Updates in Cochlear Implantation by P-Ciando


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									Updates in Cochlear Implantation
Author: Kim Chong Sun
Author: Chang Sun O
Author: Lim Dukhwan
Author: Chong Sun Kim
Author: Sun O Chang
Author: Dukhwan Lim

Edition: 1
Age Group: 20-80

Cochlear implantation has become a firmly established procedure for rehabilitating deaf individuals.
Furthermore, developments in this field have been remarkable in respect of basic sciences, surgery,
rehabilitation and related fields. Cochlear implantation demands a multidisciplinary approach and, in this
book, worldwide leading experts cover all major aspects of cochlear implantation with practical data and
discussions. You will see current and future trends in cochlear implants. This reference is an outstanding
professional tool for otolaryngologists, audiologists, and speech-language pathologists who work for
cochlear implantees. Major features include: new devices and electrophysiological studies, imaging
studies, brainstem implants, speech and coding strategies, candidate selection and evaluations, surgical
issues and difficult cases, pediatric cochlear implantation, rehabilitation and clinical management,
language development, and education. Readers of this volume will gain access to the latest research
results as well as valuable insights into the field.

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