Strategic Plan 2003 – 2007 OBJECTIVES KEY STRATEGIES by lindayy


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									                                                                                                                              Strategic Plan
                                                                                                                               2003 – 2007

Maintain an effective &         Practise & further good
efficient national university   models of governance &
sport system                    management for AUS

               KEY STRATEGIES
Practise consultative           Develop & maintain a
leadership & governance         national policies &
                                procedures manual
Provide a clear
delineation between the roles   Maintain a good balance of
& responsibilities of           appropriate skills on the AUS
governance & management         Board

Build on the unitary            Implement good Board
framework of AUS as the         practices
total quality assurance
provider of university sport    Maintain Directors’ fiduciary
within Australia                duty to the company

Ensure & maintain effective
communication & reporting
processes for those to whom
duties have been delegated.

                          Australian University Sport’s Mission: To develop & provide sporting opportunities for university students
                    OBJECTIVES                                                       OBJECTIVES                                                       OBJECTIVES
Facilitate,         Develop university Develop effective      Improve the relevance of        Develop the AUS brand in         Provide &              Achieve sufficient    To lobby on behalf
coordinate &        sport in each       sport business        AUS to the university sector    the market place as the key      maintain effective     financial             of & represent
provide quality,    region & nationally models &              & members                       entity for products & services   & efficient            resources to          university sport &
sporting                                knowledge                                             within the university sport      management             deliver quality       members of the
opportunities &                         transfer programs                                     sector                           systems to deliver     university sport      organisation
pathways for                            for all university                                                                     quality university     products &
university students                     sport activities                     KEY STRATEGIES                                    sport products &       services
to participate at a                                                                                                            services
regional, national                                            Enhance the image of            Provide a comprehensive
& international                                               university sport in Australia   communication strategy that
level                                                         & the image of AUS              disseminates & collects
                                                                                              targeted information to
                                                                                                                                            KEY STRATEGIES
            KEY STRATEGIES
                                                              Promote AUS products &          internal & external
                                                              services to the university      stakeholders                     Achieve                Develop &             Lobby targeted
                                                              sector & members                                                 effective, efficient   maintain sufficient   university
Facilitate &        Provide the           Review & evolve                                  Enhance the image of                & complementary        financial             hierarchy,
provide annual      opportunity to best   AUS sport           Recognise the achievements university sport in Australia         national & regional    resources to          government &
university events   develop university    policies,           & contributions of key       & the image of AUS                  offices                deliver quality       business to invest
in a range of       sport in each         requirements &      stakeholders                                                                            regional, national    in university sport
sports that meet    region as well as     procedures into a                                Target & promote elite              Develop &              & international       & facility
AUS policies &      nationally            comprehensive       Develop strong working       athletes as success stories         maintain human         university sport      development
quality assurance                         AUS Knowledge       relationships with key       for individual universities &       resources to           opportunities
standards           Identify & provide    Transfer Program    national & regional          university sport                    deliver quality        through member        Assist and/or
                    opportunities to                          stakeholders                                                     regional, national     generated             represent member
Establish           host international    Encourage,                                       Focus on producing effective        & international        activities            organisations in
integrated sporting & other university    facilitate &        Position university sport as tactics to build target             university sport                             securing
pathways on a       sport events that     conduct forums to   an important activity on     audience brand loyalty              opportunities     Investigate &              government
sport by sport      develop university    develop sport       university & corporate                                                             develop                    funding
basis to facilitate sport in each         program business    business agendas                                                 Evaluate, enhance non-member
that sport’s        region                modelling                                                                            & maintain a      revenue streams
development                                                   Enhance AUS’s                                                    transparent &
within the          Identify, target,                         understanding of key                                             accountable
university system facilitate &                                stakeholders                                                     financial system
                    develop specific                                                                                           for the AUS
Participate &       sport events as                           Promote the student athlete                                      membership
perform in          traditional                               pathway & its benefit to
international       university events                         students, universities,
university events                                             government & other

 Australian University Sport’s Vision: To make university sport an integral part of student life & the Australian sporting infrastructure by 2007

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