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					Student Formal Complaint Form
You can complain. The student complaint process is designed to provide a fair and prompt management
and resolution of student complaints

Before lodging a formal complaint or grievance, students are requested tot carefully read pages 31 – 32
of the Student Handbook.

This form is to be sent to the Training Manager, in a sealed envelope marked ‘CONFIDENTIAL’

Family Name:___________________________ First Name:_________________ Date: ____________
          *If there is more than on complainant must complete a separate form
Student ID No. :_________________________
Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Suburb: ________________________________________________ Postcode: ___________________
Telephone (home):___________________ (work): __________________ (mobile): _______________
Home Address (for international students): ________________________________________________
__________________________________________________ Phone: __________________________
Preferred email address: _______________________________________________________________
Year / Stage: ____________________________
Course(s): __________________________________________________________________________

Details of Complaint

Please list the staff from whom you have sought a resolution regarding this complaint
Name: __________________________________              Position: _________________________________
Name: __________________________________              Position: _________________________________
Name: __________________________________              Position: _________________________________
Please attach clear and sufficient details as to:
    1. Your Written complaint;
    2. The efforts already made to resolve the complaint under Stage 1;
    3. Why you are not satisfied with the efforts or the outcome of the efforts to resolve the complaint
        under Stage 1;
    4. All supporting documents and evidence (including copies of written or email correspondence)
        you wish to be considered regarding this complaint; and
    5. The resolution you seek

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Version 1.1 Sept 08
Advocate / Representative / Support Person

If you have an advocate / representative or support Person

Name: __________________________________ Position: ___________________________________
                                                               (e.g. advocate, friend, parent)

If you give permission for this person to receive copies of all correspondence materials related to your
complaint procedure (including correspondence and material which may contain your personal
information), please include their details:

Name: _____________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Suburb: ________________________________________________ Postcode: ___________________
Telephone (home):___________________ (work): __________________ (mobile): _______________
Email address: _______________________________________________________________________

Signed: _________________________________________________ Date: ______________________
          (This form must be signed and dated by the person making the complaint)

Office Use:

Date Complaint received: __________________________ Complaint Number: ___________________

Prior to submitting a formal complaint, have you:
    §   Read and become familiar with the Complaints Policy?
    §   Made an appointment to speak to a Student Support Officer and seek assistance with complaint?
    §   Approached the staff member responsible for area in which you have a compliant and/or the
        Training Co-ordinator to try to resolve the complaint, such emails, letters, forms etc?
    §   Written a clear and concise outline of complaint and the resolution?
    §   Completed a complaint form for each Complainant?

For group complaints, the documents outlining the complaint, as well as all complaint forms, should be
lodged together.

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Version 1.1 Sept 08

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