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September 2009                                                          M N C W

You’re Committee
Patron                       Ted Bailey
President                    Brian Burn           Ph: 66538965
Vice President               Col South            Ph: 66562725
Secretary                    Col South            Ph: 66562725
Treasurer                    Alan Thornhill       Ph: 66547172
Minutes Secretary            Nolene Carter        Ph: 66521531
Purchasing Officer           Andrew Coverdale     Ph: 66581395 Mobile: 0428 581 395
Tea Person                   Alan Chapman         Ph: 66536255
Assist. Tea Person           Michelle Coverdale   Ph: 66581395
Librarian                    Ray Todd             Ph: 66561156
Publicity Officer            John Tainsh          Ph: 66588859
Assist. Publicity Officer    Mark Dunn            Ph: 66521531
Newsletter Editor            Col South            Ph: 66562725
                                                  Email: colin.south@bigpond.com
Additional Members
                             Bernie Axford        Ph: 66562949
                             Terry Didlick        Ph: 66582268
                             Rob Fellows          Ph: 66587658
                             Max Smith            Ph: 65696888
                             Bill Sternbeck       Ph: 66561861

                                   Next Meeting
                                    7pm Friday
                               24 September 2009
                               At John Paul College

                            October Meeting is on the 23rd
   Committee Members please note the Committee Meeting Commences at 6:00 pm
   Dates from the Calendar

   25th September General Meeting Bob Whenman to discuss Finishing and Staining

   Schools woodwork competition Park Beach Plaza.
   Exhibition continues until 26thSeptember

   Saturday 10th October Visit to Lindasay Dunns workshop at Hillgrove

   Saturday 24th October Visit to Gordon and Barbara Brook’s Shed.


Mid North Coast Woodworkers Inc. August Meetings.

Meetings Held: Friday 28th August 2009.

    Committee Meeting Minutes.
Meeting Opened: 6.20pm.
Members Present: Brian Burn, Col South, Alan Thornhill, John Tainsh, Max Smith, Bernie Axford, Rob
Fellows, Andrew Coverdale, Alan Chapman, Mark Dunn, Noelene Carter, Ray Todd (with a late note from his

   Apologies: Bill Sternbeck, Terry Didlick.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting: moved M. Dunn, seconded Col South: “That the Minutes as presented in the
Newsletter, be accepted”, carried.

President’s Report: moved Brian Burn: “That the President’s Report as printed in the Newsletter, be
accepted”, seconded Alan Thornhill, carried.

Business Arising:
Missing from the Newsletter was the Show and Tell report. Col has a new computer so he says the problem is
not there! The missing section also included a report on the demonstration given by Ray Todd on band saw
boxes. Sincere thanks to Ray for his time and entertaining demonstration.
Botanica 18.10.09. 9:30 am to 3 pm. A $25 cost to exhibitors goes to the “Friends of the Garden”. However
they have indicated they would appreciate a donation box instead. John Tainsh has offered to make the
donation box in the Thursday morning group.
CHESS Mens Shed. Andrew Coverdale received a thank you letter for his donation of a Triton work bench.
The letter detailed the conditions of ownership and therefore disposal of this donation in the future. General
agreement was that the letter was in poor taste. Alan Chapman will pass on our concern re the tone of the letter.
However the Club will still donate the lathe which is in Brian Burn’s shed.

Treasurer’s Report: Moved Noelene Carter: “That the Treasurer’s Report as presented, be accepted”,
seconded Rob Fellows, carried.

Correspondence In:
Usual newsletters from other clubs.
Thank you letter from Roger Gifkin.
Letter from Bellingen High re the Schools Competition.
Orara High School entry form.
Gift voucher from Mitre 10 Woolgoolga.
Correspondence Out:
Letter of request for sponsorship to Geoff King.
Invitations to all sponsors of the Schools Competition: Park Beach Plaza, Ted Bailey Toormina, Mitre 10
Woolgoolga, Newcastle Permanent Building Society and Geoff King Motors.

General Business:
Col will check with Park Beach Bowling Club if the venue has been booked for our Christmas Party Sunday
13th December, 11am for noon lunch. Col suspects Terry has already made the booking for us.
Saturday 24th October to the shed of Gordon and Barbara Brook in Dorrigo.
Col South has created Certificates of Appreciation for the sponsors of the Schools Competition.
John Tainsh has arranged the CompressX demonstration after tonight’s meeting. They will donate two units to
the Club.
John also has Organ Oil (Danish Oil) for $25 a litre for sale.
John also reported on the progress of the Club’s web site which is being constructed by TAFE students. There
are 6 options for us to look at so far. To proceed after this point will require a decision re the outlay:
       - for our name $40 to $50 pa
for our host site approximately $80
to add a communication package somewhere between $500 to $1000.
      At this stage we will seek more details on the name site and domain option first. Col South will also talk
to his son for further information.
Geoff King have already given a $500 donation to Brian Burn for the Schools Competition.

Committee Meeting Closed: 7pm.

   General Meeting Minutes.

Meeting Opened: 7.05 pm.
Attendance as per signed Attendance Book.

The President welcomed all members to the meeting. He noted that it was great to have Warren Johnston back
with us again. He also welcomed guest Phil Keffel from Bellingen to the meeting. He is a cabinet maker from

Brian also thanked Ray Todd for his band saw box demonstration at last meeting. He says his detailed report
was submitted but was not received by Col South’s computer.

The Report from the Committee Meeting was given by Brian Burn. He also asked more members to bring
along samples of their work to add to the Show and Tell section of our meeting.

General Business:
Col South thanked Jack McGee for his assistance in obtaining a $500 donation from Geoff King.
Col South also gave an updated report on the Schools Competition. There are 9 schools now involved.
Sponsorship is coming along nicely. He needs about a dozen members to help set up on Sunday afternoon.
After that he will need volunteers on a roster to supervise the static display from Monday to Saturday 9am to
5pm (Thursday until 7.30pm). The Presentation Ceremony will be held on Monday 21st at 4pm. The
Certificates of Appreciation will also be given to the sponsors at this time. We need media attention. Col and
Mark Dunn to finalise these details. Col will arrange the newspaper coverage while Mark will arrange radio
Gordon Brook suggested asking the schools to allow a couple of students to be there over the duration of the
expo. Col to check this out.
The excursion to the workshop of Gordon and Barbara Brook will be held on Saturday 24.10.09 from 10am.
Gordon has contacted Brian Eaves (carving) and Ron Coles (arbetec) and hopes to catch up with Ron McLair.
Gordon suggested a BBQ lunch.
Gordon and Barbara will also have a display at the CWA Hall in Dorrigo over the long weekend. All are
invited to attend.
Col South has booked the Cavanbah Hall for our 2010 Expo from Thursday 1pm until Sunday afternoon for the
second weekend after Easter. (This is the last weekend of the school holidays).
The suggested stall prior to Christmas just could not get off the ground for this year. So … on the agenda for
Jack McGee has a 5 speed heavy duty lathe for sale $500. He also has a near new Jet Drum Sander for $650.
Phil Keffel has a thickenser for sale. It works well. He also has an 8” jointer for sale. Both single phase.
Make an offer.
Dave Hutton from CompressX to demonstrate after supper.
Col Rose has donated a set of wood information cards to the Club.
The urn, is beyond economical repair. Brian will investigate the purchase of a new one before next meeting.

Meeting Closed: 7.50pm.
Noelene Carter: Minutes Secretary.

Presidents Report:

The August meeting saw another good roll up of members at which a number of issues were kicked around and
either sorted or left in hand with responsible individuals either at the committee meeting beforehand or with the
gathering of members at the general meeting immediately afterwards.
The usual format prevailed at both meetings at which the reports were revealed and voted upon in the
affirmative and all information from both passed on to the members.

One area of concern raised was the fact that the usual few were presenting their work at the “Show & Tell”
segment and a request that it be made known that a desire for more members to present some of their work at
future meetings would be greatly appreciated. Surely as woodworkers, in name, some are not producing
anything from month to month and are only attending the meetings as a social outlet. So please be a bit
productive and bring along your work for viewing and accompanied with a verbal report as to your approach
and the formation of the idea of your latest achievement.
This way we all get an appreciation of the work produced and not only novices but also some of the older hands
may also learn something from your efforts.

The idea of donations of tools and machinery to the newly formed local “Men’s Shed” was voted in the
affirmative but in light of recent correspondence from their organization it was decided that no involvement on
our part, as the M.N.C.W. Club, would be forthcoming.

The request from the “Botanica” event organizers for a donation box to be built by us in lieu of the site fee at
their next event on the 18th October is now in hand and John Tainsh’s mid week group has taken on the task of
constructing the box to the dimensions given. Hopefully this will be completed before the event so that it will
be in place prior to the day it is required. This will be a permanent fixture at the entrance to the Botanical
Gardens in our city.

Members don’t forget that the local High Schools display and presentation of the students work will be on
display at Park Beach Plaza from Monday the 21st to Saturday the 26th of this month. We need the input from
members to attend this function on each day of the week over this period to field questions from interested
members of the public and as security for the pieces on display. It would also be appreciated if some of the
members could make themselves available to help set up this display on the Sunday afternoon of the 20th.
Local businesses have been most generous in donating cash and prize vouchers to the winners of the various
sections and this is much appreciated. A lot of work has been put into the organization of this event on the part
of Vice President Col South and his supporting team for which we extend a heart felt vote of thanks.

John Tainsh promoted the idea and information already underway via the I.T. Course students at the local
TAFE as a project in regard towards building a Web Site for our club to put our club aims, information and
existence on the Internet scene. With a trifle more effort it may not be too long before this comes to fruition.
Some areas in this regard have yet to be investigated, such as costs, before the final decisions can be made.

At our September meeting I have arranged with Mr. Bob Wenban to be our guest speaker and demonstrator on
the night and he will be covering a myriad of aspects on finishing, particularly the application of stains, the
methods involved, the overlay of various final coatings and he will also avail himself to answer any and all the
questions that besiege you in regard to this worrying topic. Another topic he will be covering is artificial
graining and also bleaching. He presented a similar demonstration late last year and all who attended avidly
absorbed his presentation. So I can seriously recommend that you make an effort to attend this very interesting
night of information.

Lindsay Dunn and I have had communication and a decision has been made for us to attend his workshop at
Hillgrove (approximately 25 klms this side of Armidale) on Saturday the 10th October. He will be expecting us
to arrive at around 10.00a.m. It is a B.Y.O. in regard to lunch. He can provide lots of hot water for tea or coffee.
This should be an extremely interesting day and as numbers are limited due to the space in his workshop be
early to give me your names so that a list can be compiled of those wishing to attend. This list is to be finalized
at the September meeting so if you are not there and you wish to go please phone me before the meeting.

Another important date to remember is the 25th October when we have a special invitation to visit Gordon and
Barbara Brook at Dorrigo. This will be also a 10.00a.m. start at their place and as an added incentive to turn up,
they have invited Brian Eves and Ron Cole to be there and demonstrate their particular fields of endeavour.
Also a B.Y.O. lunch and as above the hot water will be supplied.

We have some for sale items on the agenda and John Tainsh having bought a bulk supply of Danish Oil from
“Organoil” has a quantity in one-litre containers at the very reasonable price of $25. So see John if you have a
need of this product.

Jack McGee has a Vicmarc VL850 lathe for sale and the going price is $500.
Additionally he has Jet Mini Lathe up for grabs at a price of $275.
Also an Auto Planer Jointer by Carbatec – It has a 6” width capacity with a table length of 400mm. He has
forwarded this one on a “make an offer” basis.

You will all be pleased to know that we have purchased a new urn for the club and it will be available for use
on the 25th of this month, so no more hiccups in gaining hot water for our expected cuppas on the night.

Our Christmas luncheon has been booked now for the 13th December at Park Beach Bowling Club. More
information will be publicized when the details are finalized but at present it is for an 11.00 a.m. start to allow
people to turn up and be ready to sit down for the luncheon promptly at noon.

At the scheduled August demonstration of the “Compress X” Clamping System by Dave Hutton, the Company
Director, this went off quite well and exceeded our expectations. From what is a simple clamping mechanism
he gave an impressive and detailed demonstration and the explanation of its capabilities and utilization made
these clamps a desirable addition to ones workshop. His company and of course himself, must be graciously
thanked for the donation of a set of these clamps to the club.

It is disappointing to hear that some of our members are still not at 100% operating capacity in view of their
health status and here I refer particularly to Ian Gay and Erhard Sickinger. Should there be any other members
that we don’t know about please let us know so that we can wish them well. It is hoped that these members are
again in top form soon as their presence is sorely missed at our monthly get-togethers. So to those out there,
who are unwell, get well soon.

From my end that is about all I have to report this month, but I anticipate that a greater effort is now being made
to rectify the lack of input pertaining to the presentation of work in future for the “Show & Tell” session on
meeting nights. In the meantime get those shavings flying and please do it safely.

Cheers from Brian Burn.
August “Show & Tell”.

Jack McGee has delved into the world of miniature turning, producing some miniature urns of various shapes
and sizes from timbers such as one from Silky Oak, Red Cedar of which he made two and also one from
Camphor Laurel. To attempt these it was necessary for him to make the special small tools required as the first
step. One of these tools was fashioned from a ground down Allen Key obviously to shape a hook tool to
facilitate the boring process and another from a large nail to make a scraper. These small finished articles have
been nicely sanded and given coats of Danish Oil to complete the turnings.

Rob Fellows found that an attempt to turn Forest Oak in the green state is not a practical exercise. His effort to
produce one of his elegantly turned boxes, overnight became a disaster, with the partly finished work split
drastically almost in half.
To overcome the doldrums from this he has put his mistake behind him and produced some other very
commendable pieces. First another turned box from Cypress finished with a Teak stain and intricately worked
around the peripheral surface with the Dremel Tool. This box also is a lidded work.
Again he showed us another small box from Cypress with a hook shaped lid, then a Norfolk Pine and
Rosewood domed lid box.
Further to these he has a set of wooden dolls recently made,, ornately decorated with the aid of the airbrush and
pyrographic Japanese calligraphy of which there were four off. These were two sets of two each one of
Jacaranda and the other set in Cypress.
His boxes were finished with coats of Danish Oil whilst the dolls were finished with spray on Estapol Clear

Colin Shakespeare pulled an Irish Rolling pin out of the bag to present a puzzle to challenge us to solve. Two
different contrasting timbers were utilized to emphasize the dovetailed joint and the dovetails were evident on
all four sides of the square sectioned rolling pin. Obviously it won’t roll and the secret lies in the very
accurately formed joint. The timbers used are Red Cedar and Silky Oak. with a varnished finish. Colin
emphasized the necessity of the accuracy in regard to the fitted joints as he had another to show, having cut the
dovetail pins on the wrong side of the scribed lines he had set out. The gap left by this small mistake was vast
and the failure to even closely align the pieces together was blatantly obvious.

Peter Harding had brought along his latest project, that being the construction of a longbow. The design of this
particular one was of Chinese / Japanese origin. The original design when in use had a silk bowstring but owing
to availability, I guess and possibility cost restrictions, he had opted for non-stretch fishing line. The bow piece
itself is constructed of Bamboo and crafting the taper towards the bow tips apparently is painstaking in its
accuracy. He also had purchased three books on longbow construction and has a fourth on order. So the art of
bow making is not as simple, obviously, as it may seem.
He had also brought along two flexible fish constructed from timber with the first an experimental work with
high tensile aluminium as the centerpiece that gave him some headaches in fabrication and successful shaping.
The second, he constructed utilizing curtain material as the moveable center dividing strip between the wooden
segments with better success. His application of a brushed on Estapol Satin finish also gave concern as not
being a smooth as desired. However, well-done Peter, as an attempt at something not tried by you before.

The above is an example of what we are after by the members in regard to bringing along work no matter how
you feel about it. As we can all learn and appreciate what you have achieved and from there, general discussion
helps you and also others to improve. No adverse criticism will be tolerated so as not to embarrass the presenter
and only constructive discussion should ensue.

Noelene Carter had brought along her pet snail named Celeste, as she assured us this snail was definitely
French. Celeste is constructed from many sheets of plywood laminated together, sawn and sanded into a three
dimensional form with presumably a polyurethane gloss finish. Smoothly finished with a beautiful gloss to
highlight her form. (Celeste’s form of course, is the intended).
Nev Edwards brought along a piece, or rather it may be better described as a lump, of timber that we were
informed as being a beach find and its purpose for display was for identification purposes. So well weathered
and with wormholes included that its identity was a bit of a mystery.

Gordon Brook presented us with a rare piece of Ivory Wood of square section in board form as a point of
interest as well as a section of Brazilian Pepper Tree in board form too. These sections of timber were an
interest to all from the point of view in regard to their rarity as well as their appearance.
He also had three pieces of Banksia timber to display all around the same size of small dimensions but all of
distinctly different colours.

So thank you one and all of you who were kind enough to show us your work, your latest achievements and the
interesting things you had to show and tell us about.
To all of the members please bring along something you have made, found, scrounged or even been given with
perhaps an interesting story behind it so that we can all be entertained, tutored or even amazed.

See you all at the next meeting with lots to see, lots to listen to and for all to appreciate in kindred spirit and
good fellowship.


      For all your woodworking requirements visit Ted Bailey at Mitre 10 Toormina.
      Present your current membership card for a discount. Ted regularly sponsors our club
      and deserves our support.

      Newcastle Permanent Building Society has sponsored our Top Turning
      For information about New Accounts, Personal Loans and Insurance contact Erica at
      the Park Beach Plaza Branch.

Geoff King Motors
Discounts are also available to members at Coffs Harbour Power Tools

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