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									                                  January, February, March 2005            Quarterly Newsletter of Tulsa County 4-H Youth Development

                                  O k l a h o m a C o o p e r a t i v e E x t e n s i o n S e r v i c e
                                  4 1 1 6 E . 1 5 t h S t r e e t , T u l s a , O K        7 4 1 1 2
                                  9 1 8 7 4 6 - 3 7 0 9   f a x :     9 1 8 7 4 6 - 3 7 2 6

                                  H E A LT H Y C H O I C E S                      FOR        4-H M EMBERS

January 4-H Activities    2-3
                                  I  t seems like every time we
                                     turn on the radio or read a
                                  newspaper we hear about the
                                                                      Daily exercise or moderate
                                                                      activity for 30 – 60 minutes will
                                                                      make you more physically fit.
                                                                                                           What does this mean?

                                  obesity epidemic and the re-                                                If difference   Heart is:
                                  lated quality-of-life and health                                            is:
                                                                      Step Up—Measures Endurance
Club Meeting Ideas        3       care costs.                                                                 The same or     In excellent
                                        In a recent report Prevent-
                                                                      1.   Find your pulse on the             less            shape, keep
                                  ing Childhood Obesity: Health in    underside of your wrist. Count                          up the good
February 4-H Activities   4-5                                         the number of beats for 30 sec-                         work
                                  the Balance,” it is reported that
                                                                      onds.                                   One or two      In fair shape,
                                  since the 1970’s the percentage
The Value of an Animal    5       of obesity has more than tripled    2.    Step up onto one stair with       beats faster    challenge
                                  for youth ages 6 – 11 and dou-      one foot and then the other, but                        your fitness
Project                                                                                                                       goals
                                  bled in youth ages 12 – 19.         stay on that same step. Then
Project Books Guide 4-H   6       This is 4-H age! So, how is         step down one foot at a time. If        Five or six     In poor
Work                              your health and fitness level?      you have a helper, they can             beats faster    shape, start
                                        Here is one way to find       count out loud “up, up, down,                           with some
March 4-H Activities      6-7     out…In the 4-H Health Project       down.” This is one set. Try to                          basics
                                  Book, the following activity        complete two of these sets every        Seven or        Needs work,
                                  helps you determine your en-        five (5) seconds.                       more beats      build your
Happy New Year!           8       durance fitness level, so get up          Keep up this pace for one         faster          fitness level
                                  off the couch and test yourself!    (1) minute. Then sit down and                           slowly
                                        Remember, testing your-       rest for one minute. Take your            Remember, health is one
                                  self regularly with these activi-   pulse again after the one minute     of the four “h’s.” We encour-
                                  ties will give you an idea of       rest. What is your heart rate?       age our club members to de-
                                  how physically fit you are.                                              velop healthy habits.
Message from
Charlotte—                        W E LC O M E N E W 4 - H E D U C ATO R

     I would like to say that I                                       This involves teaching and               Jamie Maxwell is the
have truly enjoyed helping
                                          ost of you have
                                          probably heard by           planning programs that fo-          new 4-H Educator. She
youth develop their head,
                                  now that Charlotte Richert          cus on families including           brings to Tulsa County four
heart, hands, and health in
                                  has taken a new position            healthy lifestyles, family          years experience as the 4-H
4-H programs. I look forward
to continuing to provide edu-     with the OSU Extension              financial management, and           Educator for the Muscogee
cational experiences for 4-H      Service. After 25 years             family relationships.               (Creek) Nation. Jamie grew
families as requested.            working with the 4-H Youth              Charlotte has 10% 4-H           up in Tulsa County in the
     I love Extension work,       Development program, she            responsibility as do all other      Liberty/Mounds area and is
and I know you will continue      is now the Extension Educa-         Extension Educators in              a former 4-H member.
to have great 4-H experi-         tor for Family and Con-             Tulsa County who are not                 Welcome, Jamie!
ences with Tracy and Jamie.       sumer Sciences.                     100% 4-H.
Page 2                                                                                                               Clover Connection

                                  4 - H D AY           AT    C OWG I R L B A S K E T BA L L G A M E
                                   Date: January 29, 2005            Registration due: Jan. 21       nity to meet the OSU play-
                                   Cost: $17 per person, youth       Prearranged campus tours        ers, coaches and the infa-
                                   or adult, includes a ticket to    will take place beginning       mous Pistol Pete. Be sure to
                                   the OSU vs. Baylor Women’s        at 10:00 a.m. Tickets and       bring an autograph book or
                                   Basketball Game, a game day       game day t-shirts will be       paper so you can get every-
                                   t-shirt, pizza and drink, spe-    distributed at 11:30 a.m.       one’s autograph.
                                   cial souvenir program & half-
                                                                     The basketball game be-              Order forms for basket-
                                   time show, with special desig-
                                   nated seating in Gallagher Iba    gins at 2:00 p.m. Follow-       ball tickets are available at
                                                                     ing the game, 4-H mem-          http://agweb.okstate.edu/fourh/.
                                                                     bers will have the opportu-

                                  “ 4 - H . . . I T ’ S A M YS T E RY ! ”

              Important Dates:
                                  T     his year’s Tulsa County
                                        4-H Share the Fun is
                                  sure to be a spine tingling
                                                                  members develop poise,
                                                                  self confidence and skill as
                                                                  we enjoy a great night of
                                                                                                   build props that are used as part
                                                                                                   of the decorations at Share the
                                                                                                   Fun. If you have questions, talk
       Entries due: January 11    experience and you’ll have      fun!                             to Tracy.
         Required county-wide     the CRIME of a lifetime!             This year’s Share the            Clubs may have up to five
       rehearsal : January 18,         Share the Fun provides     Fun theme is “4-H...It’s A       (5) individual performances and
            schedule your time    4-H youth the opportunity       Mystery.” Cloverbuds, this       three (3) group acts (any combi-
        January 28, Show time,    to perform on stage with        is your opportunity to dress     nation of small and/or large
                                  other 4-H members display-      in costume with something        groups). Each 4-H member
                     6:30 p.m.
                                  ing their wits and talents.     related to the theme! You        may participate in any combi-
          Location: Jenks High
                                  This event helps build team-    could dress as a detective, a    nation of two performances but
            School Auditorium,    work among club members         “jail bird,” a “damsel in        not in the same class.
     Building 6, 2nd & B Street   as they plan and practice       distress,” or other mysteri-          Come join all the fun as we
                                  small or large group skits.     ous characters. Cloverbud        round up the usual suspects!
                                  Watch as these talented 4-H     groups are encouraged to

                                                 Attention All NED Teens!!!
                                    Lincoln County 4-H is hosting the Northeast District Lock-in
                                                         and After Holiday Party.
                                     It will be held at the Prague Community Center immediately
                                   following the Lincoln County Share the Fun on Friday, January
                                      21, 2005. You must be 13 by the first of January to attend.
                                     Admission is $5.00 by pre-registration, and $7.00 at the door.
                                     Registration info is available at the Tulsa County Extension
                                       Office and is due to Lincoln County by January 15, 2005.
                                        Lock-in Begins with registration from 9:00 – 9:30 p.m.
                                                   Concludes at 7:00 a.m. January 22.
                                                 Bring your Pillows and Sleeping Bags!!
Quarterly Newsletter of Tulsa County 4-H Youth Development                                                                 Page 3

            4-H Essentials                                   January
 What:     Northeast District 4-H Winter Conference          11 Share the Fun entries due; complete one form per club
 Who:      Volunteers, Parents, 4-H youth                    11 Jr. Livestock Show Committee Mtg., 7:00 p.m., Extension Center
 Date:     Saturday, January 15, 2005
                                                             15 NE District Winter 4-H Conference, $10 at the door
 Time:     12:15 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
 Cost:     $10 at the door                                   17 Martin Luther King Day — office closed
 Location: Jenks Middle School, 3019 E. 101st St., Tulsa     18 4-H Share the Fun county-wide rehearsal, schedule time
         Workshops are being planned that focus on pro-
         ject skill development, leadership development,
                                                             21 Registration due for 4-H Day at OSU Cowgirl basketball
         4-H management, motivation, and more!               22 Bread Making Workshop
         Workshops are designed especially for 4-H par-
                                                             26 Registration due for State 4-H Horse Leader’s Conference
         ents and volunteers and count toward volunteer
         certification.                                      26 4-H Shooting Sports Leader Training registration due
         Youth activities are organized and a Cloverbud      28 4-H Share the Fun Contest begins at 6:00 p.m.
         Day Camp is planned.
         The whole family can participate and learn!         29 4-H & FFA Day at Cowgirl Basketball Game, $17/person


A     Bread Making Workshop is
     scheduled for January 22 from
1:00-4:00 p.m. at the OSU Exten-
                                              content. Participants will make
                                              their own loaf of bread and learn
                                              how yeast works.
sion Center. Cost of the workshop is               Call the 4-H office at 746-3709
$1.00.                                        by January 20 to register. If you            2005 4-H Calendars are
    Discover ways to enhance your             have questions, contact Donna or             at the 4-H office. Be
food science project and learn                Erica Dunkerson at 272-7607.
about a variety of breads, with an                                                         sure to pick yours up!
understanding of their nutritional

  C LU B M E E T I N G I D E A S —
  C O M B I N E F U N , B U S I N E S S A N D L E A R N I N G D U R I N G C LU B M E E T I N G S

4    -H club meetings require crea-
     tivity and flexibility in order to
keep youth involved and engaged
                                                    The “fun” part can be done in
                                                a number of ways. Recreation,
                                                refreshments, fellowship and cele-
                                                                                         cessful meeting is “learning.”
                                                                                         Learning can take many forms
                                                                                         including community service ac-
in the learning process. There is               brating are just a few ways to in-       tivities, tours, videos, guest speak-
not one right way to “do” a meet-               clude some fun into your meeting.        ers, project work, or demonstra-
ing.                                                The second part of the meeting       tions and talks. These learning
    The meeting agenda should                   is “business.” Business meetings         sessions are the heart of the meet-
reflect the goals and wishes of the             provide youth the opportunity to         ing.
leaders, members and parents, as                learn parliamentary procedure                 Together these three elements
well as keep to a purpose or goal.              which creates an effective method        can make your 4-H meetings fun
    To make your club work more                 for conducting meetings. It also         while incorporating the basic
effectively, here are three key ele-            allows development of leadership         components that set 4-H clubs
ments to remember: fun, business,               and decision making skills.              apart from others as a premier
and learning.                                       The third component to a suc-        experience for youth.
Page 4                                                                                                             Clover Connection

                                  MAKING 4-H                THE     FOCUS         O F YO U R       H O R S E P RO J E C T

         What: Horse Project
                                  A      special volunteer
                                        training for 4-H par-
                                  ents and volunteers with
                                                                   forms are available at the
                                                                   4-H office.
                                                                                                    Session 3: Where the
                                                                                                    Horse, the Child and the
                                                                                                    Experiences fit in the 4-
                                                                   Session 1: Focus on 4-H,
      When: Saturday, Feb. 5      4-H horse interests is           presented by Charles             H Puzzle, presented by
        9:00 a.m.—4:30 p.m.       scheduled for Saturday,          Cox, State 4-H Program           Dave Freeman, State
      Where: Animal Science       February 5 at the Animal         Leader                           Horse Specialist and
     Building, OSU, Stillwater    Science Building at Okla-                                         Karla Knoepfli, Assistant
                                                                   Session 2: Local
                                  homa State University.                                            State 4-H Specialist
                                      The cost is $10/             Club...A BIG Part of the
                                                                   4-H Experience, pre-             Session 4: Experience at
                                  person and includes re-
                                                                   sented by Nancy Dunlap           its Best! Presented by 4-H
                                  freshments, notebook and
                                                                   and Kevin Hackett, Dis-          Volunteers and Dave
                                  materials. Registration
                                                                   trict 4-H Program Special-       Freeman
                                  with payment is due by
                                  January 26. Lunch is on          ists                                 For more information
                                                                                                    contact Dave Freeman at
                                  your own. Registration

                                  OSU HORSE J UDGING SCHOOL

                                  T    he annual Horse Judg-
                                       ing School at Okla-
                                  homa State University is
                                                                   est in building competitive
                                                                   judging team experience
                                                                   and oral reason skills.
                                                                                                    school. Cost is $10 for
                                                                                                    adults and $5 for youth
                                                                                                    (4-H/FFA age) if received
                                  scheduled for February 12.            Following, participants     by February 4 in Stillwa-
                                  The program starts at 9:00       will receive instruction on      ter. Cost at the door is $10
                                  a.m. The focus of this one-      evaluating classes, and          for youth, $15 for adults.
                                  day school is on develop-        rank horses in several prac-          Registration forms
                                  ing horse judging and            tice classes with live horses    and information are avail-
                                  horsemanship skills.             and video. Members of the        able at Tulsa County OSU
                                      The day starts with          OSU World Champion               Extension Office.
                                  small group workshops for        Horse Judging team will be            Enroll early!
                                  youth and adults with inter-     assisting with the judging

                                 4 - H S H O O T I N G S P O RT S L E A D E R T R A I N I N G

         Sponsored in part by
                                 T    he first 4-H Shooting
                                      Sports Leader Training
                                 for 2005 is set for February 3
                                                                  Shotgun. The Shotgun
                                                                  course is a full two-day
                                                                  training while the other
                                                                                                   vided as part of the registra-
                                                                                                   tion fee. The fee is $30 per
                                                                                                   course and is due by Janu-
           Federal Cartridge     and 4 at the Muskogee            courses will be completed in     ary 26. Registration infor-
               Company and       County OSU Extension             a single VERY full day.          mation is available at the
                                 Center located on the Mus-                                        Tulsa County 4-H office.
             Oklahoma 4-H.                                            Coordinator and Arch-
                                 kogee Fairgrounds. Courses
                                                                  ery are offered on Feb. 3 and
                                 offered include Coordinator,
                                                                  Air Rifle on Feb. 4. A
                                 Archery, Air Riffle and
                                                                  working lunch will be pro-

Quarterly Newsletter of Tulsa County 4-H Youth Development                                                         Page 5

 3-4       Shooting Sports Leader Training, Muskogee
 5         State 4-H Horse Project Volunteer Leaders
           Conference, OSU Animal Science Building,
 8         Tulsa County 4-H VOICE Meeting, 6:45 p.m.
 12        OSU Horse Judging Day (workshop), Stillwater
 12        District 4-H Share the Fun Contest, Miami
 18        Kids Helping Kids Campaign contributions due
 21        President’s Day — 4-H office closed

T H E V A LU E            OF AN         A N I M A L P RO J E C T

D     id you know Okla-
      homa’s number
one industry is the food
                                   age, patience, and the value
                                   of hard work.
                                        You learn what it is like
                                                                          that can occur.
                                                                          I learned how to man-
                                                                          age time and money.
                                   to have something depend-          ♦   How to keep records.
and fiber industry? Let’s          ent on you for its survival
take a minute and think about                                         ♦   Developing relation-
                                   and happiness. You learn the           ships and good friends.
the value of an animal project.    same animal will not always
      When 4-H members, par-                                          ♦   Doing what has to be
                                   be a winner. Other skills
ents, volunteers and alumni                                               done, even when I didn’t
                                   learned include:
were asked “What are the                                                  feel well or I wanted to
                                   ♦ “Having a stick to it”               go out with friends.
life skills you gain from               attitude.
your project,” these were the                                         ♦   Built positive relation-
                                   ♦ It helps you handle some             ships with my dad.
responses received: responsi-
                                        embarrassing situations
bility, perseverance, cour-

Igniting Creative Energy Challenge                           4 - H PAC & VO I C E M E E T I N G
                        The National Energy Foundation
                        and Johnson Controls invite U.S.
                                                             What:Program Advisory Committee & VOICE Meeting
                        and Canadian students in grades K-
                        12 to participate in the Igniting    When:Tuesday, February 8, 6:00 p.m.
                        Creative Energy Challenge. The            OSU Extension Center, 4116 E. 15th St.
                        Challenge is an educational compe-
                        tition designed to encourage stu-    Who: All 4-H Parents, Volunteers and Ambassadors
                        dents to learn more about energy          are invited to attend.
                        and the environment. They may        Why: You will provide input and direction to 4-H programs,
express their ideas on energy conservation and the envi-
ronment in the form of science projects, essays, stories,         pick up the latest 4-H information, and visit with vol-
artwork, photographs, music, video or web site projects.          unteers, parents, and members from other clubs! In
Prizes include trips to Hawaii and Washington D.C. En-            addition, attendance counts toward volunteer certifi-
tries are due by February 19, 2005. For more info, go to:
Page 6                                                                                                            Clover Connection

 Project Books Guide 4-H Work
 O     rder your 4-H project books directly from the
       National 4-H Curriculum Center by logging onto
 www.n4hccs.org. These books provide research-based in-
 formation and practical, age appropriate activities for all
 4-H members.
     If you want to view a copy of the books before you
 order, we have an office copy available at the Extension
 Office. Office hours are from 8:00 a.m.—4:30 p.m. Mon-
 day-Friday. All National 4-H Curriculum Committee Sys-
 tem project books on hand at the Tulsa County 4-H office
 are 25% off the marked price from now through March 31.
 Shop early for the best selection!

                          R E QU I R E D D R E S S F O R
                          4 - H M E M B E R S AT L I V E S TO C K S H OW S
                          R     ules for the upcoming
                                Spring Livestock Show
                          outline specific dress re-
                                                               a.m.—4:30 p.m. Monday
                                                               through Friday.
                                                               • Official 4-H jackets are
                                                                                                 Oklahoma City, OK, 73120.
                                                                                                 Phone: 405-755-4033. You
                                                                                                 can also order 4-H jackets
                          quirements dress for 4-H             required for sheep, beef,         from Roger Moore of
                          members. These include—              swine, and meat goat exhibi-      Awards and Moore in Still-
                          • 4-H members showing                tors. You can pick up the         water. Cost is approxi-
                          rabbits and poultry are re-          order form for 4-H jackets or     mately $40.00. You should
                          quired to wear the 4-H               download it from the Okla-        allow at least 4 weeks for
                          aprons or a 4-H jacket. The          homa Web Site—                    your jacket to arrive.
                          aprons are $10.00 and are            agweb.clover.okstate.edu.         • Dairy goat exhibitors
                          available at our office, 4116        4-H jackets are ordered di-       should follow the appropri-
                          E. 15th Street, Tulsa, OK.           rectly from Reno Sports-          ate dress code for that ani-
                          Office hours are from 8:00           wear, 9340 N May Ave,             mal species.

                          A G R I - S H OWC A S E T O C E L E B R AT E N AT I O NA L
                          A G R I C U LT U R E M O N T H

                           F    riday, March 11, Tulsa         meal we eat, materials used for   the “non-agriculture” projects
                                County 4-H and FFA             sporting equipment, many of       have a connection to ag.
                           members are showcasing live-        our pharmaceuticals, the cloth-
                                                                                                      We need 4-H members to
                           stock and other Oklahoma agri-      ing we wear, practically every-
                                                                                                 have interactive displays about
                           culture products.                   where we look we see some-
                                                                                                 their project and its connection
                                                               thing having a connection to
                                “Every day is a day to cele-                                     to agriculture. The AG in the
                                                               agriculture.” This showcase is
                           brate agriculture in our life,”                                       CLASSROOM materials are
                                                               an opportunity for 4-H and
                           says Phil Pratt, Tulsa County                                         available as a resource. Call
                                                               FFA members to demonstrate
                           Ag Educator and CED. “Every                                           Phil or Jamie at 746-3700.
                                                               their projects and to show how
Quarterly Newsletter of Tulsa County 4-H Youth Development                                                              Page 7

 2         Spring Livestock Show Entries due                              Attention 4-H Livestock Exhibitors
 4         Rogers County 4-H & FFA Horse Judging
           Contest at Claremore
                                                                     T   ulsa County Spring
                                                                         Livestock Show
                                                                         pre-entry for the
 11        Agriculture Showcase, Barn A                              March Show is:
 11-12 Spring Livestock Show,                                        Wednesday, March 2,
                                                                     2005, by 4:00 p.m.
           Tulsa Expo Center, Barn A                                 OSU Extension Center
 9-12      Kansas City Global Conference                             If you are not pre-
                                                                     entered, you cannot
 17        Fashion Revue entries due, written forms due              show at the Spring
 21-25 Spring Break                                                  Livestock Show

 25        Holiday — 4-H office closed                               NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

 31        Fashion Revue garments due

                                 ENTRIES DUE MARCH 2!
 March 11                                                    March 12
 •   Agriculture Showcase, be in place                                                            Spring Livestock Show
                                                             7:30-9:30 a.m.    Swine weigh-in
    by 8:00 a.m.                                             11:00             Swine show         March 11-12
 • Showcase tours begin at 9:00 a.m.                                                              Tulsa State Fairgrounds
    and are over at 12:00 noon.                              8:00-9:00 a.m.    Rabbit check-in    Barn “A”
 12:00 p.m.      Dairy goat check-in                         10:00             Rabbit show
 1:00 p.m.       Dairy goat show                                                                  Agri-showcase,
 2:30 –3:30      Meat goat weigh-in                                                               Mar. 11, 8:00—12:00
                                                             8:00-10:00 a.m.   Poultry check-in
 5:00 p.m.       Meat goat show
 2:30—4:30       Sheep weigh-in                              11:00             Poultry show
 6:30            Sheep show
 4:30—5:30       Beef weigh-in
 7:00            Beef show

4-H Fashion Revue, April 1

This is my favorite event,         p.m.—6:10 p.m. 4-H                Garments are judged on
says Sarah Chorley, YFR            members must pre-                 construction, fit, and ap-
4-H member. Planning is            register for this event.          pearance. There are
underway for our next              The pre-registration              classes for all ages! In-
4-H Fashion Revue. It is           forms are due on March            formation is available at
scheduled for Friday,              17 to the 4-H office.             the 4-H office.
April 1 with the location              Completed garments                If you would like to
yet to be determined.              are due March 31 at the           help with this event, call
Check-in is from 5:45              4-H Office.                       Tracy at 746-3722.
   Tulsa County 4-H Youth Officers visit with
   Santa & Mrs. Claus at the recent 4-H
   Family Food and Fun Night held on De-
   cember 18 at the OSU Extension Center.
   Pictured are (front row, left to right) Sarah
   Chorley, Song & Recreation Leader; Erin
   Faherty, Vice-President; Santa Claus;
   Teresa Richert, Secretary; and Mrs. Claus.
   Back row, left to right, Dena Dunkerson,
   Reporter; Jason Blankenship, Parliamen-
   tarian; and Chloe Crocker, President.

  Keep Making the Best Better,                     Special thanks to Robert and Patsy Rowland, Tulsa County 4-H Volunteers, for mak-
                                                   ing a special holiday guest appearance!

                                                                                The OCES offers its programs regardless
                                                                                of race, color, national origin, sex, religion,
             Tracy R. Lane
                                                                                age, status as a veteran or disability and is
      OSU Extension Educator, Tulsa Co.
                                                                                an equal opportunity employer.
         4-H Youth Development

4116 E. 15TH STREET
TULSA, OK. 74112

Phone: 918 746-3709
Fax: 918 746-3726

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