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									                          SILENT SANTA
COLAC retailers will be encouraged to let Silent Santa bring the ‘wow
factor’ to their shopfront this Christmas and boost their sales figures.
Visual merchandising teacher Lyn Armistead will run a free workshop,
entitled Silent Santa, at COPACC, on November 9 (and 10 if there
are too many for one workshop), for retail operators and their staff.

Mrs Armistead who teaches floristry and retail at Geelong’s Gordon
TAFE and had her own successful retail business in Colac for 19
years, said: “Through clever shopfronts and floor outlines the stock
sells itself - in the trade it’s known as the Silent Salesman - or in this
case Santa, as we’re coming up to Christmas.

“If a shopfront display has that ‘wow factor’, if it stops you in your
tracks, you will attract existing and new customers through the door,’’
she said.

“It’s about impulse, if you project a compelling image, people will buy
even if they weren’t planning to.’’

Mrs Armistead’s three-hour workshops, which will start at 6pm, will
give retailers a hands-on approach to creative and shop displays,
plus the secrets of visual merchandising.
“It’s really about me helping them to achieve extra sales,’’ Mrs
Armistead said.

To register retailers should call Chris Spalding at Colac Otway Shire
on 5232 9485 or email by
November 3.

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