Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 7th

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                     Colsterworth and District Parish Council
                      Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 7th October 2008

Public Forum.
M. Cooke, A. Wood

1. Apologies for Absence:
Councillor I. Greenwood, C. Hainsworth, S. Moore, R. Winstanley, H. Winstanley, P. Cox
County Councillor Roy Chapman
Absent. Councillor C. Cope
Councillors: C Atter, M Cooper (acting Chairman), J Weston, A Carsley, D Cox, D. Hamilton-Hinds, B.
District Councillor Bob Adams

All Parish Councillors are reminded that by law they are summoned to attend all Parish Council
meetings. If they are unable to attend they must advise the Parish Clerk with a reason for non-
attendance preferably before the meeting from which they will be absent – failure to forward this
information means a Parish Councillor is shown as absent.

2. Chairman’s Remarks
Congratulations to ex. Councillor J. McAlpine on birth of child.

3. To receive declaration of interest in accordance with LGA 2000.

4. Minutes of the previous meeting
Please note the minutes are distributed in note form each month to all Parish Councillors so that they
may make comments and alterations via the Parish Clerk thus saving valuable time at the Parish Council
next meeting when approving the minutes.
These were agreed

5. Law and Order
Councillor Atter and parishioner Alan Wood informed the council of a recent meeting with Inspector Mark
a) Signs (No Cold Calling) to be fixed alongside the Neighbourhood Watch signs
b) Junior Parish Council would encourage the youth to play a positive role in the community.
c) Speed Watch. Funding is available for training of parishioners and provision of speed guns.

6. Clerk’s Report
        a) Field at Stamford Road. The tenant was served 1 months notice of termination sent by
            recorded delivery 04.09.08. Post Office “Proof of delivery” was dated 08.09.08. Two
            requests received to rent the field – 01.09.08 Jane Barlow; Sandra Cox 05.10.08. Process
            to be agreed and fee determined.
        b) A response from Inspector Mark Housley was received with regard to progress on the spate
            of burglaries in the village (attached to these minutes).
        c) LCC Highways Kevin Brumfield, Councillors D Cox, D. Hamilton-Hinds and the Parish Clerk
            met on the 3rd Sept to discuss traffic calming measures for the High Street. A draft plan will
            be produced by LCC and submitted to the Parish Council for consideration.
        d) SRE‟s tenant farmer (Robinson) has been contacted with regard to reducing the height of the
            hedgerows at Bridge End Road and Jubilee Pond. Awaiting response.
        e) Traffic problems on Bourne Road and the High Street. A letter was read out by the Clerk
            received from resident C Townson informing the Council that he has formed an independent
            action group. The Parish Council refutes the inferred lack of progress being made by the
            council on related matters. The council has been working with LCC Highways and SKDC to
            consider a number of ideas to improve access on the High Street. Council members
            confirmed that the location of the COOP is central to parishioners needs and would NOT
            support independent actions to see the COOP relocated. The clerk will attend the meeting
            arranged by C Townson with the COOP/SKDC in the capacity of “observer”.
        f) Meeting SKDC Planning. Councillor D. Hamilton-Hinds and the Clerk attended the SKDC
            council offices on the 19 September to meet the new planning officer Justine Johnson with
            Kevin Cartwright. The failure of the S106 agreement drawn up by SKDC to secure the
            Parish‟s interests was acknowledged. SKDC expressed their dismay at DWH withdrawing
            the promised £80k and would make this clear to them in future dealings.
        g) DWH. A meeting has been set for the 15 October to meet with Mark Wright the MD of
           DWH with LALC Richard Enderby and parishioner Simon Jowitt and the Parish Clerk.
        h) LCC have confirmed that Footpath 18 has been cleared of the fallen tree.
        i) SKDC planning training session 10th September. Councillor D Hamilton-Hinds briefed the
           council on the meeting content. Planning laws have been changed from October 1 with the
           result that visual impact will be considered for principal and side elevations under the new
           rules. The paving over of front gardens - only hard-standings which allow water to drain
           freely will be allowed. This applies to both new surfaces and repair of existing surfaces over
           5 square metres. Positioning of side-facing windows - to prevent overlooking of neighbours.
           This includes Velux-type roof windows. Some developments will be relaxed by the new
        j) Bench on Back Lane. Some parishioners would like the bench replaced on Back Lane.
           Clerk will inform PC Julia Higgins and obtain a quote for a replacement.

7. Portfolio allocations
Deferred although Cllr Hamilton-Hinds agreed to oversee „Employment‟

8. Vacancy Parish Councillor “Gunby and Stainby Ward”
Two applications received:
Mr L Cook (North Witham)
Mr H Staunton (Gunby)
It was agreed that as the vacancy arose due to the resignation of J. McAlpine representing Gunby, it was
appropriate to co-opt Mr H Staunton also a resident of Gunby.

9. Change of Banking Arrangements
In light of the change in the FSCS limit from £35k to £50k there is no financial urgency to spread the
council‟s investments. However HSBC have not provided the best service or interest rates to the Parish
Council and the Clerk is in discussions with them in this regard.

10. Correspondence received to 07.10.08
Lincs. Playing Fields Association                AGM Thursday 23 October 2008 Cranwell V.Hall

LCC                                              Diversion of Public footpath No 9

Cols. Village Hall                               Invitations to car boot sale Sunday 2 Nov. 2008

SKDC                                             Street naming – Larkfleet Homes development

C Townsen                                        Action committee – Traffic problems

C Townsen                                        Speed control in communities

East Midlands Regional Assembly                  Invitations to EXPO 2008 Wed. 19 Nov. 2008

Lincolnshire Assembly                            Survey forms

Communities and Local Government                 Making & enforcement of byelaws

Gov. office for the East Midlands                East Midland Regional Plan

SKDC                                             Summary of Accounts 2007/2008

Lincs. Police Authority                          On-Line Survey

11. Planning
The following applications were received:
S08/1038/22            Mr E Goodyer              Single storey link to garage
                                                 78 High Street, Colsterworth

S08/1124/60               Mr Javan Wardle        double garage with room above
                                                 Church Gates, Church Street, North Witham

S08/1013/22RV             Mr C Simmonds          single storey side extension
                                                 53 Woolsthorpe Road, Woolsthorpe
S/08/1032/22              Mr/Mrs Tapley            detached garage & garden store
                                                   55 Newton Way, Woolsthorpe

S/08/1071/22              Mr A Stoaling            erection of chimney
                                                   16 Bourne Road, Colsterworth
SKDC Planning Consent Approval:
None to report

SKDC Planning Consent Refusal:
None to report

12. FINANCE: Accounts for Payment

 CHEQUE        SUPPLIER                       DETAILS                                           VALUE
 NUMBER                                                                                          £’s
  102313       J Hannam                       Postage/mileage                                     22.83
  102314       Luke Moore                     Community cleaner                                   96.60
  102315       Cols. Methodist Church         Meeting room hire                                   12.00
  102316       LJS Business Services          Services of Clerk (September)                      788.62
  102317       Rick Webster                   Grass cutting                                      500.55
  102318       WG Harrison Ltd                In Touch (Sept)                                    168.50
  102319       Viking Direct                  Stationery                                          35.80
  102320       Colsterworth Village Hall      Hall hire (Wed 15 October)                          18.00
  102321       WR Cooper                      Village maintenance                                305.00
  102322       K Scott                        Village maintenance                                 51.75
  102323       Bryan Barker                   Community cleaner                                   68.76
                                              TOTAL                                            £2,068.41

Approved by Parish Council

Summary of Accounts:
     Income                                         16037.83
     Expenditure                                    10943.87
     Excess Income over Expenditure                 £ 5093.96

Bank balances at 31 August 2008
HSBC: Community Account                             5773.75
       High Interest Account                       32999.83
       High Interest Bond                          20,000.00
                                           Total   58,773.58

(Note: Parish Plan balance included is £2611.98

13. Old Post Lane Cemetery
It was agreed that Councillors D Hamilton-Hinds, D. Cox and the clerk would investigate the possibility of
the extending the cemetery.

14. Urgent matters not on the agenda
    a)     Footpath 7 adjacent to White Lion – footpath repair required
    b)     A1 junction North end of village – flooding not yet rectified

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30 pm

Signed                                             Chairman

7.25PM ON THE 4th November 2008.