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Special Gifts a firm handshake to a shaky soul, a kind word to a

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Special Gifts a firm handshake to a shaky soul, a kind word to a ...

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									  Newsletter Volume: 36                No: 19
  4th December 2008
   Phone: (02) 4754 1022    Fax: (02) 4754 3558   Website:   Email:

 Diary Dates:               Dear members of the St Columba’s community,
        Term 4              Waiting in Joyful Hope
  13th Oct – 19th Dec
                            Sometimes it seems as though we spend our lives waiting. Our
                            days are often filled with anticipation and anxiety over what the
WEEK 8                      future holds.
3rd December                As Catholics, we too spend our lives waiting. But we are waiting
Yr 10 Mass and
Presentation                for something much bigger than any of our daily concerns: we
                            are waiting for the return of Jesus in glory. During Advent we
4th Dec
Yr 10 Dinner Dance          are in anticipation of Jesus Christ’s final coming as well as
                            remembering His birth over 2,000 years ago.
WEEK 9                      We can allow the rush of the Christmas season to overwhelm us: the cards to be written
10th,11th,12th              and sent, the presents to be bought and the Christmas dinner to be prepared. For many,
Yr 10 Duke of Ed. Colo
River                       the Christmas season is greeted with cynicism or disbelief. However, every Sunday we
                            hear the words, "wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ." To
10th Dec
Year 7 & 8 Disco            celebrate Christmas fully we need to welcome Jesus Christ into our hearts. I encourage
                            you to share some special gifts.
16th December               Special Gifts
Presentation Day               a firm handshake to a shaky soul,
17th December                  a kind word to a lonely person,
HSC results and BBQ            a warm smile to the disheartened,
Year 11Study Day               a sincere concern for someone troubled,
                               a feeling of compassion for the neglected,
Year 7,8, 9 Pool Day at        a comforting thought for the bereaved,
                               a respect for the dignity of others,
18th December                  a defense of the rights of individuals,
Last student day for 2008      a word of witness to help a seeking soul,
Clean up
                               a Merry Christmas to all.
19th December
Staff Retreat Day
                            Mr Adrian Heim announces his resignation
                            It is with some sadness that I announce that our Business Manager, Adrian Heim has
   Term 1 – 2009            accepted a position as Business Manager at Frances Xavier College, Canberra. Adrian has
  27th Jan– 9th April       served our community so well over the past six years and will be greatly missed.
                            However, this is an exciting opportunity for him. There are many improvements made to
WEEK 1                      St Columba’s that can be directly attributed to Adrian. Adrian is a person of great
Tuesday 27th Jan
Staff return                integrity and possesses fine skills in all areas of finance management. I wish him the very
                            best for this new stage in his career and know that Frances Xavier are very fortunate to
Wednesday 28th Jan          have his services.
Years 7, 11, 12 students
commence. Full day.
                            Year 10 Activities
Thursday 29th Jan           Year 10 have been actively engaged in project learning over the past week and finish this
Whole school attendance.    week with presentations on different post school activities. I would like to thank Mrs
Full day                    Vandermolen, her team, Mr Stewart and Dr Taccori and his team for all of the work that
                            has gone into the past two weeks. I am very proud of the majority of our students who
                            have ensured that they have given 150% to the activities. They have been role models to
                            those students who have not given their best. This Wednesday we join with Year 10
students and their families to thank God for the past four years and to acknowledge the achievements of a great
group of young people. Year Ten with enjoy a Dinner /Dance on Thursday evening. To those students who are
not returning next year, I wish you every blessing and hope that you find success in all that you do.
                                                                                                    God Bless,
                                                                                    Mrs. Delma Horan, Principal

From the Office
Second Parent Copies for Reports
                On December 12th Semester Two reports will be issued to students. If you would like a second
                copy to be sent to the non-custodial parent, please ask him/her to contact the school in writing.
                The letter must clearly state the student’s name and homeroom, the relationship to the student,
                and the address the report is to be sent to. Please address this correspondence to Mrs. Karen
                Delany, Principal’s Secretary. (2nd parents who received a copy of the first semester report are
                still on record and do not need to contact us.)
Please note, all parents requesting this second copy must make themselves known to the school by the
beginning of Week 9, Term 4 (8th December).

CANCELLATION: Funny Money Night
The Annual Funny Money night scheduled for Friday 5th December from has been cancelled due to lack of
numbers. We apologise for disappointing our regular punters but look forward to a big night next year.

Uniform Shop
Shop Prices:
There will be a small price increase applicable to some garments in the uniform shop to reflect price increases by
suppliers. New prices take effect 1st January 2009 and increases have been kept to an absolute minimum –All
garments in the uniform shop are selected for their quality of fabric and manufacture, excellent wear and tear, and
reliability of supply – nearly all items are still Australian made. Please note our prices have not changed for 5 years.
Senior Uniform:
Students going into senior years require white blouses and shirts. Please don’t leave your purchase of these
until the last minute – come in now for the best selection of sizes. And don’t forget our layby system for new
garments. Please note, a deposit must follow all orders.
                                                              Mrs. Pauline Buckley, Uniform Shop Manager
Year 7 & 8 Disco
                        To mark the end of a good year for years 7 & 8, we will be holding a disco for them on
                        Wednesday 10th December from 7pm to 10pm. Please ensure your child is aware that
                        normal school rules apply, that dress must be appropriate for a school function and that
                        students need to be picked up promptly at 10pm. Each student will receive an
                        individual; letter containing all details.
                                                                   Mr Paul Holmes      Mrs. Kate Sanderson
                                                                Year 7 Co-ordinator    Year 8 Co-ordinator

Attention all parents – Lost school items
                        Over the past three and a half terms the school has lost a large number of St Columba’s
                        football jerseys and touch football shirts. Could you, along with your son/daughter,
                        please take some time to thoroughly look around the house to see if one of these rather
                        expensive items has been unwittingly taken home. If you are able to locate some of this
                        school property, could it please be returned to school ASAP.
                                                                                Thank you for your assistance
                                                                        Mr. Jaie Skinner, PDHPE Department
The Diocesans Catholic Schools Parent Representative Council (PRC).
St. Columba’s Rep: Barbara Cuthbert.
Reports to the Parent & Community Support Group.
(Next Meeting Wednesday 4th March 7-8pm at school)
Next PRC Meeting: – Monday March 9th at Blacktown.
The PRC is connected with the CEO and actively works at creating a
partnership between home, school and parish for the children’s benefit. It
brings parent representatives together to receive information, discuss issues
of interest and concern in Catholic schools, exchange ideas and work on
practical strategies.
Interest groups include: special needs students, promoting and maintaining
P&F associations, bullying, and transition to school/high school/beyond
At each PRC meeting, time is spent, in interest groups, sharing ideas and working on strategies for
development in these areas.
At the NSW Catholic Schools Parent Conference, held in November, presentations by keynote speakers and
numerous workshops was FANTASTIC.
St Columba’s is very fortunate to already have an active PCSG and a supportive staff that want parent
involvement and support for our school. Let’s not take it for granted but get involved. Research shows that
where parents are involved in their child’s school life and community there are measurable benefits for their
children in their success at school – academically, socially and emotionally.
Next year the PRC is planning to hold “Education Evenings” once a term to hear guest speakers, ask questions
and find out more information on current areas of interest.
Want to know more? Feel free to contact me on 0417 548 496 or at
                                                                       Barbara Cuthbert - parent

Mr. Whitby’s Summer Reading Challenge
The Executive director of schools, Mr Greg Whitby has announced a Summer Reading Challenge for all
Catholic systemic school students in the Parramatta diocese. By independently reading ten or more books
during their summer holidays, students will go into the draw to win one of three iPod Nanos.
Students must record all the books they read on a log sheet, which is signed off by a parent or guardian.
Entries must be received by Mr. Michniewicz in the Library by Thursday 5th February. The draw will take
place on Monday 9th February and the winners will be published on the Catholic education website.
Entry forms, terms and conditions and log sheets can be downloaded from the Catholic education website

Let us give thanks for the Child whom we celebrate this Advent season – the child
who came to Earth as an infant, died, rose as our Saviour; and for whose coming
again we wait with anticipation and love.
For I Was Hungry and You Gave Me Food" (Mt 25:35)
Help generate the true meaning of Christmas with the Vinnies Christmas Hamper Appeal.
Each year, St Columba’s is proud to be part of the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal, and
this year will be no exception. As always, each home has been assigned a family in need, and
this year, due to the increased need in our own community, your generosity will remain
locally. These families who will receive our hampers are in dire need of our help, so please be
as generous as you can. Every student in the school is asked to provide at least one non-
perishable food item for their home wins hamper. This is one very practical way of
really spreading the joy of Christmas!
                                                Merry Christmas and God bless, from all of us at Vinnies

Year 8 Geography Talent
Early in November a team of six talented geographers took on teams from
across Sydney and some country schools in the annual Year 8 Geography Trivia
Day run by WeSSSTA (Western Sydney Social Sciences Teachers Association).
The tournament took place at the Rooty Hill RSL Club. There were 48 teams
from around 30 schools who took part in the competition. Many of the schools
were selective state schools, and a number were exclusive private schools.
Our team distinguished themselves by running equal second on the day. This
was by far our best ever result, previously we had only had one top-ten finish. The
students were asked a variety of geographical skills and content based questions, along
with questions testing their general knowledge.
The day got off to a good start with Bowen Van der Voort winning a CD in an
individual game of True/False.
The team was made up of Jacob van der Walle, Kaitlin Mort, Mitchell Gawthorne,
Amelia Hatton, Grace Buckle and Bowen Van der Voort. These students are to be
congratulated not just for their success, but also for the great way they represented our
school and the enthusiasm they brought to the day. All six students enjoyed
thoroughly themselves. Students were chosen in the team for the hard work and excellent results they had produced
in their Geography classes.
Thanks to Mrs. Van der Voort who assisted with transport on the day.
                                                       Mr. Michael Griffiths, Assistant HSIE Co-ordinator

Engineering Studies Students Get Hot Under the Collar
On Thursday the 27th November the Year 12 Engineering
Studies class, accompanied by Mr. Leighton went on a cross-
country jaunt (Excursion) to Port Kembla. We left school at
8.40 and headed straight for the underparts of Lennox Bridge.
This historic local landmark is recognised by the Institute of
Australian Engineers and we were left wondering in awe about
its creation and the methods used. The spell of its shape and
construction was broken when someone noticed cracks in the
supporting sandstone and, despite having driven the “Dove” over it (without any perceptible movement), we beat a
hasty retreat back to the bus and sought refuge under the Victoria Bridge over the Nepean River. The brickwork on
the piers was most beautiful and the boys also noticed the flood level indicator, the figures on which perplexed
them until they realised that we were not about to be inundated by 40 metres of water but rather 40 feet. The traffic
passing on the bridge made quite a noise so, once again, we hastened to return to the comfort of the bus. With
Lachlan Hill navigating we made it down to Australia’s Industry World at the Pt. Kembla Steelworks. Our guide,
over the deafening rumble of 13 teenage stomachs, suggested that we had some food then return for our tour. Off to
Macca’s we went where Sam Williams – unwisely we all thought – ordered a one-pounder. He hasn’t eaten since,
for reasons unknown. Our guide was a former employee at the steelworks and he took great care to ensure that we
knew and understood everything. We also got plenty of inside knowledge and the students spent around 45 minutes
asking him questions after the tour. The size and scale of the operation is HUGE and now some 450 people
produce more steel than the 20 000 previously employed there. Home we ran, looking in vain for a KFC and
returning to the familiarity of St. Columba’s. The boys pronounced it to be “The best excursion ever” which has no
doubt set the standard for any future experiences.
                                                                Mr. Adrian Leighton, HSIE Department
                                 November Bronze Awards
7   Lauren      Addy               7   Caroline      Thomas-        8   Madeline      Catanzaro
7   Ashleigh    Atkins             7   Kristen       Trouve         8   Charnont      Chaicharncheep
7   Jack        Beckhaus           7   Dominic       Walker         8   Brianna       Clark
7   Victoria    Bekfi              7   Dominic       Walker         8   Amy           Coultas
7   Ashleigh    Bishop             7   Joshua        Zolfel         8   Brendan       Cummings
7   Julian      Borrowdale         7   Matilda       Alex-Sanders   8   Megan         Darroch
7   Jessica     Bosman             7   Chloe         Ayers          8   Ciara         Devlin
7   Jack        Branley            7   Olivia        Creagh         8   Samantha      Fisher
7   John        Carn               7   Grace         Davies         8   Vendella      Gauld
7   Katelin     Chambers           7   Madeleine     Dennis         8   Mitchell      Gawthorne
7   Kassandra   Cottee             7   Cassandra     dePedro        8   Sarah         Griffiths
7   Kassandra   Cottee             7   Alisha        Dyson          8   Scarlett      Johnson
7   Carly       Dale               7   Reece         Frankham       8   Mitchell      Kazmierczak
7   Louis       De Couvreur        7   Abbey         Frazer         8   Nina          Kimura-Budzyniak
7   Nathan      Ellis              7   Boo Jon       Khoo           8   Dominic       Legras
7   Sarah       Evans              7   Benjamin      Kuzma          8   Mary          Lennon
7   Angela      Fallon             7   Jasmine       Lovelock-      8   Daniel        Marie
7   Loesje      Fletcher           7   Jordan        Lunam          8   Jordan        McAnulty
7   Emma        Florey             7   Brandon       Macklan        8   Memphys       McCallum
7   Nicholas    Gane               7   Leonie        Nadarajah      8   Paige         McGovern
7   Natalie     Hissey             7   Tia           Richardson     8   Kaitlin       Mort
7   Phillip     Hughes             7   Joelene       Rupesinghe     8   Manon         Nyssen
7   Samuel      Hunt               7   Jessica       Russell        8   Manon         Nyssen
7   Rhys        Merriman           7   Jessica       Vernon         8   Rebecca       O'Rourke
7   Luke        Morgan             7   Rhiannon      Walker         8   James         Page
7   Nicholas    Morley-Sattler     7   Dimity        Edwards        8   Adam          Parigi
7   Phillip     Murko              7   Alyce         Noney          8   Alice         Parry
7   Bradley     Paul               7   Micah         Pace           8   Jared Bryan   Robinson
7   Avalon      Ross               7   Annalise      Rimmer         8   Leah-Maree    Shannon
7   Khalieda    Rowles             8   Cameron       Attard         8   Chelsea       Shepherd
7   Ryan        Sims               8   Stephanie     Baker          8   Zachariah     Smith
7   Mitchell    Sloan              8   Alison        Bjornberg      8   Daniel        Stopford
7   Caitlyn     Smith              8   Olivia-Rose   Bohman         9   Rachel        Cefai
7   Brendan     Starkey            8   Tara          Campbell       9   Bethanie      Coleman
7   Keegan      Taccori            8   Sarah         Carter         9   Eden          Cottee
7   Madeleine   Talbot             8   Elizabeth     Carter         9   Jonathon      Creagh
8   Madelaine   Ventura            8   Jordan        Sztelma        9   Oliver        Povic
8   Hannah      Voura              8   Emily         Thomas         9   Stephanie     Wyburn
8   Emma        Webster            8   Jack          Tunks          9   Brittany      Fletcher
8   Stephanie   Yakimov            8   Joseph        Usherwood      9   Michelle      Ludenia
                                      November Bronze Awards
8    Kimberley     Brooks                9   Zan         Cross         9    Catherine   Patterson
8    Katy          Christensen           9   Harry       Cuthbert      9    Charlotte   Strasiotto
8    Kate          Hannen                9   Kate        Field         9    Natalie     Tai
8    Morgan        Hukins                9   Patrick     Hill          9    James       Walsh
8    Maddison      Hunter                9   Benjamin    Lawrence      9    Jake        Wright
8    Nicholas      Kramhoft              9   Jacob       MacKay        10   Rachel      Addy
8    Lachlan       Menzies               9   Audrey      Marsh         10   Hugh        Bennett
8    Joanna        Signorelli            9   Alice       Melton        10   Elizabeth   Bentley
8    Jacob         van der Walle         9   Bridgette   Moore         10   Gabrielle   Edwards
8    Jacob         Wills                 9   Katie       Morfoot       10   Thomas      Eisenhuth
8    Luke          Wynands               9   Jessica     O'Connor      10   Grace       Hughes
8    Mikaila       Baker                 9   Max         Peake         10   Caitlin     Hunter
8    Aaron         Bissett               9   Alexander   Robins        10   Martin      Rosa
8    Grace         Buckle                9   Emma        Sloan         10   Estelle     Rust
8    Chevonne      Fabre                 9   Liam        Smith         10   Margaret    Whitehouse
8    Hannah        Fehon                 9   Sarah       Swarbrick     10   Phillip     Clear
8    Benjamin      Martin                9   Alexander   Synnott       10   Benjamin    Rowe
8    Angus         McCorkindale          9   Brianna     Trigg         10   Clare       Carter
8    Emily         Thomas                9   Isabelle    van der Zee   10   Declan      Clear
8    Olivia        Vallieres             9   Tess        Wilson        10   Danielle    Crichton
8    Megan         Wallace               9   Thomas      Winn          10   Kate        Hughes
8    Ashleigh      Wolthers              9   Alison      Cater         10   Liam        Isaksen
9    Emilie        Adams                 9   Sally       Gorman        10   Martine     Lappan
9    Caitlin       Buckingham            9   Creegan     Phillips      11   Nicholas    Balzer
11   Christopher   Davies               11   Kate        Pascolini

                                      November Silver Awards
7    Matilda       Alex-Sanders          7   Tia         Richardson    8    Lachlan     Menzies
7    Chloe         Ayers                 7   Joelene     Rupesinghe    8    Joanna      Signorelli
7    Olivia        Creagh                7   Jessica     Russell       8    Jacob       van der Walle
7    Grace         Davies                7   Jessica     Vernon        8    Jacob       Wills
7    Madeleine     Dennis                7   Rhiannon    Walker        8    Luke        Wynands
7    Cassandra     dePedro               7   Dimity      Edwards       8    Mikaila     Baker
7    Alisha        Dyson                 7   Alyce       Noney         8    Aaron       Bissett
7    Reece         Frankham              7   Micah       Pace          8    Grace       Buckle
7    Abbey         Frazer                7   Annalise    Rimmer        8    Chevonne    Fabre
7    Boo Jon       Khoo                  8   Kimberley   Brooks        8    Hannah      Fehon
7    Benjamin      Kuzma                 8   Katy        Christensen   8    Benjamin    Martin
7    Jasmine       Lovelock-Dorfler      8   Kate        Hannen        8    Angus       McCorkindale
7    Jordan        Lunam                 8   Morgan      Hukins        8    Emily       Thomas
7    Brandon       Macklan               8   Maddison    Hunter        8    Olivia      Vallieres
7    Leonie        Nadarajah             8   Nicholas    Kramhoft      8    Megan       Wallace
                                  November Silver Awards
 8   Ashleigh      Wolthers             9   Michelle      Ludenia           10    Benjamin      Rowe
 9   Alison        Cater                9   Catherine     Patterson         10    Clare         Carter
 9   Sally         Gorman               9   Charlotte     Strasiotto        10    Declan        Clear
 9   Creegan       Phillips             9   Natalie       Tai               10    Danielle      Crichton
 9   Oliver        Povic                9   James         Walsh             10    Kate          Hughes
 9   Stephanie     Wyburn               9   Jake          Wright            10    Liam          Isaksen
 9   Brittany      Fletcher            10   Phillip       Clear             10    Martine       Lappan

                       Sport News
Great Touch Football Effort
Recently our Year 7 + 8 touch teams competed in the State Finals of the
NSW Touch Association All Schools Championships. The teams qualified
for this event by winning the Parramatta regional carnival, and were up
against the other regional winners from across NSW.
Both the boys and girls teams performed very well on a day. The girls team made the quarter finals, meaning
that they are one of the best eight teams in NSW. This was an outstanding achievement, and matches the
success of the Year 9 + 10 girls team who were also quarter-finalists earlier in the year. This has been a great
effort from all of our girls in 2008. In previous years when we had qualified for the State Finals the best we
had done was one win and one draw in our pool games.
The boys teams won two games and lost two of their pool games, finishing third in their pool. They lost to
Chatham High School, Illawarra Sports High, and then defeated Bowraville Central School and Mudgee High.
The team was made up of Anthony Corocher, Johnny Hildon, Shaun de la Mare, Angus McCorkindale,
Brad Jervis, Matthew Ranse, Joe Bilby, Greg Lekkas, Jared Robinson, Ben Fisher, Taran Gauld and
Aaron Bissett. Mr. Clunes was the coach of the team.
The girls were undefeated in their pool games, and were first placed in their pool. In the pool games the girls
defeated Calroosy High 2-1, drew with Singleton High School 2 - 2, then defeated Tweed River High School 2
-1, and Illawarra Sports High 4-0.
In the quarter-final the girls were defeated by Woolaware High 2-0. The team was Hannah Voura,
Anneliese Hughes, Chelsea Shepherd, Dimity Edwards, Chloe Weaver, Megan Gaudiosi, Chloe Lynch,
Ali Bjornberg, Keely Gregory, Emma Murray, Clare Belfanti, Leanne Ward and Fiona Erich.
Special thanks must also go to Kate Hughes and Emelie Bjornberg who were our referees for the day.
Thankyou also to the many parents who came to support our students for this event.
                                                                                        Mr. Michael Griffiths
                                                                                 Girls Touch Football Coach

NSW Netball Selections
Congratulations to Josh Devrell of Year 10L who has been selected in the NSW Under
17’s Netball team. Josh travels to Queensland for the National Championships on the
10th April 2009.
The St Columba’s community congratulates Josh and wishes him all the best of luck at
the tournament.
St Columba’s Music Program – Individual and group Music Lessons 2009
Beginning in Week 2 of Term 1 2009, we are pleased to offer Group Music tuition
conducted by the Springwood School of Music, 210 Macquarie Rd, Springwood.

Background Information
Springwood School of Music has been operating as a Music School for over twenty five years. The School has
been under the leadership of Principal, Elizabeth Newman since 1996.
Elizabeth has tertiary qualifications in both Education and Music and has many years experience as a private
music teacher, classroom teacher for Dept of Education and lecturer in education and music in tertiary
The staff at the Music School come from diverse musical backgrounds and are ‘working musicians. Most of
the staff already possess tertiary qualifications, whilst others are presently undertaking tertiary studies.

About the Music Program
The Springwood School of Music has been successfully running group music tuition at St Thomas Aquinas
School for the past four years and a similar music program has now begun at St Columba’s

Subject to numbers, we will provide tuition for beginner, intermediate and advanced students, in the

Acoustic/electric guitar                  Bass
Rock Band                                 Trumpet
Keyboard                                  Flute, clarinet, sax, oboe
Voice                                     Violin

It is anticipated that students will be withdrawn from their regular classes, for a half- hour per week. A
rotational time system will be implemented ( subject to numbers ), so that withdrawal will not be at the same
time each week. Timetabling will also take into account any special whole School events. Priority for any
lunch-time lessons will be given to Senior students.
Group sizes will be limited to a max of five students.
The cost of the group lessons will be $88.00 (10 week Term ) with fees payable to Springwood School of
Music, at the beginning of each Term. Please contact the school for individual lesson pricing.
Instrument rental is usually available, for all the above-mentioned instruments, through our instrumental
dealer. The price we charge for rental is exactly the same price as is available online to customers, e.g
instruments start at $30.00 per month.
If you wish to purchase an acoustic or electric guitar package, we can supply what our teachers consider a
“good” quality beginner instrument at a very competitive price. Please contact the Music School if you would
like further information on renting or purchasing an instrument
If you would like to enrol a student in the Music program, please return the Enrolment Form with Term fees
to the Springwood School of Music by 10th December, 2007. The Music School office is open from 1.30 to
7.30 pm Mon.-Fri. Due to time constraints, places in the program will be allocated on a “first-in basis”. As the
Music School is closed during the holidays, late enrolments will be accepted by Mail or Phone during the
school holidays.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ring the Music School on 47513845/0410 582 615
Individual tuition is also possible at St Columba’s, during school hours. Please contact the
Music School if you would like information.

         If you are interested in this program, please complete the form on the next page.
St Columba’s Music Program
Enrolment Form

I wish to enrol my child in the St Columba’s Group Music program

Student’s Name:…………………………………………………D.O.B:……………..………………

Parent’s Name:………………………………………………………………………………………...

Home Phone:………………..…..… Mobile:………………………… Bus:……………….………

1st Choice Instrument: Please Circle

Acoustic Guitar              Bass              Oboe               Sax            Voice               Violin

Electric Guitar          Rock Band            Clarinet           Flute         Keyboard           Trumpet

Student Music Level: Please circle

Beginner                                     Intermediate                                     Advanced

If my first choice instrument is not available please enrol my child


2ND Choice Instrument, Student Music Level: Please Circle

Beginner                                     Intermediate                                     Advanced

Any further information you consider necessary to tell us about your child


I understand that I am enrolling my child in group lessons, therefore no make-up lessons or fee reduction is
possible for missed lessons. In special circumstances, such as extended illness, school exams and whole school
events, I will notify the Music School before or on the lesson day, so that alternative lesson arrangements may
be made.

Parent’s / Guardian Signature:…………………………………..……Date:…………………..……

“Salary Spotlight” – Fire-fighter
                                       Starting Out
                                       To work as a fire-fighter you need an AQF Certificate 111 or higher
                                       education. The position involves educating the public and dealing
                                       with fires, floods, storms, Building collapses, landslides, motor
                                       vehicle accidents and terrorist threats. Tasks include extinguishing
                                       fires, treating hazardous materials, using water pumps, foams and
                                       chemicals, freeing trapped people and applying first aid.
                                       Fire-fighters earn $1050 a week, according to the Federal
                                       Government. The average advertised annual salary on the MyCareer
                                       website is $81,704 with senior fire-fighters earning $140,000.
There are about 10,300 fire-fighters working in Australia. The average age is 40 years and 96% are men.
Unemployment is low with 98% working full-time.
Employment growth is low but is expected to rise by 1% in the next five years.
The vacancy level is high with 87% of jobs arising from job changes in the profession. About 12% of jobs
will arise from those leaving the profession.

Apprenticeship - Butcher and Baker
Woolworths is hiring Butcher and Baker apprentices. Training
will be at Kingswood TAFE. An Information session will be
held Tuesday 16th December 4pm, TAFE (Kingswood) Building
H, via Gate 2 – O’Connell St, Kingswood.

Reminder – How to get an Apprenticeship Evening
Tuesday 9th December, Penrith RSL, Free, from 6pm – will include 17 exhibitors
(TAFE, Master Plumbers, Master Builders, Australian Aerospace)

TAFE Enrolments
Western Sydney Institute of TAFE has changes its enrolment procedures for 2009Visit
its website for details:

CSI Workshops
The UNSW is offering one day school holiday workshops for those students interested in real crime scene
investigation experience. Ages: 15-18 years old. All dates are in January, 12th, 15th, 19th, 22nd. Details on
1800 727640
                            CANTEEN ROSTER
 WK          MONDAY                TUESDAY            WEDNESDAY            THURSDAY              FRIDAY
            1st December        2nd December         3rd December          4th December      5th December
           Anne Hortense         Rita Sipione        Trish Adams          Karin Heggarty      Gina Costa
           Louise Rowles        Kathryn Cefai         Vicki Carn           Anne Hobbs        Angela Killian
  8                            Lorraine Phillips     Fiona Davies                             B. Wallace
                                                    Marion Commens
           8th December          9th December        10th December        11th December      12th December
          Sandra Watkins         Liesle Barrat        A.Gawthorne          Tina Hyland       Jan Campbell
           Karen Bishop         Valeria Branley       Jenny Simone        Jenny Bohman      Cathie Stopford
  9                                                  Linda Mortimer       Anne Gaudiosi       Sue Millevoi
                                                                                            P. Van derVoort
           15th December        16th December        17th December        18th December     19th December
            Fran Willard        Therese Winn         Pauline Trigg        Vicki Mitchell    Alison Melton
              Michelle           Naomie Gott         Donna Dunne           Leanne Dale      Donna Russell
 10          Robinson                               Leonie Hampson        Leisa Cabban     Deanne Hearnden
                                                    Wendy Humphrys

Canteen hours 10am – 2pm, EXCEPT Wednesdays, 9.30am – 1.30pm. Volunteers welcome as early as you
If you are unable to do your rostered day PLEASE arrange a swap. If you are unable to arrange a
swap, please let me know as early as possible. Canteen phone 4754 8919 from 7.30am.
If you could help on a Monday in particular, please give me a call. New volunteers always welcome.
Come along and make some new friends.
Thank you for your assistance. Your generosity is greatly appreciated by the school community.

                                                                                        Mrs Betty Novak
                                                                                       Canteen Manager

Newsletters of the Future
The school newsletter is a vital link between home and school.

If e-mail is a preferred choice for you, please complete the following slip and
return to Student Services.

Parent Name:

      Yes, I would like to receive the newsletter via e-mail

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                        COMMUNITY NEWS

Buena Vista Guitar Tuition
Classical - electric - acoustic- All styles, all ages welcome. Beginners to Advanced. We can come to you or
come to us in Winmalee. Call now for your FREE Introductory Lesson Ph. 4704 9463 or 0404 900 614

The Instructor Driving School
The Instructor Driving School can now ONLY be found online at
Feel free to use the email links from the site or call George directly on 4753 6260.
Music Tuiton - Piano/musicianship/singing lessons
Limited vacancies exist in Term 4 at the Blackheath Piano Studio teaching piano, musicianship and singing
to all ages. Classical to leisure, written and practical exams, eisteddfods to HSC performance. Best student of
2007 was accepted into the Conservatorium of Music Sydney. Contact Dianne 4787 7262
Nepean College
Penrith and Kingswood Campus
Improve your English Language -Migrant English Classes
General English in school hours: speaking, listening, reading, writing. Skills for Work
& training - English and Computing. Information Day 10 am, Wednesday 28 January 2009. Room B1.13
Penrith Campus 117 Henry St, Penrith Maria Reid: (02) 4724 8264
English and Maths made easy - Reading, Writing, Spelling and Maths for Adults
There are many FREE courses in school hours and at night. Courses are part-time, at the college or in your
home.     Trevor: (02) 9208 9351 Graham: (02) 47 24 8254 Sue: (02) 9208 9347
Enquiries are welcome at any time. Course information: Kathy Keys 4724 8200 TAFE NSW Western
Sydney Institute Nepean College, Kingswood Campus 2-10 O’Connell St, Kingswood, Penrith Campus 117
Henry St, Penrith

Vinnies Opens a New Store
SVDP are pleased to announce the opening of their new store in Penrith. 2/144 Henry
Street, Penrith, just one block away from the plaza, opposite the taxation building.
Parking is available at the rear. Opening times: 9am – 4pm Mon-Fri and 10am – 2pm
Saturdays. SVDP offers a large variety of good quality clothing, toys, books, crockery,
glassware and many other items.
2008 Bikers Australia Charity Toy Run
It’s that time of the year again… This annual toy run is set to take place on Sunday
December 14th. The aim is to provide gifts and food, for families in need, to be distributed
by the Salvation Army. Donations of good quality toys, games, books, clothes, bed linen
and non-perishable foods, (all un-wrapped), can be left at the St Thomas Aquinas School
Office. Remember – stuffed toys are of little value to families in need. Any bikes wishing to
participate in the run, can muster in the St Thomas Aquinas school car park at 8.00am on the morning.
Departure will be at 8.30am after bikes have been packed with donations and photos have been taken.
Destination, Bikers Australia Shed at 6/7 Kellaway Place, Wetherill Park for a BBQ breakfast, then onto, en
masse, to Fairfield Park to hand over to the Salvation Army.For all enquiries contact: Rob Mullen at St
Thomas Aquinas School 4754 2554or Brad Cox 0413 180 501
   Advent - Waiting in Joyful Hope for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
 Welcoming Jesus into our homes and our hearts, full of hope and joy, prepares us to
                          properly celebrate Jesus' birth.

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