The Cowboy's Lullaby by P-HarlequinEnterpris


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									The Cowboy's Lullaby
Author: Judy Duarte

Conservative businessman Jake Braddock had a heart that was all cowboy—and closely guarded.
Following his stepmother's death, he learned he'd be sharing custody of his five-year-old half sister with a
sexy dancer—not his notion of the ideal mommy.Chloe Haskell had barely begun playing mother to little
Brianna when she found herself at odds with stuffy Jake, who seemed determined to fight her at every
turn. But the long-legged beauty soon got under the Texan's skin in more ways than he cared to admit.
Now Jake had to decide whether he was ready to let Chloe into his heart—and help him build the family
he'd always wanted.…

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