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									             Mike Graf
          Aviation Services Branch

Alaskan Region Aviation Weather Conference
              May 13-15 2008
      Organizational Goals
Promote high quality services
Build trust and respect, through
listening and following through
Strengthen stakeholder relations
Develop joint approach
with the Weather Enterprise
for our future…work such as
NextGen and the 4D cube
         NWS Committed to
         NextGen Weather
Aviation safety, efficiency and NextGen
Weather are high priorities
NOAA/NWS has responsibilities in primary
areas of NexGen Weather Initiative
  Improving observations and
  Promoting common weather
  situational awareness
  Integrating weather
  information into
  decision making
    Improving Observations
                What We’re Doing
Adding water vapor sensors
Integrating TAMDAR data
Upgrading/adding radars
  Networked observations
  integrated into common
  operational weather picture
  Aircraft becoming nodes in a
  weather sensing network
      Improving Forecasts
                What We’re Doing

Improving models
Refining automated
digital products
Moving to AWIPS II
  Systems enabling
  meteorologists to add
  value to digital forecasts
  Integration of multiple
  forecasts into a single
  weather picture
 Promoting Common Weather
    Situational Awareness
                  What We’re Doing
Adding aviation weather elements to National
Digital Forecast Database
Planning 4D Weather Data Cube to manage
common weather picture by:
  Assimilating observational data,
  high resolution models and
  forecast algorithms
  Allowing for meteorologist oversight
  Providing digital, probabilistic
  Updating continuously
Integrating Weather Information
      into Decision Making
                 What We’re Doing
Making available common weather picture
among all NAS Managers and Users
  Enabling better collaboration among user groups
  Resulting in more consistent decisions

Building trust with more accurate and timely
weather information
  Enabling more effective utilization of available airspace
  Causing fewer delays and re-routes
         ASB Contacts for your
Kevin Johnston:

Chief, Aviation Services Branch and NOAA Program Manager

NOAA POC for Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen)
     - Joint project with FAA, DoD, DHS and NASA
     - Designed to increase National Airspace System capacity and
              efficiency to handle projected tripling of demand by 2025

FAA Liaison for integrating new products and transitioning to operations

Chair/WMO/CAeM Expert Team for Improved Aviation Forecasts and

Water Vapor Sensor Acquisition

CWSU Program Oversight and Interagency Agreement with FAA
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Cyndie Abelman

CWSU Products

AvnFPS…Aviation Forecast Prep Software. Leads new develop for the
Weather Forecast Offices.

Lead Time Metric…improving our current verification program

Currently working on:
    -TRACON Convective Forecast Demonstration (MSP, DTW, and NYC)

    -Collaborative hourly convection forecast for area 100 miles around
     TRACON. Participants include CWSU, WFO and industry

CWSU Baseline…

Liquid Water Equivalent element in METAR
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 Michael Graf

 NWS ICAO lead for WAFC (World Area Forecast Center), and OPMET
databank issues
       -Liaison for FAA and NWS data management
       -Focal point for FAA’s international aviation weather requirements
       -Co-lead for IC4D out reach/development

 Outreach: The Front “GA and Dispatcher is the intended audience”

 Currently working on:
       -ICAO initiative to move from manually generated Significant Weather
       charts at WAFC Washington (AWC), to automated global grids for
       flight planning.

        -High-glance value WAFC charts

        -Expand IC4D at AAWU to Pacific Region
        -30-hour TAF implementation
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Dorothy Haldeman

Branch Chief Back-up

 MOUs/IAs…principle author
 FAA/NWS Umbrella MOU...principle author
 CWSU Program lead
      -Reimbursable Task Plan
      -WARP program
      -ARD - AWIPS remote Display program
      -CWSU Improvement Program
      -CWSU PDs

 Currently working on:
       -Updating IA with FAA for purchase of MDCRS data from ARINC
       -CWSU Improvement Plan
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Tom MacPhail

NWS Liaison to the ATCSCC –

    - Routine operational feedback on NAS efficiency and weather
    impacts sent to NWS aviation forecasters, managers and leaders

    - Focal point for ATCSCC weather service requirements and issues
    requiring NWS involvement

NAS weather services coordination
FAA- NWS Operational Liaison

Currently working on:
     - Full access to ATO Sys Ops management and planning processes
     is needed to fully understand and effectively communicate
    -Lead for CCFP process improvement
    -Brokering FAA's expanding and evolving CCFP requirements
    against AWC's operational constraints
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Celia Miner:

JPDO NextGen IT/Environmental Services (Content) Team – Member
Lead internal NWS 4D Cube Contents Team

Aircraft Icing Research Alliance Working Subcommittee

NOAA representative to General Aviation Joint Steering Committee

Currently working on:

      - DOT Secretary Peters directed acceleration of technology in the
      NextGen framework. As a result, JPDO is planning short-fuse
      demos of network-enabled operations and integration of weather
      information and has enlisted NWS participation.
      - 4D IWT assumed task of building roadmap for NWS participation in
      demos for FY09 and beyond
      - The NextGen concept of the 4D Wx Data Cube includes information
      from all sources.
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 Beth McNulty

 Forensic Services - NWS POC - Facilitate data requirements for legal
cases involving the government and private

 Ensure NCDC archive process is working properly
 Aviation Performance Monitoring (Verification)
 Performance studies – i.e., TAMDAR effectiveness
 Aviation Directives Management
 Service Changes
 ASOS Coordination Meeting

 Currently working on:
 Aviation performance projects
 Developing performance brief for external partners
 Evaluating CWSU products for metric development

    -Participate on observing Support committees/teams
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 Carl Weiss:

 Aviation Training Focal Point
        - Coordinates Distance Learning Aviation Course (DLAC) training with

  Coordinates pilot weather training with Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
(AOPA) Air Safety Foundation’s WeatherWise project.
  Courses online currently include:
         - Course 1 - Ceilings and Visibilities
         - Course 2 - Convective Weather & Turbulence – on line
         - Course 3 - Air Masses & Fronts
  Aircraft Observations – AMDAR/MDCRS/TAMDAR/WVSS2 Focal Point

 Monitors 2nd generation Water Vapor Sensing System (WVSS2) contract with
 Government lead on team focusing on compensation to airlines for unrestricted
data access
 EAA AirVenture/AOPA/Sun and Fun/Heli Expo contact – NWS exhibits
 Currently working on:
          Deployment of WVSS2, Implementation schedule of WVSS2 on
          Southwest and UPS aircraft hinges on the test results.
          Drafting new NWS/FAA MDCRS IA/SOW to be in place by end of April,
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 Curtis Neidhart: interests…
  Aviation Weather Program Support Contractor – Curt Neidhart
  Programmatic support, planning and documentation and NWS budget
formulation, justification and defense
  Aviation Weather Program Support
       Program planning, programming and budgeting
  Project Support –
         GFE 4-D Database
         San Francisco project
         Aviation Training
         Water Vapor Sensor Acquisition

  Currently working on:
  Securing funding for NextGen and 4D Cube development
  FAA requires NWS to modernize the production and delivery of aviation weather
products to support NextGen by developing a 4D Cube of aviation weather

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