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					 How Corporations are
   Removing Barriers
to Women in Technology

                Frank Miller
            Vice President,
    Public Sales Operations
                   Dell Inc.

                              A Whole Life of Appreciating Differences:
   Frank L. Miller, Jr. – 40 Yrs, 1 Great Institution & 1 Great Company
   Frank L. Miller,

• Dell, 8+ Yrs, 5 Jobs
• Director, Federal Operations
• Director/VP, DellPLus (Custom Engineering)
• VP/GM, Federal Civilian Sales
• VP, Government Operations
• VP, Public Operations             Current Role
• United States Army      - 32 Yrs of Service to the Nation

• Commander , Staff Officer and Student
• Graduate Naval War College
• Masters Degree – Systems Management
• Bachelors Degree – Business Administration
                         A Whole Life of Appreciating Differences:
                   My Inspiration: The Women in My Family
Frank L. Miller, Jr. – 40 Yrs, 1 Great Institution & 1 Great Company

Making A Difference to Women =
    Good Corporate Citizenship

                                                           Global Citizenship

  ENVIRONMENTAL          RESPONSIBLE           SOCIETAL               GLOBAL
    FOOTPRINT             SOURCING              IMPACT              LEADERSHIP

• Industry Leading   • Supplier Code of   • $3.4M from Direct   • Joined Global
  Recycling            Conduct              Giving                Business
  Services                                                        Coalition on
                     • Dialogue with      • Over $1M pledged by   HIV/AIDS
• Removing Lead        Faith-based          Dell employees for
                       Investors            tsunami relief      • Endorsed
• Energy Star                                                     Calvert & UN
  Product            • Catalogues: 10%    • 545,000 lbs of food   Women’s
  Leadership           recycled paper       donated               Principles

                           A Whole Life of Appreciating Differences:
                                  But First - Some Fun Trivia…
Frank L. Miller, Jr. – 40 Yrs, 1 Great Institution & 1 Great Company

   What do bullet proof vests, fire
     escapes, windshield wipers,
   automatic dishwasher and laser
    printers all have in common?

                They were all
             invented by women!

                           A Whole Life of Appreciating Differences:
                                         Some More Fun Trivia…
Frank L. Miller, Jr. – 40 Yrs, 1 Great Institution & 1 Great Company

                Who had the original
              idea and patent that led
             to cell phone technology?

          An actress named
            Hedy Lamarr.

                                        A Look at Women in the Workplace

   More than half (58%) of college
   graduates are now women.                         The number of women with
   • 45% of all professional and graduate           graduate and professional
   degrees are now awarded to women.                degrees is projected to
                                                    grow by 16% over the next
                                                    • The number of men with
                                                    these degrees is projected to
                                                    grow by only 1.3%
Nearly four in ten highly qualified
women (37%) report that they have
left work voluntarily at some point in
their careers.                                 A majority (58%) of highly qualified
• Among women who have children, that          women describe their careers as
statistic rises to 43%.                        "nonlinear."
                                               •They do not follow the conventional
                                               trajectory long established by
                                               successful men.
Source: U.S. Department of Education,
Harvard Business Review
           What does that mean?

• The talent is out there. There is
  a very large pool of well-
  educated professional women.

• As companies continue to grow,
  the future pool of professional
  talent will be disproportionately

• Many women voluntarily leave
  the workplace with the intention
  of returning at some later date.
     •   Women’s career paths are
         different today than they were
         ten or 20 years ago.

                                  Success as Citizens
                               The Digital Community

    Digital         Digital Homes
   Workplace         and Schools
                                      Public Services

Wireless Networks   Computers         Online services
Laptops             Digital Cameras   • Driver’s License
                                      • Tax Returns
Handhelds           Multimedia        • Census
Cell phones         MP3s              • Health Service Info
                                      • Distance Learning

              Some Common Barriers
to Women’s Participation in Technology

           • CULTURAL
           • ATTITUDINAL
           • SITUATIONAL
           • INSTITUTIONAL

                                                  Dell’s Commitment to Women

    GLOBAL                 WORKPLACE                  21st CENTURY          BUSINESS &
   PROGRAMS                PROGRAMS                       SKILLS            COMMUNITY
• Global Women            • Kevin Rollins joins     • TechKnow - almost
Summit                    Catalyst Board of         half of students are   • 25% Y-O-Y growth
                          Directors                 young women            in spending with
• Endorsement of
                                                                           minority & women
Calvert Women’s           • Networking Group:       • Girl Scouts
Principles                Women in Search of        • Girl Start           entrepreneurs
• Women’s Teacher         Excellence (WISE)
                                                    • Dell financing &     • Dell SMB Award:
Training Institute with   • Work/Life               equipment to enable    Woman-owned
Microsoft – Teach         Effectiveness             these young women      company, Donald A.
basic literacy to         Program                   to be successful in    Gardner Architects
women in Afghanistan                                math, science & tech   (Greenville, S.C.)

              33% of Dell’s global workforce are women                                 Diversity
Education & Community Initiatives:
                 Dell TechKnow

         • Target: low income & minority
           middle school students
         • US after school program
           focused on technology literacy
         • Students who successfully
           complete the course receive a
           free (refurbished) Dell computer,
           MS Software, and home internet
         • Results (2 years)
              –   5000 students to date
              –   92% Graduation Rate
              –   45% Women

                                       Global Summit: Background

• Global Summit focused on the changing
  role of women in the workplace

• Based on Harris Interactive global
  research study among female
  managers within multi-national

• The findings were discussed at the
  Summit to help corporations develop
  strategies and tailor initiatives for
  working women.

       What can multi-national corporations do to address
    the changing role of women in different cultures to affect
           recruitment, advancement, and retention?”
                             Key Findings – Global Challenges

• Life stage vs. culture plays a more critical role in career decisions
• Compensation, reputation and challenging work opportunities
  attract talent

• Supportive managers and flexible hours/part-time/job share
  options retain and advance women

• Personal and family obligations are the #1 reason women leave
  the workforce

• Women also feel that the high value they place on personal and
  family responsibilities is an obstacle to advancement

                                                    Key Findings - Culture

• Accessing Talent:
     –   Europeans focus on Market Position and Training Opportunities
     –   Asians focus on Global Presence and Sensitivity to Culture
• Support Factors for Advancement and Retention:
     –   North Americans focus on commitment to diversity, access to influential
         decision makers and clearly defined requirements
     –   Asians focus on support networks to meet personal obligations
     –   Asians are more likely to accept a global assignment, receive career
         advice from others and feel it’s important to have a career
• Obstacles for Advancement and Retention:
     –   North Americans feel excessive work hours and a woman’s perceived
         commitment to her career play a role
     –   North Americans and Europeans believe starting a business plays a role
     –   Europeans believe a lack of opportunity plays a role
     –   Europeans are less likely to make career sacrifices in order to improve
         personal life

                                       Summit Key Take-Aways

• Supportive managers trump mentors
• More similarities than differences
• Trade-offs won’t work
• Creating the value proposition of networking groups
• What attracts talent is different than what retains and
 advances talent

                                What does that mean for
                        Multi-National Tech Companies?

• As tech companies continue to grow around the world,
 they must continually adjust to the changing needs of
 growing workforces.

• Corporations must change their thinking as it relates
 to how success looks for women.

• Provide opportunities for women to leave the
 workforce and return without penalty.

               In Conclusion: Dell’s Commitment to Women

• Examine ways we can better develop
  our managers to support the women
  in our workforce.

• Think globally and act locally.
  Conduct sessions that will include
  women from each region of our
  company for opportunity for learning
  and sharing.

• We want the women in our company
  to know that their contributions are
  valued by creating the right set of
  working conditions.

    At Dell, we’ve made a sustained commitment to find real
       workable solutions to help the women on our team
                confront the challenges they face.
Thank You