposition Internationale
ESPANA Exposicion Internacional Barcelona -               Anvers       1930.       Antwerpen       Wereld
General Plan                                              Tentoonstelling. Cartes Vues. Série 3
Barcelona, 1929. [21639] Panoramic view. One              Antwerp. [4424] 10 unused tissue wrapped
sheet pamphlet, folded in 3 with pictorial cover.         concertina style postcards in sepia. Card covers
17x12. Good.                              £15.00          Vg indeed.                                £15.00
General plan of the Expo, reproduced by the               High quality images of pavilions, restaurant &
national telephone company, with pictorial title,         old Belgium city.
international tarrifs and text on the back. Nice
piece of ephemera.                                        43. 1930 Antwerp. JOHN VAN DEN
                                                          KIEBOOM (publ) Exposition Internationale
39. 1929-1930 Barcelona-Sevilla Expositions.              Anvers       1930/       Antwerpen      Wereld
EDITORIAL                DE   LA        REVISTA           Tentoonstelling. Cartes Vues Serie 1
“LABORATORIO” España sus Exposiciones                     Anvers, [24966] 10 fanfolded unused postcards
Barcelona-Sevilla 1929-1930.                              in cardboard folder. 9x15. Vg.          £20.00
Barcelona, 1930? [21669] 256pp, many                      This was a major exhibition with a good deal of
illustrations, adverts (some being very attractive        modern and art deco architecture
coloured hors-texte ones). Gilt lettered, patterned
cloth. 29x23. Good copy.                   £125.00        44. 1930 Antwerp. Esposition Internationale
Lovely account of these great Expositions,                Coloniale Maritime et D'Art Flamand.
particularly Spain‟s own contributions. The               ETABLISSEMENTS                      GENERAUX
Seville Ibero-Americana Exposition was designed           D'IMPREMERIE (publ) Palais Du Congo
to follow on from and complement the Barcelona            Belge. Guide Officiel
Exposition.                                               Bruxelles, 1930. [24913] 151pp incl photos, plan
---------------------------                               of the exposition. Wraps with picture of pavilion
                                                          on cover, 20x13. Covers rubbed with small piece
Antwerp and Liege 1930.                                   of cellotape top of spine, rest vg.       £20.00
                                                          Mostly on the Belgian Congo rather than the
40.    1930 Antwerp. Guide Officiel de                    expo.
L’Exposition       Internationale       Coloniale,
Maritime et d’Art Flammand. Anvers 1930                   45. 1930 Antwerp.            LES     EDITIONS
Bruxulles, Mirax, 1930. [24922] 482pp incl                NATIONALES (publ)            Officiel plan/Plan
photos, adverts plus large folded plan of the expo
      Email:        Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
officiel/Official plan/Offizieller plan/ Planta          50. 1931. Paris Coloniale Expo. BRAUN &
ufficiale                                                Cie (publ) Les Palais des Colonies Francaises.
Bruxelles, 1930. [24402] Fold-out coloured plan          Exposition Coloniale Internationale Paris 1931.
of the expo in paper cover. c50x70. Cover                Paris. [4387] 24 detachable cards, unused, in
chipped, plan vg.                        £20.00          original decorated card holder. Fine.     £25.00
A nice plan.                                             Informative and attractive set, showing pavilions,
                                                         views of Angkor-Wat replica etc.
46. 1930 Liége. EXPO COMMITTEE (publ)
Exposition Internationale. Sciences, Industrie,          51. 1931 Paris Coloniale Expo. BRAUN &
Beaux-Arts, Agriculture.                                 Cie (publ) Promenade a Travers l'Exposition
Liege, 1930. [24926] 8pp with both covers being          Coloniale Internationale Paris 1931
fold-out providing 2 further pages and two fold-         Paris. [4385] 24 detachable cards, unused, in
out plans. Loosely inserted membership form and          original decorated card holder, with elephant
statutes for the Societe Cooperative for the expo.       motif. Fine.                             £25.00
Pictoral wraps, 22x15. Pages a little browned            Very useful survey of the pavilions etc.
else vg.                                   £30.00
Appears to be advance publicity for this                 52. 1931 Paris. DEMAISON A (text)
important expo with nice artist's drawings of the        Exposition Coloniale Internationale. Guide
site, etc.                                               Officiel.
                                                         Paris, Mayeux, 1931. [24924] 206pp, including
47. 1930 Liége. GODEFROID E Liége 1930.                  illustrations and adverts, plan + some full-page
Guide Officiel Sommaire.                                 colour pages. Nice pictorial wraps. 21x13. A
Bruxelles, Touring Club de Belgique, [24941]             bright copy.                             £30.00
64pp incl illustrations plus coloured fold-out           Official Guide to the Expo.
plan. Large coloured map of Liege loosely
inserted. Wraps, 18x12. Covers a little dusty else       53. 1931 Paris. JACOB M Exposition
vg.                                        £25.00        Coloniale Internationale Paris 1931. Guide
Official guide and guide to the town. This was an        Pratique
ambitious expo with many pavilions. It was held          Paris, l’Aurore, [24940] 80pp incl illustration,
in conjunction with the Antwerp expo. Both were          plan. Wraps, 18x12. Small piece cut from bottom
intended to commemorate the centenary of                 left corner, pages browned but vg for fragile item.
Belgian independance. Scarce.                                                                        £25.00
                                                         Desribes all the pavilions etc. Some unlikely
48. 1930 Liége. R PROTON & F VILLAR                      countries were represented-USA, Denmark,
(publ) Exposition de Liége 1930. Three postcard          Greenland etc.
Liége, [25363] Three b/w photo images. Used.             54. 1931.         Paris.      L‟ILLUSTRATION
Good.                                     £10.00         Exposition Coloniale Internationale de Paris
Nice views of this expo, the second to be held in        Paris, L’Illustration (Special Issue, 4603, 23rd
the city.                                                Mai) 1931. [20055] c 78pp, many lovely
----------------------------------                       illustrations in colour and b/w. Wraps with colour
                                                         paste-down image. 38x29. Vg.               £50.00
The Paris Colonial Exposition                            Beautiful special issue on the Expo with superb
                                                         informative illustrations
49. 1931 Coloniale Internationale Paris.
BRAUN et Cie Les Illumination a L’Exposition             55. 1931 Paris. PETIT Pierre (photographer
Paris, [24790] 12 detachable postcards (unused).         and publ) Exposition Coloniale Paris 1931
Card wraps, 9x15. Vg.                     £20.00         Paris, 1931. [25138] 24 plates. Striking pictoral
12 dramatic night-time illuminated views.                card covers with cord tie, 27x37. Cover faintly
                                                         grubby but still nice and bright, vg.     £65.00

      Email:       Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
Lovely detailed large format photos, tissue-
guarded, mostly of pavilions with architects             60. 1935 Bruxelles.1 VAN DER DONCK
named. Outstanding item.                                 (publ) Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles
---------------------------                              1935.     Guide      Officiel/     Brussel   1935
                                                         Wereldentoonstelling. Officieel Gids
“A Century of Progress”                                  Bruxelles, [24930] 288pp guide with fold-out
                                                         plan and 80pp guide to Brussels. French and
56. 1933-4 Chicago. ANON (official?) Un                  Flemish text. Two related cards loosely inserted.
Siecle de Progres. Exposition Internationale             Wraps, 18x12. Spine little worn top and bottom,
Chicago, 1933                                            generally vg.                              £35.00
 1933. [24404] 24pp with illustrations, map.             Lovely official guide to this great expo.
Green-tinted booklet of the exposition, 14x10.
Vg.                                      £15.00          61. 1935 Bruxelles.3 VAN DER DONCK
Short guide and publicity item in French for the         Marcel (publ) Official Guide and Plan of the
first season of the Century of Progress                  Brussels International Exhibition. 1935
Exposition. Nicely produced                              Brussels, [24910] 256 pp incl photos, adverts
                                                         plus fold-out plan. 72pp guide to Belgium at back
57. 1933-4 Chicago. ANON (official?) Un                  with fold-out map of Brussels. English and
Siecle de Progres. Exposition Internationale             French text. Wraps, 18x12. Vg.            £35.00
Chicago, 1934                                            Official guide for English speaking visitors,
 1934. [24405] 32pp with illustrations, map, plan        though much of it in French
of the expo. Yellow-tinted booklet of the
exposition, 14x10. Crease-mark to front cover            62. 1935 Bruxelles. ANON Bulletin Officiel de
else vg.                                  £15.00         l’Exposition Universelle et Internationale de
French language guide to second year with                Bruxelles
different illustrations.                                 Bulletin Mensuel No 1, 15Aout 1933. [26245]
                                                         40pp incl illustrations, expo plan and two related
58. 1933-4 Chicago. THE PURE OIL                         inserts. Wraps, 27x21. Two stamps on front
COMPANY Pure Oil Pathfinder Map of A                     cover, vg for fragile item.                £16.00
Century of Progress.                                     Lovely official bulletin to this great expo with
Chicago? [26448] Concertina publicity booklet,           good informtaion and images relating to the
opening to 23x61. 6pp text & illustrations on one        expo. Lovely fine coloured advert for Bon Marché
side, detailed map of the expo across the other.         stores.
Faint marks on covers, generally good copy.
                                           £15.00        63. 1935 Bruxelles.       ANON Le Maroc a
Nice publicity item and Fair plan. The firm had          L’Exposition de Bruxelles
an ambitious exhibit at the Expo.                        unstated (official), [24915] 32pp plus 8 full-page
-----------------------------------                      photos. Wraps, 21x16. Cover foxed else vg.
Brussels 1935                                            Booklet about Morocco with nothing on the expo.

59. 1935           Bruxelles.          GENERAL           64. 1935 Bruxelles. EDITION NOUVELLE
COMISARIAT           OF THE           BRUSSELS'          (publ) Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles
WORLDS FAIR (ed) Touring 1935: Brussels                  1935. Cartes-Vues Assorties. (Serie 1)
Belgium                                                  Bruxelles,     [24624] 10 fanfolded unused
 [26323] 30pp incl illustrations. Pamphlet,              postcards. Card covers, 10x14. Vg.       £20.00
22x14. Small piece missing bottom rh cover else          Postcards showing pavilions, general views.
vg.                                        £12.00
Publicity for Brussels and the rest of Belgium to        65. 1935 Bruxelles. GYLDEN            Y (intro)
coincide with the fair. Striking photo images from       Pavillon de la Suede. Catalogue
fair on covers.
      Email:       Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
Stockholm, Hasse W Tullberg, 1935. [24916]                Annotations in pencil throughout, good tight
24pp, fold-out plan of the pavilion. French text.         copy.                                       £35.00
Striking pictoral cover, 19x13. Vg.       £20.00          This edition aimed at visitors from France.
Nice official brochure for this pavilion
                                                          70. 1935 Bruxelles. VAXELCLAIRE-CLAES
66. 1935 Bruxelles. HMSO Grand Bretagne a                 (publ) Exposition Universelle et Internationale
Bruxelles 1935 [cover title]                              Bruxelles 1935. Pavilion des Grand Magasins
London, [24912] 117pp incl photos, adverts plus           au Bon Marche
fold-out plan. English, French and Flemish text.          Bruxelles, [24952] Card. 19x39 folded in three
Booklet, 24x15. Cover a little grubby else vg.            to give brochure 19x13. Vg.              £15.00
                                          £50.00          Attractive artist‟s coloured impressions of the
Full report on the British pavilion and its               Bon Marche stand at the expo.
exhibits. The building's architect was Howard             -----------------------
Robertson. It had a main floor in the shape of a
rotunda plus two wings, also a formal garden.             Paris 1937 – the Triumph of Classicism?
Interesting and detailed booklet. Lutyens, Frank
Pick, Giles Gilbert Scott were menbers of the             71. 1937 Paris. A SIMON (publ) Paris 1937
committee. Scarce                                         Exposition Internationale [cover title]. Paris
                                                          1937 International Exposition of Arts and
67. 1935        Bruxelles. L'ILLUSTRATION                 Crafts
Exposition de Bruxelles 25 Mai 1935                        [24665] 16pp incl illustrations plus bird’s eye
Bruxelles, L'Illustration, 1935. [23780] c50pp            view on inside back cover. English text. Striking
text + xlivpp fine period adverts, many b/w plates        pictoral covers with coloured design by Asimon,
and artists' colour impressions, tipped-in portrait       23x20. Stamp of Thomas Cook on title page,
of Leopold III. Wraps. 39x29. Spine very slightly         ‘exhibition’ neatly written on front cover else vg.
chipped else vg.                           £40.00                                                       £20.00
Excellent double page panorama of the site.               Wonderful illustrations. Advanced publicity for
Superb period piece. For a small country,                 the expo showing sites under constuction, artist‟
Belgium produced a number of very good                    views of pavilions, list of exhibit groups etc
exhibitions, this being the most ambitious of them
all.                                                      72. 1937 Paris. CHIPAULT H (publ) 12
                                                          Veritables Photos (Serie 1)
68. 1935 Bruxelles. PIM (publ) Exposition                 Boulogne, 1937. [24622] 12 real photos.
Universelle & Internationale de Bruxelles 1935.           Embossed silver card folder, 6x9. Card folder
32 planches                                               rubbed round edges else vg.             £25.00
Bruxelles,     [24931] 32 heliogravure photos.            Includes views of the Soviet and Nazi pavilions
Striking pictoral wraps, 22x30. Top and bottom            etc. Nice miniature set.
of spine trifle worn, not very bad, else very nice
item.                                      £50.00         73. 1937 Paris. EDITONS DE LA SOCIETE
Lovely photos, mainly of pavilions but with a few         POUR LE DEVELOPMENT DU TOURISME
general views of avenues and gardens. The                 Exposition Internationale Paris 1937 Arts et
photos give very good details. Much of the                Technique dans la Vie Moderne. Guide Officiel.
architecture is modern movement or art deco.              Paris. [25078] 212pp + colour plates (artist’s
Nice item                                                 views of pavilions) + b/w plates + fold-out map
                                                          and including many text illustrations, adverts.
69. 1935 Bruxelles. VAN DER DONCK                         Pictorial wraps. 21x13. Binding professionally
(publ) Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles                repaired, covers a bit rubbed. Fair condition for
1935. Guide Officiel.                                     fragile item.                             £40.00
Bruxelles, [26253] 256pp guide with fold-out              Lovely official guide to this great Exposition,
plan and illustrations, 72pp guide to Bruxelles.          packed with information. One of the best expo
Related card loosely inserted. Wraps, 18x12.              official guides, beautifully illustrated
      Email:        Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
                                                           Superb special issue of "L'Illustration", packed
74. 1937 Paris. FOURNIER FRERS (publ)                      with information and lovely art work, on this
Guide de l’Exposition Internationale des art et            great Exposition. The expo is revealed as a
des techniques de Paris 1937. 12 itineraires               triumph of the neo-classical style. This and the
pratiques                                                  previous item make a great record of the great
Paris, [24939] large fanfolded sheet. c35x78 to            1937 Exposition. The previous one is mainly
make booklet 18x10. Vg.                  £25.00            artist‟s views, this one mainly photographs
Attractive item. 12 suggested itineraries round
the expo, each with a map. Also a general plan.            78. 1937 Paris.            "L'ILLUSTRATION"
Nice item nicely designed.                                 Exposition Paris 1937 Album hors série
                                                           Paris, [24651] c96p incl a great many beautiful
75. 1937 Paris. FRENCH GOVERNMENT                          illustrations, mostly splendid artist’s views.
(publ) Exposition Internationale des Arts et des           Wraps, with fine coloured Expo cover. 41x31.
Techniques [3 items].                                      Looks as though some darts have been thrown at
  [24033] A2 size folded coloured birdseye of the          cover and first 7 pages, not too bad, old water
exposition with publicity material on reverse.             stain to bottom right corner of first c20 pages, not
WITH Programme of events 3-12 Septembre.                   affecting text or images (all this not as bad as it
WITH 4pp broadsheet issued by the tourist                  sounds), rest of issue in good condition. £40.00
office, railway etc extolling the wonders of Paris,        Superb hors-series number of "L'Illustration",
with centrefold being a map, with photos of                packed with information and lovely art work. One
places to visit round the edge. Good for fragile           of the best visual records of this great Exposition.
items.                                     £25.00
                                                           79. 1938 Empire Exhibition Glasgow.
76. 1937 Paris. GOURNAY Isabelle Le                        VALENTINE & SONS (publ) Official
Nouveau/The New Trocadero.                                 Postcards of United Kingdom Pavilion Empire
Liege, Mardaga, 1985. [24708] 239pp incl very              Exhibition Scotland, 1938. 8 real photo
many illustrations, biographies, chronology.               postcards
English and French text. Intro by Bruno Foucart.           Dundee, 1938. [24623] In official envelope, 9x14.
Wraps. 24x22. Small bookseller’s label pasted to           Envelope torn at one corner, no loss, and rubbed
half-title. A nice copy.                   £30.00          round edges. Photos vg.                     £30.00
The old Trocadéro palace had been constructed              Fine images giving excellent detail of various
by Davioud for the 1878 Paris Expo. Carlu,                 pavilions. Lovely item in original envelope.
Boileau and Azéma were commissioned, at quite
short notice, to transform the space for the 1937          80. 1938 Empire Exhibition Scotland. ANON
Expo. The Nierman Brothers designed a                      Empire Exhibition Scotland 1938. Official
sumptuous showroom within. The new Trocadéro               Guide
caused a good deal of architectural controversy            Glasgow, [25256] lxxiv, 232pp incl adverts,
at the time, though it has since become a much             fold-out plan of exhibition. Wraps, 21x14. Covers
loved modern Parisian space.           Very well           repaired, one advert (for Cellophane) flaking,
illustrated study. This was to become a neo-               contents good.                             £35.00
classical extravaganza.                                    A fine catalogue with good information on the
                                                           various pavilions and the background to the expo.
77. 1937 Paris.           "L'ILLUSTRATION"                 Glasgow 38 was a very progressive exposition,
Exposition 1937. (special issue, 14 Aout, 1937).           particularly the modernist buildings of Thomas
Paris. [23781] c96pp (+ 104pp supplement of                Tait and Basil Spence.
adverts and other material on the Exposition),             -------------------------------
incl many lovely illustrations in colour, b/w and
sepia, mostly photographs, fold-out panoramic              Liege International Water Expo
map, double-page views etc. Wraps, with fine
coloured Expo cover, 39x29 Very nice bright                81. 1939 Liége. BEREUA PERMANENT DE
copy.                                      £60.00          LA PROPOGANDA Exposition Internationale
      Email:        Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
de la Technique de L’Eau. Liége 1939 Mai-
November.                                                     85. 1939 New York. BASCHET Roger (editor
Liege, Bureau Permanent de la Propoganda,                     in chief) Plaisir de France Sommaire de Juillet
1939. [24925] 28pp,incl illustrations, plan.                   1939. [25646] xcii adverts, 79pp incl 7 paste-in
Striking stiff card wraps, 27x13. Minor foxing to             colour plates. Wraps, 31x24. Vg.          £25.00
cover, vg.                                £30.00              Special issue on the French Pavilion at the New
Beatiful piece of advanced publicity with fine                York expo. This modernist pavilion makes much
plans and perspective by Falise et Moetschen,                 use of glass. The architects were Expert and
architects. This was the third of the great Liége             Patout. Also material on the Lille and Liege
expositions (see above for others). One must                  expos, some fashion articles etc
assume that this Expo closed early because of
international events.                                         86. 1939 New York. L'ILLUSTRATION New
                                                              York World's Fair 1939. Le Monde de demain.
82. 1939           Liége.        EXPOSITION                   [special issue on the Fair, 5023, 10 Juin].
INTERNATIONALE DE L'EAU (publ)                                Paris, L'Illustration, 1939. [4160] Unpaginated,
Exposition Internationale de la Technique de                  c50pp, incl many b/w, sepia & colour plates (+
L’Eau.                                                        many pp of period ads) Lovely coloured wraps
Liége, [24948] 22pp incl illustrations, general               with motifs of the fair, 39x29. Head of spine a bit
plan. Wraps, 21x13. Minor foxing to back cover                worn, generally a good copy.                £45.00
else vg.                                 £20.00               Well illustrated issue covering all aspects of this
Advanced publicity for the expo. The exposition               great Fair.
was designed to coincide with the opening of the
Canal Albert linking Liége with Antwerp.                      87. 1939/40 SAN FRANCISCO GOLDEN
                                                              GATE INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION
83. 1939 Liége. GERMAN GOVERNMENT?                            Official Guide Book.
Internationale Wasser-Ausstellung Leuttich.                    1939, revised ed. [21947] 116pp plus beautiful
Offizieler     Katalog        der      Deutschen              large coloured fold-out bird’s-eye artist view by
Abteilung/Catalogue Officiel da la Section                    Ruth Taylor. Wraps, 21x14, still in ( tatty) orginal
Allemande/Officieele Catalogus van de Duitsche                envelope. In original pictoral envelope (torn),
Afdelung                                                      bottom rh corner creased, book vg.           £40.00
 1939. [25831] Portrait frontis of Hitler, fold-out           Lovely guide to this major exposition. The war in
site plan, 232pp incl list of exhibits plus plates            Europe had some effect but there were still over
plus adverts. German, French, Flemish text.                   17 million visitors. The expo itself was situated
Wraps, 21x15. Very nice copy.               £40.00            on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay.
Adverts are very interesting. As well as detailing
the German section of the expo, has a good deal
on German waterways. Lovely copy
                                                                WORLD‟S FAIRS etc since
84. 1939 Liége. PIM SERVICES (publ)                                     1945
Officiel        Guide-Plan          de    l’Exposition
internationale de l’Eau. Liége 1939
                                                              The Festival of Britain – „Tonic to the Nation‟
Liége, Pim Services,             [24919] Unpaginated,
c128pp incl illustrations plus fold-out general
                                                              88. 1951 Festival of Britain. CONEKIN
plan and fold-out plan of sporting venues. Wraps,
                                                              Becky E ‘The autobiography of a nation’ The
18x13. Covers a little rubbed but generally in
                                                              1951 Festival of Britain.
good condition. 3 pages near the end a little
mangled but no loss.                           £40.00         Manchester, Manchester UP, 2003. [23001] xii,
                                                              260pp, incl. 22 illustrations, bibliography. Wraps.
The Liége Expo de l'Eau was the last great
                                                              Fine. 24x17.                                 £17.00
exposition before the Second World War. The
guide describes the various pavilions etc. Scarce             Full-length study, including the Festival‟s history,
-----------------------------------------                     purpose, legacy etc..
      Email:           Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
                                                           The better hardback version of what is still the
                                                           best book on the Festival.
89. 1951 Festival of Britain. ANON Pleasure
Gardens 1951. Battersea Park Festival of                   94. 1951 Festival of Britain. BURRETT
Britain                                                    Edward (designed by) and TAYLOR Basil
 [24406] 52pp including illustrations by Piper,            (written by) The Festival of Britain
Emmett, Tisdall, and plan. Thin pictorial card             London, Lund Humphries for HMSO, 1951.
covers designed by Tisdall, 25x19. Staples a bit           [22768] 72pp, many illustrations. Pictoral wraps,
rusted, else vg.                         £25.00            24x18. Very nice copy.                     £25.00
Detailed account of the various features of the            This was the short official guide to the Festival
gardens with information on entertainments.                (somewhat similar in format to the South Bank
Attractive period adverts.                                 and other catalogues) describing events up and
                                                           down the country. Suprisingly uncommon.
90. 1951 Festival of Britain. ANON What’s
On Today. Official Programmes. Festival                    95. 1951 Festival of Britain. COLONIAL
Pleasure Gardens Battersea Park.                           OFFICE and C.O.I. (prepared by) The
 1951 [4542] August official programme. 25x18.             Festival and the Commonwealth. Three Shows
Good.                                   £12.00             at South Kensington.
August programme detailing       bands, dance,              [26359] 21x36, which folds to make 6pp
theatre etc..                                              brochure, attractive coloured cover design by
                                                           Reginald Mount, 4 ills, 2 plans. Festival logo on
91. 1951 Festival of Britain. ANON What’s                  back. Nice copy.                           £18.00
On Today. Official Programmes. Festival                    The exhibition was held at the Imperial Institute.
Pleasure Gardens Battersea Park.                           Nicely designed item and uncommon.
 June 1951. [23648] 4pp programme. 24x15.
Good.                                    £15.00            96. 1951 Festival of Britain. COX Ian Festival
Programme detailing bands, dance, theatre etc.             Ship Campania. A guide to the story it tells
WITH, loosely inserted, 4pp FoB pamphlet listing           London, HMSO, 1951. [24791] 48pp + xxivpp
the attractions of the Pleasure Gardens.                   period ads, many illustrations + plan of ship.
                                                           Wraps with Abram Games' Logo. 24x18. Front
92. 1951 Festival of Britain. BANHAM                       cover faintly discoloured round edges else vg.
Mary & HILLIER Bevis (eds) A Tonic to the                                                             £25.00
Nation. The Festival of Britain 1951.                      The 'Campania' toured British ports during the
London, Thames & Hudson, 1976. [23118]                     Festival year.
200pp incl 196 illustrations (12 in colour).
Prologue by Roy Strong. Decorated wraps.                   97. 1951 Festival of Britain. COX Ian South
26x20. Fine copy.                     £45.00               Bank Exhibition. A Guide to the Story it Tells.
Still the best overall account.                            London, HMSO, 1951. [24932] 96pp + 61pp
                                                           period ads, illustrated throughout with b/w photos
93. 1951 Festival of Britain. BANHAM                       & line drawings of exhibition site, buildings &
Mary & HILLIER Bevis (eds) A Tonic to the                  exhibits. Decorated wraps, with Abram Games'
Nation. The Festival of Britain 1951.                      Festival Logo. 24x18. Staples slightly rusted but
London, Thames & Hudson, 1976. [24796]                     unusually nice bright copy.                 £25.00
200pp incl 196 ills (12 in colour). Prologue by            The well-know guide to the South Bank
Roy Strong. Publisher's cloth, 27x21. Discreetly           Exhibition, with excellent information on the
ex reference library (labels inside front cover and        pavilions, exhibits etc.
free end paper only and evidence of label
removed inside back cover and cellotape marks              98. 1951 Festival of Britain. DUNNETT H
inside cover). Despite all this, still a good tight        McG (ed) Guide to the Exhibition of
copy, in vg dust wrapper..                  £40.00         Architecture Town-Planning and Building
      Email:        Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
London, HMSO, 1951. [22399] xiviii adverts,               Detailed list of exhibits. Uniform in format with
52pp, a great many illustrations & plans, some            the South Bank and Poplar Festival catalogues
coloured. Colourd centre-fold site plan. Wraps.           listed here.
24x18. VG.                                  £35.00
Catalogue of the influential Festival of Britain          102. 1951 Festival of Britain. HMSO (publ)
Poplar Exhibition. It was, called the Lansbury            The Festival Exhibition 1951. Birmingham-
Exhibition, after George Lansbury, philanthropic          Leeds-Manchester-Nottingham.     The     Land
politician. The exhibition did much to publicise          Travelling Exhibition
modern British architecture, mass housing ande            London, 1951. [24933] 68pp incl illustrations,
town planning. Contributors included Gibberd,             plan plus xxviipp adverts. Wraps with Abram
Jellicoe. YRM, Gilbert Scott, Casson et al.               Games logo, 24x18. Covers very slightly grubby
                                                          else vg.                                £30.00
99. 1951 Festival of Britain. FESTIVAL OF                 Official guide to the famous Land Travelling
BRITAIN OFFICE The Festival of Britiain                   Exhibition
1951 [cover title]
London, 1949? [24663] 20pp incl map of the                103. 1951 Festival of Britain. HMSO (publ)
programme. Wraps with Festival logo, 25x18.               Festival of Britain 1951. Catalogue of Exhibits
Vg.                                       £25.00          South Bank Exhibition.
Publicity brochure from the organising committee          London, 1951 [25029] lxxxii (mostly adverts),
explaining the organisation and aims of the               188pp, lxxxi-cxliv (adverts). Pictorial wraps with
Festival. At the front is a good luck message             festival logo etc. (Uniform in design with the
from the King, dated 8th June 1949. Games'                other 'official' catalogues: South Bank, Poplar
Festival logo is already being used and the other         etc.. See separate entries.) 24x18. A little wear
main elements of the Festival are being planned           and loss to bottom of spine, a few pages slightly
(Festival Gardens, Land and Seas exhibitions etc)         scrunched at edges. Nevertheless a good copy.
Very interesting.                                                                                     £85.00
                                                          Complete catalogue of the South Bank exhibition,
100. 1951 Festival of Britain. HMSO (publ)                a valuable reference for design in this period. The
1951 Exhibition of Industrial Power, Kelvin               lovely adverts, a great many in colour, are also of
Hall Glasgow.                                             great interest. Outstanding item and very scarce.
London, [26261] xlviii, 49pp incl nice coloured
and b/w illustrations and adverts. Pictorial wraps        104. 1951 Festival of Britain. HMSO (publ)
with Festival logo, 24x18. Ex library, minimul            Souvenir Weather Report & Forecast [for18th
stamps, vg thus.                            £25.00        July 1951]
This was one of the official Festival expos and           London, 1951. [4452] 4pp colour chart. Paper
the catalogue is designed to match the other              sheet, 21x17. Light foxing else vg.      £10.00
special events (South Bank, 'Campania' etc). It           Prepared by Met Office at the Dome of Discovery
was a major show. Architects involved were Basil          on the South Bank site.
Spence (Chief Architect and designer of the
Concourse, and the Halls of Power and the                 105. 1951 Festival of Britain. LAMBETH
Future), Arthur Braven (Hall of Hydro-                    PALACE (publ?) Festival of Britain 1951.
Electricity) and Jack Coia (Hall of Shipbuilding          Lambeth Palace. Art in the Service of
& Railways). Uncommon.                                    Exhibition [cover title]
                                                          London, 1951. [14682] 48pp, incl 16 b/w plates.
101. 1951 Festival of Britain. HMSO (publ)                Wraps. 22x14. Fine.                      £15.00
Exhibition of Science, South Kensington. A                Attractive guide to this exhibition of
Guide to the Story it Tells.                              contemporary work. Nice item (no Festival logo)
London, 1951. [18816] 56pp + xxviii pages of
adverts, well illus throughout in b/w & colour.           106. 1951 Festival of Britain. LONDON
Wraps with Games' Festival Logo. 24x18. Good.             TRANSPORT Welcome to London.
      Email:       Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
 [26254] Folded map with logo. 45x52 unfolded,            commemorating the centenary of the Great
22x14 folded. Designed by James Hart. Vg.                 Exhibition of Eighteen Fifty One, May to
                                          £20.00          September 1951.
Map showing how to get to the South Bank show             London, [24670] Frontis, 21pp plus 3pp adverts,
and other festival venues using London                    100 numbers. Stiff card wraps, 21x14. Vg. £15.00
Transport. Also detailed plan of the South Bank           Obviously issued with the Festival of Britain in
Exhibition. Lovely piece of Festival ephemera.            mind. Uncommon (no logo).
107. 1951 Festival of Britain. VALENTINE &
SONS LTD (publ) London Festival of Britain                Brussels 1958
Souvenir (Title page has, "Memories of
London. A Picture Souvenir of the World's                 112. 1958 Bruxelles. DAILY MAIL The British
Greatest City")                                           Pavilion from Brussels. Exhibited at the Daily
Dundee, nd 1951? [4218] 30pp of artist's views in         Mail Ideal Home Exhibition, Olympia London
colour. Pictorial card covers with Festival logo.         1959.
12x18. Good copy.                         £15.00          London, 1959. [24789] 56pp, incl illustrations.
Attractive item, though images are of London in           Card, 24x19. Pages a little yellowed else vg.
general, not of Festival.                                                                           £35.00
                                                          Attractive catalogue. The British Pavilion won a
108. 1951 Festival of Britian. ANON South                 gold medal at the Exposition. Architects were
Bank Exhibition 1951 plan                                 Howard Lobb & John Ratcliff. Designer was
 [24403] Official plan. 6pp (A4, folded in three).        James Gardiner.
Vg.                                       £15.00
Nice item designed by Games.                              113. 1958 Brussels. JAPANESE GOVT?
                                                          Japanese Pavilion
109. 1951 Festival of Britian. H R CARTER                  [24792] leaflet folded in 4 and printed on all
(publ) Official Souvenir Handbook                         sides. Plan, photo and list of exhibitors. 24x51.
Belfast, 1951. [24904] xvipp photos, 85pp text            Vg.                                        £12.00
plus 32pp adverts. Pictoral end papers with site          Official guide to the Japanese pavilion at the
view and Festival logo. Publisher‟s cloth, 28x22.         expo. Nicely designed piece of ephemera
Corners trifle bumped else vg.             £50.00
The Festival of Britain Ulster Farm & Factory             114. 1958 Brussels. VELP Ch. Everarts de The
Exhibition held at Castlereagh, Belfast. This was         Theme of ‘Brussels 1956’ Balance Sheet for a
one of the official Festival expos, along with the        More Human World.
Land Travelling Exhibition, Poplar. Science               Brussels, Commissariat General Of the
Exhibition etc. [see separate entries]. The Ulster        Government, 1958. [24788] 15pp. Stiff card
one, however, has conventional blue cloth                 covers with logo embossed on front. 22x16. Vg.
binding with Festival logo.                                                                        £16.00
                                                          States philosophy behind the Expo. Nicely
110. 1951 Festival of Britian. HMSO (publ)                designed booklet. De Velp was secretary general.
Calendar                                                  Uncommon
London, 1951. [24905] 42x30 folded to make
pamphlet of 16 pages 10x22. Glasgow travel                115. 1958 Bruxelles. ANON Exposition
agents stamp, couple of pencil marks else vg.             Universelle et Internationale de Bruxelles 1958.
                                           £15.00         Plan Officiel
Calendar of events, principal exhibitions and arts         [24946] 20pp incl covers, Wraps with official
festivals. Nice piece of ephemera                         logo, 13x19. Ink marks on legend where original
                                                          owner has marked off places visited else vg.
111. 1951 RSA Exhibition of Exhibitions.                                                           £15.00
Illustrating the origin and development of                Lovely piece of design.
exhibitions    in    Great   Britain   and
      Email:       Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
116. 1958 Bruxelles. BEATIC et EGICARTE                    plan inside front cover. Foreword by Ronald
(publ) Exposition Universelle et Internationale            Reagan. Wraps, 28x21. Vg.              £25.00
de Bruxelles 1958. [Concertina postcard set].              Detailed official guide with many adverts and
Bruxelles? 1958. [4257] 10 coloured photo cards.           details on tha pavilions.
11x15. Unused. Good.                      £15.00
Views show pavilions, general views etc..
                                                               19th CENTURY GREAT
117. 1958 Bruxelles. DESCLEE (publ) Guide
Officiel                                                            EXHIBITIONS
Tournai, [24947] 340pp. Striking wraps with 50s
design, by Detiege, 14x20. Edges of covers a little        122. 1851 London.         ART JOURNAL The
rubbed else vg.                           £25.00           Industry of all Nations 1851. Illustrated
Thorough guide describing all the pavilions etc..          Catalogue
                                                           London, George Virtue, 1851. [21950] xxvi incl
                                                           ills, mainly a history of the great exhibition,
                                                           328pp incl hundreds of illustrations plus c62pp
118. 1958 Bruxelles. D‟YDEWALLE Charles                    articles about the exhibition. Beautiful
(preface) Belgique Joyeuse. Album Souvenir                 contemporary full morocco binding, elaborately
Bruxelles, Ex-Libris, 958. [24917] 63pp, pages 9-          gilt patterned with raised bands, all edges gilt,
59 being drawings of buildings at the expo plus            33x26. Long tear to page 55 without loss, else
7pp adverts. Wraps, 22x16. Vg.            £20.00           very nice copy.                           £250.00
Catalogue of the Belgian architecture section. As          An extremely valuable reference source of the
well as many historical buildings there is also            great exhibition illustrating the various products
modern architecture.                                       on display (their designers or producers being
-----------------------------                              named). Lovely contemporary binding.

119. 1964 Lausanne. BOBILLIER Roger (text)                 A Scarce London item
Problemes                                        de
demain/Zukunftsprobleme/Problemi di domani.                123. 1865 South East Industrial Exhibition.
Industrie       et     artisanat/Industrie     und         ANON South Eastern Industrial Exhibition
Gewerbe/Industria e artigianato                            Held at the Royal Hospital, Greenwich. Official
Lausanne, 1964. [25374] c74pp incl photos,                 Catalogue
drawings, plan of exhibition. French, German,              unstated (the Committee of the Exhibition?)
Italian text. Boards, 22x24. Pages faintly browned         1865. [25110] 64pp plus exhibitor’s index, 747
round edges else vg.                         £15.00        numbers. Decorated leather, 19x13. Spine
Exposition national suisse. Handbook to the                surface worn and top half inch split, corners
industrial section of this important expo.                 rubbed, bottom corner page 25 missing. Despite
                                                           this, book is tight and contents good.  £50.00
120. 1974 Spokane. ANON Expo ‘74 World’s                   A scarce catalogue. The exhibition included
Fair. Spokane, Washington May 4-November 3,                architectural and mechanical models, inventions
1974. Official Guide Book                                  for 'ladies' work of all kinds'.
 [24906] 160pp incl photos, adverts. Wraps,                ------------------------
19x13. Vg.                                  £16.00
This was an ambitious exhibition but it had                124. 1867 Paris. DUCUING m Fr (ed)
difficulties in attracting many foreign pavilions          L’Exposition Universelle de 1867 Illustrée.
                                                           Publication internationale authorisée par la
121. 1982 Knoxville. KRUZE Steve (ed) The                  Commission Imperialé. Premier Volume
1982 World’s Fair Official Guide Book                      Paris, Administration de L’Exposition, 1867?
Knoxville, Exposition Publishers, 1982. [24934]            [17690] 484pp, many engraved illustrations (part
208pp incl illustrations, adverts, plus fold-out           work, c 16pp per part). Gilt lettered cloth,
                                                           rebacked, 38x27. Vg.                    £150.00
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Excellent source on this great Exposition, being           Lovely pictoral boards, 16x11. End paper has tiny
the first 30 'livraisons', or magazines, describing        chip and pages are browned, else vg. Whole book
the expo with details of events, pavilions etc             is printed in red ink.                       £85.00
(further volumes followed). Valuable illustrations         Excellent detailed guide, very attractive with
and a fine source.                                         lovely illustrations. The entire work is on the expo
                                                           and there are very useful drawings of the
125. 1867 Paris. VIRTUE & CO Paris                         pavilions, expo buildings etc. Adverts include a
Exhibition Catalogue 1867 published with ‘The              very nice one for Oetzmann. Rare.
Art Journal’ 1867/1867. 2 uniform vols.
London, Virtue & Co, 1867/1868 [21939] Vol 1;              128. 1893 Chicago. ELLIOTT Maud Howe
marbled eps, frontis, viii, 276pp incl some text           (ed) Art and Handicraft in the Woman's
ills plus 28 single-sided plates (one plate called         Building of the World's Columbian Exposition
for opposite page 4 is not present and we can find         Chicago, 1893. Official Edition
no evidence of there ever being one); xii, 216pp           Paris & NY, Goupil, 1893. [25166] Frontis, vi,
incl many text ills. Vol 11; viii, 288pp incl ills         287pp+ several high-quality plates of the
plus pp217-331 of Exhibition Catalogue                     exposition and incl a great many b/w photo
Beautiful gilt lettered and embossed red leather           illustrations, two gallery plans. Lovely patterned,
binding with highly decorated spine, 33x27. All            gilt lettered cloth, all edges gilt, 25x17. Tears to
edges gilt. A handsome set.               £450.00          frontis,     not    affecting     image,    binding
These fine volumes contain a splendid record of            professionally repaired to make a good copy.
this great Exposition.                                                                                 £120.00
                                                           Beautiful official edition, which has the lovely
126. 1886 Colonial and Indian Exhibition.                  patterned binding, of this milestone work.
CUNLIFFE-OWEN, Sir Philip (Executive                       Discusses the history of the Woman's Building,
Commissioner)       Colonial      and     Indian           contributions of various countries, the status of
Exhibition, 1886. Empire of India. Special                 women in art and handicrafts etc..
Catalogue of Exhibits by the Government of
India and Private Exhibitors.                              129. 1894 Antwerp. Antwerp Exhibition. John
William Clowe & Sons (Publishers to the Royal              Knight & Sons. Silvertown Soap Works & Oil
Commission), London, 1886. [26418] Frontis                 Mills
fold-out map, vi, 317pp, 45pp (Descriptive                  [24907] 4pp. Card, 21x14. Vg.       £25.00
Catalogue of the Silk Culture Court) + 44 plates           Attractive publicity pamphlet from this
(one a fold-out) at end. Lovely marbled end-               manufacturer      in    Silvertown, London.
papers. Tooled red leather binding, with five              Chromolithographed cover designs. Attractive
raised bands, gilt patterned and lettered. All             piece of ephemera
edges gilt. 21x15. A lovely special de luxe copy,
presented "with the Publisher's Compliments", to           130. 1894 Antwerp. Exposition Universelle
Edward Cunliffe-Owen, Esq. Very nice copy.                 Plan-Guide
                                         £350.00            [24935] 34pp incl illustrations plus very nice
Full catalogue of exhibits in the Indian section,          coloured fold-out plan. Pictoral wraps, 17x12.
giving much detailed information on the sub-               Rear cover missing else in good condition for its
continent. Beautifully produced publisher's                age. Writing in pencil on first page.      £25.00
presentation copy.                                         Rare guide for this great Belgian expo. About half
                                                           the book is on Antwerp.
127. 1889 Paris. DANEL L (ed) Guide Illustre
de l’Exposition Universelle de 1889. 50 gravures           The First „Colonial‟ Exposition?
& 20 plans. Champs-de-Mrs, Trocadero,
Esplanade des Invalides, Berges de la Seine,               131. 1894 Lyon. PILA M. Ulysse Exposition
Oevres et Produits Exposes. Premier Edition.               Coloniale. Organisée par la Chambre de
Paris, E Dentu, [24918] 224pp incl illustrations           Commerce. A l’Exposition Universelle de Lyon
plus fold-out colour plan plus c35pp adverts.              en 1894.
      Email:        Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
Lyon, A-H Storck, 1895. [24588] viii, 284pp incl          134. 1898 London. Director General, Imry
text ills + 34 single-sided plates + fold-out plan        KIRALFY International Universal Exhibition
of the Colonial section. Large quarto wraps.              1898. Earl’s Court London. Daily Official
33x26. Minor wear to edges of prelims, otherwise          Programme
a nice copy, some pages uncut.             £300.00        London, 1898. [24936] 15pp incl adverts.
A detailed description of the Colonial section of         Pictoral wraps, 21x13. Centre pages loose else
the Lyon World‟s Fair of 1894, and one of the             vg.                                          £60.00
first of such specialist exhibitions. (Later, some        Colour lithographed cover by Riddle and
were to be held separately, for instance the Paris        Couchman. The adverts are very nice. A rare
Colonial Exposition of 1931.). The various                programme. The 1898 was one of Kiralfy's most
pavilions are described in detail and there was an        ambitious events. There were contributions by
“Exposition des Missions”, as well as a “Village          Mrs Tom Thumb and her Liliputian Comedy
Nègre” (there is a striking photograph of this            Company, band concerts, a cyclorama, electric
last). Only French colonies were represented.             theatre etc. Also, of course, the great wheel.
Very scarce.

132. 1895 Cotton States Exposition, Atlanta.
BOARD            OF        COMMISSIONERS                              SOME OTHER
REPRESENTING THE STATE OF NEW                                         EXHIBITIONS
YORK Report of the Board of Commissioners
Representing the State of New York at the
Cotton States and International Exposition held           135. 1909 Imperial International Exhibition,
at Atlanta, Georgia 1895                                  London. VALENTINE & SONS (publ)
Albany and NY, by the Board, 1895. [19991]                Postcards. Four postcards [three b/w, one col.]
frontis portrait of the Governor, 290pp plus               [4534] B/w: "Court of Honour" (unused ),
index, incl 24 plates. Gilt lettered decorated            "Scenic Railway" (used) & "Palace of Applied
cloth, 26x19. Damp-marking on upper edges of              Chemistry" (used); col. "Old English Cottage"
second half of book, new end papers, cloth                (unused). Good.                          £20.00
professionally repaired to make a fair copy.              The exhibition was held at the White City.
                                        £125.00           Material on this expo is uncommon
Essentially a report on the whole exposition.
This was a major expo in the style of the great           136. 1907     Engineering    and     Machinery
Chicago Colombian World Fair. An excellent                Exhibition, Olympia. SMITH G D and
detailed report with much on the various                  BRIDGES F W (organising managers) Official
pavilions etc. Scarce                                     Catalogue of the Engineering and Machinery
                                                          Exhibition at Olympia, London.
133. 1897         Bruxelles.        PUBLISHER             London, 1907. [25106] 194pp. Wraps, 25x18.
UNSTATED Bruxelles Exposition 1897. Parc                  Spine chipped and rubbed, small chip top front
du Cinquantenaire. La Vallee du Ziller Alpes              corner else vg.                          £70.00
Tyrolienner                                               Very detailed catalogue packed with information.
Berlin, [24937] 16pp incl illustrations. Wraps,           Very good reference source for the industry at
23x16. Back cover partly split at spine, covers           this time and the adverts are also fascinating.
slightly marked, not too bad for its age, contents        Scarce and interesting work.
vg.                                        £45.00
This was a remarkable feature of the expo. The            137. 1907       Mannheim.    JUBILAUMS-
Alpine valley was recreated with an elaborate             AUSSTELLUNG International Kunst-und
panorama, funicular railway etc. Rare and                 Grosse Gartenbau-Ausstellung
fascinating work.                                          1906. [24793] 33x21.              £15.00

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Letter on official headed paper with gold expo
motif, from the head of the exhibition to a Dr               143. 1938 Venice Biennale. CONSIGLIO
Fritz Kaufmann. Attractive piece of ephemera.                D'AMMINISTRAZIONE              DELL'       ENTE
                                                             AUTONOMO             ESPOSIZIONE...          XXI
138. 1908 Hungarian Exhibition, Earl's Court.                Esposizione Biennale Internazionale d'Arte -
ANON Two postcards. Two artist's views the Ice               1938-XVI Catalogo
Cavern and the New Gardens                                    1938, 2nd edizione, [26489] 399pp + double-
 [4589] Photo 15x11. Good.             £12.00                page coloured plan + 154 plates (+22pp adverts).
                                                             Intro. by Antonio Maraini. Wraps. 17x12. Old
139. 1933      Munich.        PALAIS         KARL            RSA Library label (withdrawn), minor creasing,
THEODOR, MUNCHEN Sommerausstellung                           else good.                                 £25.00
1933.     Veranstaltet      von    der      Künster          Full catalogue of this ambitious Biennale. British
gemeinschaft Künst für Alle. Unter dem                       conributors included Paul Nash, Stanley Spencer
protektorat S K H Herzog Ludwig Wilhelm in                   and Epstein.
Bayern. Offizieler Katalog
Munchen, 1933 [25140] Portraits Franz Josef and              144. 1947 Building Exhibition, London.
Hilter, 79pp incl illustrations, adverts, plan. Stiff        MONTGOMERY HG and HRG (foreword)
card warps, 16x11. Some pencil annotations on                The Building Exhibition Olympia (Grand and
exhibition index else vg.                    £16.00          National Halls) Nov.19th-Dec. 4th 1947.
Early exhibition of Nazi-approved artwork.                    [24669] 256pp. Plan and supplement loosely
                                                             inserted. Wraps, 21x13. Spine slightly rubbed top
140. 1934. HALIFAX CHAMBER OF TRADE                          and bottom, else vg bright copy.          £16.00
Shopping Festival and Exhibition. Souvenir                   Valuable reconstruction era catalogue, packed
Handbook.                                                    with information and interesting adverts.
Halifax, 1934. [24999] 88pp. Pictoral wraps,
22x14. Vg.                             £35.00                145. 1948       BRITISH         ELECTRICAL
Fascinating slice of social history and nicely               DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION I.M.E.A
designed. The adverts are particularly                       Convention     Exhibition    1948.    Electrical
interesting.                                                 Exhibition,     Winter      Garden     Pavilion,
141. 1938     COUNTY       BOROUGH         OF                London, by the Association, 1948. [24659] Guide
SOUTHEND-on-SEA          Souvenir    Brochure                to exhibitors, 104pp including adverts. Wraps,
Season 1938. Never Never Land. [Festival of                  21x14. Vg.                               £20.00
Light 1938-cover title]                                      Manufacturers of everything electrical from
Southend-on-Sea, 1938. [24661] 4 tipped-in                   cookers to cable coverings.
plates, single-sided, large fold-out styalised
picture of Never Never Land. Foreword, list of               146. 1958 Liège.       BURE Victor (Preface),
committe members. Stiff pictoral wraps, 22x28.               BAILLY         Charles     (Intro)      Exposition
Mint.                                   £20.00               d'Urbanisme et d'Habitation. L'Homme dans la
Never Never Land was a fantastic open-air                    Region dans la Cité dans la Maison. Liège 1958.
illuminated display                                          Liège, Comité du l'Exposition. [26360] 166pp, a
                                                             few adverts. Publisher's wraps. 13x20. Ministry
142. 1938        Czecheslovak       Gymnastics.              library copy. Good.                         £20.00
AUTHOR UNSTATED Xeme Slet des Sokols.                        Detailed      catalogue.      Interestingly     the
Prague Tchecoslovaquie. La plus grande                       geographical focus is on Belgium and the
manifestation culturellen 1938 Juin-Juilllet                 original EC states, then unifying.
 1938. [24575] 10pp, mostly photos. French text
Pamphlet, 19x21. Vg.                      £25.00             147. 1959 New Towns Exhibition. TOWN &
Beautiful souvenir of this epic event. The Czech             COUNTRY PLANNING ASSOCIATION New
synchronised gymnastic displays were on a vast               Towns: An Exhibition arranged by the Town
scale. Very attractive item
      Email:          Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
and Country Planning Association and the                   152. Boilerhouse. BAYLEY Stephen, (written
fifteen New Town Development Corporations                  and edited by) Taste. An exhibition about
London, Royal Academy Galleries, 1959. [11872]             values in design
64pp, many text illustrations & tables, adverts.           London, Boilerhouse, V&A, 1983. [25454]
Thin card covers. 25x19. Vg.             £18.00            111pp incl illustrations plus 65 photos. Wraps,
Attractively illustrated Catalogue, including              dust wrapper, 21x13. Vg.                   £16.00
descriptions of each New Town. Exhibition                  With texts by Loos, Read, Pevsner, Riley etc.
Chairman was Frederic Osborn. (Exhibition book
ed by Hazel EVANS).                                        153. Boilerhouse. MANLEY Deborah (ed) New
                                                           Design for Old. An exhibition of new products
148. 1968 MoMA, NY. HULTEN Pontus K.G.                     designed to help older people stay independent
The Machine: as seen at the end of the                     at home sponsored by the Helen Hamlyn
mechanical age.                                            Foundation and the Conran Foundation
NY, MoMa, 1968. [25286] 216pp, very well                   London, Boilerhouse, V&A, 1986. [25340]
illustrated throughout, mainly in b/w with some            120pp inc illustrations. Wraps, 21x21. Vg. £20.00
blue-tinted plates. Metal pictorial covers, with           Interesting in view of our ageing population.
colour image. 24x22. Vg.                  £90.00
The celebrated       'metal catalogue' for this
significant MoMA exhibition, including works by
many major contemporary artists and inventors.                 GENERAL ACCOUNTS,
A classic of 60‟s book design
                                                                  HISTORIES Etc
149. Blackpool. SAIDMAN BROS (publ)
Blackpool Illuminations Souvenir
                                                           154. ALOI Roberto Exposizioni Archittetture -
 nd,c1930s? [26274] 12pp. Striking card covers,            Allestimenti
18x25. Vg.                                £10.00
                                                           Milan, Hoepli, 1960. [24649] xlvi intro including
Photos and lovely artist's impressions, including          illustrations, 335pp incl 504 b/w and 54 colour
double-page of 'Fairyland by the Sea'.                     illustrations. Cloth, 28x23. Ex library, 2 stamps
                                                           and label only, cover and dust wrapper with
150. Boilerhouse. BAYLEY Stephen (text) The                cellotape marks, contents very good.       £40.00
Car Programme. Fifty-two Months to Job One,
                                                           Outstanding early 60s survey with lovely
or how they designed the Ford Sierra.
                                                           illustrations and much information on design and
Victoria & Albert Museum, nd [1982] [25589]                layout. Gives much information on this golden
48pp, incl many ills, mostly coloured. Wraps.              age of Italian design.
20x20. Fine.                                 £25.00
Boilerhouse Exhibition Catalogue. SOLD WITH                155. BLACK Misha (ed) Exhibition Design
Conran Foundation Press Pack, containing 1)                London, The Architectural Press, (1950), rev &
16pp booklet of drawings for the new Sierra. 2)            enlarged edition, 1951. [24630] Frontis, 195pp,
Four original photos. 3) Poster, „The Cortina              many b/w and text illustrations, index to
Story‟. 4) Press releases for the Exhibition.              designers. Cloth. 25x19. Ex library, pocket, label
                                                           and one stamp, good copy                    £18.00
151. Boilerhouse     BAYLEY Stephen (text)
                                                           Good survey, includes contributions by Black,
Natural Design. The search for comfort and
                                                           Basil Spence, James Holland etc. This new
                                                           edition coincided with the Festival of Britain.
London Boilerhouse V&A, 1985. [25453] 59pp
incl photos, short bibliog. Wraps, 21x15. Few
                                                           Official British Reports
marks on front cover else vg.          £12.00
Ergonomics of design.                                      156. BOARD OF TRADE The Participation of
                                                           Great    Britain    in   Great    International
                                                           Exhibitions. Report and Minutes of Exidence
      Email:        Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
 [2 vols].                                                  London, 1962. [4573] 28pp+ fold-out plan and
London, HMSO 1907. [25121] Report; iv, 65pp.                incl 2pp artist's view. Pamphlet 22x14. Min
Minutes; vii, 377pp. Publisher's wraps, 33x21.              library copy. Good.                     £12.00
Minor rubbing but lovely bright copies. Discreet            Crystal Palace was proposed as the site (not
ancient Belgian library stamp on covers. £165.00            Birmingham). Edward Mills drew up the plans.
These official minutes and report are an
outstanding source. International Expositions               161. Ferris Wheels. ANDERSON Norman D &
were occurring very frequently at this date. There          BROWN Walter R Ferris Wheels.
are references to St Louis, Chicago, Paris, Milan           NY, Pantheon, 1983. [26358] 56pp, many ills
etc. Rare and important documents, packed with              Pictorial boards. 20x22. Very nice copy. £20.00
information.                                                Well-illustrated short account. The first great
---------------------------------                           wheel was designed by George Washington
                                                            Ferris for the Colombian World's Fair, 1893,
157. Brussels. F.R. GOBBAERTS (publ) Palais                 though there were precursors. Basset's Earl's
de Fêtes et Réunions Publiques dans                         Court wheel in London, 1895, was even larger.
L'Agglomération Bruxelloise: Projet de la                   (He later did another one for the 1900 Paris
Compagnie Immobilière de Belgique.                          Expo).
Bruxelles, Fr Gobbaerts Impr du Roi, 1870.
[4050] 16pp + 2 fold-out plans. Wraps, with                 162. GUTMANN            Robert      and    KOCH
paste-down label. 30x23. Title chipped, quite               Alexander                      Ausstellungsstände./
foxed but condition good for such a fragile item.           Ausstellungsstände 2 Exhibition Stands/ Stands
                                            £40.00          D’Exposition. [2 uniform volumes].
An early project for a permanent exhibition site            Stuttgart, Koch/London, Tiranti, 1954/1962.
in Brussels. This study discusses site, costs, style        [24632] 248pp; 267pp, including hundreds of
(a glass/iron building is recommended), one plan            illustrations in both volumes. Publisher‟s cloth.
shows regional setting and the other the local              30x22. Ex library copies, minor rubbing to edges
situation (at Nouveau Champ de Manouvres).                  of vol. 1, vol. 2 faintly grubby round edges, page
                                                            101 of vol. 1 loose. Still a good set.      £65.00
158. CLASEN Wolfgang Exhibitions, Exhibits,                 This two-volume set represents an excellent
Industrial and Trade Fairs                                  survey of exhibition display and technique in the
London, Architectural Press, 1968. [24648]                  early post-war period. The great modern
208pp (all text in English & German), inc 100s              exhibitions are extensively covered, including the
b/w photos, diagrams, etc. Publisher's cloth,               Festival of Britain and the Brussels World Fair,
29x23. Ex library, top rh corner has been damp at           as well as many trade fairs, thematic art
some point and pages are scuffed where                      exhibitions etc..
separated. Good thus. Dust wrapper.         £20.00
Excellent 1960s survey, very well illustrated.              163. HOBHOUSE Hermione The Crystal
                                                            Palace and the Great Exhibition. Art, Science
159. DOHNERT             Horst          Messe-und           and Productive Industry. A History of the Royal
ausgestellungsbauten.                                       Commission for the Exhibition of 1851.
München, Callwey, 1961. [25699] 24pp incl                   London, Athlone, 2002. [25869] xx, 451pp + 81
illustrations plus 60pp plates. Publisher‟s wraps,          b/w ills and incl. 29 figs, bibliography, list of
26x21. Ex library, protective film over cover, two          Commissioners. Cloth. 25x17. Fine, dust
stamps and number reverse of title-page only,               wrapper.                                  £20.00
contents vg.                                £22.00          Exhaustive account of the Commission and its
Exhibition stand design for trade fairs and expos           work, which still continues.

160. FEDERATION           OF        BRITISH                 164. HOLT Elizabeth Gilmore (ed) The Art of
INDUSTRIES (publ) A Plan for a National                     all Nations 1850-73 The Emerging Role of
Exhibition Centre: Report of a Working Group                Exhibitions and Critics.
set up by...
      Email:         Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
Princeton, UP, (1981), 1982. [23205] xvii, 606pp           Barcelona, Editorial Labor, 1992. [25999] 224pp
+ 52 ills, bibliog. Cloth, dust wrapper, 22x15.            incl illustrations, chronological chart. Cloth,
Good.                                     £25.00           31x24. Vg, dust wrapper.                 £40.00
Discussion of the great exhibitions of the age,            A general history of expositions from England
including Paris, 1855 and London 1862, and                 1851 to Seville 1992. Includes many interesting
their changing roles .                                     illustrations, not found elsewhere.

165. Paris. MAINARDI Patricia Art and                      170. White City. KNIGHT Donald R The
Politics of the Second Empire: the Universal               Exhibitions. Great White City Shepherd’s Bush
Expositions of 1855 and 1867                               London. 70th anniversary 1908-1978
New Haven, Yale, 1987. [15169] Fp, viii, 247pp             London, Barnard & Westwood, 1978. [24908]
+ 3 col plates and incl 127 illustrations b/w ills,        72pp incl illustrations plus fold-out plan of the
long bibliog. Pictorial eps. Cloth. 26x20. Very            Franco-British exhibition. Wraps, 21x15. Vg.
slight signs of removed label on fep, o/w                                                            £20.00
excellent copy in vg dust wrapper.         £35.00          Interesting little booklet on the Franco-British
Very interesting study, concentrating on the fine          Exhibition and other exhibitions subsequently
arts at these expos.                                       held at White City, including the British
                                                           Industries Fairs.
166. Paris. ORY Pascal Les Expositions
Universelles de Paris: Panorama raisonné, avec
des aperçus nouveaux et des illustrations par les                SOME POSTERS AND
meilleurs auteurs.
Paris? Ramsay, 1982. [26445] 159pp, many ills.                     PHOTOGRAPHS
Stiff card wraps. 28x20. Good copy.       £22.00           Please note, images of these can be supplied
Describes the various expos from 1855-1937,
with many interesting illustrations.                       171. 1900 Paris. H D PHOTO (issued by)
                                                           Panorama de Paris An apparently original
167. Barcelona.       BONTA Juan Pablo An                  panoramic photo of the Paris Exposition.
anatomy of architectural interpretation. A                  [26449] 29x63 (framed) In frame. Good. £75.00
semiotic review of the criticism of Mies van der           A fine panorama photo, packed with interesting
Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion [title also in                   detail, showing the Exposition from across the
Spanish, French and Russian].                              Seine, including the many pavilions along the
Barcelona, Gili, 1975. [20309] 127pp, b/w ills,            river bank, the Eifel Tower at the centre, Basset's
bibliog. Cloth. 21x30. Vg, in transparent dw (this         Ferris wheel ("La Grande Roue"), the great globe
with tears, now protected).                £75.00          and other features. The sheer scale of this great
All texts in the four languages. Uncommon. We              World's Fair is highly impressive.
recently visited this pavilion and it has been
beautifully restored.
                                                           172. 1929 Barcelona. EXHIBITION POSTER
168. POIRIER Rene des foires, des peuples, des             designed by F. Gali "Exposicion Internacional
expositions.                                               Barcelona el Arte en Espana". Coloured artist's
Paris, Plon, 1958. [24920] 258pp incl 14                   poster.
illustrations map, plus 33 full-page illustrations.        Barcelona, I. G. Seix & Barral, [26453] 53x36.
Publisher‟s brown plastic cover, 19x14.                    Crease lines where has been folded, some tears
Bookplate, vg.                              £20.00         along these, without loss. Suitable for
Covers the major exhibitions of the 19th and 20th          conservation.                           £75.00
centuries. Lovely illustrations. Also interesting          Striking artist's poster.
material on expos before 1851.
                                                           173. 1929 Barcelona. EXHIBITION POSTER
169. TEIXEIRA      Luis     Calvo       Universal          issued    by    Riusset, S.A.   Exposicion
Exhibitions. The World in Seville.                         Internacional Barcelona   Pueblo Espanole
      Email:        Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752
(Detalle) Photographic image of street scene              Peter & Eleanor Inch
inside the 'Pueblo Espanole',                             Inch's Books
Barcelona [26450] 53x71. Good.         £125.00            7 Western Road
The Spanish Village was a popular feature of the          Deal
Exposition.                                               Kent, CT14 6RX
174. 1929 Barcelona. EXHIBITION POSTER
issued    by     Riusset,     S.A.    Exposicion          Tel (44) 1304 371752
Internacional Barcelona Photographic image,               Fax (44) 1304 375154
general view, showing the main vista, with
people queuing etc..                                      e-mail:
Barcelona [26451] 53x71. Good.           £150.00          web-site:
Nice image with fountains, light columns etc.

175. 1929 Barcelona. EXHIBITION POSTER
issued     by    Riusset,   S.A.   Exposicion
Internacional Barcelona      Pueblo Espanole
(Detalle) A different photographic view inside
the village.
Barcelona [26452] 53x71. Good.        £125.00

176. 1951 Festival of Britain. MACMILLAN'S
(publ) 1951. Festival of Britain-South Bank
Exhibition Wall picture.
London, Macmillan's ("History Pictures", no.
173) nd c1951. [26458] [coloured poster image,
presumably for schools etc] 43x53 One or two
tiny pin holes, a bright copy.            £40.00
A nice bird's eye view, artist unstated, showing
the South Bank and its buildings - the Dome of
Discovery, Skylon etc..

177. Earl's Court. ANON Contemporary photo
of the Great Wheel. Issued by A G Parry & Co,
Earl's Court Road
 c1898 [26244] 15x10 image mounted on card.
Minor soiling but a nice clear image.      £15.00
The Great Wheel was a major attraction for
several of the Earl's Court exhibitions. Its scale
seems to rival that of the London Eye.


      Email:       Tel: +44 (0)1304 371752

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