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                     Contact: Stephen Hervieu, Director
    Tel: 0207 438 9960. Mob: 07710 480126 email: steve@tigervision.com
Introduction and Summary

Tigervision is an independent production company producing communications content
for a wide range of clients. The core of our business is creating video and DVD
programmes for “corporate communications”, however we also work in the broadcast
area and produce advertising content.

Our clients are very diverse and include such companies as Accenture, Saga, News
International, Aon, Willis, easyJet, SESGlobal, Lockheed Martin, Sainsbury's and even
English National Ballet. We also work for UK and European Government departments
such as Essex County Council, Kent County Council and the Luxembourg Government.
We have valuable approved supplier agreements with the Ministry of Defence, The
Highways Agency and commercial organisations such as Accenture and Lockheed.

Our clients use the programmes we make externally to communicate with their
customers and stakeholders and to help develop their business. Internally the
programmes are used to cascade information through an organisation for training and to
help with change.

We work nationally and internationally and we regularly produce in many languages -
either for our clients to use their content around the world or to reach wider minority
groups in the UK.

We are small but successful, and we have many of our own facilities including edit suites
and CD and DVD authoring systems. We operate at the very top end, delivering the best
quality but also being competitive. We are one of the only corporate producers in Europe
already fully equipped for and delivering programmes in High Definition format.

Finally, our customers are key to our business and we treat every customer as special.
We operate to the very best quality and we offer real value for money. We like to think
we’re nice people to work with, and we like to exceed expectations.

You can find out more information about Tigervision and our clients at our web site


A selection of current clients as at November 2007

ACCENTURE. (Since 1995)

Accenture is one of the world's largest and most successful IT/management consultants.
We are approved suppliers to Accenture and have worked for them for about seven
years – in many areas from IT to Oil and Gas and extensively in the retail sector in the
UK. Currently we are producing programmes around their relationships with QinetiQ, BT
and Thomas Cook.
SESGLOBAL. (Since 1996)

SESGlobal is the world's leading satellite operator, owning and running a high proportion
of the world's communication satellites, including the ASTRA system in Europe and
Americom in the USA. We have produced extensive material for SES, from corporate
video to interactive technical training content for SES for a period of over 5 years. Most
recently new have delivered a new Global video for the group and marketing
programmes for the American and European Markets – all in High Definition.

SAGA (since 2004)

Saga is a very successful company in the UK delivering products and services to the
huge and growing over 50’s market and we produced a promotional programme to help
Saga with their management buy-out in 2004. Since then we have produced other
programmes including a cruising film, an induction programme and a set of adverts for
TV. Currently we are delivering promotional video content for Saga’s round the world
cruises and developing their Roadshow presentation.


We won a place on a short roster of companies approved to deliver training programmes
for all the services. We have recently delivered a programme on motor cycle safety and
currently we are developing content to help personnel on their return from theatre.


We are currently working with Lockheed Martin and VT Plc helping them with a major
new initiative in the UK. Our NDA does not allow us to provide further details at this time.


“Free Spirited and unconventional”! Ocean village is a modern, different concept in
cruising and we have recently produced a major new promotional video for them.
Currently we’re producing their first broadcast commercial to be broadcast nationwide in
early 2008.

Full client list

    Accenture . Aon. Applied Materials . Asda . Astra . Atradius . British National Space
Centre . Burger King . Cafcass . Dandara . Domino Printing Sciences . easyJet . Europe
Online . English National Ballet . Essex County Council . Gerling NCM . GlobeCast . The
 Irish Government . Kent County Council . Legal & General . Lockheed Martin . Marks &
   Spencer . The Marketing Partnership . The Ministry of Defence . News International .
Medeva Pharma . Ocean Village . Ordnance Survey . Publicis . Sainsbury's . Saga . SES
      Global . SES Americom . SHL . Stolt Offshore . The Luxembourg Government
                The London Financial futures Exchange . WH Smith . Willis

Tigervision specialises in corporate communications, which is all produced to the very
best broadcast quality. However we are also involved in broadcast production. This

Advertising content - for ASDA, Astra, Saga Holidays, Ocean Village, easyJet,
SESGlobal, The Irish Government and others.

Video News Releases - for Atradius, Accenture, English National Ballet, Saga, SES and
many others.

Wildlife programming, having produced a documentary on the Serengeti, broadcast on
Discovery and others.

Provision of services to other producers including MTV, GMTV, TV1000, Bjork
Management, Thames, Thomas Cook TV.


Tigervision owns and operates many of its own facilities, which allows us to be more
flexible and competitive for our clients.

We have a new lease on our offices in Covent Garden, where we also have further
space currently sub let but will allow for expansion.

We have our own broadcast camera kits - including High Definition (Sony HD Cam), plus
edit suites and graphics and multimedia facilities.

Our two edit suites are AVID systems; both are able to operate as off-line and on-line.
We deliver generally on Digital Betacam or more recently in High Definition. Our latest
edit suite is capable of working in full High Definition (1920X1080 50i/25p). We also have
final cut pro workstations.

We have multimedia facilities, allowing us to create graphics in house as well as produce
interactive content such as CD-ROM, DVD and Internet applications. We're also able to
deliver the video content we produce in all these digital video formats.

We do still go out to trusted suppliers for specialist services such as 3D graphics and
audio post-production. These suppliers are well known to us and provide us with
excellent service and good deals.

In terms of quality, we position ourselves as offering the best quality available, so we
have to ensure that we really do provide that. Technically, we produce our programmes
at standards that will at least match broadcast standards, often exceed them.
Corporate and financial

Tigervision Ltd
27, Maiden Lane
Covent Garden
London WC2E 7JS

General contact:

Tel:             0207 438 9960
Website:         www.tigervision.com

Company registration number:           2251441
VAT registration number:               523253377
DUNS credit rating number:             399450279


We are fully insured for all eventuality to protect us and our clients including 10,000,000
employers, public and products liability, and all risks videotape to cover our clients'
programmes in production.


In May 2007 Tigervision acquired sixteen:nine; a smaller company with a turnover of
approximately £200,000. This acquisition expanded our business and brought in another
senior business winner and director into the company. As the accounts are done to
October, the results of this move will only partially be reflected in this years results, but
monthly turnover (June – October) since completion of the acquisition and integration of
the businesses has been 60K average pointing at annual turnover now of £700,000.

Recent financial history – in 000’s.

Year          Turnover      Gross profit Pre tax profit
       2003             277           192                    20
       2004             278           196                    55
       2005             342           235                    79
       2006             420           300                    95
       2007       500+ TBC           TBC                    TBC
Showreel contents

                              Tigervision showreel - DVD

"General Showreel."

This is a short two-minute edit containing a host of different shots taken from the
programmes we have made. It's designed to show the diversity and quality of the
material we produce.



There are two clips on the showreel from Accenture programmes. The first is a clip from
a programme called “Hazel Grove”, which was about their work with Sainsbury’s in
developing the flagship new technology store.

The second clip form “Mission Control” is part of a programme that described how (as
part of a 7yr £Bn outsourcing and consulting deal) Accenture rolled out new technology
into over 500 stores around the country in just six months.


The Aon promotional video was designed to be used at exhibitions, at sales meetings
and installed across their foyers in AV Kiosks. Because it had to work in many
environments where sound might be an issue it was designed with no voice-over, just
captions and music.


Atradius is an international company specialising in risk management services.
Previously Gerling NCM, we made this film to help position the new organisation to the
press, it’s clients and to international financial institutions


Domino makes industrial ink jet printers, which operates on production lines all over the
world. This clip is from a promo we made for the release of the “Codebox 3”


With the acquisition of Go, easyJet were set to become Europe's leading low fares
airline. As part of the "coming together" they needed a video to explain what was
happening to all their staff. Cut to a Primal Scream track, the goal of the programme was
to explain the reasons for the merger, convey the aspirations of the company, and above
all to reassure everyone that they, the people who worked there, would continue to be
the key to the company's success. We produced 3000 copies, which were distributed to
all the staff at both companies.
News International.
This programme was made to show how a wide variety of staff in diverse roles
contributed to putting out four major national newspapers every day. It was used to show
to staff and families of employees and for induction. It had some voice over, but also
used extensive contributions from the staff themselves at all levels. Originally conceived
as an internal communications project, it went down so well that the programme was
also used externally around the world to describe the UK operation.


This is the Saga promotional video, which we made to help them achieve their
management buy out in 2004. It was designed to show how superbly successful the
organisation was, and to help take away the negative perceptions about a company
providing for the “grey” market.


SES owns and operates a high proportion of the world's communication satellites,
including the ASTRA system in Europe, Brasilsat, Asiasat and Americom on the USA.
As such they broadcast a huge proportion of the world's TV and provide connectivity for
many other communications applications. This clip is from the SESGlobal programme
and is originally an HD production.


Essex County Council "Choosing Childcare".

This programme was made to help parents and carers make decisions about childcare,
whether it be nurseries, day care, crèches, childminders, whatever. It was made using
real contributions from parents and carers who had already been through the process
and really knew the things to look for, and involved shooting at nurseries and many other
types of childcare centres within the country. We also produced this programme in seven
ethnic minority languages, from Bengali to Cantonese.

Luxembourg - "Caring For the Environment ".

This was one of four programmes made to show at the Hanover Expo 2000 on the
Luxembourg Government's stand. They were created with captions so that the
messages would not suffer if the sound were not heard in the exhibition environment.
This particular programme documented Luxembourg’s efforts in protecting the


English National Ballet
Clip from Electronic Press Kit for the new production of the Nutcracker designed by
Gerald Scarfe.

"Serengeti Burning"
Clip from broadcast documentary, shot on location in Tanzania and broadcast among on
others, Discovery.

ASTRA "Rabid Sunflowers"
This 40 second ad was made for ASTRA who are the European operator of the ASTRA
satellite system and we won this job against international competition. They wanted to
be slightly "off the wall" but still retain the message of connecting people - without getting
into technology.

Saga “South Africa”

One of a set of 7, 10 second direct response adverts produced for Saga in 2005.

Key personnel and CV's

We retain a relatively small number of full time staff and use trusted freelancers on a
regular basis, which is not that unusual in the industry. It does keep our cost base down
and hence helps us be competitive.

Key full time employees

Stephen Hervieu                Producer/director & MD
Martin Davey                   Producer/director & Company Director
Katie Russell                  Production Manager
Helen Douse                    Production Assistant
Matt King                      Technical manager/Editor
James Gilmore                  Editor
Antione Dixon –Bellot          Technical Production Assistant/Editor

Key regular freelancers

Simon Hinshelwood              Director
Peter Darrell                  Director
Roy Jones                      Director
Chris Connell                  Senior Camera Person
Mark Swinglehurst              Sound Supervisor
Ross Macleod                   Editor
Ned Hards                      Sound Supervisor
Michael Gibbins                3D & Graphics animator
Stephen Hervieu Biography

Stephen combines a degree in science with a diploma in dramatic art and directing. He
trained as an editor at the Moving Picture Company in London, working mainly on
commercials, then joined TVam at its first transmission, working on News, Sport and
Features. Some ten years ago he went freelance, working as an editor and as a director
for many network and independent TV companies on a wide variety of programming.

In a freelance capacity his experience included coverage of major International events
such as the G7 Summit in the UK and the US elections for ABC New York, Sports such
as US football, Wimbledon and Formula 1, plus science programmes, training and
promotional films.

At the same time Stephen founded Tigervision to develop some of his own projects
whilst he was working freelance for other major TV stations and facilities. However, by
1995 Tigervision began to get a name for itself in its own right and Stephen therefore left
freelance work to devote his time to growing and developing the company's services.

With Tigervision Stephen has created many corporate communications programmes for
companies and organisations both large and small, including Accenture, News
International, easyJet, Ordnance Survey, SESGlobal, Marks & Spencer and the
Luxembourg Government. He has also produced broadcast material including a wildlife
programme filmed in the Serengeti and transmitted on Discovery and various


These are examples of written references that we hold.

Gary Hicks, Head of Corporate Communications, Atradius:

"Tigervision produced an excellent video programme for us - in seven languages - for
presentation at major launches at several key sites in Europe and for ongoing use
around the world. We were impressed with their commitment and flexibility in helping us
achieve our objectives. The programme, which was carried out to a tight timetable and to
budget, has been very well received and is working excellently for us. Many thanks for a
splendid job!"

Richard Wildman, Partner, Accenture:

"We have been pleased to continue to work very closely with Tigervision this year with
some of our most significant clients. Tigervision have recently won approved supplier
status with Accenture, which in itself is no mean feat, but more importantly they continue
to exceed our expectations, both in terms of quality and content, on a project by project
basis. We look forward to working with the team at Tigervision again in the near future."
Shelley Wilson - Webb, Accenture:

`"Accenture asked Tigervision to create a series of videos to demonstrate insight into the
activities and habits of the Internet consumer. This involved interviewing various subject
matter experts, and numerous consumers in Internet cafes in London and Amsterdam,
packaged up in a presentation-ready format. We were delighted with the
professionalism, creativity and flexibility of the Tigervision team; the finished product has
exceeded our expectations and they were a pleasure to work with."

Jean Paul Hoffmann, VP, Communications, SES Global:

“I hereby certify that SES Global has worked with Tigervision for more than five years.

Tigervision have produced programmes for us for both internal and external use, such
as corporate and educational video programmes, interactive CD-Rom-based training
programmes, video-based training programmes, DVD-based presentation and exhibition
material for SES ASTRA.

We have been very pleased with the service provided by Tigervision during these years.
They have proven to be a reliable provider of high quality material, with a highly creative
approach and budget sensitivity. We are continuing to use Tigervision for updates to our
SES GLOBAL corporate video and we will certainly consider using them for other
communication requirements that may arise in the future.”

Anne-Marie Garrigan, Children’s Community Development Officer, Essex County

Tigervision have been a pleasure to work with. Steve and all his staff are always very
friendly, polite and helpful whilst retaining a professional approach. This was particularly
evident when the film crew went into the various childcare settings. All the settings
commented on how little disruption the film crew had caused and how they had
respected both the adults and the children; with whom they engaged to obtain some
excellent material for the video. All timescales were adhered to and the video was
delivered to cost, on time, in the correct quantities and finished to a very high standard.
Working with Tigervision was definitely a positive experience, which resulted in a very
high quality video, which is a pleasure to show to parents and carers.

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