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Tourism Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 11pub


									                                                                  Tourism News                                                                             Page 1

                                                                  Tourism News
                                                                  Newsletter of The Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation - LTDC

                                        Lesotho Haeso
                        Lesotho Tourism De-                       tourism Month which started in September.
                        velopment Corporation                     These events included sponsoring schools’
                        (LTDC), the Ministry of                   poetry competition at this year’s Morija
                        Tourism Environment                       Cultural Competitions, and a welcome cam-
                        and Culture (MTEC),                       paign for tourists at key border posts on
and strategic partners in the form of Heads of                    September 27th, which is the official World
Border Agencies (HOBA), Maloti Route, and                         Tourism Day. The border post welcome Above: Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture ‘Me’
tourism private sector commemorated the                           saw lucky travelers receiving a Lesotho gift Lebohang Nts`inyi making a speech at the Lesotho Haeso
World Tourism Day on Friday 12th October                          pack with information brochure, tourism as poverty reduction, job creation and in-
2007. The theme for this year’s World Tourism                     branded pens, chocolates and miniature come generation for the purpose of improv-
Day was a fitting “Tourism Opens Doors for                        Basotho souvenirs.                           ing the lives of Basotho.
Women”. The day’s celebrations were a culmi-
nation of a series of activities lined up for the                 The celebrations on 12th October, com-
                                                                  prised of regional stakeholders in a float
                                                                  (walk), mini-exhibition displaying local arts
                                                                  & crafts, the official launch of the Lesotho
                                                                  Haeso, a domestic tourism awareness
                                                                  campaign, and the National Performing
                                                                  Troupe, by the Hon. Minister Tourism, Am-
                                                                  bassador Lebohang Nts`inyi. This was
                                                                  important as a measure to continue to
                                                                  raise awareness about tourism as a means
     Above: LTDC CEO Mr. Mthwalo Mthwalo making a speech at the
                                                                  to contribute to current national goals such
     Lesotho Haeso Launch                                                                                          Above: Cultural performance at the Lesotho Haeso Launch

                                                                          World Tourism Month and Day
         Inside this issue:
                                                                     In line with the current trend to empower
Minister Attends UNWTO Conference 2                                  women, the theme for this year’s World Tourism
Corporate Social Responsibility     3                                Day was a fitting “Tourism Opens Doors for
1st Annual Tourism Conference       3                                Women”. The day’s celebrations were a culmina-
Focus on LTDC                       4                                tion of a series of activities that were lined up
LTDC and Missions Abroad            4
                                                                     for the tourism Month which started in Septem-
                                                                     ber 2007. The border post welcome for tourists Above: Float celebrating World Tourism Day
LTDC Websites                       5
                                                                     on September 27th saw the lucky travelers re-
Private Sector Training             6
                                        Above: A Tourist receiving                                                     branded pens, chocolates and a
                                        tokens of appreciation at    ceiving a gift pack of information brochure, LTDC
Upcoming Events                     6
                                          Mafeteng Border Post                                                         miniature Basotho souvenir.
                                            Tourism News                                                               Page 2

          The Corpo-
          ration     has
          been      con-
templating           the
launch of a Tourism
Newsletter for a
while now, but has
hitherto been unable
to do so due to pres-
sure that this would
place on the Corpo-
ration’s     resources.
However, the Corpo-
ration has recently
been strengthened
with the appointment
of a Public Relations
Officer, and this has                                                       THO
made it possible to
produce this first Is-
sue. The Newsletter
shall act as the
mouth piece of the           From left to right: Director of Tourism, Mrs Mpho Moeketsi and the Hon. Minister of Tourism,
                             Environment & Culture, Ambassador Lebohang Nt’sinyi, at the General Assembly of UNWTO
Corporation, cover-
ing diverse areas of
its tourism develop-       In her address to the United Na-       Focusing on governance issues of to councils or committees must
ment and promo-            tions World Tourism Organisa-         the organization she said.          be done strictly in accordance
tional      activities.    tion, UNWTO, held in Cartagena,                                           with rules and procedures of the
Whenever it is pos-        Columbia at the end of November        “It is a source of concern to my organization. There should be
sible, it will also give   this year, The Honourable Minis-      government that 84% of UNWTO no exceptions to the rule.
platform to its coop-      ter of Tourism, Environment &         budget goes toward personnel
erating partners. It       Culture, Ambassador Lebohang          emoluments and administration Membership must be seen to have
shall come out quar-       Nts’inyi, departing from the tradi-   and only 16% toward programmes. been adequately consulted on
terly for distribution     tional approach of using the occa-    This is more worrying in the light important issues. We require that
to tourism stake-          sion as a platform to show case       of the proposed 2% increase in the General Assembly should also
holders and other          ones’ country and showering           membership dues. I strongly rec- be given an opportunity to make
relevant         target    praises to the management of the      ommend that the organizational inputs.
groups. The nature,
                           organization, instead focused on      structure of the organization be
style and format of
the Newsletter will        governance issues of the organi-      reviewed by the Executive Council. Concerning the 2010 World Cup
evolve       according     zation.                                                                   event, UNWTO is expected to in-
feedback from read-                                              My governments’ position is that terface with FIFA on behalf of its
ership and best prac-      She appreciated the efforts made      the filling of the Deputy Secretary membership on specific issues,
tices. Stakeholders        by the organization in the promo-     General position must be the man- and report to members accord-
are therefore encour-      tion of sustainable tourism. How-     date of the General Assembly, and ingly.
aged to give feed          ever, she decried of continued        all other positions should always
back. Contacts are         inequities in the tourism benefits    be sensitive to the language and or Meetings during the General As-
provided at the back       between North and South despite       region that the incumbents origi- sembly should be arranged and
of this Letter.            the latter recording the highest      nate.                               timed in such a way that it allows
                           growth in arrivals, especially the                                        members an opportunity to con-
CHIEF EXECUTIVE            Sub-Saharan Africa.                   Appointments of member countries                   (Continued on page 6)
                                                  Tourism News                                                                Page 3

                                     Corporate Social Responsibility
  For several years now, the Lesotho Tourism Development Corpora-
  tion, LTDC, has been a sponsor for the Morija Arts & Cultural Festi-
  val. In the category of Poetry and Film, this year, The Corporation
  provided four trophies for presentation to two winning primary
  schools and two high schools in the Poetry category at the Morija
  Cultural Competitions during October 6th – 7th, 2007. The trophies
  will be floating from year to year, presented to the winning

  In addition, the Corporation will have certificates presented to the
  schools that emerge as first, second, and third winners in the Po-
  etry category. In subsequent years, the number of trophies shall
  be increased, while the certificates will also be awarded to individ-     Teachers and Students of St Louis Primary celebrating victory
  ual students as a means to encourage them to participate in the           and the award from LTDC
  sessions, and build up local poetry as an art form.
                                                                          The prize-giving campaign began on Monday October 15th at St
   It was jointly decided, by a representative of the LTDC and the        Louis Primary School in Matsieng. It is here that Ms Mpolai Khoali
  Morija Cultural Festival Organizing Committee through its Chairman      who is the member of the festival organizing team responsible
  Mr. Gill, that the intended hand over of the prizes should occur at     for Theatre Arts awarded a certificate of competence to Lieket-
  the premises of the respective schools as a means to increase the       seng Setipe, a class six scholar, for having won first place in the
  popularity of the Arts among the students of the respective             Lithothokiso category. This young lady also received a huge tro-
  schools.                                                                phy on behalf of her school.

                         Inaugural of National Tourism Conference
The purpose of the National Tourism             He went t on further to highlight that           cluded from current economic growth
Conference is to bring all the stake-           “The topics that are to be discussed             initiatives shall be investigated under the
holders together to do soul searching,          were carefully selected from a myriad            topic Community Based Tourism. Destina-
and to discuss the burning issues in the        of current issues of interest, based on          tion Branding is currently unexplored in
industry, mostly based on content from          the problems that Lesotho has with re-           Lesotho, and will therefore be the subject
previous workshops.                             spect to tourism development.”                   of the fourth topic, which shall serve as a
                                                                                                 basis of deciding our position in world
As tourism is a relatively new and un-          The first discussion aims to highlight           tourism, and help us to position ourselves
derdeveloped business sector in Leso-           the possibilities of Collaboration in            as a unique brand. The final discussion
tho, it is important for the LTDC to help       Cross Border Tourism between Lesotho             shall explore business and other opportu-
local organizations to stay abreast with        and South Africa in the spirit of the            nities that World Cup 2010 may bring for
international trends, practices, and            Joint Bilateral Commission for Co-               the nation at large.
standards. The Head of Investment Pro-          operation (JBCC). Second on the agenda
motion at LTDC Mr. Tatia Jasina said            is the exploration of competitive advan-         It is envisioned that this type of sympo-
“This much needed global perspective            tage and the key success factors that            sium shall be convened on an annual basis
on tourism shall be divulged to the local       shall allow Basotho to make informed             with the aim of gradually improving the
industry players by a panel of highly           decisions with respect to Tourism Busi-          tourism sector in Lesotho.
knowledgeable international tourism             ness . The ability of tourism to reach
experts.”                                       rural communities that have been ex-             The Conference is scheduled for 23 and
                                                                                                 24th January 2008.
                                                     Tourism News                                                                       Page 4

                                              LTDC Focus—The Organization
Established by the Tourism Act of Par-      Officer has the follow-
liament in 2002, as amended in 2006,        ing divisions: Corpo-
Lesotho Tourism Development Corpo-          rate Secretariat, Hu-
ration, LTDC, is working within the         man Resources, Re-
government Poverty Reduction Strat-         search and Develop-
egy, hand-in-hand with the Ministry of      ment, Investment Pro-
Tourism, Environment & Culture, MTEC,       motion, Strategic Mar-
toward a long term goal of making           keting, and Public Re-
tourism sector a major employer and         lations. There are also
a key economic player in Lesotho.           two Information Of-
MTEC has produced an Update of the          fices with one in the
1994 National Tourism Masterplan with       city centre near the
the assistance of the UNWTO and the         Basotho Hat and the
UNDP. The National Tourism Strategy         other at Thaba Bosiu. Above: The LTDC head office on the corner of Parliament and
has now been produced following in-                                           Linare Roads in Maseru.
teractive stakeholder workshops using
                                                                                                      of the visitor. As adjunct to the key objective
the Masterplan as a guide. LTDC is
                                            Working in the context of the Tourism Pol-                of reducing poverty levels through employ-
planning on developing its own plan
                                            icy of 2001, Tourism Act of 2002 as                       ment and income generating projects, the
during in the last quarter of this finan-
                                            amended in 2006, the LTDC is making                       LTDC is targeting inter-alia, hospitality, arts
cial year, especially as its current plan
                                            every effort to diversify the tourism prod-               and culture, tour operation transport and
ends in March 2008. The Corporation,
                                            uct by developing two tourism routes                      handicrafts sub-sectors.
which is managed by a Chief Executive
                                            meant to enhance the overall experience                                                (Continued on page 5)

                       Tourism Promotion with GoL Missions Abroad
An agreement between LTDC and GoL           tion, and engagement in agreed promo-                 partnership with the high commission in Ireland un-
through it’s foreign missions has been      tional activities for specific markets. It            dertook a familiarization trip for the trade/tourism
reached regarding the promotion of          is required that the involved staff be                attaché around Lesotho to enable her to promote
tourism. The rationale for pursuing this    highly informed regarding Lesotho                     Lesotho more effectively. The result is that packages
collaboration is based on cost effective    tourism attractions and that they be                  of Tour Operators Association of Lesotho (TOAL)
use of financial resources as embas-        able to promote them to the right audi-               members have been included in Slattery
sies are resident in the target markets,                                                          Travel's 2007/08 catalogue.
making it cheaper for them to make
sales calls, run workshops, road shows                                                            Slattery Travel is one of the bigger tour operators
and attend fairs. This also provides                                                              from Ireland who run chartered flights to Cape Town,
better insight about the target markets                                                           from where tourists need to connect to Lesotho. A
and therefore it is easier to pick up the                                                         similar arrangement with the embassy in Tokyo, Ja-
latest trends regarding the needs of                                                              pan is in the pipeline. The trade/tourism attaché Mr.
international travelers.                                                                          Naoto Kanamori was hosted by LTDC and other part-
                                                                                                  ners during the 12th-20th November 2007. He met
One of the main requirements for this       Sponky of LTDC and Ms. Corcoran from Ireland
                                            sharing some the joys of Lesotho that are available
                                                                                                  with the Strategic Marketing Department of LTDC to
program is staff appointment that fo-       to tourists.                                          chart ways for effective promotion of Lesotho to
cuses on trade and tourism issues,                                                                Japanese travelers and traveled to some tourist at-
with the main purposes of research,         ences.                                                tractions.
liaison with LTDC for strategic direc-      It is for this reason that in May, LTDC in
                                                Tourism News                                                              Page 5

                                           LTDC Focus—The Organization
(Continued from page 4)
                                                                         Following this review, the website was reconstructed into a
Community awareness campaigns will highlight these categories, as        more attractive and functional website that passes the right mes-
well as assisting community-based initiatives in improving their         sages to the target user. The reconstructed website is intended
skills and the quality of their products. A new grading system will      to support user interactivity with the LTDC information requisition
enable even the least endowed areas to play a part in these develop-     and feedback, online surveys, marketing of investment opportuni-
ments by providing over-night accommodation in their villages. This      ties, information on tourism products, products search facility,
will be linked to hiking, 4x4 and pony trekking routes that have been    and direct links. The home page is designed to visually capture
mapped out and promoted by LTDC in tandem with private lodges            and excite the user’s imagination about LTDC as a major point of
and development authorities.                                             reference in the tourism industry of Lesotho and compel the user
                                                                         to explore more about the corporation. The search facility has a
Although appropriate tourism programmes are already in place in          user friendly design that allows easy access to information such
various established institutions and privately run organisations,        as survey results, questionnaires, and an online web reporter.
further development and expansion needs urgent attention.                This website has links to short video clips, downloadable bro-
                                                                         chures and pictures, downloadable full length videos, current and
Opportunities for investment in tourism include everything from          archived research reports, also to other tourism websites. A
tour operations, hot air ballooning facilities and cultural entertain-   feedback mechanism that is used to gather information from visi-
ment to accommodation facilities such as ski resorts. These are          tors to the site is included.
being progressively promoted and packaged for potential foreign
                                                                         The Corporation is also in the process of creating a new, com-
             WEBSITES UPGRADE &                                          pletely separate website, VISITLESOTHO. Travel, to specifically
               DEVELOPMENT                                               market Lesotho tourism products. This website is planned to
                                                                         market Lesotho tourism online to recreational and business trav-
and local investors through efforts by the LTDC and its cooperating      ellers, and to provide comprehensive and detailed visibility online
partners.                                                                for all local tourism service and product providers. The website
                                                                         shall consist of two micro sites, one aimed at promoting tourism
Earlier this year the management of LTDC decided that there was a        and the other aimed at promoting Lesotho tourism investment .
need to review the effectiveness and usability of its    Both micro sites will share a common look and feel, design, layout
website.                                                                 and a common content database.

                              Media Familiarization—Getaway Magazine
 Two journalists, Alison Westwood and Jazz                                             Rural Income Enhancement Project (HNRRIEP),
 Kushcke from Getaway Magazine based in                                                Media Familiarisation.
 Cape Town traveled to Lesotho to write fea-
 ture articles on the country for the maga-                                            Glenn of Malealea Lodge offered to take Alison on
 zine.                                                                                 a tour of the South, leaving for Semonkong on the
                                                                                       Tuesday and spending time in the South at Letsie’s
 During their stay from 9th-16th November                                              Lake, Ha Liphaphang, Mphaki, and Mount Moorosi.
 Jazz was assigned to cover the Northern                                               Mr. Mashapha Nkuebe of Khotso Travel did the tour
 route of the country, while his counterpart                                           guiding for the entire Northern trip with Jazz. Mr.
 Allison was in the South. Allison was being                                           Ts'iu Shale, PRO of LTDC accompanied them.
 fully catered for by Malealea Lodge and
 Moorosi Chalets and Jazz's trip was under                                            Left: Thaba-Bosiu Tour Guide Mr. Ran-
                                                                                      taoleng and Journalist Jazz Kushcke of Get-
 the LTDC and Highlands Natural Resources &
                                                                                      away Magazine at Mokhorong oa Khotla on
                                                                                      the plateau.
                                                                 Tourism News                                                                             Page 6

                   Upcoming Events
                                                                                                        PRIVATE SECTOR TRAINING

                                                                                            sources & Rural Income Enhancement Project (HNRRIEP) area con-
Month          Event               Date                Host               Contacts
                                                                                            sisting of Botso, Lejone, Mahlabatheng, Mahloane, Mphosong, Nko-
December       Lesotho High        Early December      Bothata Tsikoane +266 58078164       kana, Nqabeni, Papae, Papoeea, Phahameng, Phelandaba, and Se-
               Altitude Summer
               Marathon                                                                     shote villages.
               Annual African    Early December        Standard Lesotho +266 22315737
               Melodies Festival                       Bank
                                                                                            Out of the twelve participants seven qualified as trainers. The roll
                                                                                            out of the beadwork training was later conducted in seven villages
               Tourism Jazz      22nd December         Montoeli ‘Moleli   +266 58731243
               Festival and Tour                                                            from the 5th to the 23rd of March 2007. Each of the qualified train-
January        Mini Roof Enduro–   18 th – 19 th Jan   LTDC supported by
                                                                         +266 22312238      ers received the opportunity to impart their production skills to
               Off road motorcy-                       Ministry of Tour-
               cles.                                   ism, Environment                     different groups within their areas.
                                                       & Culture
               National Tourism                                                                                  UNWTO CONFERENCE
                                   23rd—24th Jan
               Semonkong Tradi-    Monthly, every last Jonathan Halse                       (Continued from page 2)
                                                                          +266 27006037
               tional Horse Race   Saturday                                                 tribute meaningfully and effectively to the development of the
February       Peach Festival      Mid February        Lesotho Tourism    26622312238       organization.
               (Maiden event)
               Semonkong Tradi-    Monthly, every last Jonathan Halse     +266 27006037     Supervision of Regional Offices should be intensified to ensure
               tional Horse Race   Saturday
                                                                                            regular reporting to their constituencies, and that they also en-
March          Moshoeshoe's Day 11 th March            Lesotho Tourism    +266 22312238
               Celebrations, Thaba
                                                                                            sure regional and language balance, as well as that they follow
               Bosiu                                                                        rules and procedures of the organization appropriately.”
               Mosali oa Seshoe-   22 nd March         Lineo Sephelane    +266 22311669
               shoe Competition                                                             The Honourable Minister’s delegation comprised of Deputy Princi-
               Katse Expo          March               LHDA               +266 223111280    pal Secretary, Mr. Jobo Molapo, Director Tourism, Mrs Mpho
               Semonkong Tradi-    Monthly, every last Jonathan Halse     +266 27006037     Moeketsi and Chief Executive, Lesotho Tourism Development Cor-
               tional Horse Race   Saturday
                                                                                            poration, Mr. Mthwalo Mthwalo.
           PRIVATE SECTOR TRAINING                                                                                                PHYSICAL ADDRESS
                                                                                            In Maseru, Accommoda-
                                                                                                                           Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation
                                                                                  tion Establishment Owners were               Corner Linare and Parliament Roads
                                                                                  divided into two groups and the                          Maseru
                                                                                  first was trained in Accommoda-
                                                                                  tion Management and Front Office                  POSTAL ADDRESS

                                                                                  Skills from the 25th to the 29th of                     P.O. Box 1378.
                                                                                                                                        Maseru 100. Lesotho
                                                                                  June 2007 while the second group
                                                                                                                                         Southern Africa
                                                                                  was trained from the 2nd to the
                                                                                  6th of July 2007. The two groups                   E-MAIL ADDRESS

                                                                                  were further trained on Food and            
                                                                                  Beverage Management during the
                                                                                  9th to the 13th of July 2007.                         WEBSITE

                                                                                  The Community Training program
   Photo: Students, Instructors and some LTDC staff
                                                                                  of the LTDC began with a course                 CONTACT NUMBERS

    During the 2006/2007 financial year, Private Sector Train-                    on production of beadwork from               Head Office: Tel. +266 22312238
   ing for Caterers occurred in the country offered by South                      the 10th of October to the 3rd of
                                                                                                                                     Fax. +266 22310189
   African College of Tourism in partnership with the Free                        November 2006. This program
                                                                                                                             Information Office: Tel. +266 22312427
   State Central University of Technology under the auspices of                   was offered to twelve members
                                                                                                                                      Fax. +266 22313674
   the LTDC.                                                                      within the Highlands Natural Re-

 "Promoting Responsible and Sustainable Economic Development through Tourism"

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