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					                                          KENGO KUMA & ASSOCIATES
                              2-24-8 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107.0062 Japan
                                       Tel+81.3.3401.7721 Fax+81.3.3401.7778

1954      Born in Kanagawa Prefecture

1979      Completed the Master Course, Department of Architecture,

          Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo

1985-86 Visiting Scholar Graduate School, Columbia University and Asian Cultural Council

1987      Established Spatial Design Studio

1990      Established Kengo Kuma &Associates

1998-99 Professor at the Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University

2001      Professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University


1994      Good Design Architecture for “Yusuhara Visitor’s Center”, selected by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade

          and Industry

1995      Grand Prize for JCD Design Award 1995 Cultural/ Public Institutions for “Kiro-san Observatory”

1997      Architectural Institute of Japan Award for “Noh Stage in the Forest”

          First Place, AIA DuPONT Benedictus Award for “Water/ Glass”

          Grand Prize, Regional Design Award (Kochi Prefecture) for “Yusuhara Visitor’s Center”

1999      Honorable Mention, Boston Society of Architecture Unbuilt Architecture Design Award 2000

2000      Grand Prize, Prize of AIJ, Tohoku Chapter for Design for “River/ Filter”

          Grand Prize, INTER INTRA SPACE design selection for “Kitakami Canal Museum”

          Director General of Forestry Agency Prize for “Bato-machi Hiroshige Museum”

2001      Togo Murano Award and Architectural institute Award for “Bato-machi Hiroshige Museum”

          International Stone Architecture Award for “Stone Museum”, Italy

2002      Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award, Finland
2005      The Marble Architecture Award 2005 East Asia External Facings 1 prize for “Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum”

2007      Detail Prize 2007 special prize ’Chokkura plaza and shelter”

           International Architecture Awards for the Best New Global Design for “Chokkura plaza and shelter”

Works and Projects

1988      Kyodo Grating *1

          A Small Bathhouse in Izu *1

1989      GT-M *2

1991      RUSTIC

          Maiton Resort *3


1992      Kinjo Golf Club
                                          KENGO KUMA & ASSOCIATES
                            2-24-8 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107.0062 Japan
                                     Tel+81.3.3401.7721 Fax+81.3.3401.7778

       Japan Museum (project)

1993   Kinjo Golf Club

       Japan Museum (project)

1994   MAN-JU

       Yusuhara Visitor’s Center

       Kiro-san Observatory

1995   Water/ Glass

       Space Design of Venice Biennale Japanese Pavilion

1996   Glass/ Shadow

       Noh Stage in the Forest

       River/ Filter

1997   Eco Particle (project)

       Reverse Theater

       Memorial Park (project)

1998   Awaji S.A.

       EXPO 2005 Basic Conception (project)

       Seaside Subcenter (project)

1999   Wood/ Slats

       Kitakami Canal Museum

       Super Street (project)

2000   Bato-machi Hiroshige Museum

       Takayanagi Community Center

       Sakushin Gakuin University

       Makuhari Housing Complex

       Nasu History Museum

       Stone Museum

2001   Porous House – Kurakuen Project (project)

       Institute of Disaster Prevention

       Parking Building Takasaki


       Ginzan Bath House

       Bamboo House II – Kurakuen Project (project)

       The Skin That Filters The River (urban project)

2002   Great (Bamboo) Wall


       Adobe Museum for Wooden Buddha
                                      KENGO KUMA & ASSOCIATES
                             2-24-8 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107.0062 Japan
                                      Tel+81.3.3401.7721 Fax+81.3.3401.7778

       ADK Shochiku Square

2003   Housing Exhibition Center

       Horai Onsen Bath House


       Soba Restaurant at Togakushi Shine

       Baiso Buddhist Temple

       JR Shibuya Station Renovation Project

       One Omotesando

       Great (BAMBOO) WALL – Phase 2

       Shizuoka Expo Gate Building

2004   Waketokuyama

       Shinonome Apartment Building

       The “Food and Agriculture” Museum

       Murai Masanari Art Museum

       NTT Aoyama Building Renovation Project

       LVMH Osaka

       COCON Karasuma

2005   Fukusaki Hanging Garden

       Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum *4

       Bus Stop in Finland

       KXK (Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Shinagawaku, Tokyo)

       Banraisha *5

       The Scape

       Lotus House

2006   Y-Hutte

       Takanezawa Plaza/Shelter

       Hoshinosato Annex

       Ginzan Onsen Fujiya


       Yusuhara Town Hall

2007   Tokyo Midtown Project D North Wing *6

       Asahi Broad Casting Corporation (up coming project) *7

       Suntory Museum *6

       Tobata C Block Project *8

       Dellis Cay Spa Resort (up coming project)

       Suzhou Dwelling Project (up coming project)
                                           KENGO KUMA & ASSOCIATES
                               2-24-8 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107.0062 Japan
                                        Tel+81.3.3401.7721 Fax+81.3.3401.7778

          23 St. James Street (up coming project)

          Tenerife Housing Project (up coming project)

          Kenny Heights Museum (up coming project)

          Art Barn (up-coming project)

          Modern Tea House Project in Frankfurt

          New Sunlitun Project-N1 Boutique Hotel (up-coming project)

          Spiritual Center of Chengdu (up-coming project)

          Chengdu Library (up-coming project)

          Besancon City of Arts and Culture Architecture (up-coming project)

          Complex of Government Buildings related to the area of the “Eiffel Hall”-Western Railway Station of Budapest

          (Budapest, Hungary )*9

*1=collaboration with Satoko Shinohara / Spatial Design Studio

*2=collaboration with CAD Institute for Planning

*3=collaboration with Spatial Design Studio, Consultants of Technology

*4=collaboration with Nihon Sekkei

*5=collaboration with Taisei Corporation

*6=collaboration with Nikken Kensetsu

*7=collaboration with NTT Facilities

*8=collaboration with Takenaka Corporation

*9=collaboration with Peter Janesch and Team


1992      Solo Exhibition “Tokyo Columns” (M2, Setagayaku, Tokyo)

1993      City of Labyrinth (Sezon Museum of Art, Toshimaku, Tokyo/Tsukashin Hall. Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture)

1995      Solo Exhibition “Velocity of Transmission” (Gallery MA, Minatoku, Tokyo)

          Venice Biennale 1995 (Venice, Italy)

1996      La Triennale di Milano (Milan, Italy)

1997      Virtual Architecture (The University Museum, The University of Tokyo, Bunkyoku, Tokyo)

2000      Venice Biennale 2000 (Venice, Italy)

          ARCHI LAB 2000 (Orleans, France)

2001      Japanese Avant-Garde / Reality Projection, 16 Young Japanese Architects (RIBA, London, Great Britain)

2002      ARCHI LAB 2002 (Orleans, France)

          Venice Biennale 2002, (Venice, Italy)

2004      Takeo Paper Show 2004 “HAPTIC” (Spiral, Minatoku, Tokyo)
                                       KENGO KUMA & ASSOCIATES
                            2-24-8 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107.0062 Japan
                                     Tel+81.3.3401.7721 Fax+81.3.3401.7778

        Venice Biennale 2004 (Venice, Italy)

        New Trends of Architecture in Europe and Asia-Pacific 2004-2005 (Lille, France)

        Solo Exhibition “Kengo Kuma: Defeated Architecture” (Matsuya Ginza, Tyuoku, Tokyo)

        Solo Exhibition “NIWA; WHERE THE PARTICLE RESPONCES” Hotel New Otani Garden Court、
                                                           (                              Chiyodaku, Tokyo)

        The “3_2_1_New architecture in Japan and Poland” exhibition (Center of Japanese and Technology “Manggha”,

        Krakow, Poland)

        Archilab (Mori Art Museum, Minatoku, Tokyo)

2005   OribeTea House (Ceramics Park Mino, Tajimi, Gifu)

        Entrez Lantement, E-11117 (Milan, Italy)

        Solo Exhibition “Kengo Kuma, The architecture between tradition and innovation”

        (Siracusa, Minan, Napoli, Italy, Stockholm, Sweden)

        EXTREME EURASIA (Spiral, Minatoku, Tokyo)

        Solo Exhibition “Kuma Mock-Ups” (GA Gallery, Shibuyaku, Tokyo)

2006     GA International 2006(GA Gallery, Shibuyaku, Tokyo)

        Solo Exhibition “ARCHILAB 2006” (Orleans, France)


1993    Second Prize, Niigata City Performing Arts Center Competition (Niigata, Niigata Prefecture)

        Second Prize, Abashiri Urban Planning Competition (Abashiri, Hokkaido Prefecture)

1996    Honorable Mention, Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library Competition (Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture)

        Third Prize, Proposal for the Nagaoka Culture Forum Design Competition (Nagaoka,Niigata Prefecture)

2001    Shortlisted for Second Phase, Managed Workspace, RIBA competition (Yorkshire, Great Britain)

2002    First Prize, Tokyo University of Agricultural, Exhibition Center Competition (Setagaya, Tokyo Prefecture)

        First Prize, Mori Building Corporation Odaiba Museum Competition (Minatoku, Tokyo)

2003    Honorable Mention, San Jose University School of Art Museum (California, USA)

        Shortlisted for Final Phase, The Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield, RIBA competition (Wakefield, Great Britain)

        Shortlisted for Second Phase, European Central Bank Urban Planning and Architectural Design Competition

        (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

        Honorable Mention, Kuamgusu Minakata Research Center Competition (Tanabe, Wakayama Prefecture)

2004    Shortlisted for Final Phase, National Palace Museum Southern Branch International Design Competition, (Chiayi,


2005    Shortlisted for International Competition for Museum of History of Polish Jews in Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland)

2006    Shortlisted for a competition for Shanghai Natural History Museum (Shanghai, China)

        Finalist for BAM/PFA (Barkley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive) (Los Angels, U.S.A.)

2007     Mention for Architecture Competition for the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland)

        First Prize, Besancon City of Arts and Culture Architecture Competition (Besancon, France)
                                          KENGO KUMA & ASSOCIATES
                               2-24-8 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107.0062 Japan
                                        Tel+81.3.3401.7721 Fax+81.3.3401.7778

           First Prize, Architectural Competition for the Complex of Government Buildings related to the area of the“Eiffel Hall”

           -Western Railway Station of Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)

           Kengo Kuma, 10 Houses, Toso Publishing, Tokyo, 1986. Republished in paperback, Chikuma Publishing, 1990

           Kengo Kuma, Introduction to Architecture-History and Ideology, Chikuma Publishing, Tokyo, 1994.

           Kengo Kuma, Catastrophe of Architectural Desire, Shin’yosha, Tokyo, 1994.

           Kengo Kuma, Beyond the Architectural Crisis, TOTO Publishing, Tokyo, 1995.

           Kengo Kuma, Anti-Object, Chikuma Publishing, Tokyo 2000.

           Kengo Kuma, Defeated Architecture, Iwanami Shoten, Tokyo 2004.

           Kengo Kuma: Digital Gardening, Special issue of Space Design, Kajima Publishing, Tokyo, November 1997.
           Kengo Kuma: Geometries of Nature, L’arca Edizioni, Milano, 1999.

           Kengo Kuma: The Japan Architect 38, Shinkentiku-sha, Tokyo 2000.

           Kengo Kuma. Materials, Structures, Details, Shokokusha, Japan 2003 / Birkuhauser, Basel, 2004.

           Botond Bognar, Kengo Kuma. Selected Works, Princeton Architectural Press, New York, 2005.

           Luigi Alini, Kengo Kuma. Opere e Progetti, Mondadori Electa, Milano, 2005

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           Kengo Kuma, Edil Stampa, Rome, 2006.

           Luigi Alini, Kengo Kuma. works and projects, Mondadori Electa, Milano, 2006

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