The Governance of Large Technical Systems by P-TaylorFrancis


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									The Governance of Large Technical Systems
Routledge Studies in Business Organizations and Networks

Editor: Olivier Coutard
Table of Contents

Introductory Essay: The Evolving Forms of Governance of Large Technical Systems Olivier Coutard,
Center National de la Recerche Scientifique, France Part 1. On Traditional Modes of Governance
Transforming an energy system: The evolution of the manufactured gas industry and the transition of
natural gas in the United States (1807-1954) Joel Tarr, Carnegie Mellon University USA Striking Bonanza.
The establishment of a natural gas regime in the Netherlands Arne Kaijer, Royal Institute of Technology,
Stockholm, Sweden Technical systems and strategy: Intercontinental telecommunications in the first
quarter of the twentieth century Pascal Griset, University of Bordeaux, France Designing and operating
storm water drain systems: Empirical findings and conceptual developments Konstantinos Chatzis, Ecole
nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, France Part 2. New Challenges Power plays: the politics of
interlinking systems Jane Summerton, University of Linkoping, Sweden From control to coordination: new
governance models for information networks and other large technical systems Janet Abbate, Rutgers
University, USA The Internationalisation of large technical systems: Dynamics of change and challenges
to regulation in electricity and telecommunications Francis McGowan, University of Suusex, UK
Splintering networks: The social, spatial, and environmental implications of the privatisation and
liberalisation of utilities in Britain Simon Guy, Stephen Graham and Simon Marvin, all at University of
Newcastle, UK Part 3. On the Governability of Complex Technologies Theories of Technology and the
abolition of nuclear weapons Donald MacKenzie, Edinburgh University, UK Some theoretical and critical
remarks on the air transportation system and other large technical systems Alain Gras, Sorbonne
University, France Part 4. Conceptualizing Governance for Inter-Organizational Networks Are there such
things as small networks? Jean-marc Offner, LATTS, France On control and shifting boundaries. Modern
society in the web of systems and networks Reiner Grundmann, Aston University, Birmingham High
variability discourse in the history and sociology of large technical systems Bernward Joerges,
Technische Universitat Berlin, Germany

This work examines the governance of large technical systems (LTS) at firm, imdustry and state levels
and the interactions between the systems and society. In particular, international contributors explore the
implications of major technological , economic and social changes during the last twenty years for
traditional forms of LTS governance. Their research is centred around the following themes:* traditional
forms of governance* new regulatory challenges* the governability of complex technologies* conceptual
issues related to the governance of inter-organizational networks

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