sparkling & champagne white wine

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					sparkling & champagne                                                            glass bottle
                                                                                 150ml     750ml
Champagne Cocktails 	                       	
Bellini - Johnny	Q	Brut	Cuvee,	lychee	liqueur	&	fresh	lychee                     12.50	
Cointreau - Johnny	Q	Brut	Cuvee	&	Cointreau                                      12.50	
French - Gabriel	Boudier	Saffron	Gin,	lemon	juice	&	sugar	syrup                  12.50
Kir Royale - Johnny	Q	Brut	Cuvee	&	Crème	de	Cassis                               12.50

Johnny Q Brut Cuvee South East Australia                                          7.50 30.00
Generous	citrus	fruit	flavours	enhanced	with	creamy	mouth	filling	
characters,	finishes	soft,	crisp	&	clean

Billecart-Salmon Mareuil-Sur-Aÿ, France
Founded	in	1818,	Billecart-Salmon	is	managed	by	the	7th	generation	of	descendants.	
Three	principles	define	the	style	of	Billecart-Salmon	-	finesse,	balance	&	elegance
Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve NV 750ml                                                    130.00
Absolute	indulgence	–	sourced	from	the	best	sites	in	the	Champagne	region
Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve NV 375ml                                                     65.00
Petit	absolute	indulgence!

white wine
Redgate Chenin Blanc Margaret River, WA                                           8.00 33.00
Medium	bodied,	fresh	vibrant	tropical	fruit	with	a	clean	bright	citrus	finish
Babich “Black Label” Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, NZ                              8.00 34.00
Think	yellow	peaches	&	mirabelle	plums	with	a	gentle	texture
Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, NZ                                                  39.00
Fresh	&	full	bodied	showing	excellent	balance	between	fruit	&	acidity
Juniper Crossing Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Margaret River, WA                               29.00
Gorgeous	scents	of	lime,	gooseberry	&	subtle	tropical	white	peach
The Lane “Gathering” Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Adelaide Hills, SA                 10.00 39.00
Bouquet	of	exotic	lime,	almond	&	orange	marmalade.	Wild	honey	on	hot	rocks!
Hay Shed Hill Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Margaret River, WA                                  35.00
Aromas	of	lively	tropical	fruits	&	fresh	herbaceous	grassy	characters	make	
up	an	intense	bouquet
Cullen Classic White Margaret River, WA                                                    34.00
Vibrant,	rich,	round	&	complex,	reflecting	the	range	of	varieties	in	the	brand
Quealy Pinot Gris Mornington Peninsula, VIC                                       8.00 33.00
Full	flavoured	wine	ranging	from	apple	to	pear	&	citrus	to	spice
Fonty’s Pool Chardonnay Pemberton, WA                                             8.50 35.00
Citrus	juiciness,	hints	of	stone	fruit.		Fresh,	racy	&	opulent
Balgownie Estate Chardonnay Bendigo, VIC                                                   42.00
Crisp	citrus	&	stone	fruit	flavours	offering	a	complex	lingering	finish
red wine                                                                                 glass bottle
                                                                                         150ml     750ml
Fonty’s Pool Pinot Noir	Pemberton, WA	 	                                  	               8.50 35.00
Ripe	cherry	&	plums	surrounded	by	spice	&	a	touch	of	French	oak	          	                   	
Willow Creek “Tulum” Pinot Noir Mornington Peninsula, VIC	                	                      	 43.00
Seductive	flavours	of	sweet	fruit	that	is	elegant	&	fine,	long	&	balanced		                      	
Fraser Gallop Cabernet Merlot	Margaret River, WA                                   8.50 35.00
Succulent	Cabernet,	delicious	currant	flavours	framed	by	French	oak	&	fine	tannins
3 Drops Merlot Mt Barker, WA                                                                      36.00
Lovely	rich	front	palate	of	ripe	berries	&	some	spicy	plums
Meerea Park Shiraz Viognier Hunter Valley, NSW                                            8.00 33.00
Rich	ripe	berries	&	dark	toasted	spices...	absolutely	moorish!
Geoff Merrill Shiraz Grenache Mourvedre	McLaren Vale, SA                                  7.50 30.00
Red	berry	fruit	with	a	hint	of	spice.	Shiraz	58%,	Grenache	32%,	Mourvedre	10%
Kaesler “Stonehouse” Shiraz Barossa, SA                                                   9.50 38.00
Dark	berries	&	spice	with	a	velvety	mouthfeel...	delicious!
Rockbare Shiraz	McLaren Vale, SA                                                                  37.00
Chewy	liquorice	tannins	on	the	palate,	finished	with	a	gentle	touch	of	warming	
black	pepper
Reschke “Vitulus” Cabernet Sauvignon Coonawarra, SA                                      10.00 39.00
Aromas	of	plums,	cassis	&	cedar	with	intense	rich	flavours	that	linger
Hay Shed Hill Cabernet Sauvignon Margaret River, WA                                               36.00
Intense	bouquet	led	by	the	ripest	cassis	&	berry	fruits	together	with	characteristics	
of	dark	chocolate	&	mint.	Rich	&	opulent
Juniper Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Margaret River, WA                                              59.00
Full	of	juicy	raspberry,	blueberry	&	cherry	fruit	showing	elegance	as	well	as	power

reserve wine
Cullen Diana Madeline Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2007	Margaret River, WA                          140.00
A	complex	amalgam	of	liquorice,	fennel	&	different	fruit	flavours	-	plum,	mulberry,	
red	currant	&	blueberry
Yarra Yering Dry Red No. 1 2001 Yarra Valley, VIC                                                 99.00
(Cabernet/Malbec/Merlot/Petit Verdot)	Delicate	fragrance	of	violets,	cassis,	
plums	&	light	chocolatey	cedar/vanilla	oak.	Smooth,	extreme	fineness	&	silkiness	of	
the	palate
Petaluma Coonawarra 2007	Coonawarra, SA                                                           92.00
(Cabernet/Merlot/Petit Verdot)	Violets,	blackcurrant	&	blackberry	with	positive	
oak	that	tastes	of	espresso	&	vanilla.	Complex,	fruit	driven	&	great	length
Woodstock “The Stocks” Shiraz 2006	McLaren Vale, SA                                               75.00
Yields	are	kept	low	resulting	in	intense	flavours	with	layers	of	rich	berry	aromas
The Lane “Reunion” Shiraz 2003	Adelaide Hills, SA                                                 69.00
Structure,	elegance	&	minerality	with	understated	power	&	luxurious	fruit	&	a	silky	
smooth	mouth	feel	                         	                           	
dessert wine                                                                         glass bottle
                                                                                      60ml   375ml
De Bortoli “Noble One” Botrytis Semillon	Bilbul, NSW                                 10.50 41.00
Bouquet Enticing	aromas	of	nectarine,	bush	honey	&	peach	with	citrus	hints	&	
sweet	vanillin	oak	
Palate	A	richly	opulent	palate	of	dried	stone	fruits,	citrus	&	honey	complexed	by	
oak.	A	luscious	expression	of	concentrated	fruit	&	oak	with	balanced	acidity	&	
textural	length

tokay & muscat
Stanton & Killeen “Classic” Rutherglen Muscat Rutherglen, VIC                         8.50
Stanton & Killeen “Classic” Rutherglen Tokay Rutherglen, VIC                          8.50

Penfolds “Grandfather” Port Barossa, SA                                              10.50
Stanton & Killeen “Classic” Rutherglen Port Rutherglen, VIC                           8.50

aperitifs                                                                            glass glass
                                                                                      30ml   60ml
Lemon, Lime & Angostura Bitters                                                       4.50
Campari Aperitif                                                                      7.50
Lemon Z Limoncello                                                                    7.50
Pimms No. 1                                                                           7.50

Dorville Brandy VSOP                                                                  8.50 13.00

Hennessey VSOP                                                                       10.50
Remy Martin XO                                                                       14.00

Bombay Saphire England                                                                8.50 13.00
Gabriel Boudier Saffron Gin Dijon France                                              9.50 15.00

Bacardi Rum                                                                           8.50 13.00
Bundaberg Rum                                                                         8.50 13.00

Grey Goose France                                                                     9.50 15.00
liqueurs                                    glass glass
                                             30ml    60ml
Baileys Irish Cream                          8.50   13.00
Cointreau                                    8.50   13.00
Drambuie                                     8.50   13.00
Frangelico                                   8.50   13.00
Galliano Black                               8.50   13.00
Galliano Liquore (Vanilla)                   8.50   13.00
Galliano Ristretto (Coffee)                  8.50   13.00
Galliano White                               8.50   13.00
Grand Marnier                                8.50   13.00
Kahlua                                       8.50   13.00
Malibu                                       8.50   13.00
Midori                                       8.50   13.00
Southern Comfort                             8.50   13.00
Tia Maria                                    8.50   13.00

Chivas Regal 12 yr                           9.50 15.00
Johnnie Walker Red Label                     8.50 13.00

irish whiskey
Jamesons 12 yr                               9.50 15.00

Canadian Club                                8.50   13.00
Jack Daniels                                 8.50   13.00
Jim Beam White                               8.50   13.00
Wild Turkey                                  8.50   13.00

light beer                                          bottle
Cascade Premium Light Tasmania 375ml                 6.50

premium beer
Beez Neez Matilda Bay, WA 345 ml                     7.00
Carlton Crown Victoria 375ml                         7.50
Cascade Premium Tasmania 375ml                       7.50
James Boags Premium Tasmania 375ml                   7.50
Pure Blonde (Low Carb) Victoria 355ml                7.50
Redback Original Western Australia 345 ml            7.00
imported beer                            8.00
Asahi Super Dry Japan 330ml
Becks Germany 330ml
Corona Mexico 330ml
Heineken Holland 330ml
Hoegaarden White Belgium 330ml
Peroni Nastro Azzuro Italy 330ml
Pilsener Urquell Czech Republic 330ml
Stella Artois Belgium 330ml

liqueur coffee                          10.50
Galliano Black
Galliano Liquore (Vanilla)
Galliano Ristretto (Coffee)
Galliano White
Jameson Irish Whiskey
Tia Maria

coffee                                   4.00
Caffé Latté
Flat White
Long Black

tea                                      3.50
Earl Grey
English Breakfast
Green Tea & Lemon
Pure Peppermint

hot chocolate                            4.00
Vittoria Chocochino
antipodes                  9.50
Sparkling 1L
Still 1L

juices                     4.00

soft drinks                4.00
Diet Coke
Dry Ginger Ale
Soda Water
Tonic Water

corkage $7.50 per bottle

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