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                            Version 2009.1 Dated 16/11/2009

                                                                        RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN
TRAVEL (Consider transport to the venue)
Activity/ Location     Hazard Identification        Risk          Elimination or Control Measures                                           Who                          When
Coach                     Vehicle faulty              6              Book vehicle appropriate for group.                                    Activities Dept              Prior to booking
transportation to         Vehicle accidents           5              Ensure vehicle operators hold appropriate licences & insurance.        Vehicle Operator
Centre                    Struck by vehicle           6              Ensure participants stay seated throughout travel                      Group Leaders                During transportation
                          during boarding                            Ensure seat belts are worn where fitted.
                                                                     Enforce rules & monitor behaviour.
                                                                     Brief participants on emergency procedures.
                                                                     Centre has designated Bus Loading Zones with signage.                  Maintenance                  Ongoing site management
                                                                     Ensure participants enter & exit vehicle in a safe manner.             Group Leaders                On arrival

VENUE (Consider potential hazards such as location, crowds, slippery floors)
Activity/ Location     Hazard Identification        Risk          Elimination or Control Measures                                           Who                          When
General                   Buildings unstable         6               The Centre holds all licences required to operate.                     Operations                   Ongoing site management
                          Site uninsured             6               Centre maintains Public Liability insurance. Certificate of Currency
                          Injury due to OH&S         6               provided on request.
                          issue                                      Construction meets relevant building codes.                            Maintenance                  Ongoing site management
                                                                     Construction is undertaken by licensed, insured builders.
                                                                     Centre has a commitment to managing OH&S issues.
Participants walking      Struck by vehicle            6             Signage identifies “children at play” & a speed limit of 30k.          Maintenance                  Ongoing site management
/ crossing roads          whilst crossing road                       Speed humps on main roads.
                                                                     Signage encourages vehicles to be parked in designated areas.          All
                                                                     Provide group with rules & monitor.                                    Group Leaders / Instructor   During stay
                                                                     Walk on roads only when absolutely necessary.                          All
Meeting rooms             Struck by falling            6             Signage states that chairs are to be stacked to a max of six.          Group Leader                 Throughout stay
                          equipment                                  Signage states that tables are stacked against wall.
                          Hot water burn               5             Miniboils are over sinks at a height to discourage access & with       Front of house               Ongoing site management
                                                                     warning signage.
Swimming pool             Slip on wet tiles or         5             Pool is fenced, signage showing depth is in place & edging tiles are   Maintenance                  Ongoing site maintenance
                          pool edge                                  slip resistant.
                          Unsupervised                 4             CPR signage & flotation rescue device are in place.
                          access                                     Group Organiser given key to open pool gate.                           Guest Liaison                On arrival
                          Drowning                     3             Rules for pool operation included in the Induction Book.
                                                                     There must be two people in the pool area.                             Group Leader                 Throughout stay
                                                                     One responsible adult leader must be present who can perform CPR.
                                                                     The last Leader to leave must lock the gate.

The Tops Conference Centre Risk Management Plan                                                     Version 2009.1                                                                               1

Sporting Equipment           Faulty equipment           5           Fixed equipment meets building codes & council requirements.                 Maintenance       Ongoing site management
& Areas                      causes injury                          Equipment is inspected annually.
(including swings &          Fall off equipment         5           Soft fall areas are in place & maintained.
volley ball & tennis                                                Sporting equipment is kept in good repair.
courts)                                                             Detailed information is outlined in the Induction Book                       Guest Liaison     On arrival
                                                                    Group leaders have access to sports equipment.                               Group Leader      Throughout stay
                                                                    The Centre encourages adult supervision of all recreational activities.
Maintenance                  Injury due to              5           The area has signage advising “Staff Entry Only”.                            Maintenance       Ongoing site maintenance
                             unsupervised                           Tools are stored in maintenance sheds or in locked vehicles.
                             access                                 During major construction, areas are fully fenced.
                             Tripping over tools        6           During maintenance areas are identified by road barriers, witches
                             or maintenance area                    hats, safety tape or appropriate barricade.
                             Faulty equipment           6           The Centre promotes a safe working environment.
                             Hazardous material         5           Centre holds a Hazardous Good License, has a designated chemical
                             incident                               store & is inspected annually.
                                                                    A Heavy Vehicle Procedure is in place.
                                                                    A Delivery Procedure is in place.
                                                                    Material Safety Data Sheets are maintained.
Site Hazards                 Tripping on                6           At night external pathways are illuminated.                                  Maintenance       Ongoing site management
(incl cliff edges, trip      paths/tracks                           Trees are cut back, tracks cleared & general maintenance conducted
hazards,                     Uneven ground              6           to reduce risks.
environment.                 Fallen trees               5           Designated guest activity locations display appropriate warning signs.
                             Cliff edges                4           Lookouts have safety railing installed.

ACTIVITIES (Consider activities planned on the program)
Activity/ Location        Hazard Identification        Risk      Elimination or Control Measures                                                 Who               When
Activity Structures &        Failure of structure        5          Construction complies with current Aust Standards or relevant building       Activities Dept   Ongoing site management
Hardware                     or equipment                           codes and annual checks & maintenance conducted.
                                                                    Equipment is used, stored & retired in accordance with manufacturer          Instructor        After activity
                                                                    Logs are maintained to track equipment usage.
Activity specific            Unsafe practices           5           Centre has developed Standard Operating Procedures that meet or              Activities Dept   Ongoing management
                             Injured whilst on          4           exceed industry standards to manage known & potential risks and
                             activity                               ensure safe operation of activities.
                             Injured by other           6           The Centre is a member of the Outdoor Recreation Industry Council of
                             participant                            NSW (ORIC).
                             Inadequate                 5           Leader supplies completed participant Acceptance of Risk forms.              Group Leader      On arrival
                             supervision                            Instructor to participant ratios will vary depending on activity & group.    Activities Dept   Prior or activity
                                                                    Instructors undertake work that is in line with their level of training or
The Tops Conference Centre Risk Management Plan                                                      Version 2009.1                                                                      2

                                                                      experience on each activity.
Activity specific                                                     Ensure one Leader allocated to each group                                     Group Organiser               Prior to activity
(cont)                                                                Activity areas are inspected to identify any hazards.                         Instructors                   During activity
                                                                      Groups given instructions on boundaries & behaviour.
                                                                      Supervision of group during activity session.
                                                                      Participants must attend briefing to undertake activity.
                                                                      Vehicle access to all activities onsite.
                                                                      Accident Report Form completed for any incidents.
Staff                     Unsafe practices              4             Instructors have Certificate III or IV qualifications in outdoor recreation   Activities Dept               Ongoing management
                          Insufficient                  4             and / or have been specifically trained on individual activities by the
                          knowledge & skills                          Centre.
                                                                      Instructors have current First Aid qualifications.                            All
                                                                      Instructors are required to follow Standard Operating Procedures.
Access to activity        Injury due to                 4             Activities are de-rigged at the end of each day                               Activities Dept               Throughout stay
                          unsupervised access                         Access to activities is restricted between scheduled activity sessions        Instructors
                                                                      (ie. ladders locked, harnesses stored or instructor remains at site).
Missing person            Participant separated         5             Participants briefed on meeting place & times.                                Group Leaders                 Prior to activity
                          from group during                           Instructor will confirm group numbers with Leaders & conduct regular          Instructor / Group Leaders    During activity
                          activity                                    head count.
                                                                      Group will only walk as fast as the slowest person.
                                                                      Second instructor / Leader to be “tail end Charlie” & group remain in
                                                                      visual range

EQUIPMENT (Consider resources that impact on the activity such as appropriate & sufficient clothing, shoes, protection from environment, activity specific equipment)
Activity/ Location     Hazard Identification           Risk        Elimination or Control Measures                                                  Who                           When
Personal Safety           Failure of equipment           4            Equipment complies with industry standards.                                   Activities Dept               Ongoing site management
Equipment                 Unsafe practices               4            Equipment is used for its express purpose, stored & retired in
                          Inadequate                     5            accordance with manufacturer guidelines.
                          equipment                                   Participants briefed on correct fitting & usage of equipment for activity.    Instructor                    During activity
                                                                      Log sheets are maintained to track equipment usage.                                                         After activity
Appropriate Clothing      Tripping or foot injury       6             Checklist provided outlining clothing requirements.                           Activities Dept / Organiser   Prior to Stay
/ Footwear                Harness chaffing              6             Group Leaders brief participants prior to activities.                         Group Leaders                 Prior to activity
                          Sunburn                       5             Participants asked to change clothing                                         Instructors                   Prior to activity
                          Exposure                      4             Bureau of Meteorology site checked for weather updates & Leaders              Activities Dept               Prior to activity
                                                                      advised changing weather conditions.

The Tops Conference Centre Risk Management Plan                                                         Version 2009.1                                                                                 3

ENVIRONMENT (Consider environmental hazards such as weather, natural hazards, terrain, plants & animals)
Activity/ Location     Hazard Identification         Risk      Elimination or Control Measures                                                  Who                         When
Extreme weather           Change in weather            5          Checklist provided to group organiser outlining clothing requirements.        Activities Dept             Prior to stay
conditions                conditions                              Bureau of Meteorology site checked for weather updates & Leaders                                          On arrival
                          Exposure                    4           briefed on arrival & advised changing weather conditions during stay.                                     Throughout stay
                          Sunburn                     5           Participants briefed to wear hats, apply sunscreen & carry water.             Group Leaders               Prior to activity
                          Lightning                   4           Water is readily accessible.
                          Dehydration                 4           Activities Instructors in radio contact with Activities Dept throughout       Instructor                  During activity
                                                                  Monitor group throughout activity & administer First Aid if required.
                                                                  Activity stopped if conditions considered unsafe.
                                                                  Alternate activities arranged after discussion with Group Leader.
Fire (including bush      Personal injury             4           Centre meets Australian Standards in relation to number of hydrants,          Maintenance                 Ongoing site management
fire)                     Participant separated       5           hoses and extinguishers, illuminated exit signs, Emergency Procedure
                          from group                              signs & equipment maintenance (six month check by licensed
                          Loss of property            6           provider).
                                                                  Centre has a pro-active process to manage associated risks.
                                                                  Smoke alarms are installed in every room.
                                                                  Fire blankets available in every kitchen with cooking facilities.
                                                                  Fire zones are maintained & fire hydrant protection for all sites.
                                                                  Signage identifies marshalling areas & fire extinguishers.
                                                                  Marshalling areas clearly identified.
                                                                  A number of onsite staff completed training by Community Fire Unit.
                                                                  Access onsite to two Community Fire Units.
                                                                  Emergency procedures & fire alarms explained to Group Leader and              Guest Liaison               On arrival
                                                                  provided in Induction Book.
                                                                  Groups briefed on evacuation procedures.
                                                                  Groups to move to evacuation points if required.                              All                         During emergency
                                                                  Check group against participant list.                                         Group Leader
Native flora & fauna      Reaction due to             4           Ensure medical info obtained from participants & summary produced.            Group Organiser             Prior to stay
                          known triggers                          Advise Instructor of any potential allergic risks, triggers & severity (see   Group Leader                Prior to activity
                          Mild reaction due to        5           under Medical)                                                                                            Throughout stay
                          natural environment                     Participant to carry any personal medication.                                 Group Leader / Instructor   During activity
                                                                  Participants to wear closed in shoes for all activities.                      Instructor
                                                                  First Aid kit carried at all times.
                                                                  Instructors in radio contact with Activities Dept.
Native flora & fauna      Injury due to bite or       4           Group briefed on level of risk & emergency response if requested.             Guest Liaison               On arrival
                          sting (eg snake or                      Participants to wear closed in shoes for all activities.                      Leader / Instructor         During activity
                          spider)                                 Instructor to walk at head of group.                                          Instructor
                                                                  First Aid kit carried at all times.
                                                                  Instructors in radio contact with Activities Dept.
The Tops Conference Centre Risk Management Plan                                                     Version 2009.1                                                                               4

PEOPLE (Consider nature of participants such as maturity, skill, behaviour, child protection issues, ratios, fitness, medical conditions & disabilities)
Activity/ Location      Hazard Identification           Risk          Elimination or Control Measures                                                  Who                  When
Child Protection           Child Protection               4              The Centre is registered with Department of Sport & Recreation for            Operations           Ongoing site management
                           related incident                              the purpose of conducting Working with Children checks on all
                           Identification of child         5             employees.
                           at risk                                       Centre has a Child Protection Policy in place & an appointed Child
                                                                         Protection Officer.
                                                                         Employees have completed a Prohibited Employment Declaration and              All                  Ongoing management
                                                                         have been screened.
                                                                         Procedure in place for management of allegation.
                                                                         Staff easily identified by uniform shirts with logo.
Privacy of                 Unauthorised                    5             Information obtained is used only for express purpose.                        All                  Throughout stay
Information                disclosure of info                            Access & storage of information meets Privacy Act requirements.                                    Ongoing site management
                           Inadequate process              5             Info retained as required under the Freedom of Information Act.
Medical                    Aggravation of                  4             Information obtained identifying allergies, special needs & other health      Group Organiser      Prior to stay
                           existing medical                              related issues.
                           condition or injury                           Ensure a group medical summary is available.                                  Group Leader         On arrival
                           Access to First Aid &           5             Ensure that participants have medication.                                                          Throughout stay
                           equipment                                     First Aid boxes are available at each site.                                   Operations Manager   Ongoing site management
                           Inappropriate                   5             Centre has policy of not administering anything ingestible, injectable
                           medical attention                             or topical.
                                                                         Vehicle access to all activities onsite.                                      All                  Throughout stay
                                                                         All Instructors hold current First Aid qualifications.                        Activities Dept      Ongoing
                                                                         Instructors carry a First Aid kit onsite to all activities.                   Instructors          Throughout activity
Special Needs              Incident due to                 5             Signage identifies wheelchair access throughout site.                         Maintenance          Ongoing site management
                           inadequate special                            Wheel chair access to majority of onsite areas & ramps are wheel
                           needs considerations                          chair compliant.
                                                                         Safety bars in disabled rooms at all sites.
                                                                         Ability to participate in specific activities decided after discussion with   Activities Dept      Prior to activity
                                                                         Group Leader & participant.
Client Behaviour           Injury due to other             6             Centre promotes a smoke free environment. Smoking is not permitted            Operations Manager   Ongoing site management
                           participant                                   in any building or designated work area.
                           Injury to self through          5             The Centre has a drug free & alcohol policy.
                           inappropriate actions                         Information is detailed in the Induction Book & Group Leader should           Group Leader         On arrival
                           Ingestion of non-               5             brief group.                                                                  All                  Throughout stay
                           prescription drugs or                         Signage in each room set out Centre rules.                                    Operations Manager   Throughout stay
                           alcohol.                                      Action will be taken for infringements of these policies.

The Tops Conference Centre Risk Management Plan                                                            Version 2009.1                                                                        5

ACCOMMODATION (Consider standards of accommodation & amenities, security, supervision, food allergies)
Activity/ Location   Hazard Identification         Risk      Elimination or Control Measures                                               Who              When
Security                Intruder                     5          Group Leader given key to each bedroom & site meeting rooms.               Guest Liaison    On arrival
                        Loss of property             6          Access to a safe is provided at each site. (excluding Melaleuca)
                        Assault                      5          Group to keep facilities locked at night & when not onsite (eg. at         Leaders          Throughout stay
                                                                All staff easily identified by uniform shirts with logo.                   All Staff        Throughout stay
                                                                Staff & other groups asked to limit their access to their own site.        All              Throughout stay
Accommodation           Injury due to               5           Ensure adequate sleeping accommodation for each participant.               Administration   Prior to stay
                        inappropriate actions                   Ensure separate accommodation for males & females.
                        Scalding                    5           Ensure Group Leader accommodation is within easy access for
                        Inadequate                  5           participants if required.
                        supervision                             Procedures detailed in Induction Book provided to Group Leader.            Guest Liaison    On arrival
                        Unserviceable               6           Groups briefed on appropriate behaviour, rules & out of bounds areas.      Group Leader     On arrival
                        fittings                                Group to advise any maintenance required during stay                                        Throughout stay
                        Unforseen                   5           Leader to advise any maintenance on Evaluation Form.
                        emergency                               Phasing in restricted water temperatures in all accommodation.             Maintenance      Ongoing site management
                                                                Evacuation Procedures signage in each room.
                                                                Fly screens are installed in all rooms.
Housekeeping            Slip in wet area            5           Chemicals are stored appropriately for their use.                          Housekeeping     Ongoing site management
                        Child Protection            4           All cleaning materials (eg. buckets, mops) stored when not in use.
                        related incident                        All electrical cords are wound up when not in use.
                        Trip hazard                 5           “Cleaning in Progress” signs utilised.
                        Ingestion of cleaning       4           Bathroom floors are mopped after group has vacated.
                        chemical                                Bedroom doors are locked after cleaning.
                                                                Staff are not to be alone with a participant, ie. when room cleaning
                                                                staff knock, call out and only enter if room is unlocked & vacant.
                                                                Mattresses & bedding are checked and replaced (if required) after
                                                                every camp.
                                                                Toilets in meeting rooms & dining area are cleaned during minimum or
                                                                unlikely use times to minimise guest contact with wet floors.
Kitchen                 Food poisoning              4           Centre proactively manages all aspects of food safety & hygiene.           Kitchen          Ongoing site management
                        Injury due to               5           Chefs are qualified and have the relevant knowledge regarding food
                        unsupervised access                     safety and safe food handling practices.
                                                                Staff are trained on both the knowledge & skills required for their area
                                                                of responsibility.
                                                                Dietary requirements are taken into account (see detailed info below).

The Tops Conference Centre Risk Management Plan                                                  Version 2009.1                                                                  6

Dietary                    Religious or ethical       4           Information obtained identifying food allergies & special dietary needs   Group Organiser             Prior to stay
Requirements               Anaphylaxis                2           and other health related issues.
                           Allergic reaction to       3           Centre advises defined dietary categories.                                Admin / Kitchen             Prior to stay
                           known trigger                          Centre advises where participant will need to supply own food.                                        Prior to stay
                           Reaction due to            3           Summary of dietary requirements supplied to Group Leader for              Group Leader                Prior to first meal
                           medical requirement                    verification.
                                                                  Food which are a known trigger factor, eg. peanut butter are only         Front of House              Throughout stay
                                                                  available on request (in process of being phased out).
                                                                  Participants with dietary requirements collect individual meals from      Group Leader/ Participant
                                                                  front of house.
Servery & Dining           Incident due to            5           Procedures detailed in Induction Book provided to Group Leader.           Guest Liaison               On arrival
Area                       incorrect food                         Groups briefed on appropriate behaviour & expectations.                   Group Leader
                           handling & storage                     Food service runs for 45mins after which food is removed to meet          Front of House              Ongoing management
                           Burning / scalding         5           food, safety & hygiene laws.
                           Slip on wet floor          5           Hats & gloves to be worn when serving (front of house staff, leaders
                           Injury due to              5           or participants).
                           unsupervised access                    Participants verbally alerted to heat / danger / space.
                           Cuts                       5           All meals to be consumed in the dining room.
                                                                  Signage reinforces that footwear must be worn in the dining area.
                                                                  Appropriate warning signs used where necessary.
                                                                  Immediate area of broken glass / crockery is cleared, guests verbally
                                                                  alerted to danger, sign put out if required, breakage cleared.
                                                                  Unloading of used crockery / cutlery is supervised.
                                                                  All power cords to hot servery run to ceiling.
                                                                  “Do not Enter” & “Cleaning in Progress” signs limit access as required.
                                                                  Fluid spills immediately cleaned.

OTHER (Consider other hazards specific to related Stay)
Activity/ Location      Hazard Identification        Risk      Elimination or Control Measures                                              Who                         When
Emergencies                Personal injury             5          Centre has Emergency procedures in place.                                 Operations                  Ongoing site management
                           Loss of property            6          Standard operating hours are 8am to 6pm, 24 hour emergency
                           Missing person              5          assistance is available
                                                                  Emergency procedures explained to Group Organiser and provided in         Guest Liaison               On arrival
                                                                  Induction Book.
                                                                  Contact details for local facilities (eg. doctors, chemist) available.
                                                                  Groups briefed on evacuation procedures.                                  Group Leader                On arrival
Transportation of          Child Protection           4           Only to occur in circumstances where there is no other feasible option.   Group Leader                Throughout stay
participant in Centre      related incident                       Permission obtained from parent, caregiver or Group Leader.               Operations Manager
vehicle                    Vehicle faulty             5           Vehicle is insured & registered & employee licensed.
                           Vehicle accidents          4           Employee screened for Working with Children.
The Tops Conference Centre Risk Management Plan                                                   Version 2009.1                                                                              7

How serious could the injury be?                                                 How likely is it to be that serious?
                                                    Very likely                    Likely                    Unlikely                  Very unlikely
Death of permanent disability                            1                           1                           2                           3
Long term illness or serious injury                      1                           2                           3                           4
Medical attention and days off                           2                           3                           4                           5
First aid required                                       3                           4                           5                           6

Severity:     Is a measure of an injury, illness or disease occurring. When assessing severity, the most severe category that would be most reasonably expected to occur should be selected.
Likelihood:   Is defined as the potential that an accident will happen that may cause injury or harm to a person. When making assessment of likelihood, you must establish which of the categories
              most closely describes the probability of the hazardous incident occurring.

1 and 2:      Extreme risk, consider elimination of the activity. Otherwise determine controls that are reasonably practicable to minimise the risk.
3 and 4:      Moderate risk; determine controls that are reasonably practicable to minimise the risk.
5 and 6:      Low risk; manage by routine procedures.

The Tops Conference Centre Risk Management Plan                                                          Version 2009.1                                                                              8

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