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					                minims & maxims
                                                                                                                           Name Change

                                                                                                                           Loyola College in Mary-
                                                                                                                           land will start the up-
                                                                                                                           coming school year
                                                                                                                           w i t h a n ew n a m e :
                                                                                                                           Loyola University Mary-
                                                                                                                           land. The Baltimore
                                                                                                                           university voted unan-

                                                                                                                           imously in March in
                                                                                                                           favor of the name
                                                                                                                           change, which more
                                                                                                                           accurately reflects the
                                                                                                                           “comprehensive insti-
                                                                                                                           tution” it is today, says
                                                                                                                           Loyola president Fr.
                                                                                                                           Brian Linnane, SJ.
                                                                                                                              The university com-
                Pontifical Biblical Institute Celebrates Centenary                                                         prises the College of
                The Pontifical Biblical Institute began a yearlong celebration of its 100th anniversary on May 7 with      Arts and Sciences and
                a ceremony and liturgy at the Church of St. Ignatius in Rome, presided by Cardinal Zenon Grocho-           the Sellinger School
                lewski, grand chancellor of the institute.                                                                 of Business and Man-
                   The Pontifical Biblical Institute, a university-level institution of the Holy See, was established by   agement and has
                Pope Pius X; he designated it as “a center of higher studies for Sacred Scripture in the city of Rome      twenty graduate pro-
                and of all related studies according to the spirit of the Catholic Church” and entrusted the institute     grams whose students
                to the Society of Jesus.                                                                                   account for about 40
                   Celebratory events throughout the year include an international meeting of the Biblical Literature      percent of Loyola’s
                Society and a meeting of the Catholic Biblical Association of the United States.                           6,000 students.

                                                     Solar Power
                                                          and Spirituality
                Fr. Bert Otten, SJ, moved to Zambia in 2005 after retiring
                as professor of electrical engineering from Seattle Univer-
                sity. Now, at age 76, he develops “appropriate technology”—
                technology that can be sustained by local people with local
                materials—for a village there.
                    In an area where supplies are scarce and technology
                scarcer, Otten must get creative to come up with solutions
                for villagers. He built an LED light from a cardboard toilet
                paper roll and an inside-out potato chip bag; instead of bat-
                teries, he crafts solar panels for power.
                    Otten was recognized for his work on March 13 by the Uni-
                versity of Missouri, which presented him with the Missouri
                Honor Award for Distinguished Service in Engineering.
                    For a full article on Otten’s work in Zambia, visit
       and search for “Jesuit engineer.”

                     Summer 2009
                                                                        minims & maxims

                                                      gREg RuSt
Four Jesuit schools were represented at this
year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament: Xavier
University (Cincinnati), Gonzaga University (Spo-
kane), Boston College, and Marquette Universi-
ty (Milwaukee). Boston College and Marquette
made early departures; Xavier and Gonzaga
made it to the Sweet Sixteen before losing to
Pittsburgh and North Carolina, respectively.
   The University of Detroit Mercy hosted the
tournament’s Final Four rounds. Hundreds of
UDM students, faculty, staff, and alumni vol-
unteered as staffers at events surrounding the
semifinal and championship games, which
included a Sports Career & College Expo featur-
ing talks by UDM student-athletes, a sports writ-
ing seminar for college and high school journal-
ists, and several charity events and basketball
   The UDM basketball team also made an
appearance: ESPN analyst Jay Bilas had play-
ers illustrate the Final Four teams’ plays for seg-
ments that aired throughout the weekend.

                    On the Run in        Among the 23,000 runners who

               Boston                    crossed the finish line during this
                                         year’s Boston Marathon in April was
                                         one runner on a mission. When John
                                         McLaughlin made it past Heartbreak
                                         Hill, around mile 22, he passed by
                                         Boston College, his alma mater and
                                         current place of employment. He’d
                                         run three marathons before, but
                                         this time he ran to raise money and
                                         awareness for the Jesuit Refugee
                                            “I was in the Jesuit Volunteer
                                         Corps for a while after graduating
                                         from Boston College, and I gained      Jesuit Wines Debut in the U.S.
                                         a special appreciation for Jesuit      Loyola Productions is now selling Inigo,
                                         organizations and the good they do.    a new line of Jesuit-produced wines from
                                         Then, a couple of years ago, I saw     Ignatius Cellars in Australia. The winery,
                                         some people in the London Mara-        located in Clare Valley in South Australia,
                                         thon running on behalf of the Jesuit   was established by Jesuits in 1851 to pro-
                                         Refugee Service, and that planted a    duce sacramental wine.
                                         seed,” he says.                           The Inigo label includes a Shiraz, a Cab-
                                            McLaughlin, married and the         ernet Sauvignon, and a Riesling, all from the
                                         father of three, works in BC’s IT      region and all priced at $20 per bottle. Pro-
                                         depar tment and is a parishioner       ceeds support Loyola Productions and the
                                         at St. Ignatius in Chestnut Hill. He   ongoing mission of the Society of Jesus. For
                                         raised over $4,900 from 151 peo-       more information and to order, visit
                                         ple, including fellow employees at
                                         BC and parishioners.
Boston College’s John McLaughlin                             —Alice Poltorick

minims & maxims
                                                                                      Jesuit thesis
                                                                                      A Jesuit thesis print dating to 1753
                                                                                      was recently acquired by Princeton
                                                                                      University. Jesuit thesis prints were
                                                                                      commonly produced by Jesuit col-
                                                                                      leges on the occasion of a student’s
                                                                                      final defense of his thesis. The prints
                                                                                      were distributed to the audience and
                                                                                      served as a program for audience
                                                                                      members to follow the progress of
                                                                                      the defense and to take home as a
                                                                                         This particular thesis print com-
                                                                                      memorates the defense of theses in
                                                                                      rational philosophy by Joannes Anto-
                                                                                      nius Dominicus Verhults of Bruges
                                                                                      on March 4, 1753, at the Jesuit Col-
                                                                                      lege Aquicinctinus in Douai, France.
                                                                                      It measures 28 inches by 43 inches
                                                                                      and, as was typical, combines the
                                                                                      text of his thesis with a thematical-
                                                                                      ly related image of the Judgment of
                                                                                         The print can be viewed in greater
                                                                                      detail on Company’s web site:

web sites of interest                                 
   St. Aloysius Gonzaga School in Nairobi serves high           MidwestJesuitArchives/OnlineResources.aspx
   school students from the city’s Kibera district, the larg-   The resources page of the Midwest Jesuit Archives fea-
   est slum in Africa, whose parents are suffering from or      tures primary-source historical collections including
   have died of AIDS. The school web site features videos,      the Nicolas Point Gallery, a collection of sketches and
   podcasts, and journal entries by Fr. Terry Charlton, SJ,     watercolors by Jesuit Nicolas Point (1799–1868) depict-
   that tell the stories of St. Al’s students.                  ing Jesuit missionaries among the Native Americans.

 Summer 2009
                                                                          minims & maxims

                                                                                                         StEvE dONiSCh
                                                                                                                         New Provincial,
                                                                                                                         New Provinces
                                                                                                                         Fr. Timothy Kesicki, SJ,
                                                                                                                         provincial of the Jesu-
                                                                                                                         its’ Detroit Province,
                                                                                                                         will become the provin-
                                                                                                                         cial of the Chicago Prov-
                                                                                                                         ince as well. Kesicki will
                                                                                                                         assume his additional
                                                                                                                         role this July.
                                                                                                                             Ke s i c k i s e r ve d a s
                                                                                                                         president of St. Ignatius
                                                                                                                         High School in Cleveland

Building and Breaking Bridges                                                                                            before becoming the
                                                                                                                         Detroit provincial in July
Something’s weighing on Loyola Academy (Wilmette, Ill.) senior Christopher Pastuovic’s mind:                             2008. He will succeed
when his bridge will bust. Loyola sponsors an annual contest for budding structural engineers who                        Fr. Edward Schmidt, SJ,
build, then break, their creations. Bridges span two blocks and weights are dangled below. As the                        as Chicago provincial.
weights go up, so do the tension and fun. Kudos go to the bridge with the highest structural effi-                           His “dual” appoint-
ciency (calculated by dividing the total weight the bridge can support by the bridge’s weight).                          ment is part of a reorga-
   Loyola’s John Hoover, who took first place at the Loyola competition and also at a regional                           nization of Jesuit prov-
competition, moved on to finals at Bellingham High School in Bellingham, Washington. His                                 inces that will be taking
bridge, which weighed in at under nine ounces, supported 145 pounds and earned Hoover sixth                              place over the next sev-
place and an architectural merit award.                                                                                  eral years. The Chicago,
                                                                                                                         Detroit, and Wisconsin
                                                                                                                         provinces will become

        by the
                                        100 Years Later: The Laymen’s League                                             one province, as will
                                        One hundred years ago this July at Fordham’s Rose Hill                           the Missouri and New
                                        campus, the lay retreat movement was founded by Fr.                              Orleans provinces. The
   Jesuits Worldwide
                                        Terence Shealy, SJ. Eighteen men gathered for Shealy’s                           Maryland, New York, and
   18,516        (down 304 from 2008)   first retreat, and from there his program gained momen-                          New England provinces
   Brothers                 1,675       tum: by 1916 nearly 1,000 lay Catholics were attending                           will be joining, while the
   Novices                    809       retreats each year as part of the Laymen’s League for                            California and Oregon
   Priests                 13,112       Retreats and Social Studies.                                                     provinces will remain as
   Scholastics              2,920           Shealy’s vision for the league was to develop retreats                       they are.
                                        alongside a school for social studies. Together, the two would                       While the administra-
   Europe                    5,571      provide apostolic training for Catholic men and women.                           tive and legal details are
   North America             3,531          The movement stalled after Shealy’s death in 1922,                           being worked out, all the
   Central and South         2,300      but his influence remains. More than 400 lay Catholics                           provinces will be actively
     America                            participated in this year’s Conference on Ignatian Spri-                         seeking ways to cooper-
   South and East Asia       5,687      tiuality, which explored the theme “The Principle and the                        ate with one another.
   Africa                    1,427      Foundation: Who We Are Before God.”