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					                                                           SOIL SAMPLING
                                                           & MONITORING
                      SOIL SAMPLING

                110   Soil Augers - AMS
                117   Soil Augers - Dormer
                116   Shovels
                120   Soil Sampling - AMS
                125   Soil Vapour Sampling
                127   Soil pH
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                Soil Augers - AMS

                  AMS - Soil Augers                                                            Regular Auger

                  Augers for almost any soil                                T-handle           The regular auger is used for
                  condition                                                                    general sampling points. The auger
                                                                                               bits are open to allow entry of small
                  AMS offer a wide range of soil                                               soil clumps and relatively small rock
                  sampling options for most                                                    particles.

                  AMS soil augers are commonly used
                  for obtaining disturbed samples at
                  or near the surface and for boring
                  to depths where samples may be
                  obtained with a soil sampler or soil
                  core sampler. AMS augers are
                  available in all stainless steel or
                  carbon steel bits with stainless steel
                  cylinders for general soil sampling
                  and augering.

                                                                                  Auger Head
                  Perfect for augering shallow depths,
                  AMS soil augers can also auger
                  deeper depths and are generally
                  limited by only the time and muscle                                          Ordering Information
                  of the user.                                                                 50mm (2.0in.) Regular Auger
                                                           Before ordering, select your:       AMS400.09 Carbon Steel Threaded
                  Features                                                                     AMS300.09 Carbon Steel QC
                  • Auger heads available: regular,        • Auger Head Type                   AMS419.03 SS Threaded
                    mud, sand, planer (flat bottom)        • Size                              AMS309.03 SS QC
                    and dutch (fiberous material).         • Handle & Extensions               57mm (2-1/4in.) Regular Auger
                  • Available from 37mm to 375mm.          • Material - Carbon Steel or        AMS400.08 Carbon Steel Threaded
                  • Carbon steel or stainless steel          Stainless Steel                   AMS300.08 Carbon Steel QC
                    heads, extensions and cross            • Connection - Quick Connect,       AMS417.04 SS Threaded
                    handles available.                       Standard or Signature Series      AMS317.04 SS QC
                  • Extensions available from 300mm          thread                            70mm (2-3/4in.) Regular Auger
                    to 1500mm lengths.                                                         AMS400.07 Carbon Steel Threaded
                  • Quick Connect, Standard or                                                 AMS300.07 Carbon Steel QC
                    Signature series threaded                                                  AMS417.05 SS Threaded
                    connections available.                                                     AMS317.05 SS QC
                  • Wide range of pre-packaged kits                                            82mm (3-1/4in.) Regular Auger
                    and minikits available for complete                                        AMS400.06 Carbon Steel Threaded
                    soil sampling operations.              Connections Available               AMS300.06 Carbon Steel QC
                  • Wide range of sampling heads for                                           AMS417.06 SS Threaded
                    sludges, and fluidic sediments.                                            AMS317.06 SS QC
                  • Range of hollow stem augers for                                            100mm (4in.) Regular Auger
                                                                  Threaded Connection
                    collecting soil cross sections.                                            AMS400.05 Carbon Steel Threaded
                  • Range of auger kits available for                                          AMS300.05 Carbon Steel QC
                    drilling holes to depth prior to                                           AMS417.07 SS Threaded
                    sampling.                                                                  AMS317.07 SS QC
                                                                                               *Other sizes also available
                                                                  Signature Series

                                                                  Quick Connect

     110          ENVIROEQUIP                                                                     
                                                                                                  Soil Augers - AMS

   Mud Auger                             Sand Auger                             Planer Auger

                                                                                                                      SOIL SAMPLING
   Has an opening cut out of the         Specially designed for use in          This head cleans out and flattens

                                                                                                                      & MONITORING
   cylinder for easy removal of heavy,   extremely dry, sandy soils. Bits are   the bottom of pre-drilled holes. It
   wet soil and clay samples. Bits are   formed to touch so that they can       removes the loose dirt left in the
   similar to regular augers but are     hold dry sand samples.                 bottom of the hole by other augers.
   spaced further apart.

   Ordering Information                  Ordering Information                   Ordering Information
   50mm (2in.) Mud Auger                 50mm (2in.) Sand Auger                 57mm (2-1/4in.) Planer Auger
   AMS400.21 Carbon Steel Threaded       AMS400.43 Carbon Steel Threaded        AMS400.53 Carbon Steel Threaded
   AMS300.21 Carbon Steel QC             AMS300.43 Carbon Steel QC              AMS300.53 Carbon Steel QC
   AMS418.03 SS Threaded                 AMS420.01 SS Threaded                  AMS420.35 SS Threaded
   AMS318.03 SS QC                       AMS320.01 SS QC                        70mm (2-3/4in.) Planer Auger
   57mm (2-1/4in.) Mud Auger             57mm (2-1/4in.) Sand Auger             AMS400.52 Carbon Steel Threaded
   AMS400.20 Carbon Steel Threaded       AMS400.42 Carbon Steel Threaded        AMS300.52 Carbon Steel QC
   AMS300.20 Carbon Steel QC             AMS300.42 Carbon Steel QC              AMS420.33 SS Threaded
   AMS418.04 SS Threaded                 AMS420.04 SS Threaded                  82mm (3-1/4in.) Planer Auger
   AMS318.04 SS QC                       AMS320.04 SS QC                        AMS400.51 Carbon Steel Threaded
   70mm (2-3/4in.) Mud Auger             70mm (2-3/4in.) Sand Auger             AMS300.51 Carbon Steel QC
   AMS400.19 Carbon Steel Threaded       AMS400.41 Carbon Steel Threaded        AMS420.31 SS Threaded
   AMS300.19 Carbon Steel QC             AMS300.41 Carbon Steel QC              100mm (4in.) Planer Auger
   AMS418.05 SS Threaded                 AMS420.05 SS Threaded                  AMS400.50 Carbon Steel Threaded
   AMS318.05 SS QC                       AMS320.05 SS QC                        AMS300.50 Carbon Steel QC
   82mm (3-1/4in.) Mud Auger             82mm (3-1/4in.) Sand Auger             AMS420.29 SS Threaded
   AMS400.18 Carbon Steel Threaded       AMS400.40 Carbon Steel Threaded
   AMS300.18 Carbon Steel QC             AMS300.40 Carbon Steel QC
   AMS418.06 SS Threaded                 AMS420.06 SS Threaded
   AMS318.06 SS QC                       AMS320.06 SS QC
   100mm (4in.) Mud Auger                100mm (4in.) Sand Auger
   AMS400.17 Carbon Steel Threaded       AMS400.39 Carbon Steel Threaded
   AMS300.17 Carbon Steel QC             AMS300.39 Carbon Steel QC
   AMS418.07 SS Threaded                 AMS420.07 SS Threaded
   AMS318.07 SS QC                       AMS320.07 SS QC                                                                                   ENVIROEQUIP         111
                Soil Augers - AMS

                  Open-Faced Auger                          Gouge Auger                            Finger Ring

                  Unique design of cutting head pulls       Designed for collection of             Each Quick Connect piece is
                  itself into the ground with little        undisturbed samples from very          supplied with a separate Finger
                  effort and makes this auger useful in     soft and preferably very wet soils     Ring. This is used to push in
                  combination soils, from mud/clay to       with minimal disturbance of soft       the spring loaded pin to easily
                  hard-pan. The open-face design is         cohesive layers. Constructed from      disassemble the joint.
                  useful for quick visual profile of soil   a long, tapered stainless steel,
                  sample and for easy soil extraction.      semi-cylindrical chamber which
                  Composted of Carbon Steel.                is pushed into the soil, twisted
                                                            and recovered to display a full and
                                                            virtually undisturbed profile of
                                                            peaty soil.

                                                                                                   Ordering Information
                                                                                                   AMS309.12 Finger Ring for QC
                                                                                                   AMS30.90 Repair Kit for QC (Includes:
                                                                                                             screw, spring & hex key)

                   Ordering Information                     Ordering Information
                   AMS400.57 63mm (2-1/2in.) Signature      AMS53764 63mm (2 1/2in.)x 1016mm
                             Open-Faced Auger                        SST Gouge Auger
                   AMS400.55 63mm (2-1/2in.) Threaded,      AMS54545 32mm (1-1/4in.) X 1016mm
                             Open-Faced Auger                        Gouge Auger
                   AMS400.56 63mm (2-1/2in.)QC
                             Open-Faced Auger

                   Dutch Auger                              Flighted Screw Auger
                   Excellent for drilling extremely         Extra heavy duty screw-type auger
                   wet, boggy soil and fibrous, heavily     is used for taking smaller samples.
                   rooted swampy areas. Forged from         Flighting is 150mm in length.
                   high-carbon spring steel, it is only
                   available in 7.6cm (3in.) and 5cm
                   (2in.) diameter.

                                                            Ordering Information
                                                            38mm (1-1/2in.) Flighted Screw Auger
                                                            AMS405.02 Carbon Steel Threaded
                  Ordering Information                      AMS305.02 Carbon Steel QC
                  50mm (2in.) Dutch Auger                   44mm (1-3/4in.) Flighted Screw Auger
                  AMS400.59 Carbon Steel Threaded           AMS405.03 Carbon Steel Threaded
                  AMS300.59 Carbon Steel QC                 AMS305.03 Carbon Steel QC
                  76mm (3in.) Dutch Auger                   50mm (2in.) Flighted Screw Auger
                  AMS400.61 Carbon Steel Threaded           AMS405.05 Carbon Steel Threaded
                  AMS300.61 Carbon Steel QC                 AMS305.01 Carbon Steel QC
     112          ENVIROEQUIP                                                                         
                                                                                                Soil Augers - AMS

   AMS Extensions                     AMS Cross Handles                      Connection Adapters

                                                                                                                     SOIL SAMPLING
   Extensions for all AMS sampling                                           Adapters add quick conversion

                                                                                                                     & MONITORING
   equipment are available            Standard Cross Handle                  of your current Signature Series,
   with either 5/8in. (16mm) NC       Cross Handles are made from 4130       5/8” threaded or Quick Connect
   threaded or AMS hexagonal          chrome molybdenum steel or             connections.
   quick connect fittings in chrome   stainless steel. The 4130 models are
   molybdenum type 4130 steel         also available with baked on rubber    Signature Series adapters add
   or stainless steel. The quick      coating for increased operator         versatility to AMS augers. Easily
   connect fitting has a positive     comfort.                               adapt your current 5/8in. threaded
   locking spring loaded pin. This                                           or Quick Connect connections to the
   fitting is made of cast steel on                                          Signature Series product line.
   both the 4130 and stainless
   extensions. Augers with
   diameters 15.24 (6in.), 17.78cm
   (7in.) & 20.32cm (8in.) have a
   3/4in. (20mm) NC fitting.
                                      Ratchet Cross Handle

                                      Save your back with the AMS
                                      Ratchet T-Handle.

                                      Choose from the thread-on or           Ordering Information
                                      quick-connect models. Both feature     AMS351.90 5/8in. Threaded Male to
                                      a forward and reverse action.                    Signature Female Adapter
   Ordering Information               Handles are rubber-coated for          AMS351.91 5/8in. Threaded Female to
   1.5m Extension                     added comfort. Constructed of                    Signature Male Adapter
   AMS408.04 Alloy Threaded 5/8in.    chrome molybdenum steel. Save          AMS351.95 QC Female to Signature
   AMS407.05 Alloy Threaded 3/4in.    time and eliminate fatigue with this              Male Adapter
   AMS309.04 Alloy QC                 406mm ratchet cross handle.            AMS351.94 QC Male to Signature
   AMS409.10 SS Threaded 5/8in.                                                         Female Adapter
   AMS309.10 SS QC 5/8in.                                                    AMS413.01 5/8in. Threaded Female to
   1.2m Extension                                                                       QC Male Adapter
   AMS408.03 Alloy Threaded 5/8in.                                           AMS413.02 5/8in. Threaded Male to QC
   AMS407.04 Alloy Threaded 3/4in.                                                      Female Adapter
   AMS309.03 Alloy QC                                                        AMS213.50 5/8in. Threaded Male to
   AMS409.09 SS Threaded 5/8in.       Ordering Information                              1/2in. Gas Drill Adapter
   AMS309.09 SS QC 5/8in.             AMS406.02 5/8in. (16mm) Threaded       AMS214.20 5/8in. Threaded Male to
   0.9m Extension                               Chrome Cross Handle                     SDS Max Drill Adapter
   AMS408.02 Alloy Threaded 5/8in.    AMS406.04 5/8in. (16mm) Threaded       AMS214.50 5/8in. Threaded Male to
   AMS407.03 Alloy Threaded 3/4in.              Rubber Coated                           SDS Plus Drill Adapter
   AMS309.02 Alloy QC                           Cross Handle                 AMS405.27 5/8in. Threaded Male to
   AMS409.08 SS Threaded 5/8in.       AMS409.11 5/8in. (16mm) Threaded                  Splined Drill Adapter
   AMS309.08 SS QC 5/8in.                       Stainless Steel              AMS213.46 5/8in. Threaded Male to EA
   0.6m Extension                               Cross Handle                            500 Drill Adapter
   AMS408.01 Alloy Threaded 5/8in.    AMS309.05 5/8in. (16mm) QC             AMS213.44 5/8in. Threaded Female
   AMS407.02 Alloy Threaded 3/4in.              Chrome Cross Handle                     to 5/8in. Threaded Male
   AMS309.01 Alloy QC                 AMS306.06 5/8in. (16mm) QC                        Spring Drill Adapter
   AMS409.07 SS Threaded 5/8in.                 Rubber Coated                AMS427.04 Original GVP SST Base
   AMS309.07 SS QC 5/8in.                       Cross Handle                            Adapter
   0.3m Extension                     AMS309.11 5/8in. (16mm) QC             AMS214.105 Slide Hammer Adapter to
   AMS408.00 Alloy Threaded 5/8in.              Stainless Steel                         3/4in. OD
   AMS407.01 Alloy Threaded 3/4in.              Cross Handle                 AMS214.045 Extension Drive Adapter to
   AMS309.00 Alloy QC                 AMS406.80 5/8in. (16mm) Threaded                  3/4in. ID
   AMS409.06 SS Threaded 5/8in.                 Ratchet Cross Handle         AMS214.18 SDS Max Drill Adapter to
   AMS309.06 SS QC 5/8in.             AMS306.07 Quick Connect Ratchet                   3/4in. OD
                                                Cross Handle                                                                                 ENVIROEQUIP          113
                Soil Augers - AMS

                  Soil Auger Field Kit                  One-Piece Augers                                  Open-Face

                  Pack flat for easy transport                                                            One-Piece Auger
                                                        Powder-coated (black) for rust
                  This kit is ideal because of its      resistance and equipped with                      A one-piece design is all you need
                  simplicity. Available in the 5/8in.   a 400mm rubber-gripped cross                      to penetrate depth in combination
                  threaded connection only, the kit     handle for a total length of 134cm.               soils. Thick, 10 gauge high carbon
                  comes complete with one regular       This lightweight (1.8kg) one-piece                steel has been hand-formed with
                  auger, one 1.2m extension, and a      auger is an inexpensive alternative.              an aggressive cutting head, yielding
                  16in. rubber-coated cross handle.     Carbon steel auger bits are                       quicker soil penetration. Unique
                  You can’t get much simpler than       sharpened and heat-treated.                       design of cutting head pulls itself
                  that!                                                                                   into the ground with little effort
                                                                                                          and makes this auger useful in
                                                                                                          combination soils, from mud/clay
                                                                                                          to hard pan. Equipped with a 16in.
                                                                                                          rubber-gripped cross handle for a
                                                                                                          total length of 52in., the open-face
                                                                                                          design is useful for quick visual
                                                                                                          profile of soil sample and for easy
                                                                                                          soil extraction.

                                                                                     Regular Auger Head

                   Ordering Information
                    AMS400.14 82mm (3 1/4in. )
                              Regular Auger Kit                                                           Ordering Information
                                                                                                          AMS400.54 One-Piece 63mm (2-1/2in.)
                                                                    Mud Auger Head

                                                                                                                    Open-Face Auger

                                                        Ordering Information
                                                        AMS400.48 One Piece 70mm (2-3/4in.)
                                                                  Regular Auger
                                                        AMS400.46 One Piece 100mm (4in.)
                                                                  Regular Auger
                                                        AMS400.49 One Piece 70mm (2-3/4in.)
                                                                  Mud Auger
                                                        AMS400.47 One Piece 100mm (4in.)
                                                                  Mud Auger

     114          ENVIROEQUIP                                                                                
                                                                                                         Soil Augers - AMS

   Carry Bag                               AMS Mini Soil Auger Kit                  Ordering Information
                                           Alloy or Stainless Steel

                                                                                                                               SOIL SAMPLING
   For soil sampling equipment

                                                                                                                               & MONITORING
                                                                                    Includes A regular and a mud auger, for
                                                                                    (4) extensions (3 foot or 4 foot) and a
   This soft carry case is the             Compact/complete kits for auger          cross handle, padked in a flexible poly-
   convenient, lightweight way to          simplicity. Signature series kits are    canvas case for easy carrying, transport
   transport your soil augers and          available in 3 1/4” auger size. The      and storage.
   extensions. It will hold 4 extensions   5/8” threaded and Quick Connect          Carbon Steel
   and 2 augers heads.                     kits are available in 2 1/4” or 3 1/4”   AMS352.73 82.55mm (3-1/4in.) x 0.9m
                                           auger sizes. The stainless steel                      Signature Series Mini Kit
   The case is durable, waterproof and     (SST) kit is popular for critical        AMS352.74 82.55mm (3-1/4in.) x 1.2m
   U.V. resistant. The auger pockets       environmental sampling.                               Signature Series Mini Kit
   are double reinforced for extra                                                  AMS209.73 57mm (2-1/4in.) x 0.9m
   wear, the nylon webbed handle                                                                 Threaded Mini Kit
   is perfectly balanced for ease of                                                AMS209.33 57mm (2-1/4in.) x 1.2m
   carrying and the nylon webbed                                                                 Threaded Mini Kit
   straps have long-life buckles. Made                                              AMS209.71 82.55mm (3-1/4in.) x 0.9m
   of poly-canvas this case is washable                                                          Threaded Mini Kit
   with mild detergent and will not                                                 AMS209.31 82.55mm (3-1/4in.) x 1.2m
   shrink.                                                                                       Threaded Mini Kit
                                                                                    AMS209.78 57mm (2-1/4in.)x 0.9m
                                                                                                 QC Mini Kit
                                                                                    AMS209.38 57mm (2-1/4in.) x 1.2m
                                                                                                 QC Mini Kit
   Ordering Information                                                             AMS209.76 82.55mm (3-1/4in.) x 0.9m
   AMS430.02 Poly-Canvas Bag, Green, to                                                          QC Mini Kit
             suit 0.9m extensions                                                   AMS209.36 82.55mm (3-1/4in.) x 1.2m
   AMS430.04 Poly-Canvas Bag, Green, to                                                          QC Mini Kit
             suit 1.2m extensions                                                   Stainless Steel
                                                                                    AMS209.74 57mm (2-1/4in.)x 0.9m
                                                                                                 Threaded SST Mini Kit
                                                                                    AMS209.34 57mm (2-1/4in.) x 1.2m
                                                                                                 Threaded SST Mini Kit
                                                                                    AMS209.72 82.55mm (3-1/4in.) x 0.9m
                                                                                                 Threaded SST Mini Kit
                                                                                    AMS209.32 82.55mm (3-1/4in.) x 1.2m
                                                                                                 Threaded SST Mini Kit
                                                                                    AMS209.79 57mm (2-1/4in.)x 0.9m
                                                                                                 QC SST Mini Kit
                                                                                    AMS209.39 57mm (2-1/4in.) x 1.2m
                                                                                                 QC SST Mini Kit
                                                                                    AMS209.77 82.55mm (3-1/4in.) x 0.9m
                                                                                                 QC SST Mini Kit
                                                                                    AMS209.37 82.55mm (3-1/4in.) x 1.2m
                                                                                                 QC SST Mini Kit                                                                                           ENVIROEQUIP          115
                Soil Augers - AMS

                   AMS Basic Soil                                 AMS Environmental Soil                         Stainless Steel

                   Sampling Kit - Carbon Steel                    Sampling Kit - SS                              Spade Shovel & Scoops

                   This kit gives you the ability to auger        All stainless steel for environmental          Shovel made from durable stainless
                   in most materials up to 300mm and              sampling. Used in soils with low               steel withstands caustic and
                   then collect a soil core sample.               levels of contaminants or where                corrosive materials that would
                                                                  equipment will be cleaned using a              normally damage other types of
                                                                  decontamination bath technique.                shovels. Stainless steel is also easily
                                                                  Contains the same components as                decontaminated after use. Pointed
                                                                  the basic kit but in all stainless.            spade has front-rolled step and
                                                                                                                 measures 7-3/4in.W x 1in.D. Fine
                                                                                                                 cutting edge makes digging easy in
                                                                                                                 compacted material. Overall length
                                                                                                                 is 54”.

                                                                                                                 Scoops may be used for sampling
                                                                                                                 or compositing. The AMS range
                                                                                                                 of 5 sizes has been the industry
                                                                                                                 standard for this purpose for
                                                                                                                 well over a decade. They feature
                                                                                                                 passivated 300 series stainless steel
                                                                                                                 construction and are sized by the
                                                                                                                 approximate weight in ounces.
                                                                                                                 They are available with or without a
                                                                                                                 rubber handle. A folding version is
                                                                                                                 also available with a holster.

                   Ordering Information
                   Including: Regular, sand and mud
                   auger, rubber coated cross handle, soil
                   core sampler, slide hammer, three 1.2m
                   extensions, plastic liner, plastic end caps,
                   wrenches, and cleaning brushes in a
                   rugged, foam-padded hard carrying case
                   with handles and wheels.
                   AMS352.53 57mm (2-1/4in.)                      Ordering Information
                                Signature Series Basic Soil       Includes: Regular, sand and mud augers,
                                Sampling Kit                      cross handle, split soil core sampler,
                   AMS352.51 82.55mm (3-1/4in.)                   slide hammer, three 1.2m extensions,
                                Signature Series Basic Soil       plastic liner, plastic end caps, wrenches,
                                Sampling Kit                      and cleaning brush in a rugged, foam-
                   AMS209.53 57mm (2-1/4in.) Threaded             padded hard carrying case with handles
                                Basic Soil Sampling Kit           and wheels.
                   AMS209.51 82.55mm (3-1/4in.)                   Deluxe kit also includes: 25 plastic liners,
                                Threaded Basic Soil               50 plastic end caps, 50 fluoropolymer
                                Sampling Kit                      swatches for enhanced core sealing and         Ordering Information
                                                                  a #2 AMS stainless steel scoop.                AMS427.90 SST Spade Shovel
                                                                  AMS209.57 57mm (2-1/4in.) Threaded             AMS427.82 #2 SST Scoop
                                                                                 Environmental Kit                         w/Rubber Grip
                                                                  AMS209.55 82.55mm (3-1/4in.)                   AMS427.83 #3 SST Scoop
                                                                                 Threaded Environmental Kit                w/Rubber Grip
                                                                  AMS209.58 57mm (2-1/4in.) Threaded             AMS427.84 #6 SST Scoop
                                                                                 Deluxe Environmental Kit                  w/Rubber Grip
                                                                  AMS209.56 82.55mm (3-1/4in.)                   AMS427.85 #8 SST Scoop
                                                                                 Threaded deluxe                           w/Rubber Grip
                                                                                 Environmental Kit               AMS427.86 #12 SST Scoop
                                                                                                                           w/Rubber Grip
                                                                                                                 AMS428.02 #2 SST Scoop
                                                                                                                 AMS428.03 #3 SST Scoop
                                                                                                                 AMS428.04 #6 SST Scoop
                                                                                                                 AMS428.05 #8 SST Scoop
                                                                                                                 AMS428.06 #12 SST Scoop
                                                                                                                 AMS427.95 U-dig-it w/Nylon Holster
                                                                                                                 AMS427.96 U-dig-it w/Leather Holster
     116          ENVIROEQUIP                                                                                        
                                                                                                      Soil Augers - Dormer

   Dormer - Soil Augers                                                             General Purpose Auger

                                                                                                                              SOIL SAMPLING
   Australian made soil augers with                                                 The most popular auger which

                                                                                                                              & MONITORING
   proven designs                                                                   is a general purpose design to
                                                                                    handle most soil conditions, even
   Dormer Australian made augers                                                    very sandy soils. In stiff dry clay,
   feature a range of general and                                                   penetration can be improved by
   dedicated designs for various                                                    adding a little water to the hole.
   soil types. Extensions enable the                                                It is a 2 slot, 2 cutter, with a spiral
   operator to auger to various depths.                                             tip design. Available in 50, 62, 75
   Rugged in design, these augers                                                   & 100mm diameter x 1m or 1.5m
   perform consistently over a long                                                 length.
   working life. Available in a wide       Before ordering, select your:
   variety of diameters for different      • Auger Head - choose from a range
   hole sizes.                               of proven designs for different soil
   Material                                • T-Handle - available in a range of
   Available in:                             lengths
   • Standard blue painted steel           • Extension(s) - select number and
     (painted for protection)                length of extensions                   Ordering Information
   • Stainless steel - for critical                                                 DORSOS5010C 50mm x 1.0 M steel
     sampling and acid cleaning                                                                 2.0kg, coarse thread
   • Aluminium - extensions only                                                    DORSOS6210C 62mm x 1.0 M steel
                                                                                                2.5 kg, coarse thread
   Size                                                           T-Handle          DORSOS7510C 75mm x 1.0 M steel
   Dormer equipment is sized in                                                                 2.9 kg, coarse thread
   accordance with the nominal                                                      DORSOS10010C 100mm x 1.0 M steel
   Outside Diameter (OD) of the                                                                      3.3 kg, coarse thread
   tube or pipe it is made from. Each                                               1.5 M long shanks on augers also
   different type of auger has different                                            available
   cutter designs and therefore cuts

   a slightly different sized hole. The
   Sand Augers cut approximately
   5mm larger than the nominated
   size and the Soil Augers cut                                                     Sand Auger
   approximately 10mm larger. The                                                   Originally designed to sample for
   standard nominal sizes are 50mm,                                                 minerals in beach sands the Sand
   62mm, 75mm & 100mm other sizes                                                   Auger is used extensively for drilling
   as special orders. The auger heads                                               and sampling in very sandy friable
   are generally 450mm long with a                                                  soils. A 75mm diameter sand auger
   tubular shank to make the overall                                                will penetrate 30cm in about 4
                                                                Auger Head

   length either 1.0 or 1.5 metres. All                                             turns, which fills the auger. In good
   Dormer augers cutters are case                                                   conditions, one man can drill 10
   hardened in a furnace as standard,                                               metres in an hour, two men can
   or a hot spray-on tungsten carbide                                               drill 20 metres in two hours and
   hardening is available as an                                                     40 metres takes most of the day.
   optional extra.                                                                  Available in 50, 62, 75 & 100mm
                                                                                    diameter x 1m or 1.5m length.
   The augering equipment is
   available with the “Coarse” thread      Benefits
   (1 1/8” Acme).                          • Low cost, high strength auger
                                           • Breaks down for easy transport
                                           • Variety of connection types to suit
                                             your preference
                                           • Available in standard and SS           Ordering Information
                                             material for different sampling        DORSA5010C 50mm x 1.0 M steel 1.8 kg
                                             requirements.                          DORSA6210C 62mm x 1.0 M steel 2.0 kg
                                                                                    DORSA7510C 75mm x 1.0 M steel 2.2 kg
                                                                                    DORSA10010C100mm x 1.0 M steel
                                                                                               2.3 kg                                                                                           ENVIROEQUIP         117
                Soil Augers - Dormer

                  General Purpose &                       Jarret Auger                              Spiral Auger

                  Gravely Soils Auger
                                                          For taking small samples but may be       Used to drill hard compacted soils
                  An older design, this auger performs    subject to sample mixing causing          or decomposed rock, they drill
                  slightly better in gravely soils. It    contamination. Available in 50, 75        faster and are stronger than soil
                  is a 2 slot 2 cutter, without spiral    or 100mm head only (extension             augers but require greater care for
                  tip design. Available in 50, 62, 75     required) with choice of fine, coarse     accurate sampling. Available in 50
                  & 100mm diameter x 1m or 1.5m           or pipe threads.                          and 62mm diameters and either
                  length.                                                                           full length or a 300mm spiral piece
                                                                                                    mounted on a tubular steel shank.

                  Ordering Information                    Ordering Information                      Ordering Information
                  DORSON5010C 50mm x 1.0m steel                                                     DORSOD5010C 50mm x 1.0m
                                                          DORJA50 C    50mm x 200mm head
                               2.2 kg, coarse thread                                                            hard soils 2.0 kg
                                                                       0.8 kg coarse, pipe
                  DORSON6210C 62mm x 1.0m steel                                                     DORSOD6210C 62mm x 1.0m
                                                          DORJA75C     75mm x 250mm head
                               2.3kg, coarse thread                                                             hard soils 2.2 kg
                                                                       1.3 kg coarse, pipe
                  DORSON 7510C 75mm x 1.0m steel                                                    DORSOD7510C 75mm x 1.0m
                                                          DORJA100C    100mm x 300mm head
                               2.6kg, coarse thread                                                             hard soils 2.3 kg
                                                                       2.1 kg coarse, pipe
                  DORSON10010C 100mm x 1.0m steel
                               3.1 kg, coarse thread

                   Soft/Wet Clay Auger                     Extension Rods                           Accessories

                   A fast penetrating auger for sticky     A range of extension rods, 1.0m or       T-Handles & Tommy Bars
                   clays with a design to enable easier    1.5m in painted steel, stainless steel
                   cleaning and emptying. Available in     and aluminium. 40 mm diameter.           T-handles in a variety of lengths.
                   48 or 63mm diameter x 1m or 1.5m        Screwed connection type with side        Used with Tommy bars for more
                   length or auger-head-only designs       holes to use Tommy bars.                 leverage and to prevent the augers
                   as shown.                                                                        from falling down the hole.

                                                           Ordering Information
                                                           DOREXT4010AC 40MMX1.0 m
                                                           DOREXT4010SC 40mmx1.0 m                  Ordering Information
                   Ordering Information
                                                                        Painted steel               Tee handles
                   DORSOC48C   48 mm OD,
                                                           DOREXT4005AC 40mmx0.5 m                  DORTHSC       Standard 470 mm wide,
                               coarse thread
                                                                        Aluminium                                 Painted steel
                   DORSOC4810C 48 mm OD x 1.0m steel,
                                                           DOREXT4005SC 40mm x 0.5 m,               DORTHLC       Extra long 600 mm wide,
                               coarse thread
                                                                        Painted steel                             Painted steel
                   DORSOC63C   Head only, 63 mm OD,
                               coarse                                                               Carry Bag
                   DORSOC6310C 63 mm OD x 1.0m,                                                     DORCBAG10 Canvas bag with steel
                               coarse thread                                                                        carry handle, fits 4
                                                                                                                    augers, 4 ext.
                                                                                                                    1 Tee handle
                                                                                                    Adapter to fit Dormer equipment to
                                                                                                    almost any other augering equipment.

     118          ENVIROEQUIP                                                                           
                                                                                           Soil Augers - Dormer & AMS

   Gouge Auger                             Dormer Soil Auger Kits                 AMS Flighted Auger Kit

                                                                                                                               SOIL SAMPLING
                                                                                                                               & MONITORING
   Take undisturbed samples from very                                             Designed to speed up sampling
   soft and preferably very wet soils.                                            of soil, soil gas and shallow water,
   It is made from a tapered stainless                                            this flighted auger kit includes
   steel half-tube that is pushed into                                            everything you need to rapidly
   the soil, turned to cut the core and                                           drill small diameter access holes
   then withdrawn containing the                                                  nearly 3m deep (depending on
   “plug” of soil. It can be used on the   Ordering Information                   soil conditions). The first 1/2m
   surface or down an augered hole         DORKIT50AC 50mm sand auger,            of the base section auger flights
   but resampling is limited by the                   50mm general purpose,       are tungsten carbide coated for
   hole collapsing.                                   T-handle, 6 x aluminium     extended wear.
                                                      extensions, tommy bars      Quick Connect version features
                                                      and 1m carry bag            reverse augering capability and
                                           DORKIT62SC 62mm general purpose        quicker connection.
                                                      auger, 62mm spiral auger,
                                                      6 x steel extensions,
                                                      t-handle, tommy bars and
                                                      1m carry bag

   Ordering Information
   DORGA5010C Gouge Auger, 48x1.0m
              tapered SS
   DORGA5015C Gouge Auger, 48x1.5m
              tapered SS
                                                                                                      Flighted Auger Kit

                                                                                                    QC Flighted Auger Kit

                                                                                  Ordering Information
                                                                                  Flighted Auger Kit Includes 5/8”
                                                                                  threaded male to SDS Max adapter, 1
                                                                                  1/2” x 6” soil core sampler, slide hammer,
                                                                                  2” flighted lead auger with hard surfaced
                                                                                  tip, 2” carbide tip, two 2” x 3’ flighted
                                                                                  extensions, three 5/8” x 4’ extensions,
                                                                                  universal slip wrench, 1 1/2” x 12” nylon
                                                                                  brush, AMS deluxe carrying case.
                                                                                  AMS209.10 50mm (2”) Flighted Auger
                                                                                                 Kit, w/o Drill, Alloy Steel
                                                                                  AMS209.13 50mm (2”) SST Flighted
                                                                                                 Auger Kit, w/o Drill,
                                                                                                 Stainless Steel
                                                                                  Requires hammer drill to operate
                                                                                  Flighted Auger Kit Includes: 2” x 36”
                                                                                  quick connect auger, 2 1/2” lead bit,
                                                                                  5/8” threaded female to Quick Connect
                                                                                  female adapter, 5/8” threaded male to
                                                                                  SDS Max drill adapter, three 5/8” x 4’
                                                                                  extensions, 1 1/2” x 12” nylon brush, 1
                                                                                  1/2” x 6” soil core sampler, 5/8” compact
                                                                                  slide hammer, quick connect cross
                                                                                  handle, universal slip wrench, AMS
                                                                                  deluxe carrying case.
                                                                                  AMS209.11 50mm (2”) Hex Flighted
                                                                                                 Auger Kit
                                                                                  Requires hammer drill to operate                                                                                        ENVIROEQUIP             119
                Soil Sampling - AMS

                   Hollowstem Auger Kits                       Soil Core Samplers                       Ordering Information

                                                                                                        Includes: Slide hammer, core cup and
                   Prevent cross contamination with            Collect relatively undisturbed           cap, 2 plastic end caps, and plastic liner.
                   a cased access hole.                        soil core samples.                       Carbon Steel
                                                                                                        AMS354.26 50mm x 150mm, Signature
                   The portable AMS Hollowstem auger           The AMS soil core sampler (SCS)                        Series Soil Core Sampler
                   kit provides the tools needed to            collects a relatively undisturbed                      Complete, Carbon Steel
                   reach a 1.8m depth. The augers cut          soil core sample in a liner that         AMS404.05 50mm x 150mm, Threaded
                   a 75mm diameter hole and have an            may be packaged for transfer                           Soil Core Sampler
                   ID of 28mm, making them suitable            to a laboratory for soil profiling                     Complete, Carbon Steel
                   for soil, soil gas and groundwater          of chemical analysis. The liner          AMS404.50 50mmx300mm, Threaded
                   sampling through a cased hole.              may also be extruded in the field                      Soil Core Sampler
                   A special Hollowstem soil probe,            for examination of the soil core                       Complete, Carbon Steel
                   22mm OD by 609mm long with                  sample. The soil core sampler is         Stainless Steel
                   slide hammer is included to allow           available in carbon steel or stainless   AMS404.63 50mm x 150mm, Threaded
                   collection of a soil sample through         steel. Sized by the OD of the liner.                   Soil Core Sampler
                   the auger. The AMS gas vapor probes                                                                Complete, SST
                   may be used through these augers            Application                              AMS404.67 50mmx300mm, Threaded
                   telescopically. Bailers up to 25mm          Hand sampling unconsolidated                           Soil Core Sampler
                   diameter may be used to collect             soils and wastes. Use with an                          Complete, SST
                   groundwater samples.                        optional Auger Tip to access a           38mm diameter sampler also available
                                                               sampling point or collect disturbed      Expendables
                                                               samples. Use with a Coring Tip           AMS404.90 2in. Eggshell Core Catcher
                                                               to collect relatively undisturbed        AMS404.21 2in. x 6in. Plastic Liner
                                                               samples. Designed for use with or        AMS405.10 2in. x 12in. Plastic Liner
                                                               without a Liner.                         AMS418.10 2in. plastic end cap (each)

                   Ordering Information
                   Hollowstem Auger Kit Includes: SDS
                   max adapter, slide hammer, flighted lead
                   auger, flighted extension, two 5/8in.
                   x 3 foot’ extensions hard surfaced tip,
                   wrenches, nylon brush, AMS deluxe
                   carrying case.
                   Hollowstem lead section includes: SDS
                   max adapter, 3’ flighted extension, inner
                   rod, plug, cap and tip.
                   AMS209.22 Hollowstem Auger Kit
                                 w/o Drill
                   AMS409.55 Hollowstem Lead Section
                   Requires hammer drill to operate

     120          ENVIROEQUIP                                                                                
                                                                                                                       Soil Sampling - AMS

   Split Soil Core Samplers                   Ordering Information                         Soil Probe

                                                                                                                                                            SOIL SAMPLING
   Easily extract soil cores                                                               Used without liners!

                                                                                                                                                            & MONITORING
                                              Includes: Split SCS cup set, split SCS
                                              cap, plastic liner, 2 plastic end caps and
   The split soil core sampler has a          universal slip wrench. Each set can be       Regular soil probes feature a
   vertically split cylinder (cup set) that   bought with a core tip, an auger tip, or     window (slot) in the body for easy
   allows easy extraction of the soil         with both tips.                              sample recovery. They are used
   core from the liner and prevents           AMS355.42 50mmx300mm, Signature              without a liner and are available in
   breakage of the core. Use it without                      Series Split Soil Core        two diameters and three lengths.
   a liner to collect disturbed cores for                    Sampler w/Core Tip
   immediate field examination and            AMS355.32 50mm x 150mm, Signature            • Nickel plated probes are rust-
   testing, or it can be used with a liner                   Series Split Soil Core          resistant
   for collection of undisturbed, sealed                     Sampler w/Core Tip            • Sturdy design which resists
   cores. Sampler OD’s are 12.7mm             AMS355.22 50mmx300mm, Signature                bending and twisting out of
   larger than the liner size.                               Series Split Soil Core          shape
                                                             Sampler w/Auger Tip           • Removable, corrosion-
   Application                                AMS355.12 50mm x 150mm, Signature              resistant 10” cross-handle with
   Hand sampling unconsolidated soils                        Series Split Soil Core          comfortable grip
   and wastes. Use with an optional                          Sampler w/Auger Tip           • Clean, wide slot in the probe
   Auger Tip to access a sampling             AMS355.62 50mmx300mm, Signature                body for easy removal of sample
   point or collect disturbed samples.                       Series Split Soil Core        • Available with a replaceable tip
   Use with a Coring Tip to collect                          Sampler w/Both Tips
   relatively undisturbed samples.            AMS355.52 50mm x 150mm, Signature            Replaceable Tip Soil Probe
                                                             Series Split Soil Core        The replaceable tip soil probe
   Designed for use with or without a                        Sampler w/Both Tips           comes with an AMS regular coring
   Liner. Direct field examination and        AMS403.40 50mm x 150mm, Threaded,            tip, but can accommodate an
   sub sampling of the core is possible                      Split Soil Core Sampler       optional heavy duty tip.
   when a liner is not used.                                 w/Core Tip
                                              AMS403.41 50mmx300mm, Threaded,
                                                             Split Soil Core Sampler

                                                                                                  Regular Soil Probe
                                                             w/Core Tip
                                              AMS403.53 50mm x 150mm, Threaded,
                                                             Split Soil Core Sampler

                                                                                                                               Soil Probe Replaceable Tip
                                                             w/Auger Tip
                                              AMS403.55 50mmx300mm, Threaded,
                                                             Split Soil Core Sampler
                                                             w/Auger Tip
                                              AMS403.61 50mm x 150mm, Threaded,
                                                             Split Soil Core Sampler
                                                             w/Both Tips
                                              AMS403.63 50mmx300mm, Threaded,
                                                             Split Soil Core Sampler       Ordering Information
                                                             w/Both Tips                   AMS401.13 22mm X 533mm SST Soil
                                                                                                       Probe w/Handle
                                                                                           AMS401.14 22mm X 533mm SST Soil
                                                                                                       Probe w/Slide Hammer
                                                                                           AMS401.15 22mm X 838mm SST Soil
                                                                                                       Probe w/Handle
                                                                                           AMS401.16 22mm X 838mm SST Soil
                                                                                                       Probe w/Slide Hammer
                                                                                           AMS401.17 29mm X 609mm SST Soil
                                                                                                       Probe w/Handle
                                                                                           AMS401.18 29mm X 609mm SST Soil
                                                                                                       Probe w/Slide Hammer
                                                                                           Also available Nickel Plated and
                                                                                           AMS402.01 533mm Soil Ejector
                                                                                                       for Soil Probe
                                                                                           AMS402.02 838mm Soil Ejector
                                                                                                       for Soil Probe
                                                                                           AMS425.50 25mm x 914mm Nickel
                                                                                                       Plated Replaceable Tip Soil
                                                                                                       Probe w/Handle
                                                                                           AMS425.74 25mm Plated Replaceable
                                                                                                       Tip                                                                                                         ENVIROEQUIP                         121
                Soil Sampling - AMS

                  Soil Recovery Probes                     Replaceable Tip Soil                    Dual Purpose Soil

                  Used with liners!                        Recovery Probe                          Recovery Probes
                  AMS soil recovery probes (SRP) are       Similar to the AMS soil recovery        Compatible for use with or
                  made without a slot in the body          probe, the replaceable soil recovery    without liners!
                  to allow use of a liner for sample       probe can be used with liners. The
                  collection. The liners used are 1/8in.   32mm probe is available in either       Dual purpose soil recovery probes
                  (3mm) smaller than the diameter          a 300mm or 609mm length and             have a slot and allow collection
                  of the probe. The SRP enables the        includes a 254mm comfortably            of samples directly or in a liner.
                  user to collect a soil sample inside a   gripped cross handle, coring tip,       The liners used are 3mm diameter
                  25mm plastic liner.                      spanner wrench, plastic liner and       smaller than the probe diameter.
                                                           two plastic end caps. The exclusive     The exclusive AMS “Reach and
                  The exclusive AMS “Reach and Grab”       “Reach and Grab” system is              Grab” system is featured in these
                  system is featured in these probes.      featured in these probes.               probes, with liners that are 45mm
                  A specially threaded top cap allows                                              longer than the probe.
                  the liner to protrude from the top of
                  the body for easy removal without
                  disturbing the sample. Liners for
                  these probes are 45mm longer than
                  the specified length of the sampler.

                  Each SRP includes: Probe body, top
                  cap, cross handle, liner and two
                  plastic end caps.

                  All probes come with a plastic liner.

                                                                                                   Ordering Information
                                                                                                   AMS424.49 29mm x 300mm SST Dual
                                                                                                               Purpose Soil Recovery
                                                                                                               Probe w/Handle
                                                                                                   AMS424.51 29mm x 609mm SST Dual
                                                                                                               Purpose Soil Recovery
                                                                                                               Probe w/Handle
                                                                                                   Also available Nickel Plated
                                                                                                   AMS425.65 32mm x 300mm Nickel
                                                           Ordering Information                                Plated Dual Purpose
                                                           AMS425.45 32mm x 300mm Nickel                       Replaceable Tip for Soil
                   Ordering Information                              Plated Replaceable Tip Soil               Recovery Probe
                   AMS424.41 29mm x 300mm SST Soil                   Recovery Probe                AMS425.67 32mm x 609mm Nickel
                             Recovery Probe w/Handle       AMS425.47 32mm x 609mm Nickel                       Plated Dual Purpose
                   AMS424.43 29mm x 609mm SST Soil                   Plated Replaceable Tip Soil               Replaceable Tip Soil
                             Recovery Probe w/Handle                 Recovery Probe                            Recovery Probe
                   Expendables                             Expendables                             Expendables
                   AMS425.02 1” x 12” Plastic Liner for    AMS425.02 1” x 12” Plastic Liner for    AMS425.02 1” x 12” Plastic Liner for
                             300mm SRP                               300mm SRP                                 300mm SRP
                   AMS425.04 1” x 24” Plastic Liner for    AMS425.04 1” x 24” Plastic Liner for    AMS425.04 1” x 24” Plastic Liner for
                             609mm SRP                               609mm SRP                                 609mm SRP
                   AMS425.18 1” Plastic End Caps           AMS425.18 1” Plastic End Caps           AMS425.18 1” Plastic End Caps
     122          ENVIROEQUIP                                                                          
                                                                                                   Soil Sampling - AMS

   Open End Probes                         Turf Profiler                           Turf Probe

                                                                                                                          SOIL SAMPLING
                                           Ideal for soft soil conditions

                                                                                                                          & MONITORING
   Take shallow samples of soil in                                                 Minimise damage to turf with
   agricultural applications.              Collect a replaceable wedge of your     small diameter probe.
                                           sample in one easy step.
   The AMS open end probe collects                                                 The AMS turf probe is designed
   a 25mm diameter sample about            The all stainless steel turf profiler   to collect a small 178mm x 12mm
   380mm long. It is made from             collects a 88mm wide by 25mm            diameter soil sample from sod or
   nickel-plated type 4130 chrome          thick by 178mm deep turf sample         grassed areas. The probe slot allows
   molybdenum steel. The 380mm             for examination. It may be replaced     easy visual inspection and cleaning.
   long body slot is cut to the end of     easily or suitably packaged for later   They are made from nickel plated
   the probe to facilitate emptying.       analysis.                               carbon steel and have a built-in
   Includes a comfortably-gripped                                                  250mm comfortably gripped cross
   cross handle.                           The sampler is provided with a          handle.
                                           detachable plate for easy sample

                    tu re
  P ic
                                                                                   Ordering Information
                                                                                   AMS427.24 508mm Nickel Plated
                                                                                             One Piece Turf Probe

   Ordering Information                    Ordering Information
   AMS401.10 29mm x 838mm Nickel           AMS427.75 One Piece Soil Profiler
             Plated, Open End Soil Probe
   AMS401.21 22mm x 838mm Nickel
             Plated, Open End Soil Probe
             w/Handle                                                                                      ENVIROEQUIP          123
                Soil Sampling - AMS

                  Step Probes                             Brown Moisture Probe                    Tile Probes

                  An easy way to collect shallow soil     Determine moisture depth                Ideal for locating buried pipes,
                  samples.                                quickly and easily.                     underground tanks or utility
                  The built-in step allows additional     Agricultural scientists and farmers
                  pressure to be used to drive the        use the brown moisture probe to         AMS tile probes are available in two
                  probe. These nickel plated probes       determine the depth of wetting          types of material:
                  are available as either a one-piece     following irrigation. The probe has     1. High carbon stress relieved 3/8in.
                  or as a two-piece probe. Both offer a   a modified auger tip and depth             steel rod
                  250mm comfortably gripped cross         markings a 300mm, 600mm and             2. 5/8in. fiberglass.
                  handle, but the cross handles on the    900mm from the tip.
                  two-piece models are detachable                                                 The steel tile probes are available
                  with a 5/8in. threaded connection       The probe is pushed into the soil       as a one-piece or two-piece unit
                  and a 25mm OD. Both are made            vertically by hand. It will easily      with a 10in. comfortably gripped
                  of heavy wall type 4130 chrome          penetrate saturated soils but not       cross handle (2-piece cross handle
                  molybdenum steel with hardened          dry soils. The resistance rises as      is detachable), and an oversized
                  tips that cut a soil core 12mm          moisture content falls. At the end of   ball tip for sensitivity and easy soil
                  diameter by about 300mm long.           the push the probe is withdrawn. A      penetration.
                                                          small soil sample will be trapped in
                                                          the modified auger flights for visual   The 48in. fibreglass tile probe
                                                          confirmation of the soil’s moisture     features a built-in 9in. fibreglass
                                                          condition. The probe is made from       comfortably gripped cross handle
                                                          carbon steel and is 1.1m long with      and a 5/8in. diameter pointed steel
                                                          a built-in 250mm comfortably            tip. The fibreglass shaft provides
                                                          gripped cross handle.                   some protection from electric
                                                                                                  shock, should an electric cable be
                                                                                                  penetrated accidentally.

                                                                                                  Ordering Information
                                                                                                  AMS403.02 1066mm Tile Probe
                                                                                                  AMS403.01 1524mm Tile Probe
                                                                                                  AMS402.93 914mm Two Piece
                                                                                                            Tile Probe
                                                                                                  AMS402.97 1219mm Fiberglass
                                                                                                            Tile Probe

                                                          Ordering Information
                                                          AMS402.95 Brown Moisture Probe

                   Ordering Information
                   AMS401.40 838mm Nickel Plated Step
                             Probe w/Handle
                   AMS401.42 1016mm Nickel Plated One
                             Piece Step Probe

     124          ENVIROEQUIP                                                                         
                                                                                                     Soil Vapour Sampling

   AMS Gas Vapor Probe Kit                  AMS Gas Vapor Tip                       AMS Gas Vapor Probe Kit
                                            Dedicated                               Dedicated

                                                                                                                                 SOIL SAMPLING
                                                                                                                                 & MONITORING
   For shallow & soft soils
                                            Install as permanent sample             Excellent for monitoring and
   Easily and economically sample soil      point, or leave in ground as a          sampling hydrocarbon spill sites,
   gas vapors at shallow depths for         disposable point.                       underground storage tanks and
   preliminary testing.                                                             pipelines!
                                            AMS dedicated gas vapor tips are
   This manual system is an excellent       used for detecting hydrocarbon          The kit uses an AMS slide hammer
   choice for shallow gas vapor             spills, underground storage             or an electric rotary drive hammer
   sampling in soft soil. Designed for      tank and pipe leaks, landfill           and gas vapor probe (GVP) drive
   shallow sampling in penetrable           contamination and hazardous             extensions to insert a stainless
   soils using a cross handle, the kit      waste sites. Soil gas monitoring        steel soil GVP to the desired depth.
   includes a base section with a probe     with the AMS dedicated gas vapor        Flouropolymer tubing is attached to
   tip and soil gas access holes above.     tip is easily accomplished using an     a barb fitting on the GVP for remote
                                            available AMS GVP kit.                  sampling from the surface. The
   An included liner rod with tip is                                                vapor inlet holes of the dedicated
   placed inside the base section           The unique design and umbrella          tips are slightly recessed and are
   when driving to prevent soil entry.      unsure an easy passage for gas          protected by the drive tubes to
   Both the base section and liner          entering the collection system. The     prevent them from becoming
   rod offer threaded couplings for         umbrella assists in keeping the tip     clogged during installation.
   attachment to an extension with an       vapor inlets free of soil. The option
   inner rod. A 1/2” x 5/8” GVP hammer      screen may be used, particularly in
   adapter is included with the base        fine-grained soils or when sampling
   section for attaching the cross          water.
   handle or an optional slide hammer
   to the probe string. A GVP barbed
   adapter replaces the GVP hammer
   adapter when collecting a soil gas

                                                                                    Ordering Information
                                                                                    Includes: AMS GVP manual, GVP
                                                                                    dedicated tip and umbrella (10), removal
                                            Ordering Information                    jack, external drive adapter 3/4” ID, 250’
                                            AMS211.00 Gas Vapor Tip & Umbrella      roll fluoropolymer tube 3/16”, GVP 5/8”
                                            AMS212.05 GVP Screen                    tip drive end, slide hammer adapter 3/4”
                                                                                    OD, SDS max drill adapter, SDS max 1
                                                                                    1/2” carbide bit, 3’ GVP 5/8” extension
                                                                                    (4), hand pump, slide hammer, 5/8” x 3’
   Ordering Information                                                             heavy duty extendable tile probe base,
   Includes: GVP base section, liner rod,                                           5/8” x 3’ heavy duty tile probe extension
   GVP hammer adapter, 900mm GVP                                                    (3), AMS deluxe carrying case, GVP
   extension with liner rod, 250mm SST                                              instruction CD video.
   cross handle, GVP barbed adapter.                                                Heavy Duty Kits also include: Carbide
    AMS427.01 Gas Vapour Probe Kit                                                  drill bit, 2” lead with hard surfaced tip,
                                                                                    2” x 36” extension (2) 2” carbide tip, SDS
                                                                                    Max drill adapter, 2 1/2” Wild Bore SDS
                                                                                    AMS209.19 GVP Kit with Dedicated Tip
                                                                                                    w/o drill
                                                                                    AMS209.24 Heavy Duty GVP Kit with
                                                                                                    Dedicated Tips w/o drill                                                                                           ENVIROEQUIP            125
                Soil Vapour Sampling

                  AMS Gas Vapor Probe Kit                          Geoprobe                                How do I install a Geoprobe Soil
                                                                                                           Vapour Implant?

                                                                   Permanent Implants
                  - Dedicated Tips and                                                                     Setting an implant begins by driving
                  Retract-A-Tip                                    Sample points for groundwater
                                                                                                           a probe rod with anchor point to
                                                                   and soil vapour
                                                                                                           the base of the desired implant
                  Added benefit of a reusable tip                                                          depth. Once depth is achieved,
                  design!                                          The Geoprobe manual driving
                                                                                                           the selected implant and tubing
                                                                   system and tooling can be used for
                                                                                                           are inserted through the rods. The
                  The addition of the Retract-A-Tip                soil vapour sampling, groundwater
                                                                                                           tubing is rotated to lock the implant
                  to the AMS gas vapor probe (GVP)                 sampling or air sparging to shallow
                                                                                                           into the drive point. After the
                  system allows for a more versatile               depths and you don’t need a drill rig
                                                                                                           implant has been secured, the rods
                  field kit for monitoring or sampling             to install.
                                                                                                           are removed and annulus back-filled
                  hydrocarbon spill sites, underground                                                     as appropriate.
                  storage tanks and pipelines. The                 With a set of drive rods and slide
                  Retract-A-Tip can be used multiple               hammer, you can drive them into the
                  times without damage. When the                   ground under your own power.            Ordering Information
                  sampling depth is reached, the drive             Perfect for a narrow spot at the back   GEP16153	 anual Hammer, 20 kg
                  tube is pulled up to expose the inlet            of a building or the rough ground at    GEP16151	 anual Hammer, 14 kg
                                                                   the base of a bluff.
                  holes for sampling. The point can                                                        GEP16446	 anual Hammer, 7 kg
                  then be driven deeper, reopened,
                                                                   Depth Capabilities                      GEP16175	 anual Hammer anvil for
                  and another sample taken.
                                                                   The system works particulary well                1.25in. rods
                                                                   for shallow sampling to 1-3m of soft    GEP16184	 anual Hammer Ground
                                                                   soils.                                            stabiliser plate for 1.25in. rods
                                                                                                           GEPAT1221Pull Cap loop for 1.25in. rods
                                                                                                           GEPAT1239Probe rods, 1.0 m, 1.25in.
                                                                                Rod                        Tooling Options
                                                                                                           GEPAT86175	 Soil Gas implant, 12mm
                                                                                                                       OD barb
                                                                        Teflon Tubing                      GEPAT86305 Groundwater Implant,
                                                                            GEPTB17T                                   12mm OD barb
                                                                                                           GEPPR14		      Implant Anchor Point
                   Ordering Information                             Expendable Point                       GEPTB17T       Teflon® Tubing,
                                                                             Holder                                       1/4-in.OD x 3/16-in. ID,
                   Includes: AMS GVP manual, GVP
                   dedicated tip with umbrella (10),                                                                      15m roll
                   Retract-A-Tip, removal jack, external                                                   GEPTB30T       Teflon® Tubing,
                   drive adapter 3/4in. ID, 250 foot roll                                                                 3/8-in OD, 15m roll
                   fluoropolymer tube 3/16in., GVP 5/8in.
                   tip drive end, slide hammer adapter
                   3/4in. OD, SDS Max drill adapter, SDS
                   Max 1 1/2in. carbide bit, 3 foot GVP 5/8in.
                   extension (4), hand pump, slide hammer,
                   5/8in. x 3 foot heavy duty extendable tile
                   probe base, 5/8in. x 3 foot heavy duty tile      Vapour Sampling
                   probe extension (3), AMS deluxe carrying                 Implants
                   case, GVP instruction CD video.
                   Heavy duty kit also includes: Carbide
                   drill bit, 2in. lead with hard surface tip,
                   2in. x 36in. extension (2), 2in. carbide tip,
                   SDS Max drill adapter, 2 1/2in. Wild Bore
                   SDS Max.
                   AMS209.16 GVP Kit w/Dedicated Tips
                                    and Retract-A-Tip w/o Drill
                   AMS209.26 Heavy Duty GVP Kit
                                    w/Dedicated Tips and
                                    Retract-A-Tip and Flighted           Expendable
                                    Augers w/o Drill                  Implant Anchor

     126          ENVIROEQUIP                                                                                  
                                                                                                                   Soil pH

   ExStik® pH Tester                     Inoculo pH Soil Test Kit                Eijkelkamp
                                                                                 pH Field Analysis Kit

                                                                                                                             SOIL SAMPLING
   Take a soil pH reading, quickly

                                                                                                                             & MONITORING
   and easily                            The kit is easy to use, accurate and
                                         economical.                             Field pH (ISFET) Analysis Kit
   Moist soil required                                                           for soils and liquids.
                                         The Inoculo CSIRO Soil pH Testing
   Features                              Kit has been specially designed by      This kit from Eijkelkamp is designed
   • RENEW feature that tells you        the CSIRO Division of Soils to enable   specifically for taking pH readings in
     when it’s time to replace your      you to make “on the spot” tests on      soils and liquids.
     pH electrode                        your own property.
   • CAL feature that tells you when                                             • No glass bulb means the probe is
     it’s time to recalibrate your       The kit comprises sufficient              not as sensitive to scratches and
     meter                               indicator chemicals for up to 100         breakage, making it ideal for field
   • Flat Surface pH electrode that      tests, spot plate, spatula, colour        use
     is completely waterproof and        chart, information booklet and          • Can be pushed directly in soft
     rugged enough to withstand          notebook for recording results.           materials
     harsh environments                                                          • Requires pre-drilling in normal
   • Analog bargraph originates                                                    and hard soils before probe can be
     at neutral point (pH 7.00) to                                                 inserted
     conveniently view trends in                                                 • Calibrated on pH 4 and 7
     acidity or alkalinity                                                       • High chemical resistance
   • ATC plus measures Temperature                                               • Simple cleaning with brush and
   • 1, 2 or 3 point calibration                                                   water with detergent

                                         Contains 40g Barium Sulphate,
                                                  50mL pH dye indicator,
                                                  colour chart, palette,
                                                  instructions & container.
                                         Range    2 to 10.5 in 0.5 increments
                                         Ordering Information
                                         INPH001 Inoculo pH test kits for
                                                  50-100 tests

   Range         0.00 to 14.00pH
   Temperature   -5 to 90°C
                                                                                 Range 0-14pH
   Resolution    0.01pH, 0.1°
                                                                                 Accuracy 0.03pH
   Accuracy      ±0.01pH, ±1.8°F/±1°C
                                                                                 Measurement Depth 80mm
   Power         four 3V CR3032 button
                                                                                 Ordering Information
                                                                                 EIJ18.44 pH Field Analysis Kit
   Ordering Information
   EXEPH100      ExStik pH Tester
                                                                                 Analyser for pH/mV/EC/T
                                                                                 Temperature probe on 1m cable
   Calibration Solutions
                                                                                 pH electrode ISFET with BNC plug
   required                         »»                                           Auger for arable land, diameter 13 mm,
   See page 83                                                                   operational length 25 cm, total length 32
                                                                                 cm, graduation 5 cm, totally zinc plated
                                                                                 Thumb spatula
                                                                                 Case for field analysis set pH soil/ISFET                                                                                         ENVIROEQUIP          127
                Soil Test Kits

                   Hanna HI3896                              Hanna HI3820                            Munsell Soil

                   Agricultural Test Kit                     Acid Sulphate Test                      Color Chart Binder

                   •   Nitrogen                              Acidity can be caused by mineral        Color classification of soils using 250
                   •   Phosphorous                           or organic acids, or by carbon          mounted chips.
                   •   Potassium                             dioxide as carbonic acid. Acidity of
                   •   pH                                    aqueous solutions contributes to        The Munsell Color Chart enables
                                                             corrosiveness and influences the        color classification of soils using 250
                   In agricultural applications,             rate of biological processes. For       mounted color chips. Developed
                   monitoring the quality of the soil is     these reasons acidity is monitored      with the U.S. Soil Conservation
                   extremely important for the healthy       in fish farming, soil testing,          Services, this guide is the industry
                   growth of crops. The pH level is an       environmental testing, treated          standard.
                   excellent guide as to which plants        waste water discharge, lakes and
                   may thrive in a particular terrain, as    rivers.
                   well as indicating which conditioners
                   and fertilisers to use. Hanna’s           The Total Exchangeable Acidity
                   combination test kits allow you to        (TEA) measures the total amount of
                   test not only for pH, but for nitrogen,   soil acidifiers (hydrogen, aluminum,
                   phosphorous and potassium as              iron and manganese) in meq/100g
                   well, which are all important for the     unit, equivalent to 1000 parts per
                   quality of soil.                          100g of soil. A high value of total
                                                             exchangeable acidity means a low
                   The HI 3896 kit is very easy to use. A    soil pH level. Soil with high acidity   Ordering Information
                   soil sample is diluted in water and       can damage some crops.                  AMS504.00 Munsell Soil Binder w/Chart
                   combined with one of the chemical
                   reagents supplied with the kit. The
                   result is a colored solution which
                   is compared to the chart provided
                   to determine the concentration
                   of the element being tested. The
                   concentration is given in easily-
                   understood ranges of low, medium
                   and high traces.
                                                             Ordering Information
                   The professional HI 3896 kit              HANHI3820 Acid Sulphate Test Kit
                   is supplied with an extraction
                   solution which facilitates the
                   precipitation of suspended solids
                   so that measurements can be taken

                   HI 3896 kit provides for 25 tests
                   and includes a useful guide to

                   Ordering Information
                   HANHI3896 Agricultural Test Kit

     128           ENVIROEQUIP                                                                           
                                                                                                                Soil Test Kits

   Dexsil Clor-N-Soil                      Dexsil PetroFLAG
                                           Analyser System

                                                                                                                                 SOIL SAMPLING
                                                                                                                                 & MONITORING
   Field Test Kit for PCB
   Screening of Soil at 50 ppm             Field Test Kit for for
                                           Hydrocarbons in Soil
   Soil analysis is not only expensive,
   but time consuming. Clor-N-Soil is      The analyst now has another
   a self contained test kit that allows   choice; an environmentally safe,
   field personnel to perform the test     inexpensive, field portable test
   in less than 10 minutes without         called PetroFLAG.
   additional equipment or supplies.
                                           Relying on laboratory methods
   The kit can test any type of soil       to determine hydrocarbon
   including sand, topsoil, sediment       contamination in soil is both time
   and clay at a fraction of the cost of   consuming and expensive. Most
   traditional laboratory testing. All     samples analysed by this method
   premeasured reagents are sealed         limit the results to Gasoline Range
   in glass ampules for accurate and       Organics (GRO) or Diesel Range
   consistent results.                     Organics (DRO). When limiting
                                           the analysis to these two ranges,
   PCB concentration, extent and           heavier fractions of hydrocarbons
   location of site contamination          such as fuel oil, motor oil, hydraulic
   are all critical when determining       oil, gear oil, transformer oil and
   further action. Clor-N-Soil PCB field   greases are “not seen” in the
   screening kits can help you make        analysis and the soil samples are
   those decisions on site in a matter     reported as clean even though            Specificiations
   of minutes.                             these heavier hydrocarbons still         Analytes       Petroleum
                                           exist in the soil.                                      Hydrocarbons
                                                                                    Matrix         Soil
                                           The PetroFLAG system is a                Detection Method Turbidimetric
                                           field portable method for the                           Development
                                           determination of total petroleum         Action Levels (MDL) 15 -2000 ppm
                                           hydrocarbons in soil. It is both safe                   (analyte dependent)
                                           and easy-to-use. PetroFLAG does          MDL            15 ppm
                                           not distinguish between aromatic         MQL            45 ppm
                                           and aliphatic hydrocarbons, but          Interferences Natural Hydrocarbons
                                           quantifies all fuels, oils and greases   Overall Accuracy 10% +/-MDL
                                           as total hydrocarbons. Analysis of       Analysis Time Throughput 1-10
                                           a 10 gram soil sample is performed                      samples in 15 minutes
                                           using three simple steps: extraction,    Ordering Information
                                           filtration, and analysis.                DEXPF-MTR-01 PetroFLAG Analyser,
   Specificiations                                                                                   Includes digital,
   Analytes     PCB’s                      The PetroFLAG system is completely                        handheld analyser with
   Matrix       Soil                       field portable. Everything needed                         carrying case, electronic
   Detection Method Fixed endpoint         to perform ten soil tests can be                          balance, timer, 10
                colorimetric titration     conveniently carried to the job site                      Standard reagents (10
   Action Levels 50 ppm                    in a briefcase size carrying case. The                    tests), 2 calibration
   Analysis Time 10 minutes                PetroFLAG meter is a light-weight,                        standards.
   Ordering Information                    rugged hand-held unit powered by         PetroFLAG Reagents
   DEXCS-OIL   Clor-N-Soil, 50ppm          a 9-volt alkaline battery. The meter     Each 10 tests comes with one set of
   Minimum order 6 kits                    is menu driven for ease-of-use and       calibration standards
                                           utilises an EEPROM memory system.        DEXPF-SRP-10 Petroflag reagents
                                           Fifteen response factors are built                       standard range, 10 tests
                                           into the analyser depending on the       DEXPF-SRP-CS Petroflag reagents
                                           analyte of interest. Response factors                    standard range, 40 tests
                                           correlate to fuels ranging from          Calibration Reagents
                                           weathered gasoline to heavy crude        DEXPF-CAL-12 Petroflag calibration
                                           oil. The results are shown in ppm on                     reagents, pack of 12
                                           an LCD display screen.                   DEXPF-CAL-CS Petroflag calibration
                                                                                                    reagents, pack of 48
                                                                                    High Range Reagents
                                                                                    DEXPF-HRD-10 PetroFLAG High Range
                                                                                                    Reagents PF-HRD-10,
                                                                                                    10 Tests                                                                                           ENVIROEQUIP            129
                Other Soil Meters

                    AM39-K Composting Probe                                                                  Hanna HI 993310

                                                                                                             Soil Conductivity Meter
                    A portable measuring system designed for the direct measurement of oxygen
                    and temperature in composted waste.                                                      HI 993310 is an instrument that
                                                                                                             has been specifically designed to
                    It is specifically developed to observe air ventilation during the rotting process       address the need for correct and
                    in composting plants. An integrated data logging facility in combination with            rapid conductivity measurements
                    dedicated PC software allows the storage and evaluation of the data obtained in          in soil and liquids. It is supplied
                    the measuring process.                                                                   with two probes: HI 76305 with a
                                                                                                             stainless steel, conical tip for direct
                    Features & Benefits                                                                      soil measurement, and HI 76304 for
                    • Highly accurate                                                                        fertilizer enriched solutions.
                    • Water proof enclosure
                    • Easy air calibration                                                                   HI 993310 measures both the soil
                    • Simultaneous temperature measurement                                                   conductivity in EC (mS/cm) as
                    • Multi-function display                                                                 well as salt activity in grams per
                                                                                                             litre. The different scales can be
                    Main Application                                                                         selected through two keys on the
                    • Composting plants                                                                      front mask and two separate LEDs
                    • Recycling applications                                                                 indicate which parameter is being
                    • Soil profiling                                                                         tested. In addition, HI 993310 is
                                                                                                             equipped with an alarm LED that
                                                                                                             automatically turns on if the soil
                                                                                                             is too dry, or nutritive substances
                                                                                                             such as potassium or nitrogen are

                                                                                                             Direct soil measurement is
                                                                                                             facilitated by the small diameter,
                                                                                                             stainless steel, pointed HI 76305
                                                                                                             probe. Once inserted into the
                                                                                                             ground, the user simply waits until
                                                                                                             the meter displays the value read
                                                                                                             by the auger-like probe.

                  Ordering Information
                  GTIAM39    Oxygen meter complete in case with oxygen/temperature probe. Length
                             1000mm, 2.5m fixed cable connection with watertight plug for direct insertion
                             into the compost material; built in sensor MF 441 BK; IP65
                  GTIMF441BK Oxygen sensor for AM39K, 2.5m fixed cable.
                  GTIMF441 Maintenance kit for oxygen sensor. 2 pieces replacement membrane heads, 6         Specifications
                             ampoules electrolyte, stainless steel gauze                                     Range EC            0.00-19.99 mS/cm
                  GTIAM39K Interface cable, RS-232 interface connection. PC software program                 Range Activity      0.00 -1.00
                                                                                                             Resolution EC       0.01 mS/cm
                                                                                                             Resolution Activity 0.01
                                                                                                             Accuracy ±2% F.S. (0 to 15.00 mS/cm;
                                                                                                                        excluding probe error)
                                                                                                             Calibration         manual, 1 point
                                                                                                             Temperature Compensation
                                                                                                             Automatic, 0 to 50°C with ß=2%/°C
                                                                                                             Ordering Information
                                                                                                             HANHI993310 Soil Conductivity
                                                                                                                         meter with HI76304
                                                                                                                         and HI76305
                                                                                                                         interchangeable probes,
                                                                                                                         calibration screw driver,
                                                                                                                         9 v battery, manual, and
                                                                                                                         carry case (HI710031)
     130          ENVIROEQUIP                                                                                    

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