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									 The University of Arizona
2008 Parking Survival Guide
If you have any questions about parking on
      campus, direct them to Parking &
  Transportation Services. Any other source
                is unreliable!

                         Customer Relations
                           626-PARK (7275)
      Tips to Avoid Tickets

       Stay away from meters if you hate
      to watch the clock. Meters must be
      paid, even if only parking there for
               a minute or two.

Have a properly displayed, valid UA
         parking permit.
           Tips to Avoid Tickets
     The objective of the zone parking system is to
provide you with a reliable chance of finding a space
in your zone. Parking is on a first-come, first-served
basis. Use this link for information about where you
                can use your permit
     Tips to Avoid Tickets
               Pay close attention to signs
          and park in marked spaces only.
             Most lots have signs at their
           entrances to let you know what
           types of restrictions apply, and
              the hours of enforcement.
    If your vehicle becomes
 inoperable and you cannot
 move it right away call our
Dispatch office at 621-1108.
          Tips to Avoid Tickets
                  Do not sell or transfer your
             permit to another person. Permits
              are the property of The University of
                Arizona Parking & Transportation
            Services and may not be transferred or
    It is recommended that you not
lend your permit to another person.
Citations are the responsibility of the
person to whom the permit was
sold, not the driver of the vehicle.
       Tips to Avoid Tickets

 Paying your tickets does not make it okay to
        violate the Parking Traffic Rules &
Regulations. If you receive six or more tickets
    in one permit year, you are considered a
     persistent violator. Each time you park
illegally your vehicle will be booted or towed.
       Tips to Avoid Tickets

       Disabled spaces are not
 Load/Unload spaces. You must
have a disabled placard or license
    plate. The disabled sign will
   address whether or not a UA
      disabled parking permit is
 required. Citations for parking
  illegally in disabled spaces are
     How to Apply For a Parking
  Do not wait for residence hall assignment to sign-up for

   Current permit holders: apply for parking beginning
    March 20, 2008. You will be emailed instructions.
   Students without a current permit: apply for parking
       beginning April 15, 2008 through PTS
        Your student ID is required to sign-on.
  How to Apply For a Parking

   Parking is assigned on a first-come, first-
 served basis. We run out of some permits on
    the first day of sign-up. The earlier you
register for parking, the better your chance of
 being assigned a permit. Registering for a
permit does not guarantee a permit will
                  be assigned.
   How to Apply For a Parking
    To find out if you have received a permit
         assignment, visit our web page
   beginning in mid-May. If a permit has not
  been assigned by mid-July, you will not have
         a permit when school begins.

    How to Apply For a Parking
  It is recommended that you not bring a vehicle to campus
unless you have been issued a parking permit or are willing to
 pay for visitor parking at meters or in a garage, on a space
  available basis. Overnight parking in garages is not
 allowed without a UA parking permit. Visitor permits
              are available for overnight parking.

                Surface lots are enforced from
                   7 a.m. until 5 p.m.
            Coming to School
  At the beginning of the Fall semester, certain areas
  near the residence halls are turned into short-term
   loading and unloading zones. This is to facilitate
students who are moving in and out of the residence
     halls. Details are published on our web page prior to the start of dorm
move-in. If you are in a residence hall you will want to
              stay well informed on this.
     Visiting Your Student

    Visitors to campus are required to
  purchase a parking permit to park in
 surface lots on campus. Permits can be
obtained at the Parking & Transportation
 Services office. Paid garage and meter
          parking are available.
  Alternative Transportation
               Sun Tran Bus Passes are
             available at a reduced rate.
          Parking & Transportation Services
          subsidizes 40-50% of the cost of
                       a Upass.
Cat Tran Shuttle service is available on
campus and from commuter parking lots.
   Alternative Transportation
Bicycle Registration is available at our
 office year-round. If your bike is stolen
 and recovered or impounded this allows
         PTS to contact the owner.
         Bike Lockers & Enclosures
           are available for lease.
Carpool Permits are available for groups
 of three or more who live off-campus and
     want an economical way to park on
        campus. Restrictions apply.
       Other Parking Services
Motorist Assistance Program for those
  who locked their keys in the car, have a
 flat tire, or a dead battery. Enforcement
       officers are available to assist.
           Call 621-AUTO (2886).
    Safety Officers patrol garages
   during regular hours of operation.
   Limited services are available from
     midnight until 6 a.m., Monday
             through Friday.
Other Parking Services
     Disability Cart
     is available to
     temporarily and
   customers. Contact
    Transportation to
   make arrangements.
         Call 626-
      I-10 Widening Project
How to get to the UA campus during
  construction from 2007 – 2010?

For Alternative Travel Methods & Commuting Solutions
                          visit or
 PTS Staff would like to welcome you to
The U of A. We hope this guide will assist in
making your parking experiences POSITIVE.

This presentation is accessible on our web
     page at
Remember! Contact PTS with your parking
  Customer Relations 626-PARK (7275)

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