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09/10 Swim Calendar                                                                                  03 9827 2999

          Date Race                                                                                             Distance                         Location
    5-Dec-2009 The Grand Mornington 1200 swim                                                                   1.2k                             Mornington LSC
  12-Dec-2009 Cousins Tours & Travel \"Swim For Your Life\"/Swim Series Race # 1                                1.2k & 4k                        Brighton LSC
  19-Dec-2009 Melbourne Open Water Mile                                                                         1 mile (1600m)                   Kerferd Rd Pier Albert Park
  26-Dec-2009 Point Leo Swim Classic                                                                            1.2km                            Point Leo SLSC
  27-Dec-2009 Duchamp Rip View Swim Classic/Swim Series Race # 2                                                1.4km                            Pt Lonsdale front beach
  28-Dec-2009 Rock2Ramp/Swim Series Race # 3                                                                    1.2km                            Pt Roadnight
    3-Jan-2010 Port Fairy Moyneyana Ocean Swim                                                                  1.2km                            SLSC East Beach
    9-Jan-2010 NIB Lorne Pier to Pub                                                                            1.2km                            Lorne SLSC
   10-Jan-2010 Sorrento Bay Swim/Swim Series Race # 4                                                           1.8km                            Sorento SLSC
   16-Jan-2010 Danger 1000 Ocean Swim                                                                           1000m                            Torquay front beach
   16-Jan-2010 Portsea Swim Classic                                                                             1.2km                            Portsea Front Beach
   24-Jan-2010 Port Campbell Twelve Apostles Plunge                                                             1.2km                            SLSC Port Campbell
   26-Jan-2010 MMAD Classic/Swim Series Race # 5                                                                1.2km                            Mt Martha LSC
   26-Jan-2010 Williamstown Swim                                                                                1km & 2km                        Williamstown LSC
   26-Jan-2010 The Australian Unity Great Australia Day Swim                                                    1.2km                            Brighton Pier
   26-Jan-2010 Klim Relay Swim                                                                                  5 x 400m                         Brighton Baths
   30-Jan-2010 The Bloody Big Swim                                                                              11.2km solo or team              Start Frankston LSC
   30-Jan-2010 Queenscliff Blue Water Challenge                                                                 1.2km                            Queenscliff
   30-Jan-2010 San Remo Channel Challenge                                                                       500m S / 2km R                   San Remo Pier
   31-Jan-2010 Phillip Island Swim Classic                                                                      1.2km                            Cowes jetty
    6-Feb-2010 Port to Park Swim                                                                                1.1km                            South Melbourne LSC
    6-Feb-2010 Great Ocean Swim                                                                                 1.2k                             Apollo Bay
    6-Feb-2010 Dromana Bay Pier Swim                                                                            1.2km & 600m                     Dromana LSC
    7-Feb-2010 Tony Ryan Memorial Swim                                                                          1.4km                            SLSC Pertobe Road
  13-Feb-2010 Stokehouse Swim                                                                                   1500m                            St Kilda Beach
  13-Feb-2010 Buxton Point 2 Point Swim                                                                         1.2km                            Hampton LSC
  13-Feb-2010 Cowes Classic - Swim & Run                                                                        500m S /4km R                    Cowes Jetty
  20-Feb-2010 Cerberus Swim Classic/Swim Series Race # 6                                                        1.2km                            Half Moon Bay SLSC
  26-Feb-2010 24 hour Megaswim                                                                                  As far as you can! Team Fitzroy Pool
  27-Feb-2010 Moorpanyal 1000                                                                                   1000m - free swim                Moorpanyal Park Beach
  27-Feb-2010 Pier to Perignon                                                                                  4.0km                            Sorrento to Portsea
  28-Feb-2010 Big Bay Swim                                                                                      3.2km                            Start Sandridge Beach
  28-Feb-2010 Cohuna Bridge to Bridge                                                                           8km & 1.5km                      Cohuna
  14-Mar-2010 Bonbeach LSC Open Water Swim                                                                      1.2km                            Bonbeach LSC
   12-Jun-2010 Vanuatu Ocean Swim                                                                               1.5k & 3k                        Port Vila
   15-Jun-2010 Espirito Santo Aore Swim                                                                                                          Vanuatu
    9-Oct-2010 Fiji Ocean Swim                                                                                  1.5k, 3k & 10k                   Plantation Island

                                           St Vincent’s Cousins Tours & Travel Swim Series

                                           Fantastic prizes including a weekend for 10 people at Howqua,

   COUSINS                                 a trip to the Vanuatu Swim in June + the Fiji Swim in October.
    t o u r s    &    t r a v e l
   SWIM SERIES                             For series entry and detail visit www.cousinsswimmingtours.com

                                                                Events comprising the St Vincent’s Cousins Tours & Travel Swim Series.

Please check with swim organisers before arriving at swim events as dates/tiimes may change. The information was updated at time of publication. Cousins TT take no responsibility
for changes in event details or publishing errors. This calendar is copyright and may not be reproduced without written permision from Cousins Tours & Travel, 58B Cromwell RD, South
Yarra, Victoria, 3141 Australia. Tel: +61 3 9827 2999, fax: +61 3 9827 2118, email: gina@cousinstt.com, web: www.cousinstt.com, License No: 32699
                          urney as much                   as the destination...
For those who love the jo

                          Swimming, Cycling & Triathlon tours 2010
                                 For the serious and the not so serious athlete!
  Noumea Triathlon – May

  This Olympic distance event (1.5k swim, 40k cycle & 10k run) is a great excuse to practice your French! The event
  celebrations run over several days and there is a huge cash prize pool shared between elite and age group

  Giro d’Italia cycling tour – May

  Join our premium small group cycling tour and witness the best names in cycling battle to win a grand tour in “Bella
  Italia”. We cater to all grades of cyclists and also promise to introduce you to the best coffee, food, wine and sights
  Italy has to offer!

  Vanuatu Ocean Swim – June

  The Vanuatu Ocean Swim features a swim clinic with some of the world’s top swimmers, welcome functions, unique
  cultural entertainment and Awards Dinner.

  Tour de France cycling tour – July

  A “must do” for cycling enthusiasts. Climb the famous mountains of the Pyrenees or Alps, cycle through spectacular
  scenery and witness Lance Armstrong fronting his new team doing battle with Contador and the Schleck brothers.

  Hellespont Swim Turkey – August

  The Hellespont is steeped in mythology. Leander would swim nightly to his beloved Hero across this stretch of water.
  The poet, Lord Byron became the first known person to swim the Hellespont in 1810. Don’t miss the 200 year
  anniversary of Byron’s feat. This is also a great opportunity to swim at Anzac cove.

  La Vuelta a Espana cycling tour – September

  Spain is a magical country and our expert resident guide Pablo will introduce you to cycling places only a local could
  know about- not to mention the Flamenco, the food, the wine- and VIP entry to race viewing.

  Fiji Ocean Swim - October

  The ultimate swim holiday – warm clear water, colourful tropical fish, white sandy beaches, palm fringed island
  setting, 1.5k, 3k and 10k team or solo events, great package prices- what more could a swimmer want?

  Phuket Triathlon Thailand – December

  BLING…The Laguna Phuket Triathlon has plenty of it – more Gold, Silver and Bronze than possibly any other race in
  the world short of the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Hawaii. (1.8k swim 55k cycle 12k run). The weather
  in Phuket is great at this time of year and it is also the perfect place to stock up on Christmas shopping!

                   Contact Cousins Tours & Travel for more information on these events

     www.cousinstt.com 03 9827 2999 travel@cousinstt.com

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