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                                                                  By: Malcolm McCosker
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                Suzuki Alto a proud miser
                By MALCOLM McCOSKER

                S UZUKI' S newly released Alto                 litres/100km in one suburban-based                                   110km/h on the Bruce Highway
                        economy car has recorded the           stage of the event.                                                 between Caboolture and Eumundi. (We
                        best fuel economy figures for a             Overall, it also recorded better fuel                          remain puzzled why the magnificent
                compact petrol-powered car in the              economy figures than a number of                                    new six-lane motorway south from
                Global Green Eco Challenge in which            diesel-powered vehicles.                                            Caboolture to the Pine River is still
                49 vehicles were driven 3147km from                 Suzuki Auto Co general manager                                 restricted to 100km/h).
                Darwin to Adelaide.                            Keith Carroll said: "The Alto was                                       And yes, one can enjoy the ride
                    The Alto recorded an outstanding           launched with affordability, comfort,                               quality as well - not a magic carpet but
                3.91 litres per 100km. or more than 72         miserly fuel consumption and a                                      comfortable and very supportive to a
                miles per gallon in pre-metric terms.          compact design as four of its major                                 mature-aged body.
                    In doing so, the Suzuki Alto beat its      strengths.                                                              Suzuki Alto clearly is one of the
                published ADR economy figures by                    "Recent significant fuel price hikes                           most successful progeny of a fuel-
                more than 18.5 percent to win its class        in Queensland have turned even greater                              pricing climate that has driven all age
                in the 3147km event. It also achieved a        attention on fuel economy as a                                      groups to look for alternatives that
                21pc reduction in carbon emissions.            purchasing consideration.                                           won't break the bank. So the car's latest
                    The fuel miser Alto covered the trek            "The winning result and the fuel                               economy win adds further desirability
                from Darwin to Adelaide using just 123         economy figures which we have seen                                  to the model.
                litres of petrol.                              in the Green Eco Challenge, as well as                                  Also boosting that appeal is the
                    Driving from Darwin to Adelaide            in our own interstate test from Brisbane                            Alto"s finish and safety features. Small
                under independently supervised test            to Sydney, confirm that the Suzuki Alto                             maybe and a renowned fuel saver, but
                conditions, the results were almost            is without peer in delivering across the                            the Alto is no plain Jane by any
                identical to those returned in an              spectrum of economy, comfort and                                    measure. Hop inside and you find smart
                economy drive from Brisbane to Sydney          affordability."                                                     and intelligent trim with power steering,
                organised by Suzuki Auto Co where                   The Alto's frugal fuel appetite is                             remote-control door locks, highly
                another Alto recorded just 3.74 litres per     helped by the modest-sized engine, a                                efficient air-conditioning and
                100krn or 75 miles per gallon.                 cute little three-cylinder, one-litre unit                          AMJFM/CD tuner with MP3 playback
                    The Darwin to Adelaide Global              that puts out a modest 50kW of power at                             function with auxiliary input socket,
                Green Eco Challenge event was                  6000rpm and 90Nm of torque at                                       putting the car up there with models that
                organised by the South Australian              3400rpm. But forget any notion of a                                 can cost three times as much.
                Motor Sport Board and included                 little sewing machine engine that leaves                                Available in two variants, the GL and
                categories for production cars as well as      the driver way behind the pack on open                              higher spec GLX, the Alto prices start at
                modified and solar-powered vehicles.           highways.                                                           $12,490 recommended retail for the GL
                    The Alto, which was the most                    No sir. This little firebird had no                            with manual transmission and $14,490
                affordable car in the competition by at        trouble keeping up with the swarm of                                for the GXL, with auto transmissions a
                least $10,000, recorded just two               cars punching along at the permitted                                tad higher for both.

                 Forget any notion of a
                  little sewing machine
                    engine that leaves
                 the driver way behind
                   the pack on open

                                                  Further confirming its already awesome record as a fuel saver, the Suzuki Alto
                                                  has again starred by winning the compact petrol-powered car category in the
                                                  Darwin to Adelaide Global Green Eco Challenge.

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