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									          Snake Valley
           Action Plan
          November 2008

This document is available on the Snake Valley public website
                      Snake Valley...Who we are                                                                    How we will use this plan
                                                                                                               This document can be used:
Snake Valley is 25 kilometres west of Ballarat and       Snake Valley has a high proportion of volunteers
25km southeast of Beaufort, in the triangle cre-         for its population and a high level of community      •     to identify our shared priorities in the
ated by the Western and the Glenelg Highways.            participation in many aspects of civic life.                township and district of Snake Valley
White settlement began in 1838 at the Aboriginal         We believe this level of community commitment
hunting ground known as Kurnam (later Carng-             deserves to be met with a similar level of support    •     as a document that informs the Pyrenees
ham) and boomed during the gold rush of 1857.            and interest from our local, state and federal rep-         Shire’s Council Plan and other strategic
At one time, the district had almost 10,000 white        resentatives and from the organisations whose               planning.
settlers and supported four hotels and a casino,         charter is to provide services and infrastructure
plus numerous shops, trades people and other             for our community.                                    •     as a reference document for local groups
agricultural enterprises. After the Depression, two                                                                  when preparing grants submissions and
World Wars, low wool prices and rural decline, the       Snake Valley CAP group at November 2008                     to accompany grant applications to show
fortune of the town is now turning around because                                                                    community support for particular projects
it is an attractive residential choice for those seek-                   Lysette Ashford                             and indicate shared priorities
ing a quiet rural setting that is close to the re-                           Kim Bush
gional centre of Ballarat. The town now has one                           Anthony Baker                        •     as a way of documenting achievements of
hotel, a general store and three churches. Houses                           Kate Breen                               the community and providing a
and cottages are scattered along the two main                               Ann Collett                              reference for future plans.
roads. Numerous bush blocks surround them and                              Tony Collett
small to medium-sized farm holdings lie beyond.                         Laurel Donaldson                       •     As a way of capturing good ideas,
The median house price increased by 296% be-                                David Foy                                enterprises and innovative thinking
tween 1995 and 2005 and the Pyrenees Shire                                  David Gay
Council’s planning department is handling an                            Rhonda Harrison
increasing number of applications for new houses,                    Sheena Humphrey-Brown
subdivisions and renovations.                                               Ken James
                                                                         Angus McIntosh
After the devastating fires in early 2006, Snake                         Evelyn McIntosh
Valley received more than $100,000 from the                               Sonia Missen
State Government’s Small Town Development                                  Sharon Nunn
Fund, CHACC and the Pyrenees Shire. This was                              Frances Sensi
used by Council for car park bollards, works at the                       Joseph Sensi
Mag Dam, upgrades to the Carngham Recreation                               Pat Yeoman
Reserve building and to construct stone town
entrance signs late in 2007.
How this plan was made                                                 Since a community action plan is a living document, the community is
                                                                       continually invited to contribute to it and be part of the periodic review

The group that oversees this document, the Snake Valley and            The Snake Valley News and, more recently, the Snake Valley website
District Forum, was formed after a widely advertised public meeting    will continue to be used as a means of keeping people up to date about
and workshop held on Wednesday 2nd of August 2006.                     Snake Valley Forum meetings and activities.

Over 40 people from the community participated in the workshop,        Groups that do not have a nominated forum representative are
and 14 people then nominated to be part of the forum, whose job it     consulted by e-mail or letter to secure their contributions to the plan but
would be to meet every six months to a year to review the plan.        they are welcome to send a representative to meetings on an ad hoc
                                                                       basis or to add a new member to the team at any time.
The nominated individuals were welcome to continue on the group        Drafts of the plan are circulated to all groups when the review cycle be-
for some time or to encourage others to take over their positions so   gins. This does not run to a set timetable but the group has agreed that
that there continued a healthy renewal of ideas and perspectives       it be done at least every year and more frequently if there is the need.
with the assurance of a written plan that provides continuity.
                                                                       The Pyrenees Shire’s Community Liaison Officer (currently Maria Rice)
                                                                       and the local councillor are asked for input such as information about
                                                                       available grants or new policies or activities of council that may affect
                                                                       the objectives in the Snake Valley CAP.
                                                                       This edition of the action plan is the product of the most recent review
                                                                       cycle which began with a community meeting on Monday the 18th of
                                                                       August 2008 at the Snake Valley Hall. After the meeting, amendments
                                                                       and additions were forwarded for inclusion.

                                                                       Since the inception of this plan several local groups have developed
                                                                       their own specific management plans and these will be referred to in
                                                                       this document.

                                                                       Local resident, Kim Bush, was elected as the Snake Valley representa-
                                                                       tive to the Pyrenees Review Board, a body set up with members from
                                                                       across the municipality to look at priorities in community action plans.
                                                                       She has recently resigned from this position and we are looking for a
                                                                       new representative as this goes to print.

Streetscape works and public areas
Street beautification mainly of the central streets of the township,
including the upkeep and installation of street                        How we grouped our issues
furniture, bike racks, signage etc.
We want to cultivate a relationship with council that
ensures public areas receive adequate attention and budget
allocation each year to improve the aesthetic and functional
aspects of the township and surrounds.                                         Community Groups
                                                                                and Committees
Issue in these pages (7-9) are the domain of no particular
community group and so will be championed by the Snake
Valley and District Forum as a whole.                                  Each group in the district has their
                                                                       own page or pages which they
Networking the Neighbourhood                                           contributed after consultation with
Includes, but is not limited to, the Snake Valley News, Snake          their members.
Valley Website and telecommunications companies who provide
the Snake Valley district with broadband and emerging technolo-        The format of each page varies to
gies.                                                                  reflect the needs of that particular
                                                                       group or activity.
It also overlaps into the Community Fireguard program and
includes the development of welcome packs for new residents.           There are many issues and projects named in this plan that require council
                                                                       and state government support in addition to community input. This is noted
                                                                       in the plan where appropriate.

                                                                       Some projects actions are ongoing, some are entirely community-driven
                                                                       while others are considered by council to be part of their core function.
                                                                       There has been an attempt therefore to separate “wants” from “needs” so
                                                                       that community expectations do not exceed the capabilities of local
                                                                       government to deliver or the sustainability of a project.

                                                                       Since the first plan we have found that many objectives overlapped and so
                                                                       they may be referred to twice in the document under different headings.
                                                                       For example, the need for safe walking and cycling access from the centre of
                                                                       the Snake Valley township to the Carngham Recreation Reserve.

 What is our shared vision?                                            Other issue outside the
Economic:                                                              scope of this plan:
To help community groups run events to sustain their activities.
Encourage new enterprises to make Snake Valley their home,             The Pyrenees Shire Council has had
whether they be tradespeople, retail or home-based.                    preliminary discussions with Central
Telecommuters welcome!                                                 Highlands Water and the State Gov-
Work with groups in the greater region such as cycling clubs or        ernment about the need for some
equestrian clubs to encourage them to include Snake Valley in their    form of shared sewage-treatment
events planning . Provide reasons for visitors to stay, with flow-on   system for the township. A structural
economic benefit.                                                      planning workshop was held in 2006
                                                                       and about 40 residents participated in the session, with overwhelming support ex-
Social / cultural:                                                     pressed for council to continue lobbying for a long-term solution. Participants in
Improve the way we run events and work smarter, not harder.            the workshop agreed that it would be ideal if not mandatory in this time of uncertain
Encourage young people to be the instigators of their own              rainfall to look for a system that allowed treated water to be considered for use lo-
activities—show them how, then let them show us what they can do!      cally for the sports grounds, golf course, emergency fire fighting water and orna-
Value the history of the town. Liaise with relevant Pyrenees Shire     mental wetlands. In November 2008, the Pyrenees Shire lodged an application
Council officer and explore opportunities for arts events, plays,      with the state government for $1M under the Small Town Water Quality Fund
workshops and other cultural events. Use the talents and skills of     towards sewerage for Snake Valley.
our current residents in the area of arts and cultural events.
Increase use of the Hall and the Recreation Reserve buildings by       Insurance
advertising rates and facilities in local paper and newsletter.        The Public Liability Insurance issue needs to be resolved, as it affects volunteer
                                                                       working bees in public areas, the conduct of events on the streets and the fundrais-
Communication:                                                         ing activities of most groups and whole-of-community events such as the Cancer
Support the newsletter and website. Create a brochure for places of    Council Biggest Morning Tea and the Rally in the Valley.
historical significance. Broaden Community Fireguard network .         Lack of insurance has the potential to impede many of our objectives. We want the
Welcome and assist new residents to connect with the community.        council to lobby the MAV and the VLGA on our behalf (and all Pyrenees communi-
                                                                       ties) to negotiate for one over-arching insurance policy for volunteers and events.
Environmental:                                                         Procedures and guidelines are required to enable groups and activities to comply
Make the town attractive and encourage tidier private properties.      with the law and to have satisfactory cover without the burden of huge premiums.
More tree planting; less asphalt, better street curbing, paving and
drainage. Maintain roadside slashing,spraying and controlled burns.    Safe Food Handing
Safe walking paths and cycle areas and access.                         Council generously funded a group of 25 to undertake this training in mid 2008 and
                                                                       we would like council to continue to assist with the running of Food Handling
                                                                       courses at regular intervals so that volunteers don’t have to raise funds only to
Technologically:                                                       spend the money on complying with legislation.
Continue computer training at the Snake Valley Hall. Investigate
reliable and faster internet capacity for residents who work from
home. Lobby to ensure that 3G network delivers equal or superior                                                                                     5
coverage to that now available.
                                                                                                                   St Brigid’s Altar Society (Catholic
                     Snake Valley & District Groups and Contacts                                                   Church)
                                                                                                                   Mrs Kathleen O’Brien, Secretary,
Snake Valley Hall Committee of                                                                                     Smythesdale Rd, Snake Valley 3351
                                    Snake Valley & District Fire Brigade   Parents & Friends Group                 Ph: 5344 9257
Management                          (CFA)                                  Mrs Toni Palmer President
Mrs Sonia Missen, Booking Officer   Mr David Foy, Secretary,               Smythesdale Rd                          Snake Valley Uniting Church
Ph: 5344 9300                       Main Rd, Snake Valley Vic 3351         Snake Valley, Vic 3351                  Mr Jack Brown, Preston Hill Rd,
Mrs Shirley Carson                  Ph: 5344 9293                          Ph: 5344 9591                           Snake Valley, Vic, 3351
Secretary, Station Lane   
Snake Valley Vic 3351                                                                                              Ph: 5344 9273
                                                                           Snake Valley Playgroup
Ph: 5344 9522                       Captain: Mr Craig McInnis              Ms Kylie Ormrod                         Snake Valley Anglican Church       Blackfellows Lane,                     c/o General Store                       Mr Steve Greenbank,
                                    Hillcrest, Vic 3351                    Snake Valley Vic 3351                   Carngham Rd Snake Valley 3351
                                    Ph: 5344 9540                          Ph: 5344 9533
Carngham Recreation Reserve
                                                                                                                   Ph:5344 9270
Committee of Management
Mr Gary Palmer, President,                                                 Mag Dam Reserve                         Snake Valley Astronomical
                                    Snake Valley CFA Auxiliary             Committee of Management
Smythesdale Rd, Snake Valley 3351   & Community Fireguard                                                          Association
                                                                           Mr Philip Brown, Chairperson            Mr Ken James
Ph: 5344 9591                       Mrs Diane Foy, Secretary                                           Linton Road, Snake Valley 3351          c/o General Store, Snake Valley
                                    Main Rd, Snake Valley, Vic 3351        Ph: 5344 9194
                                    Ph: 5344 9293                                                                  3351     Ph: 0418 425 207
Carngham Cricket Club
Mr Darcy Franklin, President        Snake Valley & District
Pittong Rd, Snake Valley 3351                                              Woady Yaloak Primary School             Snake Valley General Store
                                    Historical Society                     Council, Snake Valley Campus
Ph: 0437 097 717                                                                                                   Mrs Ann & Mr Kevin Searle
                                    Mrs Helen Fox, Treasurer               Smythesdale Rd, Snake Valley 3351                                                                                              Main Rd, Snake Valley 3351
                                    c/o General Store, Snake Valley 3351   Fax: 5344 9566                          Ph: 5344 9255
                                    Ph: 5344 9440                          Ph: 5344 9274
Carngham Linton Football                                                                                 
Netball Club
Administration,                                                            Mr Alan Campbell                        Snake Valley News
                                    Friends of the RSL
Mrs Sharon Nunn,                                                                                                   Mrs Lysette Ashford
                                    Snake Valley- Carngham Branch          Assistant Principal,
Chepstowe Rd, Snake Valley 3351                                                                                    c/o General Store
                                    Angus McIntosh, Secretary              Snake Valley Campus Principal
Ph: 5344 9250                                                                                                      Snake Valley Vic 3351
                                    c/o General Store Snake Valley 3351    Ms Laurel Donaldson                                                                                   Ph: 5344 9295
                                    Ph: 5344 9574                
Snake Valley Golf Club                                                                                             Snake Valley Community
Mr Norman Davies                                                           School Councillors                      Emergency Response Team (CERT)
                                    Landcare Inc. (Snake Valley)           Mrs Helen O’Brien,
Haddon-Preston Hill Rd,             Mr Tim Baxter,                                                                 Team Leader,
Haddon Vic 3351                                                            Ph: 5344 9482                           Ms Angela Etheridge 0458 449 286
                                    Carngham Rd , Snake Valley, 3351
Ph: 5342 5258                       Ph: 5344 9274                                                                  Committee Chairperson
                                                                           Mrs Kellie Bull                                                    6
                                                                                                                   Mr Anthony Baker 0429 933 524
(clubhouse Ph: 5344 9424)
                                                                           5344 9562                     
                                           Streetscape works and public areas
                                           Part of an attractive streetscape is the responsibility of private householders.
                                           Their cooperation can be encouraged by setting a high standard of maintenance in the public areas, which
                                           requires a collaboration between council and residents. The SV CAP forum needs to have ongoing dialogue with
                                           council’s works department and the opportunity to make budget submissions to achieve this.

                                                                                                                     Other issues
                                           What are the priorities              How will this be achieved
                                                                                                                     Bluestone gutters outside the hotel are
                                           To maintain the character of the     Consult heritage advisor and local   protected by Overlay—must consider
                                           town while improving amenity.        residents.
Recent achievements                                                                                                  preservation if works take place.
                                           Inspection of drainage problems on   Request council work department    Snake Valley News is used to promote
Repairs to footbridge opposite
                                           Smythesdale Rd (near Historical      inspect areas and affected areas   scrap metal collection and Clean-up
Honour Reserve completed.
                                           Society and at Nunn’s Rd intersec-   and budget for remedial drainage   Australia Day.
                                           tion).                               work ASAP.                         Can we increase participation on this
Bollards and formalisation of car park
opposite hotel completed.                                                                                          day? — consider approaching groups
                                           Grass slashing and permanent         Request council to maintain slash- directly in early January to sign them
                                           suppression of grass around new      ing (and poisoning?) and municipal up. Council notification required for any
Increased response to residents’
                                           stone town-entrance signs            fire prevention works program.     large one-off clean-ups so transfer
requests to Municipal Fire Prevention
Officer,                                                                                                           station can receive volume.
                                           Level of roadside slashing program   Request council work department
                                           needs to be maintained.              improve work as budget allows      Continued council and DSE co-
Planting of traffic islands and survival
of plants through drought.                                                                                         operation to be sought for gorse and
                                           Consider better kerb and channel     Request council consider this at   noxious weeds control in public areas
                                           work in town centre                  mid-budget review time and future Landholder education through SVN and
Some clean ups of private proper-
                                                                                budgets.                           direct mail outs.
ties—cars and scrap metal removed.
Also some renovation of unoccupied
                                   Consider upgrade of carpark in               Arrange meeting with council to      CAP group to approach DSE, Vicroads
premises in Linton Road.
                                   front of Historical Society.                 discuss the best ongoing plan for    or governing bodies of public areas that
                                                                                car park upgrade and for mainte-     fail to remove weeds – SVCAP forum
Increased gorse removal on private
                                                                                nance of traffic island plantings    should consider regular contact with
                                           Find a way of maintaining traffic                                         Municipal Fire Prevention Officer to no-
                                           island planting that includes weed   Discuss with Council works dept.     tify him of problem areas.
Ordering of direction signs on
                                           control, trimming and plant replace-
Beaufort-Ballarat Road indicating
                                           ment when needed                                                                                        7
fuel, BBQ, toilets etc.
    Streetscape works and public areas
           —street furniture, signage and features

Recent achievements                    What are the priorities                  How will this be achieved

Snake Valley and district map was      Place second map at General              Angus McIntosh to co-ordinate.
completed and mounted on hall by       Store. Make map available on SV          Maria Rice to advise about
CAP group led by Angus McIntosh.       website for visitors to find places of   other town maps.
Could be adapted in the future with-   interest around town; to direct to       Fund through Community
space for sponsors and advertisers.    surrounding towns. Make the map          Grants?
                                       easy to download and print to A4.        (see SV Historical Society page)
Three stone town-entrance signs
completed on main roads into town
                                       Need to revisit Thompson Hay             Council to undertake audit of current   Other issues
                                       original street plan for Snake Val-      street trees (mainly cypress) and
Two picnic benches and barbecue        ley and consider suitable street         discuss results with SV CAP group.      Public lighting
installed at side of hall.             trees—local and professional             Public meetings and broad advertis-     While some members of the
                                       arborist advice required .               ing and consultation needed if trees    community want to see more street
                                                                                are to be removed and replaced.         lighting in the township, the Snake
Old pine play equipment removed        Suggest shade trees between hall                                                 Valley Astronomical Association has
from Snake Valley Hall grounds and     and general store.                                                               requested that consultation on the
replaced by Pyrenees Shire with                                                                                         subject includes them and the CAP
modern safety-approved equipment                                                                                        group. Continue dialogue with SVAA
                                                                                Approach Pyrenees Shire Assets          about being a “Dark Sky Town”.
New bus shelter installed in Linton    Wooden rubbish bin surrounds at          and Infrastructure Department coun-
Road near Lawrence Drive, Ripon        general store and hall in main           cil about funding and advice on best
Village.                               street.                                  design and possible source of fund-     The SVAA have also urged council to
                                                                                ing.                                    install low-energy products and con-
                                                                                                                        sider “cut off ” lighting when existing
Walking map/brochure produced by                                                As above                                lighting needs replacement.
Snake Valley & District Historical     Provide dog tie and horse hitching                                               -see page 21
Society—see page 18                    points, water troughs around town.

 Streetscape works and public areas—walking paths and pedestrian access
 The idea for a walking track began many years ago because of concern for the safety of pedestrians, and especially for children on their way to and
 from school. The track is now used on a regular basis as part of the school fitness program. The local community is invited to join with the school
 on a regular Friday morning walk and this has now become a firm fixture in the school week, with parents and friends meeting at the school gate and
 enjoying a walk together.
 The track also serves as a safe path for those who enjoy light exercise, and sometimes people passing through take a short stroll along the track to
 ‘stretch the legs’. Since the track has received some maintenance attention from council, the Historical Society now plans to produce some form of
 interpretative signs or plaques of local history for the use of locals and visitors. Meanwhile, the track is has received a final re-sheet on the Nunn’s
 Road section as well as weed spraying in this area.
 *The SV Forum Group needs to sit down with council representatives to discuss the longer-term maintenance program for this important asset.

Recent achievements                        What are the priorities                     How will this be achieved               Other Issues

All-weather access for the walking track   Drainage is an ongoing concern and          Meet with council to discuss ongo-      Footpath maintenance needs to
was recently achieved but still requires   needs regular monitoring.                   ing management plan for the exist-      be done regularly, as it provides
remedial work and monitoring.              Areas of path can wash away in              ing walking path.                       safe pedestrian access around
                                           heavy rain.                                                                         the whole town.

                                           To keep this track in good order and        Meet with council to discuss ongo-      Apply to council community
Exercise stations on the walking track.
                                           to consider additional paved exten-         ing budgetary requirements for          grants to put two or three local
                                           sions to be added as the community          possible extensions. Could there        residents through accredited
                                           identifies priority areas on the exist-     be a regular Snake Valley walking       chemical handling course which
                                           ing track and as council budget             path line item in future budgets?       they can use to pledge volunteer
                                           allows. This would be mainly in the                                                 hours as well as for their own
                                           central town zone.                                                                  purposes.
                                                                                                                               These accredited people could
                                                                                                                               do occasional work on path if
                                           Construction of pedestrian/bicycle                                                  needed and pledge hours to
                                           access from the main street, down           Meet with council to investigate        other community projects
                                           Chepstowe Rd to the Carngham                the costs and feasibility of this ma-
                                           Recreation Reserve has emerged as           jor work and recommend that it be       See Mag Dam issues on page 20
                                           an important project.                       adopted as a long-term goal for
                                           This route is not safe for children to      council.
                                           walk or ride bikes to the sporting
                                           facilities. Most residents consider
                                           this to be a costly but vital project for
                                           council to consider in their budget or                                                                        9
                                           to seek external funding.
Networking the neighbourhood
The Snake Valley News is mailed out and distributed free on the first of every month. Its 30 or so pages are filled with articles
contributed by local residents, local government and state authorities such as Beaufort Skipton Health Services. A portion of
the advertising revenue from the paper is offered back to local community activities in a “mini grant” scheme. The newsletter
has helped to inspire the Snake Valley Public Website. This website is in the process of being built with input from the whole
community and has will potentially involve partnerships with other businesses in Ballarat. Considering its population and
demographic, Snake Valley has quite a high level of uptake of broadband and ADSL etc.

Recent achievements                                                                                                      Other
                                        What are the priorities                  How will this be achieved
Increased community contribution to
Snake Valley News. No shortage of       Welcome packs for new residents.         Driven by and designed by Snake         Who will lead this project?
paid advertisers which has enabled a    These should contain the most rele-      Valley community in conjunction with    Identify a coordinator to lead the
number of under $100 grants to be       vant information that a person setting   Pyrenees Shire. Communication on        production of welcome packs and
given to local projects.                up house needs to know. It should        this issue has been patchy - local      engage several helpers. Meet and
                                        also include information such as how     community is assured that some-         decide on contents of the pack.
Building of the Snake Valley website    to contact community groups, a calen-    thing will happen” by council, it       Seek funding through council or,
with community support. A local IT      dar of local events and emergency        never actually eventuates.              sponsors and advertisers. Discuss
“champion” has emerged who is co-       numbers.                                                                         design and distribution how to keep
ordinating the site and equipping       Advertisers in the SVNews could be       Use the website and the SVN as a        updated. Ask advice of the Snake
groups to maintain their parts of the   asked to sponsor.                        guide to what new residents want to     Valley General Store proprietors on
website                                                                          know. Ask Pyrenees Shire and the        contents of packs and distribution
                                                                                 general store what their top ten
Snake Valley Resource Room used                                                  inquiries are.
to run computer skills training.                                                                                     Mobile Library
                                                                                                                     Library funding is never guaranteed
Meeting with Telstra Countrywide        Increase the use of the Resource       Discuss with Beaufort Community       and community should be prepared
Manager to discuss local phone and      Room. Hold ongoing training in the     House. Use portion of council         to lobby to retain services if Central
broadband issues.                       room preferably run by local experts. budget for this room to fund training. Highlands ever considered further
                                        Give more residents the opportunity to                                       cuts.
                                        increase their computer skills for ad-  Use the SVN to promote classes       Snake Valley has a high percentage
                                        vancement in both their community      and ask what people’s needs are.      of people who use the services and
                                        work and their paid work.              Invite local people proficient in     it is a vital service. Consider writing
                                                                               computer skills to share skills with  to the Central Highland Library
                                                                               others. This can be both on a paid    Board our support for the service.
                                        Consider free computer classes for     and volunteer basis.
                                        Seniors Card holders.
Snake Valley Community Hall
The Snake Valley Hall Committee of Management is a section 86 committee of the Pyrenees Shire Council responsible for the upkeep of this public building
and dedicated to making sure this extensively renovated building stays in good order for its many users. The committee seeks grants and raises money to
purchase such essentials as kitchen equipment, better stage lighting, and floor coverings. In February 2008 the attached public toilets were renovated us-
ing state government drought funding.

                                                                            How will this be achieved
                                   What are the priorities                                                             Other Issues
 Recent achievements
                                   Explore other avenues for raising the The Hall Committee hopes to become            Committee may need to clarify again
 Committee obtained grant          profile of the Hall to increase diversity affiliated with Regional Arts Victoria;   with council as to what works are con-
 money from the Pyrenees           and frequency of use.                     giving it access to the networks that     sidered the domain of the section 86
 Review Board for new lighting     Installation of lighting and some addi- enable them to find appropriate cultural    committee and what comes under the
 and sound system.                 tional sound system on stage for use events to be put on at the Hall; as well       heading of standard maintenance work
 The equipment has been            at events and also to make venue          as access to funding to assist with       carried out annually by council.
 installed and was first used at   more useful to prospective user           improvements to the sound and lighting.
 the Rally in the Valley on        groups. Hope that this will attract       These improvements will cater for the     Council also required to monitor white
 November 1st 2008                 amateur theatre or performers from        changing needs at the hall.               ant problem in building and possible
                                   Ballarat or Beaufort                                                                roof leaks in vicinity of kitchen roof and
 New cutlery and crockery
                                   Develop the back stage area so it is                                                ceiling.
 and new stoves.                                                            Using a combination of our own funds
                                   usable for live performances to be
                                   staged. This would also mean devel-      and money from appropriate funding         The Hall Committee will establish
 Two picnic benches and BBQ                                                 bodies.
                                   oping a storage facility to cater for                                               stronger networks with Regional Arts
 installed at side of hall.
                                   props and equipment.                                                                Victoria through its Rural Liaison and
                                                                                                                       also investigate co-operation with
 Old pine playground removed                                                Assess need for hall to have own
                                   Consider purchase of data projector                                                 some of the smaller rural centres who
 and replaced with modern                                                   equipment or if it is cheaper to hire.
                                   and movie screen.                                                                   do not have Halls of their own, with a
 approved equipment—August                                                  Consider hiring from Historical Society
                                                                                                                       view to encouraging them to become
 2008                                                                       when required.
                                                                                                                       involved in the use of our Hall.
 Side area of hall made safe with Consider increase to hall and room        Committee members to discuss and
 ramp and rail.                   hire fees – refer to other venues in      reach consensus. Consider commu-
                                  shire                                     nity consultation before final decision.
 Public toilets completed          Encourage use of new BBQ and             Promote in SVN to let people know
                                   picnic area. Encourage use of new        they are welcome to use the area.
 Amendment of the Deeds of         playground area.                         Make sure BBQ/picnic icon appears
 Delegation to reflect the Com-                                             on new signage on Beaufort-Ballarat
 mittee's role in events organising Ask hall hirers about their needs and   Rd. Survey user groups and encour-
 thereby covering the insurance make sure that the venue continues          age hirer to give feedback on repairs
 for the town fair.                 to serve their “customers”.             and needs.                                                                  11
Bouncercise                                                     Current regular activities held                Family Daycare
                                                                                                               (occasional in-venue childcare)
The exercise club, “Bouncercise”, meets twice a week at         in the Snake Valley Hall—
the hall to provide healthy and fun activity for men and
                                                                                                               Need update from Pyrenees staff to appear
women of all ages and abilities.
                                                                                                               regularly in SVN and School newsletter.
                                                                Before and After School Care                   Co-coordinator of daycare at council needs to
Our priorities:                                                                                                be contacted to request this.
                                                                Members of the Snake Valley Primary
To have a local person trained as an instructor.                School Parents and Friends group have          Community needs to support the service to
Discussions are ongoing with Pyrenees Shire and Beaufort        identified the need for before and after       keep it going. Without some form of childcare,
and Skipton Health Services to provide this.                    school activities for prep to year six chil-   parents (mostly mothers of young children) will
                                                                dren. Many parents work in Ballarat and        find it difficulty to fully particulate in community
Increase membership—encourage participants to bring a
                                                                cannot return to Snake Valley before           activities.
friend or new neighbour.
                                                                school finishes. A program of activities
Encourage people to ride or walk to the classes –more bike      outside school hours could be run at the       Childcare provides employment, helps
stands needed—Investigate bicycle tracks to Hillcrest;          school if acceptable to the Education          community participation, helps “at risk”
along Carngham-Linton Road.                                     Department and relevant authorities.           families.
Make nutrition and healthy eating information available at      Pyrenees Shire is being asked for              Planned Activity Group
the classes to add value to the classes.                        information and possible ideas for existing
                                                                models elsewhere in the Shire.                 The Pyrenees Shire is offering a range of
Issues:                                                                                                        social activities for those who have difficulty
                                                                                                               accessing recreational activities independently.
This group will need to maintain a relationship with Beau-
fort Skipton Health Services so that it can take advantage      Playgroup                                      Activities will be run in the Snake Valley Hall,
                                                                                                               with trips to various local attractions and
of any support either financial or information that can be
                                                                Playgroup is run by local volunteers and       events.
offered—this includes funding for related activities that the
group can auspice—                                              offers a friendly, supportive environment
                                                                                                               The group will commence fortnightly on the
eg Heart week,                                                  for anyone who cares for children up to
                                                                                                               2nd and 4th Mondays of the month if there are
healthy breakfasts.                                             five years to meet and interact. It operates
                                                                                                               numbers to sustain it.
                                                                every Thursday morning at the Snake
Babies and Children                                             Valley Hall during school terms.                                                Maria Rice and
are welcome at                                                                                                                                  Sue O’Brien are
Bouncercise                                                     Regularly promoted in the Snake Valley                                          the contacts at
however parents                                                 News.                                                                            the Pyrenees
need childcare so                                                                                                                               Shire for these
they can obtain full                                            Consider more extensive information                                                activities.
benefit and                                                     about the benefits of going to a playgroup
enjoyment from                                                  being given via SVN and the visiting
exercise sessions.                                              maternal health nurse.                                                                  12
The Rally in the Valley Town Fair Day
The Town Fair is organised and co-ordinated by the Snake Valley Hall Committee. The main aim is to bring
the community and its groups together for an old-fashioned fair that showcases the town and its groups,
 provides an opportunity for all age groups to participate and encourages visitors into the town for the day.

Recent achievements                  What are the priorities                      How will this be achieved
                                   Clearly communicate with all of the local
Introduction of the Photo Compe- groups in the community that the Fair is       All community groups will be
tition which has attracted several a community event aimed at bringing          invited to a meeting to discuss the
sponsors                           people and groups in the community           future of the fair with the aim of
                                   together to help give the town a sense of    getting more community
Ongoing success of the Fun Dog belonging and identity that embraces             groups/individuals having represen-         Other Issues
Gymkhana which attracts a large everyone. The fundraising aspect may            tation and input into the running of
number of participants especially be considered a secondary outcome of          the fair. The outcome could be an           Accessing appropriate events that
young people.                                                                   organising body that has broad rep-         are low cost, family friendly and in
                                   the event.
                                                                                resentation and comes together to           line with the notion of an old fash-
Resolution to the issue of insur-    Remove some of the ownership of the        develop ideas for the fair and assist       ioned country get together that is
ance for the stall holders through   Fair and its running to assist with chang- with the facilitation/organisation of it.   supported by the whole community.
amendment to the Snake Valley        ing community perceptions that the Fair
Hall Committee of Management         is purely for fundraising
Deeds of Delegation (see page
11)                              Developing the Photo Competition so
                                 that it becomes an integral part of the          Committee members have
Resolution of temporary road     Fair—possible production of winning              attended an arts funding seminar to
closure for the day through      photos as postcards or in a town calen-          explore options for future funding
negotiations with Pyrenees Shire dar. Include photo gallery of winners on         and ideas for running more success-
Director of Assets and           the Snake Valley website.                        ful event.
                                 Establishing clear guidelines for the            The seminar also provide informa-
                                 sustainability of the fair in the longer         tion about funding for an external
                                 term with a clear “mission statement”            facilitator to assist with the process
                                 with the help of a facilitator.                  of developing our goals and estab-
                                                                                  lishing exactly what our expectations
                                     Look for alternative funding sources so      are.
                                     that we can provide an single major
                                     “attraction” to the Fair that will attract                                                                           13
                                     more non-residents
              Carngham Recreation Reserve
              The Carngham Recreation Reserve Committee of Management is a crown land committee delegated by the DSE and they are
              responsible for the upkeep and future development of the Carngham Recreation Reserve in Snake Valley. The Committee has
              undertaken a comprehensive review of its role and function and has recently developed a strategic plan for the future development of the
              Recreation Reserve. The Carngham Recreation Reserve has a mission statement of “to provide a facility that allows for sport, recrea-
              tion, social activities and a meeting place for the community” The committee of management operates under the values of enjoyment,
              integrity, opportunity, stability, accountability, belonging, and friendship.

Recent achievements                          What are the priorities                How will this be achieved
Extensive renovation and refit of the        Retro fit the main building with a A recent grant application to FRRR for      Other Issues
main building with working bees and          suspended ceiling to provide betterthe suspended ceiling was unsuccess-
funding from local and state govern-         acoustics and ability to heat the  ful but Pyrenees Shire is currently con-    Optus has made an approach to
ment and other sources. Successful           space allowing year-round use.     sidering either State Government            council about co-locating infra-
scrap metal drives and a Telstra lease                                          drought infrastructure funding or Fed-      structure at the Recreation Re-
agreement have provided extra funds.    Construction of new netball / tennis eral infrastructure funding announced          serve. Optus is currently consid-
Works include: bar refit, raised stage  court to allow Saturday football / net- on November 18th 2008.                      ering an alternative site in Snake
area, entry ramps upgrade, complete ball and tennis to return to Snake          Grants applications are also submitted
                                                                                                                            Valley but the reserve remains
paint out, sound system, external land- Valley.                                 with the DSE for disabled toilets and
                                                                                                                            fall-back site.
scaping, and better storage.                                                    female & umpire change rooms.
                                        Removal of excess buildings.
Greater community awareness of the
work done and the importance of the          Completion of the kitchen benches,     Advertising in local media. Surveying
facility through regular articles in local   storage cupboards and tiling,          community to make sure the facility
newsletter.                                  internal disabled toilet and female    fits changing needs
                                             change rooms.                          Pursue grants external to council
Family meal nights, formal functions                                                including Dept. Sport and Recreation
and increased community use.                 Upgrade to parking areas, and          grants.
                                             access to buildings and the reserve.
 The development of a strategic plan                                            Continuing to look for grants which
with the support of Community Forum, New cricket nets.                         will allow for Strategic Plan
Central Highlands Sport Assembly and                                           implementation. Liaise with DSE and
DSE.                                     Upgrade to external toilets and land- Sports Assembly for suitable advice.
Exploration of a drought proofing bore scaping.                                 Continued working bees from within
to the oval to allow all year round use.                                       the local community.
       Carngham Cricket Club                                   The Carngham Linton Football Netball Club
Fielding a Senior and Under 16s team each
summer, the Carngham Cricket Club, or the
‘Crocs’, is affiliated with the Grenville Cricket
Association. Reaching the 2007/8 season grand
                                                                                                             The combined club also encourages a strong
final in both divisions, the club boasts a success-
                                                                                                             family environment with the opportunity for both
ful past and continually appears as a regular in
                                                                                                             children and adults to be a part of one of the
finals games. In recent history, the junior team
                                                                                                             most successful sporting clubs in country Victo-
has been very successful, winning the flag several
times since 2005 due in no small part to their fully
accredited coaching staff.                                                                                   Many of the parents help with canteen duties,
As well as being a highly successful club, the                                                               umpiring, timekeeping and goal scoring in all
Crocs are dedicated to providing a supportive,                                                               grades. The club has had many representatives
encouraging environment for players, aiding them                                                             in interleague games at both the senior and jun-
in their success in their personal endeavours.                                                               ior levels over the last ten years. Carngham
                                                       Carngham Linton Football Netball is affiliated
One of our team members, a Snake Valley resi-                                                                Linton Football Netball Club has also been a big
                                                       with the Lexton Plains League which incorpo-
dent, has recently been selected at the national                                                             supporter of the Breast Cancer Foundation
                                                       rates an eight team competition in both football
representative level to tour the Caribbean in late                                                           making sizeable donations from gate takings at
                                                       and netball. The season begins in early April
2008.                                                                                                        a nominated game each year.
                                                       and culminates with a finals series and the
The club also has regular representatives in
                                                       Grand Final in early September.
league representative sides, and plays an active                                                               In the summer months, we work hard to main-
role at league level.                                  Our entire ten teams (five football & five netball)   tain our position as one of the league’s heavy-
A key priority for the Crocs is to provide players     all made the finals at the end of the 2008 sea-       weights both on and off the field.
with new cricket nets and to fully utilise the         son. To add to this impressive record, the sen-
Carngham Recreational Reserve.                         ior netball team won the premiership in 2008 for
In mid October 2008. the club put down a new           the first time in 33 years.
main pitch for use this coming season.                                                                        The Carngham Linton
Their annual Trivia Night is a key event for the                                                             Football Netball Club’s
                                                        Carngham Linton Football Netball Club fields
club and attracts a wide cross-section of the com-                                                           social calendar tries to
                                                       five teams in both football and netball: Seniors,
munity.                                                                                                      cater for most of our
                                                       Reserves, Under 17s,14s and 12s and prides
                                                                                                             diverse membership with
                                                       itself on providing an opportunity for between 80
                                                                                                             our Annual Club Ball,
                                                       and 100 young people to play sport each Satur-
                                                                                                             Sportsman's Night and
                                                       day and enjoy the team spirit and camaraderie
                                                                                                             events for the younger
                                                       that accompanies this. At the same time, the
                                                       clubs provides physical exercise and a way to
                                                       combat the common complaint in rural areas
                                                       that there is “nothing for young people to do.”
  Snake Valley & District Fire Brigade (CFA)
  We currently have over 100 volunteer members. This number includes office bearers, active fire-fighters, broader members, juniors and the Snake
  Valley CFA Auxiliary. The Snake Valley brigade has an impressive participation record at local and campaign fires and is renowned in the field of
  catering and fundraising. Our “Fifi the Firewoman” logo and merchandise is seen by the CFA as a model for innovative self-promotion.

                                          What are the priorities                      How will this be achieved
What is our role
                                          To relocate the fire shed from its current   Captain reported to August 2008          Emerging Issues
The Snake Valley Brigade is not           position in Murray Street so that it can     brigade meeting that the region sees
unique in its ability to fulfil several   accommodate the new larger tankers           our new shed as a priority. Floor        Encourage awareness of grid
community roles at once besides           and more of our existing brigade-owned       plans exist and a site on the Linton     references and how to make
our key roles of fire prevention and      equipment. The building needs to be of       Road has been earmarked as the           emergency phone call
community preparedness                    a design and size that fits our growing      new location. A community informa-
                                          population and high number of volun-         tion session should be considered        Note*
We also:                                  teers.                                       when we are closer to the sign –off      Council has allocated $3500 in
•    go away to “campaign” fires                                                       date.                                    08/09 budget for minor related
     across the state,                                                                                                          works for the new fire shed. We
•    attend house fires,                  Maintain our volunteer numbers and           Maintain a culture, through the          would like this amount to roll over
•    attend road accidents                welcome new members. Make sure               office bearers, of fairness and inclu-   into the new budget till required.
•    attend hazardous chemical            roles in the brigade are equally open to     sion. Offer other important support
     incidents.                           men and women, young and more ma-            roles to those who can no longer be
                                          ture, as long as they have the abilities     active fire fighters
We raise money for equipment,             for the task.
help people install smoke detec-
disseminate safety information            Keep our junior members interested so        Regularly review the activities of the
about house and bush fires.               they become full brigade members.            juniors to make sure they are
                                                                                       teaching useful skills while keeping
We raise money for other causes                                                        them motivated and enjoying them-
such as the Cancer Council of                                                          selves.
Australia and the Leukaemia
Foundation.                                                                            Use CFA education unit in Ballarat
                                                                                       to assist with awareness
In the juniors, we encouraged                                                          campaigns.
responsibility and cooperation as
well as healthy social fun.                                                                                                                                 16
                                       Snake Valley Community Fireguard
                                       This is a community development program designed to reduce the loss of lives and homes in bushfires. The CFA
                                       cannot provide every person and home with individual protection during a major bushfire and recognises that many
                                       people may have to face a fire without the support of CFA. Bushfires are survivable if people take responsibility for
                                       their fire safety and prepare themselves for the event of a bushfire in their area. Community Fireguard assists
                                       community groups to develop bushfire survival strategies that suit their lifestyle, environment and priorities.

                                        What are the priorities                    How will this be achieved
                                        Expansion of Community                     Ask CFA membership network to identify new residents. Ask general
 What is its role                       Fireguard membership in the district.      store to pass on any inquiries to brigade members so that the person can
                                                                                   be contacted. Have kits available at the Snake Valley General Store.
 Fire Prevention and Community          Make sure that every new resident is
 Preparedness.                          offered information and given the          Ask education unit in Ballarat and local CFA co-ordinator to assist with
                                        chance to join an existing fireguard       supply of up to date printed information for new residents. Talk to Pyre-
 Educating the community about fire     group or form a new one.                   nees Shire to use rates notice mailouts and other existing mechanisms
 safety and responsibility.                                                        get the fire safety message out to householders.
                                        To have printed information available in   Include CFA bushfire and house fire safety information in the welcome
 Encouraging community engage-          hard copy and on the Snake Valley
 ment and support of those in the                                                  packs (see page 10) .
                                        website for interested residents.          Continue to work with CFA education unit, Municipal Fire Prevention
 community who are vulnerable
                                                                                   Officer and local brigade to hold local community safety days.

     Snake Valley Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
     The CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trains regularly at the Snake Valley Hall and is on hand 24 hours a
     day to attend 000 emergency call-outs in the district. CERT operates under the guidelines of Regional Ambulance Victoria.

Our role:                                  Priorities                                                     Actions:
To serve the community as first aid        Ensure our members are trained for their roles.                Advertise our availability to provide first aid services
emergency responders.                      Encourage new membership                                       outside our emergency response role— in newsletter
                                           Maintain training to we can provide first aid services to      and papers
To educate the community about first aid   groups and functions (in the mode of St John Ambulance)        Community engagement and education through the
and uphold Ambulance Victoria’s protocols. Consider a permanent home/training room for the storage        Snake Valley Primary School.
To understand health and wellbeing within of equipment.                                                   Attend local markets and fairs for fundraising and
the community and identify those at risk   Fundraising to purchase equipment and assist with extra        community education of our services
and need of support.                       training costs including transport to external training etc.
   Snake Valley & District Historical Society
   The Snake Valley & District Historical Society continues to collect, preserve and keep our local history alive.
   They have renovated their club rooms which were previously the home of the RSL. This has given the Society the
   added responsibility of preserving material that belonged to the Carngham RSL. The Society has published a book of
   oral histories as well as several other local history booklets in addition to their regular newsletter “District Diggings”.

Recent achievements
                                      What are the priorities                  How will this be achieved                 Emerging Issues
Old Mortchup township historical
marker recently unveiled.             Collect Historical Marker locations      Speak to council about historical         The need for a toilet to be built as
                                      and decide on locations for road         marker signage—who will pay for it,       an addition to the existing
Advertising of books for sale from    signs to these sites for visitors to     where should it be placed.                building or inside the building.
the society in the Snake Valley       Snake Valley.
News.                                                                                                                    The Pyrenees Shire EHO has
                                                                                                                         looked at the site and has con-
Received Pyrenees Shire               To put the new Snake Valley                                                        cerns about the capacity of the
Community Grant funding for           brochure on the Snake Valley             Liaise with website co-ordinator.         land for a septic tank. This will
historic walking trail map and        website so it is user friendly and                                                 remain an issue for the commit-
launched completed brochure on        can be downloaded easily.                                                          tee until some suitable resolution
November 8th 2008.                                                                                                       can be found.
The brochure is free and can be       Develop a business plan using            Business plan being undertaken by
obtained from the General Store       advice and guidance from other           the group led by Angus McIntosh.          The old corrugated iron lock-up
and other outlets                     similar organisations                                                              needs to be moved from private
                                                                                                                         land next door because of the
                                                                                                                         upcoming sale of the property
                                      Digitize our photographic collection     Grants application currently being
                                      for security and so that it can be       considered by Local History Grants        Current negotiations with Pyre-
                                      used for PowerPoint presentations        Program for funding to digitize pho-      nees Shire question the need for
                                      and displays.                            tographic collection.                     a planning permit and fees due to
                                                                               If unsuccessful, grant money will be      the negligible distance of the
                                      To continue to improve our preser-       sought from alternative sources.          move and the nature of the
                                      vation methods and filing capacity.                                                structure.

                  Friends of the RSL—Snake Valley Carngham Branch
                  From 2002 to 2006 a casual collective of volunteers came together to clean up and maintain the Snake Valley and Carngham
                  District Honour Reserve and the World War 1 Memorial at the northern entrance of Snake Valley. This “Friends of the Honour Reserve”
                  group dedicated over 1000 hours of work in machine and person-power for which the Pyrenees Shire provided support.
                  We aim to continue management of the Honour Reserve and to oversee the repair, maintenance and improvement to the memorial. The
                  Friends of the RSL group consists of ten committee members and is auspiced, guided and insured under the Victorian RSL regulations.
                  Meetings and working bees are open to the public.

                                              What are the priorities           How will this be achieved                      Other Issues
     Recent achievements                                                                                            Encourage interest in Anzac Day and
                                          Paving and landscaping of the       Funding from state government
                                                                                                                    Remembrance Day ceremonies by
Friends of the RSL, Snake Valley -        Memorial surrounds to enable        Restoring Community War Memorials
                                                                                                                    inviting suitable speakers and guests
Carngham Branch formed in March           services to be held safely.         Program will cover most work
                                                                                                                    to participate in these events.
2007 to oversee repairs, maintenance
and improvements to the existing          To hold commemorative services      Ensure that list of names to be added
WW1 “Peace” statue.                       at the Memorial site and Reserve.   from World War 2 and other conflicts Seek community input, including
                                                                              is complete and correct.              schoolchildren, to keep ceremonies
Area surrounding the Memorial has                                                                                   meaningful and locally relevant.
been tidied up and old fence                                                  Contact Dept. Veterans Affairs for
                                          Addition of WW2 marble plaques
removed.                                                                      information about funding for such    Approach Shire about ways in which
                                          and names to the WW1 memorial
                                                                              projects.                             the Honour Reserve will be managed
Grant of $805 from the Bendigo Bank                                                                                 over time and what on-going assis-
will enable the repair, restoration and                                       Only a machine on tracks is able to   tance they can provide.
                                       Avenue trees on boundary fence
reinstatement of the Honour Reserve    require serious cutting back with   access the area. Both actions
sign and the cast iron fencing.                                            have to be done before volunteer          Pursue the idea of chemical
                                       removal of remaining stumps at
Damaged concrete columns to be                                                                                      handlers skills course for
                                       southern end of the Honour Reserve. work can continue. Group to
replaced with shaped timber posts.                                         approach Shire and seek advice and       community members.

Installation of new flag pole with                                         assistance.
$1,639 grant from Department of        A weed poisoning program to follow
                                       annually. Commitment from Shire      Use Snake Valley News to publicise
Veterans Affairs .                                                         working bees and ceremonies.
                                       for regular slashing of grassed
$8,954 from State Government’s         areas.                              Consult with RSL Victoria for
Restoring Community War Memorials                                          on-going advice and assistance.
Program will enable restoration of the Longer term goal is for seating and Continue to invite whole community
Peace statue and development of        picnic tables to be located in the  involvement.
proper and safe surrounds for          Honour Reserve. A boardwalk could
memorial services.                     also be considered for all weather  Investigate appropriate grants for
                                                                           these works.                                                            19
Mag Dam Public Recreation and Wetlands Reserve
The Mag Dam Nature Reserve Committee of Management sources funding from DSE and catchment authorities in order to continue the restoration
works and general beautification of the reserve into a meeting place for residents and visitors. They have regular working bees to ensure this contin-
ues. The Committee of Management is dedicated to the site rectification and beautification of the wetlands and riparian biodiversity at the Mag Dam
Reserve. It hopesto preserve the environmental wetlands for future generations and for everyone to enjoy the area as a recreational facility now.

                                          What are our priorities              How will this be achieved

                                          More seating along the walking       SVN provided $150 grant for this
                                          path—made by local craftsmen?        Purpose

                                          Picnic benches and seating near    Mag Dam Reserve Committee has
                                          car park.                          the opportunity to approach DSE as
                                                                             well as Glenelg Hopkins Catchment
                                                                                                                 Other Issues
                                          Perimeter fencing.                 Management Authority and
                                                                             Grampians, Wimmera Mallee           Committee needs to keep direct
 Recent achievements                      Further pedestrian access.         Water Authority for funding.        neighbours up to date with activities
                                                                                                                 on the site that effect them or which
 Earthworks completed with money                                                                                 they may want to help with.
 from the state governments drought       Biannual slashing program andcon- Liaise with Pyrenees Shire Munici-
 relief funding. This included some       tinual weed control.               pal Fire Prevention Officer.        Grass slashing and weed control
 gorse removal work as well.                                                                                     need to be discussed with
                                                                                                                 neighbours so that renewed
 Installation of shared access (with      Feasibility study needed for the   Committee to discuss and find       infestation does not jeopardise
 CFA) water tank and windmill.            possible construction of a pergola appropriate assistance. Approach    volunteers’ work.
                                          or rotunda, BBQ, and toilet.       Pyrenees Shire for examples of
 Overflow from tank to dam completed.                                        low- cost, low-maintenance designs. Pursue the idea of chemical
                                                                                                                 handlers skills course for
 Walking track continued through Mag                                         To be funded by Department of       community members.
 Dam reserve.                             Nesting boxes for birds.           Sustainability and Environment and See previous page
                                                                             installed by the committee with the
 Car park completed                                                          Snake Valley primary school stu-
                 Natural environment and conservation
What are the emerging ideas                         How can we develop them
Increase knowledge and awareness of local           Encourage a local flora and fauna category in
native animals, birdlife and plants.                the local photographic competition.
                                                    Start a data base of local flora and fauna on
Provide an opportunity for those with an            the Snake Valley website to which people can
amateur or professional inetrest in local flora     contribute and post questions on.
and fauna to meet.
                                                    Invite guests from DSE or Bird Observers
Work with Community Fireguard to get the            Club of Australia to come and speak in Snake
right message out about fire safety and living      Valley.
in a rural environment ie: that living safely in    Hold a get together at the hall where people      And also…
fire-prone areas does not require destruction       can bring their own photos, sketchbooks and       Several residents in our town and from other part of
of natural habitat.                                 text books to share information                   the municipality have expressed an interest in form-
                                                                                                      ing a native flora and fauna reference group as a “go
                                                                                                      to” organisation for the Pyrenees Shire when they are
Increase awareness of how to reduce water           Hold public workshops at the Snake Valley         making panning decision that effect biodiversity.
and power use and how to increase recycling         hall e.g. coping with drought; “think globally
of packaging etc.                                   act locally”                                      This could be organised online. Models exist in other
                                                                                                      Shires which could be adapted for our purposes.

                                                   The Snake Valley Astronomical Association
                                                   is a collective of interested amateurs who meet regularly in Snake Valley for viewings of
                                                   the night skies.
                                                   They have their own website at
                                                   They hold get-togethers where others can use the telescopes and learn about astronomy
                                                   and they run the very successful annual ‘Snake Valley Astronomy Camps’. Here in Snake Valley we
                                                   have some of the darkest sky in the state. Our placement between Ballarat and Beaufort sits us in a
                                                   pocket of darkness, helped by the higher elevation of surrounding terrain blocking sky glow from Bal-
                                                   larat and Beaufort. For this reason, the association has urged council to consult with them about any
                                                   changes to street lighting and the group hopes to interest the township in developing their status as a
                                                   recognised ”Dark Sky Town”.

                                 Snake Valley Campus of Woady Yaloak Primary School
                                 One of four campuses that form the Multi-Campus Woady Yaloak Primary School, Snake Valley enjoys the
                                 advantage of providing an extensive curriculum usually associated with larger schools. In addition, our prep to
                                 Year 6 students enjoy a pleasant rural environment.
                                 The School provides all children with an excellent education and opportunity to succeed and promotes and enjoys
                                 a close relationship with the wider community.
                                 The Campus is to be completely replaced with a new modern facility in 2009 at a cost of $2 million as part of the
                                 Victorian Governments, Rural Replacement Project.

What is our role                          What are our priorities             How will they be achieved                Emerging issues
Is to provide a comprehensive             Our educational role is our                                                  Distance between facilities.
                                                                              Offering the original old school
education for children as outlined in     priority.                           building for community use.
the Governments Blueprint for                                                                                          Competition between existing
Education.                                Our community priority is to                                                 facilities.
                                                                              Using community resources (physical
                                           increase the link between the      and human) to compliment and
Through the implementation of the         school and the community.                                                    Cost of purchasing a community
                                                                              support our curriculum.
Victorian Essential Learning Stan-                                                                                     bus to link groups to facilities
                                                                              For example: projects at the Mag
dards, develop in students a set of
                                                                              Dam Reserve, Carngham Recreation
knowledge, skills and behaviours                                                                                       Providing people to run programs
                                                                              Reserve, the Snake Valley Hall, the
which will prepare them for success in                                                                                 for the various groups in our
                                                                              walking track, Snake Valley & District
this complex, rapidly changing world.                                                                                  school old building.
                                                                                 Historical Society.
To instil good values.
                                                                                 Supporting community events by
To develop a sense of
                                                                                 providing access to our school
                                                                                 resources (both physical and

Snake Valley Golf Club Inc.
The Snake Valley Golf Club aims to provide
memberships at a reasonable price that does not
exclude low-income earners. The club draws on a
considerable amount of volunteer labour to maintain
their clubhouse to a high standard and the venue is     Youth Activities
available for hire by the broader community.

Their short-term goals include improving the playing    What are our hopes                              How will this be achieved
surfaces of the greens and upgrading the automatic
watering systems to allow for more sustainable use of   Improved relationship with Pyrenees Youth       Request that the officer come to Snake
a limited water supply.                                 Officer– we understand that a new officer was   Valley before the end of the year to meet-ask
                                                        employed at the end of November 2008.           Maria Rice if she can assist to facilitate this.
The club’s longer term goals include the construction
of bunkers and possible improvements and expansion      More social opportunities initiated by older    The Pyrenees “Flame” project officer is work-
of the course design.                                   people and then carried on and tailored to      ing with young people in Snake Valley.
                                                        needs by young people.
The club recently collaborated with council, DSE and
CFA in the construction of a dam that has a shared      Consider creating a youth space in Snake        Maintain discussions with the local CFA to
use with the CFA for emergency water supply.            Valley old fire shed if the new building is     see f this is a possibility. Talk to new Youth
                                                        established in another location in the town.    Officer about existing models that could be fit
The club has                                                                                            the needs of the local youth.
also agreed to
liaise with the                                         Consider constructing a “Dirt Jump” in a        Talk to Pyrenees Shire Youth Officer, Com-
local youth group                                       convenient location in Snake Valley. This       munity Liaison Officer and Recreation Officer
to have a social                                        does not need to be an extravagant structure    about possible funding and support. Need to
day towards the                                         but needs consultation with the potential us-   discuss with the Carngham Recreation Re-
end of 2008 to                                          ers to assess what is possible and the costs    serve and other groups about where this
encourage                                               involved.                                       could be located.
young members
to take up the
game and                                                Keep inviting young people to be represented    Advertise in SVN and hand out flyers at the
possibly join the                                       at SV CAP meetings and ideas workshops          high school bus stops after school.

                           Snake Valley & Carngham Church Groups
  St Brigid’s Catholic Church, Snake Valley
                                                                     Holy Trinity, Carngham
                                                           The Anglican Mission District of Woady Yaloak
                                                           comprises the three Anglican churches in Snake
                                                           Valley, Linton and Wallinduc with a
                                                           congregation of around 65 people of all ages.

                                                           We gather at Holy Trinity, Carngham, on the 2nd
                                                           & 4th Sunday of each month and at 5pm every
                                                           Sunday. The morning services are a traditional
                                                           communion service while the evening gathering         Carngham Uniting Church
                                                           is a very relaxed affair, held around a table in
The foundation stone of St Brigid’s was laid down and      our hall, sharing food and drink.                  The foundation stone for the church was
blessed on January the 13th, 1924 by Bishop Foley.                                                            laid on the 23rd of November 1892 with
The church is part of the Linton Parish with the Parish    Special services are also a feature of our life    the dedication of the building on the 19th
Priest in residence at the Linton Presbytery. Mass is      together - baptisms, weddings and funerals, as     of December 1893
celebrated every second Sunday and on most                 well as celebrations at Christmas and Easter.
Wednesday evenings-numerous baptisms are con-                                                                 The Carngham Uniting Church is a
ducted, the occasional wedding and, of course, funerals.                                                      magnificent bluestone Church, intended
                                                           What do we do?                                     to be a replica of the Wesley Church in
The congregation averages about 40 but attendances                                                            Collins Street Melbourne.
during Christmas and Easter ceremonies are much            Many of our members are involved in our local
                                                           communities in a variety of capacities: through    It was wholly privately endowed church
higher and attract much larger gatherings.                                                                    to be a memorial to the squatter Phillip
                                                           CFA, CERT, the local schools etc. We are
The annual Coffee Party organised by Saint Brigid’s        proud of our local communities and love being      Russell, from Carngham Station.
Alter Society is not only a fundraiser but also a social   involved in them. When we come together at         The building has a beautiful interior with
event well supported by the local community and a          church we celebrate our relationship with God      stone pulpit and an unaltered, two-
meeting place for former parishioners, several of whom     through worship, caring for each other and pray-   manual, 11 stop pipe organ built by
are now living in Ballarat. With limited finances, we      ing for others and ourselves.                      Fincham & Hobday in 1893.
endeavour to maintain the church building and              We run a primary aged Kids’ Club (“On The
surrounds since St Brigid’s stands prominently in the      Edge”) on Sundays at 4 pm and a Youth Group        The pipe organ is in remarkable condi-
centre of town. We welcome new residents to our            that meets during our 5 pm service, as well as     tion that closely resembles its original
congregation and extend help wherever possible.            having social outings two or three times each      state.                         - cont.
                                                           school term.
           - Contact: Mrs Kath O’Brien 5344 9257                                               - cont.
                                                                                                                         Carngham Uniting Church
     The Welsh Methodist Church
                                                                          Holy Trinity, Carngham
                                                                                                    The Church and organ have each received
                                                                                                    citations from the National Trust of Australia
                                                 We also try to help others as best we can          as being of "Cultural Heritage Significance.”
                                                 through working bees, assistance with food
                                                 parcels and pastoral support.                      Our Priorities are:
                                                                                                    • To have the small church community grow
                                                 We have no full-time clergy or paid workers, we    with the involvement of present and future
                                                 are simply a gathering of people who seek to       generations of the Snake Valley and District.
                                                 live well in the Four relationships for which we
                                                 were designed: with God, with others, with the     •   To raise funds for necessary maintenance
                                                 environment and with ourselves.                    and preservation works to the church, the
                                                 In everything we do, both in the community and     spire, the Sunday School building and the
                                                 at Church we seek to glorify God and enjoy Him     grounds, as even minor repairs are extremely
                                                 for ever.                                          costly.
This quaintly constructed church is located at   Visitors and new members are always welcome.
the East end of Linton Road, Snake Valley.
                                                                                                    • To obtain full National Trust Heritage
                                                 Contact:   Rev Rob Ferguson                        Classification of both Church and organ and
The building has not operated as a church for                 0428 542 396                          the same, possibly for the antique front fence
some years and recently went into private                         to assure their future protection and preserva-
ownership. Before that it was unoccupied for
                                                                                                    tion efforts.
several years after a period of ownership by
Scouting Australia who then sold the property
as there was no longer a scout group in town                                                        • To keep the historic organ as a prominent
and the property was excess to their needs.                                                         feature of the "Organs of the Goldfields"
                                                                                                    Program. This may involve actively lobbying
The new owner recently invited Snake Valley                                                         the organising committee of the annual
residents to join him in a ceremony to mark                                                         festival.
the opening of a 100 year old time capsule
that was concealed in the wall of the church.                                                       -     Contacts Jack Brown 5344 9273 or
                                                                                                          Kaye Draffin on 5344 7253
The building is on the register of Heritage
Victoria because of hollow cement blocks
from which it is constructed. These blocks
were innovative and unusual at the time the
church was built.

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