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									The Americas
World Boundaries Series

Editor: Pascal O. Girot

Edition: 1
Table of Contents

1. The Geography of Borderlands: The Case of the Quebec - U.S. Borderlands 2. Transborder Regional
Planning in the Context of Binational Economic Integration: The Case of a New Border Crossing between
Mexico and the United States. 3. Myths and Realities of Transborder Pollution between California and
Baja California 4. Border Regions in Central America: An Agenda for Future Research Priorities 5.
Chiapas, Central America's Frontier in Mexico. 6. The Mexico - Belize Border: Origin, Present Situation
and Perspectives. 7. The Interoceanic Canal and Boundaries in Central America: The Case of the Rio San
Juan. 8. The Ecuador - Peru Dispute: A Reconsideration 9. Technology, Geopolitics and Frontiers in
Brazil 10. The Argentine - Chile Frontier as Social Space: A Case Study of the Trans-Andean Economy
of Neuquen 11. The Bolivian Maritime Aspiration over Chilean Political Space: Towards a Non-Territorial

The Americas offers a wide-ranging and original interpretaion of matters relating to territory, boundaries
and societies in the American continent.

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